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Chipstead Valley Primary Coulsdon Nursery Chipstead Valley Children s Centre

Our Mission
To provide education and care of great quality in happy, vibrant, inspiring environments, in which all children and adults are valued and encouraged to succeed. And To have high expectations of ourselves and each other.
Vision 2015 Group March 2010

We will pursue our mission through four inter-connected themes. These are:

Standards and Achievement Care Provision Partnership and Community
For each we have a vision and related goals and they are detailed on the following pages.

Standards and Achievement
The Vision Every child succeeds in their learning. No individual or group is left behind and achievement is celebrated across the curriculum. Goals
All our pupils are extended through inspired and challenging teaching ; the needs of our gifted and talented children are met through a combination of school based and external sources; The overwhelming majority of children behave well. They care about themselves, each other and their environment. They are respectful towards adults and in turn are always treated with respect; From KS1 to KS2 all children achieve at least 2 levels of progress in reading, writing and mathematics; All children identified with reading and writing difficulties which expose them to potential illiteracy are additionally supported and in possession of a Literacy Plan , which is reviewed and updated throughout their time at CVPS; Under-attainment, as measured by the school s internal systems reduces on a year -on-year basis. No group of pupils under -attains (taking into account statistical significance) All teachers deliver lessons which are consistently good or better and the proportion of outstanding lessons increases on a year -on-year basis. Teachers are well supported by Teaching Assistants, who are valued by adults and children for their contribution towards learning . Increase the proportion of lessons judged as outstanding on a year -on year basis The school s indoor and outdoor environment reflects our high standards and children s achievements.

The Vision All children thrive and barriers to learning are removed. Effective and inclusive partnership working between our three facilities ensures early identification of need and suitable provision Goals
Vulnerable children and families are identified. They are offered school/centre based support, or where appropriate signposted towards other agencies, which enhance the school s care and support for individuals in need; Good communication between facilities ensures that there is continuity of care; Children are fit and healthy. Opportunities are created within both the curriculum and extracurricular activities for planned exercise. All children actively participate; Children identified as eligible for Free School Meals will be supported to ensure that they can fully access learning. These, as well as other identifi ed children, are supported with homework tasks. All children have access to the internet; Every child will have a passport to success celebrating their achievement throughout their time at school, raising self-esteem for all; Overall attendance at school is consistently in the highest categories. Persistent Absenteeism is eradicated; Children feeling lonely, isolated or troubled are supported by staff and other children through initiatives such as mentoring , buddying or friendship groups. Bullying and racial issues are a rare occurrence and are always dealt with in line with school polic y; Children are happy at school. There are a range of ways in which individuals can talk to adults and discuss their concerns. These are always dealt with; Safeguarding procedures are exceptional; Induction and transition strategies ensure all children feel comfortable moving through school phases.

The Vision Our curriculum is rich, vibrant and meets the needs of all children. It is delivered in an inspirational learning environment and is extended beyond the school day. Goals
The curriculum:  Engages and challenges the children  Lessons are planned (where possible) in real contexts and integrated learning is a feature  Makes excellent use of the outstanding learning environment  Is supported by high quality resources including ICT  Features collaborations with other schools and organisations As a result children enjoy their learning The curriculum maintains an academic focus with an emphasis on the acquisition of reading, writing and mathematical skills; Provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities in the fields of sport, music and the arts Our indoor learning environment promotes and celebrates learning and achievement ; Our outdoor environment provides exceptional learning opportunities, which are fully exploited by all; The extended school day is planned to ensure that every opportunity is taken to engage all children, but particularly those with learning and social needs . Teaching and support staff are well trained and committed to the agreed curriculum

Partnership and Community
The Vision Children, staff, parents, carers, governors accept and share responsibility, working together to ensure children succeed. Children recognise they are part of a local and global community. They choose to develop positive relationships. Goals
Parent/Carers are actively encouraged to contribute to their children s education ; School leaders and governors ensure that planning for successi on is in place Local, national and global school partnerships enhance mutual understanding and community cohesion; Communication between staff, governors, parents and children is such that there is shared understanding of, and commitment to, the school s vision and goals; The school works closely with the Coulsdon Cluster of local primary and secondary schools and with other organisations to extend the curriculum .

Vision 2015 Fund
At the working group meeting on Monday the array of ideas put forward at our February vision meeting was considered. The following areas were identified as possible uses for our vision fund (£30K): 1. The conversion of the Key Stage O ne Hall into a Performance Studio and Gym. This supports our work towards goals in Standards and Achievements, Care and Provision. 2. The development of cooking as a feature of the curriculum including parental involvement and a new facility within the DT room. This support s our work towards goals in all four themes. 3. A fund to support disadvantaged pupils to be used, for example, for the purchase of ICT equipment, items needed for participation in extra -curricular clubs and funding for specific events. This supports our work towards goals in Standards and Achievement and Care. 4. Providing after school clubs/activities for parents and children together , for example the use of ICT. This supports our work towards goals in Standards and Achievement and Partnership and Community. 5. Giving all children in year 6 the opportunity to undertake cycling proficiency training and possibly more general cycle training fo r younger pupils. Also to provide a scooter park to reduce the proportion of families driving to s chool. This supports our work towards goals in Care and Provision. 6. To support initiatives to encourage and increase parental involvement in the school, such as a coffee bar and encouraging parents to coming in to read with children instead of waiting in their cars or in the playground at the end of the day. This supports our work towards goals in Standards and Achievement and Partnership and Community.

Vision 2015 Development and Implementation

Initial meeting for all staff, governors and parent representatives

eneral funding allocation to support Vision 2015 by Finance Committee

2010 ead Teacher collates information and produces initial document

June 2010 Vision Working Group meet to develop document, consider ideas and suggest funding allocations

June 2010 Vision 2015 agreed in principle by Governing Body

June/Jul 2010 2010/2011 School Improvement Plan constructed 

September 2010 Vision 2015 publicised to parents

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