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WHH Discussion- Columbus

Using, participate in the discussion topic about Columbus and how we as history students interpret his actions and place in history. The following rubric will be used to guide and grade the discussion. Active Dates: Nov. 29-Dec.3 Topic: Christopher Columbus: Villain or Hero? In American culture, Christopher Columbus is granted hero status for his discovery of the Americas. Based upon the readings provided in class and via the website, is he deserving of such status? Should we view him in the same context as other Conquistadors, or hold him separate? How do you interpret the history of Columbus? Discuss!

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4. You state you understanding of Columbus and his place in history
There are no acceptable excuses for failing to participate. Internet failure at home will not be accepted. Use the resources available to you to complete this assignment- the Mt. Hebron Media Center, the Howard County Public Library, a friend’s house, etc. It is absolutely your responsibility to complete this in the time period given.