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Jan. - March 2020

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1721 S. Easton Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901 • 215-343-3007

Philanthropy at The Learning Experience Doylestown
At TLE®, we realize that not every parent wants their children to
grow up to be scientists, doctors or lawyers, but we believe that each
and every parent wants their children to grow up to be
good people. With that in mind, we created our unique
and proprietary philanthropy curriculum to teach children
the value of selflessness and generosity with the hope
that these values remain with them throughout the course
of their entire lives.
Monthly philanthropy events are held at each center to
help reinforce what it means to give, share, and
donate. Some events we hold throughout the
school year also tie into the monthly philan-
The Wilson Family
thropy curriculum (e.g. Support the Troops,
Save the Animals, Food Drive, Going Green, and more).
Within the philanthropy curriculum, preschoolers will learn about concepts like philanthropy, cause, and charity. The
preschoolers, teachers, and parents have embraced this newest edition to the TLE® curriculum. Through the philanthropy
curriculum, the children will get to meet Grace the Greyhound and Charity Chihuahua, our wonderful philanthropy mascots,
who teach children that "it's not how big or small you are, it's the size of your heart that matters." With the philanthropy
curriculum, our overall goal is to teach young learners that they can make a difference in the world around them.
We are currently raising money for this incredible family!
The Wilson family has been a part of our TLE Doylestown family since 2015!
Dan and Brittany have been together for over 15 years; High School Sweethearts both attended Kutztown University then
were married in July 2012. They have two adorable daughters Francesca aka (Frankie) 4 and Georgia 2.
February 1 was a day that our family won't forget. Dan was admitted to the hospital because he was out of breath after
having a "cold" since November. Dan was told they had found four masses on his lungs and one on his media steinum
which is under the sternum by the heart, arteries and nerves.
Lives were changed forever.
On February 12, they received the devastating news that Dan did in fact have stage 4 Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer or
Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. Tears, Shock, terror, denial... Dan is 34 (too young for Lung Cancer!), in great health, and a
The positive to all of this testing is that he tested positive for a gene "mutation" called ALK. About 3-4% of all lung cancers
have the ALK rearrangement. This is the new face of lung cancer, only discoverable by molecular testing. Researchers
have discovered treatments that inhibit ALlk+ lung cancer growth which can slow or even stop cancer progression, often
with minimal adverse side effects. Although there is no cure, the hope is that these medications increase the life span by
years compared to traditional lung cancer. The top doctor for Dan's cancer is located in Boston and will work closely with
the doctors close to home to ensure he gets the best treatment possible and this man who is kind, selfless and unwaver-
ingly positive is going to fight. He is going to shatter all statistics and fight this thing.
This is just the beginning of their fight! Please say a prayer send a donation that will help with the financial burden that
arrives with this horrible disease. Our prayers and love go out to this young beautiful family. The road ahead may not be
clear, but we have faith and we have each other!
Wilson’s Village is large as they
Thank you for your generosity!!!
To donate please visit:
Wilson’s Village ALK Positive
Happy New Year Mamas!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I hope you
have a Happy New Year full of love, joy and prosperity!

This year will mark 10 years for Mama's Lil Guide and we
can't be more grateful to all our advertisers, fans, and

We are starting the year off with all the great things you
love in the Winter Issue, starting with events, things to do
and great new places to explore.

We have included some savings and deals

exclusively for our readers, like the one from
our newest advertiser The Bria Method in
Warminster. Some of you may have set fitness
or healthy goals this year, so we are bringing
you a wonderful new gym. Tony, the owner, is
a local daddy and is the perfect one to help
you set and achieve your fitness goals ... plus
he also gave you a great deal so you can try
it out!

We also have some wonderful nutrition advise

& great healthy recipes from Jeanette
Guerrelli, Holistic Health Coaching, in our
Healthy Mama's section.

We are so excited to have a wonderful school,

The Learning Experience, grace our Cover and
share with you not only a great school, but a school who is so connected to the community and gives back so much!

I hope you enjoy all the fun and wonderful places we included in this issue and be sure to let us know if you completed
our Winter Bucket List!

I included a few pictures from last winter, I found this place in Ottsville called the Creek Crossing. It was so beautiful with
all the snow and a great place to take pics. This winter try and get out and see our beautiful area after a snow, look for
animal tracks with the kids, bring some hot cocoa, and enjoy the winter months as much as you can.

Maybe this is your year to try something new, be more creative, or have more "me" time, whatever it is, be sure to enjoy
it and have fun!

Enjoy your winter Mama's and be sure to check our page for giveaways and contest.

Here's to a great 2020!

Sharon Cowell Graphic Design

267-312-1825 The Uncorked Artist

Cover photo credit goes to Amy McDermott, Heart and Soul Portraits,
Hello, my name is Tony Bria, and I am the owner of Bria Method.
When I was little, I had two dreams for myself 1.) start a family and 2.) build my
own gym. In 2015, I married my beautiful wife, Rachel, and the year after that,
my first daughter, Giana, was born. I had been working as a private fitness
trainer over the last 10 years, but the hours were long, and I wanted to be
around to watch Giana grow up and make memories. In that moment, I knew it
was time to accomplish my second dream of starting my own gym.
Since making that decision, Rachel, Giana, and our newborn daughter, Jordyn,
have been by my side every step of the way, cheering me on. I’ve always loved
motivating people, and becoming a father has only affirmed my love of helping
people and guiding them to be the best they can be.
When people ask me “what is Bria Method”, I like to tell them we are place where people come to feel inspired,
build confidence, and get results.
Located in Warminster by Costco and Ann’s Choice, our group fitness studio offers top fitness routines and trainers.
We offer two different intensity’s to our class schedule: HIIT Classes (High Intensity), which mixes dumbbells, TRX,
bodyweight, aerodyne bikes, and treadmills to create a burn that gets you results, and LIIT Classes (Low Impact),
which is a variety of Barre, Dance Fit, and Yoga to sculpt and tone.
Different workouts are meant for different people, so we want you to feel comfortable and explore which classes are
right for you! We are not a one size fits all studio; we can train anyone with our mixture of classes.
I’m very grateful that this past June, the fitness studio I’d always imagined for myself finally became a reality. I wanted
this place to not only appeal to everyone’s workout style, but also build a family-oriented center to work out in.
Our studio is all about community and we at Bria Method would love for you to join our family, so we can work out
and spend quality time together.

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 5

Tips for Everyone can benefit from:
Healthy Corner 1. Drink more water! Rule of thumb is to drink ½ your
body weight in ounces. Start your day with a mug of
Health tips, answers to questions & more! warm water with lemon for added health benefits.
2. Eat more greens! Dark leafy greens are a wonderful
Welcome to 2020! source of vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat them for
breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It’s a great time to hit the reset button and get
back on track. I am not just talking about food. 3. Get to bed by 10:00-11:00pm and get 7-8 hours of
Yes, it’s a great time to get on track to fuel your sleep. There are huge benefits to getting a good night’s
body with good nutrition and feel more rest. Not getting adequate rest can cause a host of
energized, but implementing physical activity, unwanted issues, one example, not being able to lose
sleeping more soundly and reducing stress are extra pounds.
extremely important to your health as well.
4. Choose an activity to de-stress. Walking outdoors,
Where do you begin?? Everywhere you look journaling your thoughts, and/or meditating are simple
you hear and read ads for diets that promise ways that can help a person calm the body and mind.
weight loss, supplements that promise to give us energy and Chronic stress negatively impacts your health in many
so on. It is very overwhelming. How do you know what ways so it is of utmost importance to pick a practice that
will work for you?? reduces stress.
As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, I work one -on- one
with individuals to find out what their health and lifestyle
goals are they wish to achieve. By working one-on-one, we
can dive deeper into gut issues or hormonal imbalances and
make tweaks to the individual’s nutrition and lifestyle for
overall health. We work together to make changes one step
at a time to form new habits. By making one or 2 changes
at a time, they are easier to implement and the changes are
more likely to stick.
My one-on-one sessions start with a health history. We
schedule weekly or bi-weekly phone calls (or in person) to
keep you on track with the recommendations that fit your
lifestyle. Contact me to set up a free phone consultation 215-534-8246
where I can answer more questions.
Mention Mama’s Lil Guide and your first session
with be ½ off!!
If you are looking for a healthy snack to have in your
purse, at your desk, in your car…here is a great recipe.
Better to make your own trail mix than buying one!

Healthy Trail Mix

1 cup of raw almonds
1 cup of raw walnuts
4-5 raw Brazil nuts chopped
1/3 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/3 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/3 cup chopped unsweetened cranberries
1/3 cup of dark chocolate chips

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Voted Best In Kids Birthday Parties!

willow grove Use code *MAMASLILGUIDE* to receive 5 more guests on us! | 215-902-9331 |


“Best Gym For Kids In

~SHAPE Magazine

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Happy winter everyone! As we’ve begun spending more
and more time sipping hot drinks, snuggling under warm
blankets, and generally staying indoors, our native
wildlife has been preparing for the harsh cold of the
Squirrels have stockpiled food, turtles have begun
hibernating, and some birds have migrated south until
the weather gets warmer.
Certain birds, however, choose to stick around. Cardi-
nals, Chickadees, and a host of other tiny birds have
adapted to be able to tough out the cold wind and snow!
Their top layer of feathers can puff outwards, creating
little insulated air pockets between their second layer of
downy feathers.
Their body heat then warms up the air, just like a puffy
winter coat!
You can help them out by getting and filling up a bird
feeder. They need plenty of fatty foods, like seeds and
nuts, to keep the temperature up!

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The opening of our new expanded therapy office in Jamison, PA is the realization of a years long goal to provide
comprehensive therapy services to individuals and their families.

In the larger space, we have an OT gym with room for more equipment and swings. We have space for our
growing SOS feeding program as well as room for our adult speech, OT and feeding therapies.

In 2020, we are launching special needs yoga, the listening program for auditory processing and on-site tutoring
with Tutoring-Works.

Communication and the ability to live, work and play independently are the daily ambitions at Circle Speech

As a life-long member of the local community, I want our space to always be welcoming to clients, parents, adult
children, partners and caregivers.

In our therapy rooms, we are strengthening skills to support a life-the life of an individual, of a family and of a

At Circle Speech Services, my daily aim is to provide my staff with the space, materials and knowledge to help our
families thrive. Each family needs different supports
and information. Our expanded space and diversi-
fied therapy programs were developed with our
clients and their needs in mind.

Circle Speech will be here when you need us.

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 9

Winter Story Times warmth of rediscovered love to her best Make and Takes
1/16 thru 3/12 | 10:30am friend and a forlorn queen. 1/22 + 2/11 | 4:30 pm
Warminster Township Free Library, 1076 Emma Lane (215) 886-9341 • Price: $10 - $12 Warminster Library
Warminster Join us for a fun DIY craft to take home!
Busy Baby Story Time: A 15-20 minute Winter Owls Ages: Grades 2-6. Younger children may
story time (stories, songs, and finger-plays) 1/25 | 1-3pm participate with the help of a caregiver.
followed by an unstructured play and read Pennypack Registration required for each
time for children to interact with one Environmental Center, project/date. Links to register are included
another. Ages: birth-18 months 8600 Verree Rd., below. Please register the participating
Perfectly Pre-K Story Time: Stories, songs, Philadelphia children only.
and fun followed by a craft. Ages: 3-6 Join us for a short talk Cost: Free (all supplies will be provided)
years 1/22 - Waterless Snow Globes - Register at:
on owls followed by a 1 mile hike to look
Toddler Tales: Stories, songs, rhymes, and for Screech and Great Horned Owls.
movements followed by an informal play 2/11 - Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Hearts -
and read time. Ages: 18 months-3 years Wild Animal Signs in the Woods Register at:
1/25 | 1-2:30pm
Lambertville New Hope Winterfest Kids Explore Winter Wonderland
Silver Lake Nature Center, 1306 Bath Rd., Bristol
1/18 thru 1/26 1/25 | 10am to noon
Wild animals leave behind all types of
2020 marks the twenty-third year for the signs that give us clues to their behaviors. Wissahickon Enviromental Center, 300 West Nortwestern
Lambertville - New Hope Winter Festival. During this expedition, participants will Ave., Philadelphia
Our many family and adult-oriented winter learn how to examine animal signs while Bring the kids out into the forest this winter
activities raise funds that we later give hiking deep into the forest. All ages to discover what is still active during the
back to the community. welcome. cold winter months. Bundle up, this is an Fee: $3/person or $2/person for Friends of outdoor program! Ages 5-12. Drop-Off
Silver Lake Members. optional.
Frozen Themed Ice Cream Register by visiting Registration is required and will open two
Social At Wildstyles, by calling weeks prior to the program date at
1/18 | 1-2:30pm 215-785-1177, or by stopping into the
Wild Styles Hair Salon, 301 York Rd., Visitors’ Building
Warminster Chinese New Year
We cordially invite to an afternoon of fun Pigskin Peanuts StoryTime
with Anna and Elsa! Thru 2/9/20 | Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm, Sun: 1/24 | 10:30-11:30
Includes: Sparkling updo with Tiara! • 12pm-5pm Southampton Free Library,
Glitter Make-up • Glitter nails • Girls will Mercer Museum, 84 South Pine Street, Doylestown 947 Street Rd.
make their own ice cream sundaes and Just in time for football season, the Mercer Join us as we celebrate the Chinese New
have a dance party with the princesses! Museum is showcasing a selection of Year! We will read books and sing songs!
Reservations are required as space is Charles M. Schulz's famous football- We may play with toys after our storytimes
limited to 10 girls. themed comic strips in a new exhibit or create a craft.
Cost: $30 per child, adults are free. entitled Pigskin Peanuts. This exhibit, organized and toured by the Charles M. Michael and the Rockness Monsters
on/classes Schulz Museum and Research 1/27 | 3:30-4:15pm
Center, Santa Rosa, California, Hosted by Bucks County Free Library and
The Snow Queen by Family Stages features fifty Sunday and daily Perkasie Branch, Bucks County Free Library
1/20, 1/22, 1/25 Peanuts comic strips featuring the Get ready for an interactive, super
Ambler Theater, 108 E. Butler Avenue, Ambler sport of football and the popular galactic, funk inspired, rock-n-roll experi-
Before there was Frozen, there was a characters Charlie Brown, ence for families! Michael Napolitano's
tale of two friends, an unhappy troll, Woodstock, Snoopy and more. musical performance is intelligent, fun, and
and a lonely queen. The Snow Queen The Mercer Museum will also full of humorous hooks and quirks as
follows young Gerda's search for her highlight original artifacts, everyone embarks on a creative musical
lost friend, Kai. Her path leads through photography and memorabilia voyage together. All ages welcome – bring
a magical winter landscape with from Bucks County football your whole family and rock out!
talking crows, clumsy bandits, and a history throughout the
singing reindeer. When she finally exhibit.
reaches the Ice Palace, she brings the 215-345-0210
Martin Luther King Jr Day All-Ages Cat Tales Adoption Maple Sugaring Day and Pancake
Camp Open House Breakfast
1/31 | 1:30-3:30pm 2/7 | 12-6pm 2/23 | 11am & 1pm
The Little Gym Doylestown Suite 17, Warrington Pavillion Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Lane, Churchville
Games, obstacle courses, Lego Build and Shopping Center, 1111 Breakfast - 11am $10pp
making cards for active military members Easton Road (Route 611), Maple Sugar Program - 1pm $5pp
thanking them for their service Warrington Registration by 2/10 is required
Ages 3-8 and Ages 6-12 years old (will be Come meet the furry love of your life at the The process of tapping maple trees,
seperated by skill level - must be bathroom Cat Tales Adoption Center in Warrington, collecting sap,and
independent) PA! Our shelter facility is open to the making syrup.
$25 Members, $30 Not-Yet Members! general public Tuesday evenings from 6-8, 215-357-3004
Space is limited call 215 3439748 or text Fridays from 6-8 and Saturdays and
215391 1874 to enroll Sundays from 12-6. 215-933-6900 Star Party Campfire
2/28 | 7:30pm
Holistic Education Day Maple Sugar Workshop Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Lane, Churchville
2/1 | 9am-5pm 2/8 | 1-2:30pm Come and explore the nighttime sky during
The Room, Durham Rd., Ottsville Pennypack Environmental Center, 8600 Verree Rd., the late winter campfire program, we will
Join us in a full day of education to have a Philadelphia view constellations, any planets that are
healthier lifestyle. Starting at 9 with 45 Learn how to make maple syrup and sugar visible, with the naked eye and a
minute movement class, we will have a from the trees in your backyard. Indoor telescope. A campfire and marshmallows
new presenter on the hour. 15 minute session followed by a short walk to tap will finish off the night 215-357-3004 $5
breaks in between. We will have lunch maple trees. per person registration required Members
from 1-2 pm and continue though 5 pm. Free
Learn of the healing and expressive arts Activities For Kids and Families on Free
and how they can support well being. Fun Sunday Maple Sugar Day
Schedule to come. (215) 813-4073 2/9 | 12:30-3:30pm 2/29 | 11-3pm
Allentown Art Museum, 31 North Fifth Street, Allentown Wissahickon Environmental Center - Tree House, 300 W
Nature Center Adventures Northwestern Ave., Philadelphia
Sundays at the Art Museum are full of free
2/1 | 10am-12pm Join us on Forbidden Drive (near North-
family fun. 610.432.4333
Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Lane, Churchville western Ave.) for our annual MAPLE
Join longtime educator Irene for a series of Valentines Day SUGAR DAY. There will be ongoing maple
adventures here at Churchville Nature at Shadybrook sugaring demonstrations, pancakes with
Center! Each session includes meeting one Farm in Yardley real maple syrup, a taste test of different
of our live critters, a trail adventure, games, 2/14 | 6:30-10pm syrups, and freshly made maple candy to
stories, a craft to take home with you and Join us inside the taste. Pennsylvania Maple Syrup products
other fun activities! $15/session 267-880- greenhouse for a will be available for purchase. All ages.
5037 special night of music NO registration necessary. FREE. Outdoors.
for all you Love Birds! All Weather.
Shady Brook is the perfect place to take
the people you love out for sweet night! The Lorax Saturday Kids Series
3/7 | 10:30am-1:30pm
Jim Thorpe Winterfest The County Theater Doylestown
2/15 + 2/16 Children of all ages are
Visit beautiful Jim Thorpe for Winterfest. invited to celebrate
The annual celebration will feature winter Dr. Seuss month
Yardley Farmer’s Market - Indoor Winter train rides, wood and ice carving, free with us when we screen
Market family fun, shopping the town’s 50 unique Dr. Seuss' The Lorax as
2/1 | 9-11am part of our monthly KiDS
shops, live entertainment at the Mauch
Yardley Friends Meeting House, 65 N. Main Street, Yardley Chunk Opera House, the cool ice sculpture Series! Once a month,
We’ll focus on sustainability through locally bar at the Marion Hose Bar, the famous Jim all year long, we will screen classic
grown and sourced products and services. Thorpe Mug Walk and much more! movies the whole family can enjoy. Tickets are only $5.00 or FREE for members of our
nonprofit theater and their family.

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Maple Tree and Have Breakfast for Dinner... Did someone say snowman "pancakes"???

Tap a

t e
(stack 3 different sized pancakes on a plate, use bacon for the scarf, choc chips as eyes
your own syrup

Wi et List
mak e and mini marshmallows or whipped cream for snow!

Make Birdfeeders with pinecones,

peanut butter and birdseed

Go Go
Ice Skating sledding
andom ery
Perform a rdness r b r ew
act of kin ery o
l o cal win
Vi s i t a
Go on a winter Hike during the day...
Have a Pajama bring hot cocoa and enjoy the winter air Make
Day and stay in paper
M ake n
a sno w m a your jammies all snowflakes
day, watch
l shelter an
movies, make oca d
al Make
Visit a Museum forts, color...



have a picnic on
a blanket in the Playdough
living room
ymo re
tr e a

e d a n
or a
or ne

toys to the
Go to the Movies
d o n 't use
sy ou
Buy a Friend a
Learn to ski or snowshoe
do n a t e coffee and chat

l o set an about mommy

things... everyone
out a c Family Game Night needs a mommy
Clean out
time out! Have a snowball fight
ck at
Visit Che e gre oks
your somter bo
Visit a local
Library Nature Center
and check out the
fun Winter Events Take
Take a winter walk after a fresh snow to a Create a swim
local creek or woods... look for animal tracks winter Wreath lessons
and enjoy the winter day with pine co
and pine
tree clipping
Make Snow Ice Cream Make chocolate chip cookies s
5 -6 cups snow,
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla Write and mail a
1/2 cup sugar note to grandmom,
Put 3 cups snow in bowl, granpop or a favorite
aunt or uncle
add milk, sugar and vanilla,
then add the rest of the snow!
Try it all at GA this summer!
Germantown Academy offers children ages 3 to 16 a diverse, engaging day camp
experience, competitive sports camps with GA varsity coaches, and specialized camps
in the arts, sciences, and technology. These weekly camps are at the school’s beautiful
126-acre campus in Fort Washington.
Our Day Camp provides a wide variety of activities, with campers entering 1st
through 6th grade. A camper’s day can be an exciting mix of art, games, science,
athletics, swimming, nature, technology, song and dance, and our awesome ropes
course and zip line! Daily instructional and recreational swimming in our indoor pool and options for lunch
round out this benchmark program.
Travelers Day Camp gives rising 5th and 6th graders the opportunity to travel off-campus twice a week much
like our successful Explorers Camp, where 7th and 8th graders travel off-campus every day.
For campers ages 3–5, we have a full slate of age-appropriate programs led by experienced early childhood
professionals. Our Pre-School Camp offers a flexible transitional program for 3-year-olds, and Adventurers
Camp provides both traditional day camp and special themed camps for 4- and 5-year-olds.
There are many other opportunities: competitive sports camps, Art Camp, Kids Kitchen, Model Rocketry, Belfry
Theatre camp, Minecraft and Graphic Design camps & much more.
Session Length: Weekly, June 15 – August 10, 2020; No camp July 3

Have your child join us this summer!

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 13

NEW! Get creative in

$ 200
• Up to 10 kids
Kids Blacklight
Paint Party NEW!
Kids After School
• Private Blacklight Party Room
• 8x10 canvas Visit website for additional info & options.
Art Club!
• Neon Paints! Expires 2/29/2020
Visit website for info

Summer Camp
uncorked scheule
will be posted soon!
Our January & February
calendars is

Horsham Register Online

packed with


classes & workshops!
319 W. County Line Road • Lynrose Plaza • Hatboro, PA 19040
2 6 7-7 1 4- 8 5 4 5
Pabby’s Pet Pantry has MOVED!
We are now directly next to our Doggie Daycare!
Pabby's Pet Pantry
319 W. County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040
10% Off Grooming Pet Supplies • Doggy Daycare • Grooming
with Angie Only. Expires 3/31/2020
Pabby's Pet Resort
101 Stewart Lane, Chalfont, PA 18914
Meet Angie 215.997.7888
our new groomer! Boarding • Doggy Daycare • Grooming

Boarding | Doggy Daycare | Grooming | Pet Supplies

Pets Are In No

Pets Are Inn


Pets Are Inn


We board your pets in

pre-screened, loving homes.
Transportation provided.

Serving Bucks County, PA

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 15

16 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825
Reid’s Real Estate Review
If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home this year, you’re likely wondering what’s expected to happen in the housing
market. Here are a few trends that our team at Long & Foster Real Estate expects to impact the market in 2020.

Resolution of uncertainty in the world economy could New construction, especially of starter homes, may slow.
affect interest rates. Interest rates have been at historic While demand remains for new homes, the cost of land
lows the past few years largely due to investors flocking to and materials, the shortage of skilled labor and overall
US treasuries and rates are likely to remain low next year. regulatory environment are making it expensive to build.
However, should more stability in the world economy
evolve via resolutions of the trade disputes and/or Brexit, Price appreciation will remain healthy. A modest rise of
mortgage rates may rise in response as money is moved about 2% to 6% is expected in 2020, which is a solid
out of the bond market. gain—but not an indication of a bubble.

Consumer confidence will remain strong. Consumer Home sales will be brisk, particularly for low- to
confidence is one of the most important leading indicators mid-priced homes. The number of home sales should
for the housing market since it requires optimism to make continue strong in 2020. It’ll remain a seller’s market for
a long-term commitment to a house. mid- to low priced homes, while buyers will have more
options in the mid- to upper-price ranges.
Inventory issues will continue to affect buyers looking for
low- to mid-priced homes. The lack of listings has been If you have questions about how these trends may affect
severe for mid- and lower-priced homes, where demand you, let me know. As your local real estate expert, I’m
outpaces supply, while the luxury market has plenty of here to help you with all your buying and selling needs.
inventory to meet demand.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Chad Reid
Cell: 267-888-6072
O ce: 215-348-0000

Doylestown O ce
511 Hyde Park, Doylestown, PA 18902

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 17

Dr. Melissa Richard
521 W. Butler Ave.
Chalfont, PA 18914
267-875-EYES (3937)

Resolve to take care of your eye health in

Mention this ad when you schedule an eye exam

between now and March 31st
To receive a FREE Optomap Retinal Screening
(a $40 Value)

Eye Exams ~ Glasses ~ Contacts ~ Pediatrics ~ Low Vision ~ Concussion Rehab

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St. Ephram’s Church
SALE 5400 Hulmeville Rd., Bensalem, PA
20-22 Sportsplex (Basketball Courts)
1331 O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville, PA 17-19
clothing | toys | baby items | decor | MORE
Kids grow fast!
Most budgets don’t.
Shop the children’s resale event where
local families get WAY MORE for less!

Save 50-90% | APRIL 24 -26

SportsPlex at Warminster • 654 York Rd in Warminster 18974
Friday, 4/24 • 9am - 9pm
Saturday, 4/25 • 8am - 5pm
Sunday, 4/26 • 8am - 3pm HALF PRICE SALE!*
*Many items half price. Starred items excluded.
Admission $3 • first day only
All other days are free and children are always free

HUGE Selection + Amazing Prices

✓ Rows of clothing + shoes, newborn to teen
✓ Brand names you LOVE
✓ Strollers + Baby Gear + Carriers
✓ Toys + Books + Electronic Games
✓ Bikes + Outdoor Toys
✓ Nursery Items + More!
shop. sell. save. smart! ™
See Lower Bucks Event Page for pass information and presales.
PreSales for first-time parents/grandparents and teachers too!
Facebook: @JBFLowerBucks
Want to overcome closet chaos and earn $$? Sell your items with us!
Everything at the sale comes from local families. Check online to see how you can register to sell too!


Find Lower Bucks sale on locations tab to get your FREE PASS today!
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Helping make Magical Memories,
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Cait Ruiz • Warminster 267-265-2248

LifeSpan • 215.536.4417
Carollee Marjarum • Chalfont 215-771-0983 *$50 value. Not valid with other offers.
Expires: 2/15/20
Corinne Cowden • Bensalem 267-474-6526
Jenna Sobocinski • Lansdale 610-420-0971
Karen Coar • Feasterville 267-825-1621 LIFESPANCHILDCARE.ORG - 6AM-6PM
2460 JOHN FRIES HWY. | QUAKERTOWN | 215.536.4417
Local moms helping local moms with Disney & other travel 1651 N CEDAR CREST BLVD | ALLENTOWN | 610.435.7833
June 15-August 14
Germantown Academy
offers children ages 3 to 16
a diverse, engaging day
camp experience,
competitive sports camps
with GA varsity coaches,
and specialized camps in
the arts, sciences, and
technology. These weekly
camps are at the schoolʼs
beautiful 126-acre campus
in Fort Washington.

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