Character Design Bible

by Leo Tsang

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Theme: Soldiers/Cyborgs

Hero must fight to save the world against the forces of the Empress, ruler of the Regnum Nation. Their terror and oppression has reigned supreme over the lands and has scattered the neighbouring nations into chaos and disarray. As the last surviving subject of the Renatus Project, Hero must unite the lands before it is too late and stop

the Empress and her forces once and for all.



Male human, Solider. Early 20s.

Hero was the sale survivor of his unit after the attack of Empress's forces on his home town. Having suffered grievous injuries, Hero was taken into the Renatus Project - a programme designed to refit and augment soldiers with cybernetic technology. He was healed and experimented on with new advanced forms of cybernetics that were designed with the purpose to stop the Empress and her forces. However, as the facility came under attack and was destroyed by the Empress's forces, Hero barely escaped with his life. Confused and ill-informed of the cybernetic technology invested in him, Hero soon becomes the last hope capable of stopping the Empress, being the last surviving subject of the Renatus Project.

Build: Athletic

Demeanour: Driven, Determined.

Strengths and Abilities: Cybernetic Arm can be used for great strength (smashing, lifting), has an in-built energy weapon. Cybernetic Legs enhances speed and agility, able to jump/land at great heights.

Weaknesses: Cybernetic technology reliant on Energy Cores. Hero is ill-informed of the cybernetic technology invested in him. Mentally scarred from his past, having lost his friends and loved ones.

Character Arc: Initially confused, unwilling to accept what he has become and daunted of the task ahead of him. Hero begins to accepts who is he, learninghow to wield his abilities and take on the responsibility that has been placed upon him.

Motivation: Unite and save the world from the Empress's forces.

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Expression Sheet

Action Poses

Actiun Poses

Action Poses

Casual Attir8

Colour Scheme

Battle Attir8

••• ••• •••

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Working with Renatus Scientists, Servo's duty was to assist in the Renatus Project from performing complex medical procudres to storing a hard copy of the data gathered throughout the project. When the facility came under atack, Servo's prime directive was to awaken Hero help lead him to safety. With the entire facility destroyed, Servo now follows Hero assisting him in his mission.



Race: Robot. Last surviving intelligent service bot from the Renatus Project facility.

Demeanour: Chirpy, lively with animated expression. Frequently exhibits 'blips and beeps' tones as a voice.

Strengths and Abilities: Can fly. Wields a retractable mechanical limb that serves as a claw, laser, radar and conection port to repair/hack electronic terminals, devices and other droids. Can also communicate long distances. Possesses strong firewall to protect from being hacked.

Weakness: EMP (Electro magnetic pulse) charge. Still maintains risk of being hacked.

Character Arc: Contains information stored on the Renatus project. Forms unshakable bond with Hero.

Motivation: To accompany, aid and assist Hero whenever possible. Protect self contained files on the Renatus Project.

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Expression Sheet



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MEchanical Limb

Action Poses

Colour Scheme

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-- #e4e8e7 #b7bbba .-- #666a6b


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Female, human. Ruler of the Regni, the people of Regnum.

Powerful and cunning, the Empress rules through fear, oppression and indoctrination. She rose to power through the forced abdication of her brother - and will now stop at nothing to establish Regni supremacy and be the supreme ruler of the world. However, the presence of Hero threatens her regime. Not only is Hero uniting the lands against her, he also possesses advanced technology superior to her own. Thus, begins the Empress' obsession to capture Hero by any means necessary.

Demeanour: High/regal, cold, calculating and manipulative.

Strengths and Abilities: Cybernetic implants enhances her perceptual abilities to an almost supernatural level such as mind reading. She is also able to generate energy surges through her hands for an electric/shock type of attack to overpower her foes and subjects alike.

Weakness: Overconfidence. Reliant on cybernetic implants to rule effectively.

Character Arc: Becomes obsessed in trying to capture Hero to the point which affects her ability to rule effectively, leading to the point of insanity.

Motivation: Lust for power and control, to rule the world. Capture Hero to steal/assimilate his technology


Expression Sheet

Colour Scheme •••

••• . ,,

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Side by Side


Character Design Workshop #01 - Introduction to Character Design

Character Design Workshop #02 - Building Blocks of Character Design - Shapes ~ Proportions

Character Design Workshop #03 - Drawing in the Third Dimension

0.0 o

Character Design Workshop #04 - Drawing Stuff

Character Design Workshop #05 - Personality: The Spark of Life

Character Design Workshop #06 - Distinctive Characters

Character Design Workshop #07 - Monsters H Creatures

Character Design ~orkShoP #DS - Working in ~the. Real. World

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Character Design Workshop #DS - Setting the Scene

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