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Google 2010

1. 2. Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------2 Critical evaluation of the organizational culture of

Google in its workspace--------------------------------------------------- 4 3. 4. 5. Recruitment and selection policies of Google---------------------8 Empowerment and its relevence to Google ------------------------12 Management problems Google may faces in the

next few years in order to remain competitive--------------------17 6. 7. Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------21 Reference ---------------------------------------------------------------------22

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The chief executive of Google has assessed that it may take 300 years to accomplish this mission. All organizations create their own management style and changes to be competitive. nature of the business etc. are some of the developed products which are produced with a view that everyone must be able to connect. These changes will be in their organization structure. This group assignment is a detailed study of such an international organization which is in the top internet search engine business GOOGLE. Name. 13839. is an international public cloud computing giant. Last accessed 02/09/2010. 1 Barbara Farfan. This assignment also provides a few the management problems that Google ma y face in the following few years in order to remain competitive. Mission statement of Google is ³To make the world's information universally accessible and useful´1. competition. how they treat their employees etc. Most of the products develop by Google are free to use. Done by: 13619. Google current headquarters is in California which was moved on 2006. Gmail. ().about. Available: http://retailindustry. Google maps. This assignment will critically evaluate the organizational culture and recruitment and selection policies of Google. Google Profile These changes will be based on current market. AdWords and AdSense are the core profit generating products of Google. students. 12580 | 2 . For example. Culture & Quotes.Mission Statement. Google was inco rporated as a privately held business on September 4. advertising technologies and internet search engine firm. Google Inc. recruitment procedures. This assignment also gives an idea about empowerment and its significance to Google. YouTube.Google 2010 Introduction Organizations in the 21 st century are in a competitive. 1998. 11929. Google mission statement shows that within 300 years Google will come to stage where all the information could be assed from any were around the world.D. History. Google was set up by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were doing Stratford University as Ph. Founders. culture. Google books. exchange and get information from any location at all time. management style. Google finance etc.

people coming in to Google with forward thinking.Google 2010 Google¶s latest research project which is held on connecting all shops around the world which make easier for the customers to buy any products of high quality and brand by sitting at home. Google is the only company that has successfully practiced employee empo werment. 11929. 12580 | 3 . All the above examples show that Google is growing day by day with a clear view of their mission and goal. The organization also has most competitive employees for their job and has given full freedom to their project. Google has its own management structure which is small in hierarchy so the communication will be very fast. 13839. There employees are the assets of the organization who are extremely intelligent and usually have doctorate. Done by: 13619. innovative and µout -ofbox¶ strategies.

12580 | 4 .Google 2010 Critical evaluation of the organizational culture of Google in its workspace Done by: 13619. 11929. 13839.

discovered or developed in learning to cope with its problems of external adaption and internal integration. They had an ³open door policy ³where So Google surface manifestatio ns are structured into 2 2 Jan Pfister (2009). Managing Organizational Culture for Effective Internal Control.Google 2010 Organizational culture has significant impact on creating commitment and enthusiasm for the employee to the organization.: Springer.l. 11929. which is represented in a system of shared values defining what is important. Behaviour patterns: respect and equality Google has many cultures within it which is all done to motivate the employees. s. and norms. Done by: 13619. 13839. pp. (1996) ³Organizational culture is defined as a pattern of basic assumptions that a group has created.p.´ 2 Organizational culture can be defined by complaining the definitions of Schein (1990) and O¶Reilly and Chatman Google¶s culture can be classified by using Edgar Schei¶s 3 level model (1985. defining and behaviours. 14) organizational culture.s. Larry Page and SergeyBrin owner of Google established a new managerial structure in the organization with hardly any hierarchy. 12580 | 5 . dimensions they are Physical objects: superior working environment and amenities.

Google at its top management operate unconventiona lly. value and attitude to positive behaviours are very significant to Google. Google emphasizes µa belief in people¶ aligned with its belief µpeople comes first¶ (Lohr 2005. Google attempts to form a n ³innovative organizational culture ´ to create a motive power to meet its organizational aims (Lee 2006.e. performance. Last accessed 19/08/2010.Google 2010 employees even at the lower level are encouraged to communicate with the manager.canadianbusiness. Google wants its employees to be loyal and committed to its organization. This hint at the integrity of workforces¶. Thus. pp. in the production process the entire staffs¶ shows standards of behaviours and values. productivity and creativity of its products and service (Lee 2006. 13839. 11929.. The team is empowered to take decisions of the project and they will be the responsible for correcting..´ 3also. 3 Paul Klein. Google organises its works as projects with a group of 3 members. C8). This make the group feel esteemed because this team is given the given the responsibility to bring the task to a successful end. Absence of formal managing structure and reporting relationship shows that Google has a ³person culture´ within the organization.´ shows fairly more ³ relaxed corporate culture ´. So Google believes in organizationalvalues and culture which signify its key attitudes. if anything in the project goes wrong. Available: ³Work should be challenging and the challenges should be fun. supervisor or even with the C EO level of officers without any restrictions. pp. beliefs and assumptions. So Google also practices ³risk-taking and relaxed office culture ´. (2010). Google¶s corporate viewpoint and task. i. 12580 | 6 .59 -72). You can make money without doing evil.59 -720). spirits. Therefore it leads to Google¶s organizational goals: making higher performance. innovativeness. Done by: 13619. which comprises the statement: ³You can make money without being evil. The project leader will be switches time to time so everyone in the team will become leader so that each team members will contribute his/he r strengths.

All the Googlers are managed by themselves and they are self -motivated because of the culture that exists in the Google which make them more responsible. These cultures present in Google reduce the communication gap between the employees and the management. It also shows that Google has a poor employee relation and ethics and informal work culture. There will be always some misunderstanding about the decision making power and control and even affects tota l working situations due to no hierarchy structure. Although most of the employees enjoy a relaxed and unstructured assembly some departments cannot enjoy these facilities. However it is clear that Google as an organization does not have any management structure. It might create some conflict in the future since some employees are enjoying a lot of freedom at the same time some are not. Also the communication will be fast since the hierarchy is small and due to the open door policy. 12580 | 7 . it is predicted that such deleterious issues are obstacles to its success. This makes the employees more loyal and committed to the organization and projects they are working with. Done by: 13619. Still. the organisational performance of Google is not affected by the above mentioned negative issues yet. Unclear characterization of management structure may lead to conflicts in the case of line managers and rest of the work force.Google 2010 All these cultures present in Google pictures employees are the core and most important aspect of Google. effective and efficient. Also the Google has a very flexible structure and de velops new products every day. conflict is a risk since staffs have different experience and values differing situations. 13839. Generally speaking. I believe Google as a corporate organisation has its own plans and creativities for facing these issues. legal M&A and even sales runs in a ³very traditional way´. Spotting the Googlers and diversity of talents. And Google is living in a complicated (not simple) and also in a very dynamic (not static) environment. For example the departments like finance. 11929.

13839. 11929.Google 2010 Recruitment and selection policies of Google Done by: 13619. 12580 | 8 .

Google is always in search of new Done by: 13619. In these situations. Once an applicant is hired the organization m ust retain him or if the company selects the wrong person for the job it¶s a loss for the organization. And that means selecting the best.Google 2010 Recruiting and selecting are two main duties of personal management. Recruitin g and selecting the exact applicant for the vacancy is the most challenging efforts of an organization. Google need to choose the best and overqualified candidates since most of the employees will be promoted several times in a year from the start of his or her first employment. the goes through several levels of interna l screenings. after passing that phone interviews are conducted after passing that there will be a personal interview that may goes up to 45 minutes." (Flippo) Selection is defined as ³The method of distinguishing between aspirants in order to find (and hire) those with a superior likelihood of success in a job.´ As Google receives 1000¶s of applications for one of their open positions recruitment passes through different levels in order to find the best talent. employing overqualified individuals is better. Recruitment isencouraging and identifying potential aspirants to apply for a job vacancy and selection is choosing the right aspirant from the pool of candidates. If a candidate passes all the levels he is hired in Google. So every organization keeps some policies for selecting the right aspirant suiting for the job. Google is a booming organization. The typical process contains filling out online application. 11929. So Google follows many policies for recruiting and selecting a candidate to fill in the post. Recruitment leads selection and helps in picking the right applicant. 13839. 12580 | 9 . So the scope of any position in the firm rapidly expands. Recruitment is defined as "It is a process of searching for potential employees and inspiring and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organi zation.

The questions asked will be typical like µwhat Google product will you use in the office?¶ This sort of questions will help to identify the applicant¶s attitude towards Google culture and weather he will be ready to work in similar culture.blogspot. When a Googler is first hired they face one of the fundamental HR policies ³Confidentiality of any of their business practices´.html.Google 2010 talents. Director. Available: http://googleresearch. culturally compatible staff . closely with new hires. Hiring: The Lake Wobegon Strategy. 12580 | 10 . For example phone interviews are conducted consecutively by different interviewers each involved in each. The candidates they select will be of very high IQ. That is setting the bar pretty high! They compared to another policy that goes like ³Hire if the applicant is better than at least one of our current employees´. (2006). New applicants are challenged with their problem resolving talents with MENSA-level tests and GLAT (Google Lab Aptitude Test). 4 Each Googlers receives $4000 for any applicant who is hired for 90 days. Google¶s recruitment and Peter Norvig." All these policies existing in Google points that once they hire an employee they want them to remain in Google as part of the organization. One of the important HR policies used in recruitment and selection is to use unique methods to ensure that new Googlers are compatible with Google¶s culture. This enables current employees to work more Google hires only the very smart people. The second policy that increases collaboration and sense of an employee¶s control in the work place is the ³referral system´. So in most of the cases they prefer candidates from external to fill in the vacancy. 13839.100% talent. Another policy Google follows is ³hire only if applicant is above the mean quality of existing employees´. Google Research. Last accessed 18/08/ ³this ensures we only recruit high-potential. This means that no Googlers working in the organization are allowed to communicat e anything about their work to the outside world that is conducting inside the organization. 4 Done by: 13619. 11929. Google¶s main objective is to hire the exact Googlers.

In an organization like Google with very high revenue. What¶s sure about recruiting aspirates with PhDs is that they have learned to value factual analysis over improvisation. Most of the tech companies besiege universities hire their students and those who continue their graduate studies are not only more intelligent but also better trained than average which are plus points. Recruiting and selecting candidates with graduate degrees is the best way to employ those who are highly motivated and value the excellence of their work above their immediate personal interests. In a nut shell it can be realised that Google selects its new employees very carefully and they try to retain them. 13839. 11929. The policies used for recruiting and selecting new Done by: 13619. new graduate appoints are more rigorous in their habits. Equally important. However it is clear that the main reason for Google selecting the finest candidate is that a candidate¶s psychological profile can be revealed from their academic qualifications. These graduates are more motivated and impassioned. Google looks for these abilities as its co -founders put more confidence in rationality and mathematics than in other qualities. depend on precise observation. The organizational culture present in the organization is a main factor for this. Googlers are the best.Google 2010 selection is one of the best in the world and have received many awards. to trust balanced thought over intuition wherever possible and to have confidence in math. where fortunes can be made rapidly. Googles employee retention is very less compared to its competitors. this factor is significant. Their main goal is not for immediate money. 12580 | 11 .

11929.Google 2010 Empowerment and its relevence to Google Productive employees are the most important requisite of any organization for its success now days. 13839. 12580 | 12 . Employee¶s responsibility has been extremely efficient and highly Done by: 13619.

11929. Done by: 13619. Empowerment has been demarcated in many ways by different writers all pointing to the same idea that it is the system by which employees are given more power in making decisions about their work. Till 1980 organizations followed traditional management where management solve most of the problems and took decisions. 13839. Possible areas include: work hours. 12580 | 13 . According to Richard Carver. and how supervisors are appraised etc. in what way jobs are to be completed. and helps them to obtain the confidence and skills to do so´. working situations. ³Empowerment meansinspiring and permitting persons to take individual charge for refining the way they do their jobs and do nate to the organisation's goals. fig. From late 80¶s on wards empowerment has more importance because management has been impressed by Baby Boomers and young people who were more capable in decision making and more independent in their work.Google 2010 motivating but was little used since most leaders primary goal is control and they believe their ideas alone are accountable for productivity. For example firms that follow total quality management have shown that This quality evolution is shown diagrammatically in empowerment can result in significant improvements in quality . company policies. These rights of the employees range from suggestions making to working out veto power over management decisions. But today¶s fast moving business is more focused on employee responsibility. When the need for improvement in quality arises to meet customer expectations a shift from traditional management to employee involvement started. Thus employee e mpowerment became the new model of modern business . customer satisfaction and productivity. It requires the formation of a culture which both inspires people at all levels to feel they can make a change. cost.1. MD. The Coverdale Organisation .

11929.1 Elements of empowerment: Self-sufficiency: .Every individual must be capable of completing a particular task successfully. 12580 | 14 . 13839. Meaningfulness: . Done by: 13619.Google 2010 Changing role of manager is shown in figure below 2.It makes the feeling that the job is valuable to both the individuals and the organization.

Google has a stimulating environment and offers many facilities to its employees that make its employees loyal to its organization. 2. AdSense and AdWords and 20% of their time is spend on related tasks and 10% of their time is spend on completely unrelated task.2 Conditions inspiring empowerment: 2. CEO. advertising solutions. Google employees spend 70% of their time on main task i. Google support the creativity of each employee. Every employee will get shares of Google make them feel that they are also part of the organization. 13839. This could be reading books. 12580 | 15 . watching movies. drawing in Photoshop etc. 11929. massage Done by: 13619. but on top of that are first -class conveniences. This 10% time will help the employee to improve their creativity.It creates a feeling that one has inf luence on the decision of the organization. Google practices employee empowerment in the organization. Google ³The goal is to remove everything that gets in our employees way. We deliver a standard package of fridge benefits.Google 2010 Impact: .e.3 Google and Empowerment: Googlers and Google¶s managing structure are the main two reasons of its huge success in the search engine field. search algorithm. gyms. According to Eric Schmidt. Google follows a 70 -20-10 rule. which is implemented to maximize effectiveness of every employee.

they don¶t want to do their laundry. This group will have their own freedom to decide how the project should be So we make it easy for them to do both´. Individual employee or teams that develop extremely profitable new service or products are kindly rewarded.). This help the Googlers happy because they have the freedom to work on their own dreams and that dreams will be rewarded if it is worth to Google.Google 2010 rooms. dry cleaning. Let¶s face i t: programmers want to program. carwash. CEO Google. In Google projects are do ne in groups of i. in firm. commuting buses ± just about anything a hardworking employee might want. 5 Google has a bottom up culture. haircut. (s. 11929.e. In general Google¶s success is mainly due to the employee empowerment and due to the relaxed and self -decision making work culture present 5 Eric Schmidt. Done by: 13619.y.Benefits. 13839. the employees at the lower level will be making decisions about their projects. Last accessed 18/08/2010. Google releases new product on a daily basis. This make Google more fame and popular among other search engine firms. And also all the employees working there are loyal and are ready to do anything for their organization. which have a huge budget of millions of dollars of Google and will go to teams that have contributed remarkable contributions to the company¶s performance. By employee empowerment. preceded and finished. laundry rooms. In every three months in a year teams are considered for ³Founder Awards´. 12580 | 16 . Available: http://www.

zdnet. 6 Larry Dignan. 11929. Done by: 13619. It is the only company that was not affected by recession6. Available: http://www. Google's search juggernaut: Recession resistant after all. (2009). 12580 | 17 .Google 2010 Management problems Google may faces in the next few years in order to remain competitive Google has a unique way of managing organization which makes it the best company in the world. Last accessed 22/08/2010.

In search engines Google has proven it¶s competent. ³Even the idea of exactly how to do that. 11929. giving empowerment to employees. That ideas hail from Bill Gross. And Google still doesn't have the best sales and marketing strategy. but nothing extra.History of Search Engines: From 1945 to Google Today. What will happen if its base business slows down? In my calculation. a serious problem lies within these business. Typically. Empowerment not working fully:Google give 20% of an employee¶s time to do with what they wanted with a belief that Googlers will bring a great novel idea for the organization which can pull the organization further. but nothing else new has been developed by Google yet which can improve their business. of course.Google 2010 µGoogleplex¶ one of the main root for Google¶s success by creating decent environment for the employees. Google is a sitting duck:Most of the great firms follow an arc of some kind which helps them to grow to fame. Google undertakes thousands of projects lacking proper corporate vision of that one make logic and one that don¶t.searchenginehistory. Last accessed 7 Done by: 13619. yes. In pay per click (AdSense) advertising business it has proved its excellence. What issue am I raising with regards to Google? Project Management. these businesses diminish when others develop an enhanced method for solving the similar issue. This doesn¶t mean Google is trying but it means it is just doing it wrong. huge investments are being spent on thousands of further (later renamed Overture and acquired by Yahoo)´7. Google¶s 95% of incomes come from only one area that is AdSense. This has not yet created any profit to the orga nization.). However. culture and lot more. Finally. This will be good in principles but cannot be brought to reality. (s.a. For example. who started GoTo. Even though Google¶s success is at its peak. Available: http://www.y. 13839. in our observation Google may face some management problems in the future. So we can say Google is a ³Sitting Duck´ which is one of the main management problems for this organization. So in our opinion Google should be a ³Moving Target´ and should improve in areas like sales and marketing to re main didn't originate with Google. if the workforces consider it¶s their right to s. 12580 | 18 .

the employees can directly approach the CEO and get it sanctioned if it is a good piece of work. the Google¶s culture will need to transform.g. It¶s not recommended for Google to merge with other mass-market portal. and my co lleague who complained about the manager to the CEO became the manager of his own project with a new team. 11929. If Google merge with other organizations: If Google decides to join with some already existing mass market . 13839. But in a span of 6 months the CEO himself asked him to resign from the company as the project he did was a failure and huge loss to the company. Line of managers has no special role other than just taking part in projects.portal. Google will start losing its well-earned brand name. it has a culture similar to Google. apart from enlarged management error what impact will create among the employees when all the luxurious facilities provided to the employees like restaurant. This sort of management issues may occur in Google too if it does not construct a rigid and proper work structure within the organization. 12580 | 19 . dry cleaning and car washes etc. Business discipline and accountability will turn into new rules. This kind of activities can make the line of managers offended and can cause internal clash or misunderstanding which can result in poor performance of the team. This will create immense strain to the organization at that point. Even the manager was de-promoted to a level of software tester for a different team. Problem from line managers:Line workers (e. Though that would benefit Google to secure some Done by: 13619. once that happens. At this instant. But ultima tely even if the project idea is not approved by the mangers. When I was working in Adventnet a software development All th e employees are given empowerment and the employees can directly contact the CEO face to face. managers) won¶t welcome working in a free culture and making a layer of cold analysis. company in India. get abolished? So Google board should work on establishing a strong cultu re and that should be Google¶s top priority. via e mail or phone to express their concerns or ideas that they have. For example let me brief my experience. At Google.Google 2010 exploit projects willynilly without considering the companies realistic revenue potential. it will be downright hated.

Google can grow far more beyond its present conditions with its cutting edge technology and excellent minds working behind by leading and using them in a more proper and controlled manner. Google is such an international organization which has sucessufully organizes Done by: 13619. 12580 | 20 and . 11929. 13839. it would harm Google¶s independent growth. also this will reduce the competitive advantage of Google. Conclusion In this competitive world every organzation is working on improving their market value by making changes in various factors present in the organization.Google 2010 users and advertisers.

policies. But still this strategy that Google has can have some nega tive effects on the organization in the future. Google allows th em to work on their own ideas and creativity and also look after them as part of the organization which has created an image ³that employees are the most important assets of the organization´. References 1. All the employees in Google are highly educated. They have a strong positive culture and a place where they practice this culture i. where all Googlers are empowered and motivated by the top management by rewarding their works. Google¶s work culture has helped the organization gain competitive advantage in the search engine field and also releases new products on a daily basis. culture etc.e. 12580 | 21 . 13839. 11929. it could help Google to emerge a huge success in the future. Googleplex. Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations. Ricky W. Gregory Moorhead Done by: 13619. creative and are working for the growth of the company which in turn can enhance their career as well. If Google manages to control and coordinate these effects.Google 2010 persistently maintains their standards. Griffin. The recruiting and selection policies that Google have is to find the right Googler who fits in to their organization culture and can motivate other employees who are working in Google.

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