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SpreaD information about SupporT the inhabitants of the western amazon and the local government of orellana in their efforts to protect their environment and to develop alternative economic activities. write to President rafael Correa (Palacio de Carondelet, García Moreno1043 Quito, ecuador. Fax: + 593 2 2580 714 email: piedadflor@ ) urging him to defend the civil rights of ecuadorian amazonians. alternatively write to your local embassy.


Yasuní. tell political representatives, educational establishments, NGos, or other groups you are involved with about it. send a copy of Green Gold to them (see below for details). to pledge money and to encourage the Government of ecuador not to give in to the oil companies poised to exploit Yasuní oil.

Don’T be fooled by carbon traders’ attempts to hijack, over-complicate and try to profit from the issue. DemanD that your
government introduces real and effective measures to reduce fossil fuel use and develop alternatives at a national level.

urge them to back the proposal,

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Amazonia por la Vida/SOS Yasuní Excellent website of Acción Ecológica one of the main campaign groups involved in trying to save this part of the rainforest from oil exploitation. Yasuní Rainforest Campaign, USA US based campaign group, with projects to support indigenous communities. Oilwatch A Southern network that builds solidarity and fosters a common identity among peoples of the South facing resource exploitation. Government of Ecuador Official government site for the Yasuni-ITT Proposal Amnesty International Concerned about human rights abuses in the region, AI has taken up the case of imprisoned Mayor Gaudalupe Llori. See page (????) for more info about his case.

Rainforest Foundation – Campaigns to defend forests and their inhabitants, especially from resource extraction NI’s YASUNI CAMPAIGN You can also keep in touch with what’s going on by looking at the NI’s Yasuni campaign webpage: LObbY thE POLItICIANS – DONAtE A bOOk The photo book, Yasuni Green Gold, is being published by NI and Movimiento Idun in September as part of the international campaign You can take action and have a book sent to someone in a position to influence the decision: See pages 38 & 39 for more details.


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