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BE Noto e emeoean EKA MERRSPRRBE/ HE) &@EHR Return of Change of Company Secretary and Director Companies Registry of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company (Appointment/Cessation) fm NNG 4A gt Company Number F 0024918 1 B12 Company Name BitMain Technologies Holding Company CAS AMER HSI 3] 2 AWGB/ BSL Cessation to Act as Company Secretary /Director (Cii8—-E i CEMA ATSATEA MRE Use Contaton Sheet A more than {company secretary “éretrcoasest ot) ‘A. SHLW 4e 20 HB FE mE AY BF OY Particulars Currently Registered with the Companies Registry SILER © 3 Pas0 te re roovert box(es) aR Dsus [xs 0 sage [FEB Alternate to Capacty Company Director Aterate Secretary Director ABR / MSM (HA) Particulars of Company Secretary / Director (Natural Person) Nae ir Cinese alll HES Pt aoe ; - Name in English Sunawe| ZHAN ter nt KETUAN ABA — Identification - | [ : [( ‘EB6878241 aa aaw anae Heng Kong erty Cod Nurber astpot Nuber HLOR BBS / MSOF (AM) Particulars of Company Secretary /Director (Body Corporate) op X BMY 4 $F Chinese and English Names 8. (EEREDY Dotals of Cessation REAR Date of Cessation 30 190 2019 BOD a EY EMERRAARRERE AMS RADAR RA TN RMRS RES MAL? Dig res Will this director or alternate director continue to hold offic this company after the date of cessation? ‘alternate director or director in YR AIH Presentor’s Reference [it 20 ALR For Officiat Use HPA ‘Sti; Address: LEVEL 54, HOPEWELL CFI is Tet 2080-1888 OR Fox 246-9258 a wp amosss HEH Ema infeeahksvcorglobal com [PPEUONGL info@hktricorg! Seal itaeona——Foeense WA Relerence:_ELW/ 3142870 ‘OER 12014 (2018 He 9 Rl) Specteabon No. 12014 arch 2014) fm NNG 2aBe 2B CD ame Alternate Director 41% Company Number F 0024918 Bie 2 %\% / HB (HMA) Appointment of Company Secretary /Director (Natural on) s @ Alerter Capac Company Director Pee RRL cnr ne WARS Previous Names che xa hai He ‘lise ona ih Shih © Ketross aint “ek O swHH Email Address © FHWA loentincation @ S8SF BRE Hong Kong Idantty Card Number (>) ERBR Passport tssurg Coury aa inte ‘384 HME Date of Appointment company at the time of this appointment? ‘59 V2014 (2014 9) Speciictan No, 12014 (March 2014) B00” O PARTAE MAREE GeceFlenty an eustng somos ae awn SLE RE HD rector oF director in this 23 4x8] 9t Company Number rom NNG F 0024918 a oo (3% AIBA) Appointment of Company Secretary Director (Body OrRorat EEE 0A A BIE RS TAGE, “AE APEBEEEC i Use Continuation Sheet Ci mare than 1 boy corporates appatied as secretary “erecta (SSRI 7 Pace tthe rover box(s) Clases (jas [| ewe Company Director Alternate Secretary Director ara O se Capacity exe © Name in Chinese O sxen Namo in English Oo wt Adress ei cones “ee OQ rHHH Email Address 2241 8 Company Number (RES ce nas ASHE) {ntyapptcabl to body corporat registered in Hong Kena) ‘384 HW Date of Appointment © gExeseuapengesace, syoseuangucnenesen, Derm Ramat intt tesa ie 2 HM A09S THVT This Return includes the following Continuation Sheet(s) ‘HL Continuation Sheot(s) B ° ‘LIK. Number of pages 0 0 0 © #% Signed Yor £% Name WONG WAIYEE, ELLA 33%. G9 Date 10/12/2019 De ae BDO 7 RMN 7 RW ‘Duestor,“Company Secretary-Manager< ‘Authorized Representative® SABIE RH Delete whichever doesnot opoly ‘595 v201 (2014 3 J) Spctlealon No 12014 Maren 2016)