SGA Minutes for 11/11/2010 I. II. III. IV. Roll Call a. Absent: J. Longmire, Dr. Doty, A. Romano, Dr.

Sullivan-Morgan Adoption of the agenda a. Vote: Approved unanimously Approval of the Minutes a. Motion made by B. Kaplan, 2nded by T. Harris. b. Vote: passed with 5 abstentions External Committee Reports a. Academic ± H. Wahlen i. Council is reviewing program proposals for Geography department and Biology department. Will also be hearing form a few professors on their course proposals today. b. Gen Ed ± A. Romano not present c. Assessment Committee ± J. Meding i. Assessing how students improve during their time at Elmhurst College Internal Committee Reports a. Policy Committee ± J. Meding i. Lamba Pi Eta - Brook Sweeney 1. Dropped as organization because of miscommunication. Did not receive the information regarding SOOP. Only 3 members, but hoping to induct about 20 more members in the Spring. Recommended by policy committee. 2. Motion to grant provisional: J. Denhof, multiple seconds. Vote: Passed with 1 abstention ii. Free Thought Club ± 1. Group wants a stage on campus to come together. 10 people so far, but number will grow. Members discuss issues in their lives. Just want to be a group to reserve space, not to receive funding. Recommended by policy committee. nd 2. Motion to provide provisional recognition by B. Kaplan, 2 by T. Harris. Vote: Passed with 3 abstentions iii. EC Roller Hockey Team ± 1. There is a league in Palatine that the EC team could play in. Last year had an unofficial team, so group didn¶t get the team members they were looking for(Spring semester). Not a contact sport, so no risk involved. I. Crone has asked about insurance in hopes that they will be covered. Will accept both men and women on the team. Currently the team has four members. 2. Motion to table contingent of insurance by H. Wahlen, 2nd by T. Harris. Vote: Passed with 3 opposed and 1 abstention. iv. Merging Organizations ± J. Denhof 1. This is open for discussion, would love input from others on this. Last sentence of proposal says ³The merging of organizations receive the lowest status of all merging groups ³ must rework this statement. 2. R. Hartman: Why not just allow groups to go defunct and then create a new group? 3. E. McAllister: These groups might want to later move to being a budgeted organization. This could be used as a stepping stone? 4. H. Wahlen: Why do we need to merge? In these situations, don¶t we just want to create a new organization? 5. M. Yagen& M. Potter: How would the funding work? Would they cut their funding? E. McAllister: this still needs to be worked out. 6. Motion to table indefinitely by J. Denhof, multiple seconds. Vote: Passed with 7 abstentions



b. Finance Committee ± T. Harris i. FAB Board (Changed form SAFAB). All six people have been chosen. 1. B. Kaplan: Applaud this extremely diverse board. Will we need to adjust the language due to the new number? 2. T. Harris: No, the language allows for adjustment ii. COOP tomorrow ± please come! c. Marketing ± B. Kaplan i. Radio Show: Thanks for coming to the show, it is lots of fun«. B. Kaplan gets really lonely on air, so please come and visit next time. ii. Things with marketing are getting really slow, to we might want to do a few other programming ideas, like holding a marketing workshop or something. d. AKP/Elections ± H. Wahlen i. Group has met to go over ideas. Considering a moderated discussion with a few different individuals. In the process of discussing options with Bob Rowley and Ian Crone. ii. Will be electing 3 spots in the Spring. Dates for election will be set by Christmas Break. e. Exec ± E. McAllister i. Walking meeting this week. ii. External Committee evaluations will be coming out for a meeting report out iii. SGA evaluations will be coming out as well. f. Advisor Report ± I. Crone i. Carpet will be changed. If you want a farewell picture or moment of silence, please do so this week. Old Business a. Community Involvement Plan ± E. McAllister i. Working on document for next week New Business: a. Late Night Hours ± R. Hartman i. Last year this was piloted and had some good participation. If anyone would like to help, or has ideas, please let R. Hartman know. ii. Should this be the week before finals or during finals? General consent: BEFORE finals. iii. What would enhance the space? Computers, food, music, etc. iv. M. Potter: Could we use Daniel¶s Hall? b. Northern Illinois Food Bank ± R. Hartman i. Would like to continue this relationship. This involves a lot of work, so we will need some help. If interested, please join Student Services. c. Assessment Committee ± still reviewing



Comments from the Gallery a. None. Announcements a. J. Denhof ± Wrestling tonight at 7pm against Laurence. b. R. Nelson ± ³Speak ±in´ tonight at 5:30 including the spiritual journey of Roger Moreano. c. Model UN needs to 2 emergency members. E-mail Amy Du at Adjournment

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