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Fact: Job contracting and non-regularization policy is against public policy and in fact,

Fact: The government is the biggest job contractor in the country and the number one violator of
law about job contracting.

Fact: Many LGUs exploit job order employees and even consultants due to no “fund
commitment or annual appropriation” for this purpose and the usual delay in the release of wages.
It is a common thing that their wages are inserted when there is fund for supplemental purposes

Fact: From among the job order employees and consultants, are the usual and trusted labor force
of the Local Chief Executives; they are the ones who comprised the street cleaners, the garbage
collectors, the market collectors, the traffic enforcers and even the executive assistants, the
voucher preparers, the executive planners. They are mostly the working force – “ the utusan”.

Fact: They received less than the basic monthly wage and most of the time are not being paid
since theirs is always subject to the approval of the Sangguniang Bayan and is always affected by
political infighting.

Fact: They do not have health and hazard benefits ( garbage collector, street cleaners, market
guards are prone to hazards ). They can’t take a loan from Pag-ibig to to have their own houses.

Fact: They do not have tenure and so they are not covered by GSIS; not even a contribution to
SSS to make their employment counted as a record of service to be able to avail of pension when
they retire.

Fact: They comprised more than 60% of the work force of the LGUs and a significant percentage
of the work force of the national government.

What can be done;

If the government can’t absorb these people on permanent basis, they should at least be given
standard wages and mandatory benefits like SSS ( if GSIS is not applicable ), Philhealth, Pag-ibig
Contribution and a Christmas Bunos ( even half of their monthly wages ) and allow the inclusion
of fund for these purpose in the annual appropriation.

They should likewise be given service record in the absence of tenure of office, so that their
temporary employment can be counted as service in government.

This can be accommodated because the LGUs and even the national agencies receive annual
increases in IRA and the departmental budget.

The temporary workers in government should be included in the stimulus package of the
government. The LGUs however should only hire the needed number of working temporary