Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Korngasse 9 35510 Butzbach Germany July 2010


Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011
“ICI-1 is a well organized introduction to CI, covering the topic from A to Z and providing a clear overview of the limits and potential of CI.” Ryuichi Hiratsuka, Siltronic AG, ICI-1 “ICI-1 Competitive Intelligence Basics strengthened my CI knowledge and made it clearer where my future efforts in CI should be directed. ICI-1 is a workshop that offers extremely interesting topics presented in a clear and enjoyable way.” Marco Paone, DaimlerChrysler AG, Competition Research and Analysis, ICI-1 "Exceeded all my expectations ... Real world experiences made all the difference ... I highly recommend this class ..." Jim Hawley, Eastman Chemical, ICI-1 "So much more relevant than other CI classes I have attended… The workshop effectively addressed my specific CI needs and the availability of experienced real world instructors made this workshop a really great experience!!” Meghan McLaughlin, The Collaborative Group, ICI-1 "The open forum ... and small class size made all the difference ... The instructors knew first hand what they were teaching." Glen Roberts, Siemens, ICI-1 "As opposed to other programs that remain on an abstract level, the workshop "Scenario techniques" (ICI22) conveys a very good understanding on how to conduct scenario techniques in a corporate environment. With the case study, time- and personnel expenditure issues are tackled as well as subtle pitfalls pointed out in vivid detail. Also very helpful is the use of scenario software. At the end of the day, one doesn't have the impression of just having listened to interesting theories and abstract examples, but of actually having learned to apply the methodology and at the same time being able to realistically judge the effort and potential pitfalls. Mr. Bill has applied scenario techniques several times with clients and accordingly is a competent moderator." Claudia Sternberg, Voith, ICI-22 "This is the kind of workshop one would always wish to attend: well versed attendees from all industry sectors and a really competent faculty leader who offers the beginner an excellent overview, but also provides specialists with new insights." Dr. Klaus Marquardt, Wacker Specialties, ICI-1 "The ICI course in Bad Nauheim – that means for me: Interesting and very relevant topics for my work, expertly and competently demonstrated. Thus, absolutely recommendable! " Dr. Carsten Deus, Deus Consulting, ICI-5 "I want to congratulate you for your academic review of the topic “Decision Theory/Evidence Based Reasoning". In order to continue to systematically develop CI in the scope of management theory, I believe we will increasingly need corresponding (mathematical, statistical and methodical) reviews and tools in the near future." Ralf Heffner, BASF AG, ICI-23 "With the ICI workshop "Analysis Methods", one can learn Porter’s theories in a practical and demonstrative way – thus the know-how can be implemented directly in one’s own business!" Dr. Andre Stürzenbecher, Schering Germany GmbH, ICI-6 "The workshop informs in a practical way on the dangers that a company can be exposed to through unknowing or negligent divulging of information. Besides the sensitization for the importance of the subject-matter, ways and means are shown to recognize these dangers as prospects and to use CI as an aid for one’s own positioning in the market. Specific procedures quickly help to establish the first steps in the development of a structured CI." Gerhard Fraune, CTcon GmbH, ICI-1 "A far from grey theory, this workshop is practically orientated, working with a case study. The independent developing and presenting of proposed solutions makes this workshop an intensive and entertaining experience. Interesting discussions and dialogs with the attendees excellently broadens one’s CI-horizon. The workshop was a complete success and absolutely recommendable due to the professional competence of Mr. Michaeli." Andrea Rehm-Dober, SV- Versicherungen, ICI-6 "I very much enjoyed my participation in this workshop - very well organized and valuable networking. Essence, value and process of CI are a lot clearer to me now. The Dolce is a great place". Melani Zeller, Marketing Analyst, OMRON Europe B.V., ICI-1

Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011


Get your Competitive Intelligence Certificate on a part-time basis
Recently, the global competitive environment has changed radically in all industries. To keep pace with these changes and to stay one step ahead of the competition, businesses and individuals collect and analyze competitive information in increasing frequency Yet, according to an empirical survey supported by the Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI)1, 80% of German (and most likely global as well) companies don’t conduct competitive analyses at all, or do so in only a rudimentary way! One reason for this is the lack of education and training for professional market and competitive analysts. In a survey of CI-Professionals2, only 10% of those questioned specified that they had a formal CI education – nearly 50% of CI Professionals received their training “on the job”. The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) was established in 2004 to provide post-graduate professionals specific CI know-how on a part-time basis. The rising demand for our Competitive-Intelligence-Professional-Certificate confirms the need for this qualification. Our attendees come from many different industry sectors and work in diverse internal functions (cf. pages 4-5). In this catalogue, we will like to introduce you to the ICI, its program and its faculty. We hope to welcome you soon, as an attendee of our courses.

Rainer Michaeli
Director of the Institute for Competitive Intelligence Managing Partner DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH Board member of SCIP (2003-2005) (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) College Lecturer Competitive Intelligence, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

What is Competitive Intelligence?
“Competitive Intelligence” (CI) is the process of transforming fragmented information on companies, industries and markets into actionable knowledge on the position, capability and intentions of market attendees. This know-how is the basis for strategic and tactical corporate planning- and management. Established knowledge on future market trends, competitor activities and technological developments has become the most important asset of businesses today. Through systematic surveys and professional analysis of relevant information from primary and secondary sources, a foundation for corporate success can be laid.

Rainer Michaeli

Cf. Michaeli R (2005) Competitive Intelligence, Springer Verlag Heidelberg

Ashton B (2003) New Sources and Methods for Competitive Intelligence. Presentation SCIP Annual Conference, March 14, Anaheim, CA

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) ____ 4 Our services ______________________________ 5 The ICI certificates to become a CI-Professional __ 7 Course dates and fees _____________________ 9 Workshop descriptions ___________________ 11 Exam board ____________________________ 36 Faculty ________________________________ 37 Participation conditions ___________________ 38 Application form _________________________ 49


Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI)
The Institute for Competitive Intelligence was founded to provide post-graduate professionals a solid and flexible CI training program to become a certified CIProfessional. Our workshops are available in German and English. We serve three continents, nine countries and 14 cities. No other organization runs more CI workshops annually than we do! Our general principles are uncompromising education quality and intensive, practical-oriented learning. ICI offers a modular educational program that prepares attendees for the high demands placed on market and competitive analysts. You can select the certificate program or choose particular courses according to your interests or requirements. For companies we prepare individual in-house training.

Your CI career begins here!

Quality and practically orientated learning The Institute’s faculty are renowned experts with long histories in corporate environments. All courses can either be completed as part of integrated certificate programs or can be completed as stand-alone classes. The relevance and timeliness of all courses are constantly reviewed by an international advisory board. Case study methodology for the real business environment Case studies are the preferred teaching method of all leading business schools. Through case studies, you will not only learn about many industry sectors and methods, but also improve on your interpersonal skills. Alumni network Become part of the unique network of ICI alumni. Here experience is shared and networking opportunities are provided. The alumni website contains exclusive information on current CI content and a discussion forum.

Flexibility You decide when to participate in which course. You may begin by choosing to take individual courses according to your availability to begin with and decide to obtain certification later. All courses are independent, and as such are valuable assets in their own right.

Certification ICI confirms that its highest certification level – the Certificate of Proficiency in Competitive Intelligence (CPCI™) – comprehensively covers the competencies identified by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Body of Knowledge (BOK) education program. SCIP is the leading global membership organization dedicating to promoting professsional standards in Competitive Intelligence. The BOK program of core competency domains was developed in 2008 to define the core skill set for CI professionals.

Industry sector ICI attendees

Company size

Competent colleagues with a collective understanding for CI are a major success factor.bfd. e.com • • Attendees according to function Age structure ICI attendees .V. Our lecturers are Certificates & Professional Memberships practitioners and leading experts in their fields. (www.org) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis (German society for information science and practice.scip.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 5 Our services As a leading global CI educational institution. Based on the assessment.de) International Association for Intelligence Education (www.g. marketing and R&D. please contact Ms.dcif. Our Workshops and the Certificate of Proficiency in Competitive Intelligence (CPCI) are approved by the Administrative Department of the German Federal Armed Forces. from sales. the program is also offered to the internal CI user network. Certified to comply the rules of Weiterbildung Hessen e. (www. the Institute for Competitive Intelligence offers you an appropriate range of training: Certificate programs ICI has developed seven certificates for highly qualified professionals to master the core competencies of the demanding CI profession and employ them directly in their businesses. We will give you advice on available options.IAFIE. tailored to your individual needs. www. a customised CI program will be developed.dgi-info.org) Deutsches Competitive Intelligence Forum e. In preparation for the training. Not only the employees of the CI department(s) of your company are trained. In-house training programs ICI offers customised in-house training for companies. ICI confirms that its highest certification level (CPCI™) comprehensively covers all competencies of the SCIP Body of Knowledge.de) Single courses Are you already a CI professional and would like to enhance your understanding of specific CI tools and theories? Then book individual courses.bundeswehr. We are members of the following professional associations: • • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (www.de) Any questions? If you have questions on the training programs. a detailed assessment of the CI demands and needs of your company will be completed.V. They convey proven CI methods and the corresponding implementation know-how – knowledge that will make you indispensable to your business. Jaeger: Tel: +49(0)6033 971377 E-Mail: jaeger@competitive-intelligence.

ON Ruhrgas AG ● Ernst & Young AG ● Essilor International ● Ethad Etisalat – Mobily ● Eurex Frankfurt AG ● Evonik Degussa GmbH ● Evonik Industries AG ● Faurecia Kunststoffe Automobilsysteme GmbH ● Festo AG & Co. KG ● Siemens Healthcare ● Siemens VDO Trading GmbH ● Sika Services AG ● Siltronic AG ● Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH ● Suez Cement ● Stahlgruber Otto Gruber GmbH & Co. we are able to meet our client’s high expectations perfectly.A.5 1 2010 Attendee's Satisfaction Update: June 2010 Evaluation scale: 5 = very good .6 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Our clients Due to our excellent trainers and our effective quality management. Some references 3M ESPE ● Accedo Communications GmbH ● Actelion ● Alcatel-Lucent ● Altana Pharma AG ● AlterVista ● Allied Vision Technologies GmbH ● AMGEN.D GmbH ● BASF AG ● Bayer Animal Health GmbH ● Bayer CropScience AG ● Bayer Healthcare AG ● BBE Retail Experts ● BBT Termotechnik GmbH ● BDO Stoy Hayward LLP ● BIOTRONIK GmbH & Co. KG ● BMW Group ● Bosch Rexroth AG ● BSRIA Limited ● Bundeswehr ● Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH ● Böllhoff Verbindungstechnik GmbH ● CAI SISCO Ltd ● Carglas BeLux ● Carlsberg Breweries A/S ● CAT – Cambridge Antibody Technology ● Carl Zeiss Meditec SAS ● CGG Veritas ● Cheminova A/S ● Nestlé SAS ● Centocor Inc ● Ciba Lampertheim GmbH ● CMC Markets ● Commerzbank AG ● Collcon ● complexium GmbH ● Control Risks ● Croatian Institute of Technology ● CTcon GmbH ● c. ● Rijk Zwaan Welver GmbH ● Robert Bosch GmbH ● Roche Diagnostics ● Rockwell Automation ● RWE Energy AG ● RWE Systems AG ● Sachs Handel GmbH ● Sandoz GmbH ● Sankyo-Pharma ● Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH ● SAP Deutschland AG & Co.. Inc.a. Jude Medical ● Suez Cement ● sunrise TDC Switzerland AG ●SVP Deutschland AG ● SV-Versicherungen ● Swarovski AG ● Swisscom AG ● SWL BKK ● Syngenta Crop Protection AG ● Tecan Trading AG ● TeleAtlas Deutschland GmbH ●Testo AG● Ticona GmbH ● TJ Research Associates ● TMD Friction Services GmbH ● TNS Infratest Forschung GmbH & Co. Inc.● Intelligit s. KG ● DaimlerChrysler AG ● Dassault Systemes ● DATEV eG ● Degussa Construction Chemicals GmbH ● Deutsche Bank AG ● Deutsche Lufthansa AG ● Deutsche Telekom AG ● Deutsche Börse Systeme AG ● DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH ● Diakonisches Werk ● Dolmar GmbH ● Doosan Babcock Energy Limited ● Dow Jones / STOXX Ltd. ● JohnsonDiversey ● Kemin Health LC ● Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG ● KWS SAAT AG ● Lanxess Deutschland GmbH ● LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services ● LILLY FRANCE ● Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company ● MAC Carpet ● MANFRED FINK Security Consulting ● MAFCO Business Intelligence ● Mager & Partner GmbH ● MANN+HUMMEL GMBH ● Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH ● medical relations GmbH ● MB-technology GmbH ● McDonalds Ltd. ● Merck KGaA ● Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH ● Michael Hanne Sanierungsberatung ● Mobilkom Austria AG ● Mobily ● MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH ● MYLLYKOSKI SALES GmbH ● Nestle Nutrition ● Nicomed Deutschland GmbH ● Northrop Grumman Europe Ltd ● Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG ● Oracle ● OMRON Europe B. deus consulting ● Dachser GmbH & Co. ● Arvato Systems GmbH ● ATC Market Analysis. ● White & Case ● ZF Trading GmbH ● 5 4.5 2 1. KG ● Phoenix Solar AG ● Phadia GmbH ● Project Management Institute. LLC ● Atos Worldline GmbH ● Axpo Vertrieb AG ● B.5 3 2. KG ● Feinguß Blank GmbH ● Fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG ● Voestalpine Stahl ● Voith AG ● VonRoll Deutschland GmbH ● VR-LEASING AG ● Wacker Specialities ● Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ● WellPoint Inc. ● Deutsche Post World Net Business Consulting GmbH ● Dräger Safety AG & Co. KG ● Fink Secure Communication GmbH ● FIZ Karlsruhe ● FUCHS PETROLUB AG ● Fujitsu Siemens Computers ● Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (IFF) ● Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH ● Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH ● Gas Natural Fenosa ● GEA Westfalia Separator GmbH ● General Dynamics AIS ● Germanischer Lloyd AG ● Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH ● GN Resound ● GRENKELEA-SING AG● GRUNDFOS Management A/S ● H. KG ● S-Refit AG ● St. Lundbeck A/S ● Halcrow Group Limited ● Hauni Maschinen bau AG ● Haupt Pharma AG ● Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG ● Hella KGaA ● Henkel AG & Co. ● Pfizer Pharma GmbH ● Philips ● Philip Morris International ● Parker Hannifin GmbH & Co.5 1 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 5 4. 1 = very poor Range best/worst result Average Median .5 2 1. KG ● Egypt Foreign Trade Training Centre ● E.l. (PMI) ● PTS München ● PURAC ● Randstad Deutschland GmbH & Co.5 4 3.5 4 3. ● Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux ● Intrum Justitia GmbH ● Janssen-Cilag GmbH ● Julius Bär Investment Funds Services Ltd. KG ● Street One Holding GmbH & Co. KG ● Unilever PLC ● Union Asset Management Holding AG ● Universität Paderborn ● Valeo Service Activity ● ViaSys Healthcare ● Viesmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG ● Sara Lee ● Sasol Olefins & Surfactants GmbH ● Sasol Synfuels International ● Saltigo GmbH ● Schering AG ● Schering Detuschland GmbH ● Schott Consult ● Schunk Dienstleistungsgesellschaft GmbH ● Schroders ● SCHUFA Holding AG ● Serco ● SEWEurodrive ● Shell Global Solutions GmbH ● SICK AG ● Siemens AG ● Siemens Enterprise Communication GmbH & Co.V.KG ● Horváth & Partner GmbH ● HP Enterprise Services ● Hueck & Co ● Huntsman Advanced Materials ● Hypercom GmbH ● IKK Sachsen-Anhalt ● IMI Norgren GmbH ● Imperial Tobacco Limited ● Infineum UK Ltd ● Innofact AG ● infoline s. KG ● Ratiopharm GmbH ● Rennes International School of Business ● REpower Systems AG ● Research in Motion UK Ltd.KGaA ● Dresdner Bank AG ● DSM NBD ● DuPont Performance Coatings ● EADS Deutschland GmbH ● Eastman Chemical Company ● Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc ● Eckart GmbH & Co..5 3 2. KGaA ● HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH & Co.l. KG ● T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH ● Tronox Pigments Services GmbH ● TÜV Nord GmbH ● UBS AG ● Uhlmann Pac-Systeme ● Umicore AG & CO.

he/she might be exempted from attending the related courses. Certification After concluding all courses of the respective certificate program. you should have at least 2 years of work experience and either be employed as a CI professional or aspire to become one. you will have the option of taking a certification exam. Make sure that you address this issue prior to enrollment.FCCI™ Fundamental certificate for all Competitive Intelligence-related activities Certificate in … • Competitive Intelligence Research • Competitive Intelligence Analysis • Competitive Strategy • Competitive Intelligence Management Certificate of Proficiency in Competitive Intelligence . he/she can re-sit the exam a further two times.CPCI™ Comprehensive professional training leading to the mastery level in Competitive Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Engineer CIE™ FCCI level workshops and additional Business Intelligence workshops for those working at the interface of Information Technology and Competitive Intelligence Participation requirements Ideally. • • • Exemption from workshops If a candidate can prove expertise in a certain subject area. as your schedule and fees will be adapted accordingly. Our certificate programs allow a comprehensive expansion of your skills and opens up new career opportunities. • • All final exams consist of a written part (duration 4 hours) The CPCI candidates additionally need to prepare a supervised write-up of a competitive intelligence case and take an additional oral exam. Note however that exams will cover all the certificate subjects. However. in business development or as in-house consultants. If a candidate fails an exam. The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) offers a broad range of certificate programs to meet this demand. • . the pool of qualified hasn’t always kept up with demand.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 7 ICI’s Certificate Programs Several surveys of CI among international companies showed that the number of companies that value competitive intelligence in the present and for the future. but without having received a specific CI education. is increasing rapidly. • Fundamental Certificate in Competitive Intelligence . Many of our attendees already work as market researchers. or want to establish a CI department.

8 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Curriculum & Prices Before taking need to attend When booking gram. you will price. you the highlighted workshops. Overview a certification exam. an entire certification probe granted a preferential .

$1375) Mar 2. UK London.Text Mining and Document Mana29 gement ICIPatents as a Competitive Instrument 35 ICIScenario Techniques 22 ICI. 2011 May 25.Development and Implementation of 33 Competitive Strategies ICI. 2011 May 27.-20. Schedule: 9:00 to 18:00 (Meet & Greet from 8:30) . UK London. UK London. 2010 Philadelphia. $1375) ICIDigital Intelligence 25 ICI. Prices are excl. UK Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Analysis workshops Dr. $1290) Philadelphia. 10 13 14 15 16 17 P g. $725) €590 (£475. $725) €590 (£475. 10 Nov 10. France CI Projects Michaeli 2 Feb 09. 2010 €1150 Feb/Mar 28-1. UK London. VAT and subject to change.Decision.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 9 Course dates and fees (English language workshops) An early registration discount (5% deduction from total fees) is available for all single course registrations 40 days prior to the actual workshop date. $725) €590 (£475. France Paris. Spain Madrid. Krampe May 24. UK Feb 24. 10 Nov 17. 2010 €1090 London. USA Paris. $1375) €1090 (£875. Spain Madrid. Grothe Zanasi Motta Sep 15. $725) €590 (£475. 2010 Feb 10-11. France Paris. USA Madrid. 10 Nov 16. $725) €590 (£475. 2011 (£875. Krampe Michaeli Prof. $725) €590 (£475. Individual Place fee Fundamental Certificate in Competitive Intelligence . 2011 Paris. France Paris.Establishment and Operation of 32 Early Warning Systems ICIAnalysis of Competitor’s Strategies 21 ICIBusiness War Gaming 30 ICI. 22 26 33 Individual fee Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Research workshops Nov 12. $725) London. 10 Nov 18-19.Competitive Technical 27 Intelligence ICI. UK Michaeli 1 Basics Workshop Feb 7. 2010 Oct 14-15. France London. 2010 Feb 14. 2011 Madrid. UK 18 27 29 31 Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Management workshops Nash Russow Muth Greiner Sep 16-17. 2011 May 23. 2011 Mar 4. 2011 Mar 3.-25. 2010 Paris. $725) €1090 (£875. 2011 Feb 15-16. $725) €590 (£475. 10 London. UK Place P g. 2010 €590 Paris. France Paris. $725) €1150 (£925. USA Oct 11-12. Spain May 19. Spain Madrid. $1290) London.Competitive Intelligence Nov 8-9. UK London. 2011 Paris. Spain 21 24 32 34 Note: Invoices will be issued in the currency of the location’s country according to this price list.2011 (£925. France ICIOct 13. UK London. $725) Philadelphia. UK Philadelphia. 2011 Sep 13-14./ Risk. USA London.Design and Operation of an In-house 24 CI Centre ICI.FCCI™ workshops Sep 9-10.Instruments of Strategic Market 31 Analysis ICI. France ICI. 2011 Feb 17-18. UK London.Counter Intelligence – Protection 34 against Illegal Activities ICIInformation Warfare 36 London.and 23 Bayes’ Analysis ICIPsychology of Intelligence Analysis 26 ICIFinancial Analysis 28 ICI. Tovstiga Nov 15. $725) €590 (£475. Jörs Murphy Dr. $725) €590 (£475. $725) €590 (£475. 2011 (£475. $725) €590 (£475. 2011 May 26. 2011 Date €590 (£475. 10 Nov 11. UK # Fundamental Workshops Lecturer Date ICICI Reporting 3 ICICI Secondary Research 4 ICIPrimary Research (HUMINT) 5 ICIFundamental CI Analysis Methods 6 # Advanced Workshops Mc Gonagle Weiss Muth Michaeli Lecturer Prof. 2011 €590 (£475. 10 €590 (£475. France 19 20 23 25 30 Certificate in Competitive Strategy workshops Michaeli Michaeli Michaeli Prof.-8. $1290) €1150 (£925. $725) €590 (£475.

10 Oct 01. Germany Bad Nauheim. 11 Mar 10-11. Germany Bad Nauheim. 10 Oct 25.Wettbewerberstrategien 21 analysieren ICIBusiness War Gaming 30 ICIStrategische Marktanalyse 31 ICI. Germany Bad Nauheim. Grothe Dr. Jörs Wolf Dr. 11 Mar 22. 11 Sep 22. Finkler Müller Mar 21. 10 Sep 29-30. Germany Bad Nauheim. 3 Präsentation) ICICI-Sekundärrecherchen 4 ICIPrimärrecherchen (HUMINT) 5 ICI.Frühwarnsysteme 32 aufbauen und betreiben ICI. 10 Oct 28. Germany Wien. 11 590€ 590€ 590€ ICIDigital Intelligence 25 ICITextmining 29 ICIPatente als Wettbewerbsinstrument 35 ICISzenariotechniken 22 ICI. 10 Autumn 2011 Oct 29. Krampe Oct 26. Germany Bad Nauheim. Germany Bad Nauheim. Germany Bad Nauheim. ICIBasis-Workshop CI (Grundlagen) 1 ICICI Projekte 2 ICI. 11 Mar 15.Inhouse CI-Center aufbauen 24 und betreiben ICI. 10 1150€ 590€ 590€ 590€ Bad Nauheim. Germany Bad Nauheim. 10 Feb 21-22. Germany 19 20 23 25 30 Certificate in Competitive Strategy workshops Michaeli Michaeli Michaeli Michaeli Mar 14.Competitive Technical 27 Intelligence ICI. Germany Bad Nauheim. Germany Bad Nauheim. Österreich Bad Nauheim.Entscheidungs-/Risiko-/Bayes’sche 23 Analyse ICI. Schedule: 9:00 to 18:00 (Meet & Greet from 8:30) .Wettbewerbsstrategien entwickeln 33 und umsetzen ICI. Prices are excl. 11 Mar 17-18. Germany Bad Nauheim. Germany Bad Nauheim. 10 590€ 590€ 590€ 590€ 590€ Bad Nauheim. Germany 18 27 29 31 Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Management workshops Pfaffinger Russow Pausch Greiner Autumn 2011 Nov 02.Counter Intelligence – Abwehr ille34 galer Maßnahmen ICIInformation Warfare 36 Bad Nauheim. Germany Bad Nauheim.10 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Course dates and fees (German language workshops) An early registration discount (5% deduction from total fees) is available for all single course registrations 40 days prior to the actual workshop date. 10 Date 1090€ Berlin. 10 Sep 23-24. von Groote Michaeli Lecturer 590€ 590€ 890€ 1150€ 1090€ 13 14 15 16 17 Pg . Germany Bad Nauheim. 11 Mar 16. Germany Bad Nauheim. Germany Place Pg . Germany 21 24 32 34 Note: Invoices will be issued in the currency of the location’s country according to this price list. 22 26 33 Individual fee Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Research workshops Prof.FCCI™ workshops Lecturer Date Michaeli Sep 20-21.Psychologie der Intelligence26 Analyse ICIFinanzanalyse 28 ICI. 10 Apr 22. Stil. VAT and subject to change.CI-Reporting (Inhalte. Germany Bad Nauheim. 11 590€ 590€ 590€ 1150€ Bad Nauheim. # Fundamental Workshops Individual Place fee Fundamental Certificate in Competitive Intelligence . Germany Bad Nauheim. 10 Oct 27. Germany Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Analysis workshops Bill Michaeli Prof. 11 Mar 23. 10 Sep 27-28.Grundlegende CI-Analyse6 verfahren # Advanced Workshops 10 Michaeli Wolf Bill/Müller Dr.

Businesses have to anticipate the activities of their competitors when developing their strategic positioning. etc.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 11 Competitive Intelligence Basics Workshop (ICI-1) Achieving competitive advantage through systematic competitor and market analyses In times of increasing competition and complex. conducting anticipatory strategy planning and gaining a measurable competitive advantage. market sectors. methods. it is important to be one step ahead of the competition. collection. Competitive Intelligence. Workshop foci • The value of Competitive Intelligence (CI) for your business • • • • • What does Competitive Intelligence signify for strategic corporate planning? How does CI influence the competitive capacity of the company? Ethical and current legal conditions Differences between “Competitive Intelligence“ and “market research“ What do the CI cycle. technologies. master information overload. which brings in a systematic analysis process. Competitive analyses are essential to the successful development of corporate strategy. This workshop conveys the fundamentals needed to efficiently conduct research. adds the decisive edge to strategy. use analytical tools intelligently. patents. products. fast-moving competitive environments. implement CI as a process in your business and make strategic decisions with greater certainty. analysis and reporting look like in detail? How is your business positioned in the market? What do you already know about your competition? Ask for decisive information on companies. planning. How is the competition positioned and how does it differentiate itself? Analysis of one’s own company: Where are we now and where do • we intend to go? • .

online databases. primary research (human intelligence) and secondary sources (Internet.12 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Handling the information overload and testing data quality • • • • • Make or buy: What can external information service providers accomplish? (information broker. by what date. market research agencies) How to test the quality and credibility of data Gaining CI information: observation. print media) Building up and cultivating information networks (internal and external) Tools and techniques that allow you to complete your daily CI analysis: competitor profiling. consultants. etc. competitor portfolios. responsibilities. Satisfy the critical information needs of the decision maker/receiver: editing of information and intelligence reporting Objective and intelligence demand analysis Who are the users of intelligence? (when. Porter’s 5 forces industry structure analysis. how often and in what format) How to implement CI in your organization (roles. SWOT analysis. what. timeline analysis. technical implementation and budgets) Solution approaches to develop a Competitive Intelligence Center in your business: from simple desktop solutions through to intranet solutions Trends. news and solutions of various CI software providers Determining realistic CI success criteria How do you secure the know-how of your own business (counter intelligence)? Analytical methods to determine the competitive and market situation • Successful implementation of a CI system in a business • • • • • • • . financial analyses.

In this workshop you will learn how to use CI in practice. because participants gain practical aptitude in applying CI methods and techniques. General questions should be clarified in advance. value chain analysis. typical process mistakes are less likely. timeline analysis. definition of a survey strategy. Workshop foci Definition of the CI requirements • • • The context of the decision Customer needs Determining KITs and KIQs – Key Intelligence Topics and Questions Defining Intelligence goals.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 13 Competitive Intelligence Projects (ICI-2) For the real world application of CI fundamentals you will work on a complete CI case study CI basics are taught in this workshop using a case study. especially in well known and respected business schools. SWOT. With the training from this course. Through team work. so that the day of the workshop can be used intensively. The CI process steps are practiced and CI tools and techniques absorbed. but has to be processed and analyzed) Data processing (amongst others considering as an example a full text researchable database) Qualitative CI analyses (competitor profiles. 5 forces industrial structure analysis. Independent preparation on the case study and the familiarizing with the applied analysis techniques is necessary before the day of the workshop The case study approach is an established method. mapping of sources Data collection (raw information from different sources and in different formats is provided. interpersonal work techniques are encouraged and communication experiences established. competitive strategy analysis) Reporting (presentation of the results to the attendees) CI-software and its use in support of the CI cycle Planning of the CI cycle • • Execution of the CI cycle • • • • Development of a continuous competitive information system .

The focus is on the content composition of the Intelligence reports. as well as their form and structure explained. style. the form. the independent compilation of Intelligence reports for different user types is practiced. the importance and specifics of Intelligence presentations (briefing. the essential reports or products of a CI department are defined. fixed date) are looked at in detail. Workshop foci • Demand analysis of the Intelligence recipient • • • • • • • • • • • • • Who needs what news and how should it be formatted? Content of Intelligence reports: structure and style elements Layout of reports: rules of design and software tools CI portals with dynamic reports Reporting pyramid Escalation procedures Prioritization Dissemination of reports (push versus pull) Competitor profiles (strategic profiles) Situational analyses Research results Strategic analyses Example for reports in CI software tools Independent compilation of reports Development of CI reporting Closer examination (examples) Exercises . In this workshop. Besides written reports. An outlook on CI reporting systems and their reporting generators rounds off the workshop. With the help of case studies. content and medium of the report has to be adjusted based on the needs of these users. presentation CI reporting includes compilation of reports that contain raw and analyzed data for the Intelligence user. Consequently.14 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 CI Reporting (ICI-3) Content.

market/technology trends Resource indices for CI-professionals Each research step is carried out with an industrial competitive research case study Searching the Internet • Professional Research is not surfing the web (including 50 information resources) • • • Using online databases • • Resources for the professionals (including resource indices for • all industries Case study • . support. podcasts. finances. boards and portals Expert search strategies Generic search strategies. Collection Plan. financial or technological information. who regularly search for market. hosts. The specifics of different information media and research strategies are shown with live demonstrations. information brokers and journalists. newspapers. watching the competitor. expert search. legal information. Research. books. Workshop foci • Organizing the research process • • Role of the research process within the competitive intelligence cycle Effective Research: 4 steps: Key Intelligence topics. structure/size. limitations Search engines How search engines work. competitor. information reliability Searching online databases Research process. statistics. blogs. Even professionals tend to act on the next best results given by search engines like Google. analysts. academic papers. Comprehensive and thorough results cannot be expected this way. searching tools/automated search CI-research Website analysis. Evaluation Internet-Research Surface web/Deep Web. reinforced with exercises. costs Secondary research sources patents. This workshop is geared towards professional researchers. comparison of the most important search engines and meta search engines Specific search engines Searching for news. online databases and print media The most important competence of a CI Researcher is retrieval of relevant data. statistics. people. Learn the principles of CI research from initial determination of the research problem to the presentation of results. market research. strategies.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 15 CI Secondary Research (ICI-4) Internet.

The opportunities to collect valuable information through communication are manifold. we are less than optimal in obtaining information.16 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Primary research (ICI-5) Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Competitive Intelligence is based on many different types of information. These recordings will be analyzed during the training and used as a contributor to the learning goals. video recordings of the attendees in simulated conversational situations will be made. or at trade fairs. The importance of the conversation beginning to the conversation plan Effective methods of the reporter position Segmentation of a free report in action sequences The importance of different question formats in each conversational phase Signals of dishonesty and evasion Reporting of HUMINT research Analysis of HUMINT research . Elicitation techniques Experience and relevant research shows that in our every-day communication. Workshop foci Interview training for Competitive Intelligence Professionals • • • • • • • • • • • Goal-oriented communication to collect information Preparation of an elicitation conversation Functionality of interpersonal communication Promotional and impeding conditions for disclosure disposition Convincing an interview partner to converse. the fundamentals of advanced communication techniques are explained in theory as well as practiced hands-on. In conversation with a new employee who formerly worked for a competitor. “Elicitation” is the umbrella term for these conversational techniques which allow people to carry out intensive information exchange in a neutral environment. Thus. A lot of exclusive information can be obtained through human sources (HUMINT). How do you structure communication to receive the maximum relevant information? In this course. special techniques have been developed to open up communication channels to gain the maximum amount of information in conversational situations. During the workshop. with the collection of available information on competitors in one’s own company.

Competitor profiles are the foundation for the evaluation of competitor potentials and intentions in the competitive arena. with their activities. The forces to be considered are: bargaining power of the suppliers. visualize complex data. How to proceed. rational way for selecting winning decisions. Portfolio Analysis is a concept frequently used to 5 forces industrial structure analysis/strategic groups. Workshop foci SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities/Threats) Determining one’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats from the competitive environment is by nature one of the principal tasks of CI. threat potential. rivalry among competitors. reaction profiles. To plan efficient CI projects. Lastly. can then be classified with a resultant improved ability to anticipate future actions. analysis of competing hypothesis (ACH) In this workshop. competitor strategies) are explained and practiced. it is necessary to provide the data required for each analytical tool. Usefulness and limits of McKinsey Business Screen. threats of new entrants and threats of substitutes. databases. Competitors. the resulting analyses (e. when at the end of your analysis several (competing) hypothesis emerge? The methodology of “analysis of competing hypothesis” (ACH) is a structured. Analysis of competing hypothesis (ACH) . charts) are highlighted. industry analysis. A great amount of competitive information is to be considered in this respect. according to Michael Porter Competitor profiling Portfolio Analysis (BCG Matrix. the fundamental methods of CI analysis are taught and practiced with examples. Different options of demonstration (tables.g. portfolio analysis. etc) several techniques are discussed based on examples. bargaining power of the buyers. The “classic" industrial structure analysis according to Michael Porter is the foundation for identifying the forces that act upon an industry and that influence its future development. Command of these analysis techniques is a prerequisite for all subsequent "higher-order" analytical processes. and is only possible if one has acquired at least working knowledge of CI analysis techniques.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 17 Fundamental CI Analysis Methods (ICI-6) SWOT. One’s own strategies can be derived from a SWOT analysis. profiling.

an understanding of the internal view of the competitor is built up. strategy scorecards Maneuver maps Determination of a peer group Analysis and interpretation of competitor analysis strategies Monitoring competitor strategies Visualization of competitor strategies Case study .18 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Analysis of Competitor Strategies (ICI-21) The six perspectives of strategy reengineering The most celebrated of CI analyses is the analysis of competitor strategies. Workshop foci Definition of a peer group Perspectives of the competitor strategy analysis • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Analysis of company and market similarities Sources and quality of data Diversification Internationalization Financial. for example. and build up competitor scenarios and war gaming. The participants will carry out a complete competitor analysis on the basis of a case study. a company can develop its strategy accordingly to achieve long-term competitive advantage. This workshop looks at the companies within the competitor peer group and how to analyze them from six perspectives. It is possible to derive competitors’ future reactions through reaction profiles. This therefore enables the company to avoid any surprises caused through competitors’ activities.wikis Competitive landscapes Strategy dice. In this way. profit and assets position Capital market performance Strategic maneuvering Company strategies Processes for continual analysis of strategic maneuvers Competitor strategy . These sub-analyses are then integrated into one strategy evaluation. Once competitors’ strategies are known.

Networked Thinking ”Networked Thinking” has proven itself to have great value as an efficient analysis method.g. produces a coherent. compilation of prognoses) Overview of software for scenario techniques Basics of networked thinking System dynamic analysis Overview of commercial simulation software Realization of simulation projects Modelling of competitive situations Case study: strategy development with a War Gaming simulator • • Scenario technique: Developing competing future perspectives • • • • • • • • • • • Competitor prognoses through multi-parameter models (War Gaming) .Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 19 Scenario Techniques (ICI-22) Scenario Planning. scenario development. It examines the interdependencies of all relevant market factors and categorizes them according to importance. active influence and passive interference. unstable market. different methods of approach will be considered) Selection of key factors from a pool of influencing factors (determining relevance) Formation of scenarios through the bundling of key factors Selection and preparation of relevant goal scenarios Deduction of implications of the scenarios for the question of outcome (e. early warning or business war gaming. complete. understandable and communicable “business model” which can serve as a basis for strategy development. able to accommodate complex. Scenario techniques play a central and fundamental role among the methods of competitive analysis. This. Workshop foci Overview of long-term prognoses • • Overview of long-term prognoses methods Expert-based methods for • Data acquisition • Examination of analogies • Estimating the potential Areas of application Identification of factors which influence the future market environment (for this.and competitive developments.

20 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Decision. the structured approach of “decision and risk analysis” is of high value in practical experience.and decision modelling • • • • • • • • • What are risks and uncertainties? Monte Carlo simulations Impact diagrams and decision trees Presentation of results Planning and realization of decision analysis projects Probability distributions Conversion of observations and expert evaluations into distributions Correlations and conditional dependencies Approaches to problem structuring Analysis (Monte Carlo simulation) Interpretation of results (risk profile. with numerous. Good decisions are based on the realistic assessment of uncertainties and risks. the identification of one’s own alternatives and ascertaining the effects on one’s own company. Workshop foci Fundamentals of risk. Risk and Bayes’ Analysis (ICI-23) In order to make ideal decisions. you have to be able to quantify the effects of your decisions and your goal criteria! Among the many tasks of CI analysts and managers is support of decision-making and active involvement in strategic and operative processes. sensitivity analyses) Value of further Intelligence Approaches to problem structuring Analysis of the decision situation Presentation of results: Optimal decision strategy for the given risk preference Introduction into the fundamentals of probability theory and statistics Case study 1: Risk analysis of a • • product introduction • • • • Case study 2: Investment decision with and without intelligence Forecast on further methods and final discussion • Open questions and feedback . For the solution of complex decision tasks. reciprocally influencing decision parameters and non-deterministic consequences.

Here. design and implementation. decentralized forms of organisation Co-operation with internal departments Co-operation networks CI cultures in companies Strategies to enhance Corporate Intelligence The 10 critical success factors for the development of a CI Centre Steps of implementation for a CI Centre Market survey Functions and features Sample presentation Selection Qualification Career planning Forms of organisation • • • • • • Software for a CI-Center • • • • • • CI staff . consideration has to be given and optimizations taken into account with resources. With such a centre. With a case study. Software.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 21 Design and Operation of an In-house CI Centre (ICI-24) Tasks. Workshop foci • Lessons learned from experience Examples of successful CI Centres • Role and tasks of a CI Centre • • • Information centre or intelligence service headquarters – what is the role of a CI Centre in a company? What are the needs of a CI user? Determining the “Return-on-Intelligence“ Centralized vs. To avoid set-backs with the implementation of a CI centre. the attendees will compile a concept for an in-house CI-centre and evaluate the chances of success for that concept. Organization. Staff A CI centre is the command centre of a company. a company can improve its competitiveness in a sustainable way by timely reaction to market and competitive developments and by avoiding costly wrong decisions. enterprise wide information flows in order to make important decisions in real-time.

The drivers are primarily investigative multipliers.22 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Digital Intelligence (ICI-25) Analysis Methods. enabling you to identify valuable quantitative and qualitative patterns and early signals from the digital noise. problems. Topics and target groups are identified from their profiles. Sustainable factors for success include the development of dialog with relevant multipliers as well as suitably designed internal processes and networks. You will become familiar with examples of the SONAR. The Internet has since become a marketplace for opinions. • • Workshop foci Basics • • • • • • • • • • • Collective intelligence Digital communication Introduction: The Shampoo Case Searching for information Understanding of content (Social) network analysis Focus: Development of target groups and subject areas Monitor: Recognition of changes over time Sonar: (Early) detection of risks Networks and community building From observation to Social Media Management Areas of analysis Application scenarios and examples Recommended courses of action . authors of blogs and opinion leaders in networks. enabling you to professionally evaluate potential for CI projects. statements and decision-making processes. MONITOR and FOCUS analysis formats. journalists and activists etc. voters. Results • The workshop includes an overview of the current developments in digital communication (Web 2. and followed over time. Digital communication is important. companies can seize opportunities and avoid risks. a platform for testing and launching new trends and an influential component in the competitive arena. decision makers. The advantage of the Internet. positions. can be directly capitalized upon. Trends The analysis of digital communication makes a significant contribution towards the generation of market and competitor knowledge. patterns and trends in digital communication. You will discuss the cornerstones of community building in order to be able to support your own networks. Community Building. You will understand how to systematically analyze communication networks within and outside of the company. By including and analyzing quantitative and qualitative insights. because it is growing and because it influences target groups such as consumers. Because it is available. seismographic recording of impulses and opinions.0 and Social Media Management). the quick. patients. Digital intelligence describes the search for early signals. The workshop introduces innovative analysis methods.

conflicting information as well as misinformation is part of the everyday work of a CI analyst. To be able to generate high quality results. If the CI analyst doesn’t arrange for precautionary measures. and familiarity to the analyst. closeness. Credibility. Workshop foci Perceptional mistakes with information processing and analysis Cognitive biases with data analysis • • • • • • • • • • • • Expectation versus wishful thinking Dominance of mindsets Dynamics of information perception Preconception Mistakes with the assessment of evidence Mistakes with the perception of cause and effect Mistakes with the estimation of probabilities Blind spots Deliberate and unconscious manipulation of results Basic principles of reporting Why even intelligent people can make blatant and wrong decisions Lessons learned from completed CI projects (feedback and performance measurement) Analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH) Mental tool kits Check lists Mistakes with Intelligence reporting Typical decision making mistakes Methods to avoid typical Intelligence mistakes • • • . pragmatic strategies to prevent typical Intelligence analysis mistakes will be described and tested with numerous examples by the attendees in the exercises.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 23 Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (ICI-26) Techniques to avoid mistakes with information collection. -analysis. the CI analyst has to be able to reliably use preventive tools and techniques for avoiding mistakes. time sequence. despite these potential cognitive perception mistakes and biases. an opportunistic information analysis will result. and relevance of the information is difficult to determine directly and changes constantly during the course of the research. In this workshop. Furthermore. -reporting and decision making Information for CI analysis comes from multiple sources that have different references and come in many forms of media.

think tanks. early warning systems. assessment and analysis The goal of Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) is to identify. This workshop is the practical application of these three steps and concludes with the added module CTI process. e. etc. the development of new technologies is continuously and systematically monitored and their effects evaluated. product design and research and development through technological leads. “strong” and “weak” signals. mind mapping – and of course the Internet . This begins with technology scouting. competitors. the business and on competitors. where the application in the enterprise is discussed. competitive advantages in the fields of marketing. The lecturing of this comparatively complex content is supported and loosened up with live demonstrations and group tasks. The cycle ends with the strategic analysis of the effects of new technologies on customers. Workshop foci Technology Scouting What technological trends are recognizable? • Information sources for technology scouting (specialized press.g. database tools. patent databases. This continues with technology assessment. introduction of suitable structures • Tools to support scouting. trade fairs. which determines the stage of maturity and the potential of new technologies. conventions. For this. where only emerging technological developments are identified and recorded. research reports from universities and research establishments.24 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Competitive Technical Intelligence (ICI-27) Technology scouting.) • Classification of technological trends on the basis of technical and commercial criteria.

partial processes. benchmarks.) Strategic Analysis CTI Process . segmentation strategy. interfaces and roles) that satisfy the demands as well as the connection with the innovationand product lifecycle management process in the business • Implementation: procedure to introduce the CTI process. s-curves. technology comparisons. communication. etc. roadmaps • Environment analyses. deriving demands on the process. activities. synergy strategy. substitution potential (products). specific (core) competence analyses • Technological scenarios • Strategic implications: investment strategy.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 25 Technology Assessment What technologies will decide on market success in the future? • Assessing the potential of new technologies (What can the technology achieve?): performance parameters. this means the involvement of non-technical influencing factors on the development of new technologies (political and social trends) How can competitive advantages through a technological lead be achieved? • Assessing the potential of new technologies (from the view of the enterprise: what opportunities and risks can result from technologies?): portfolio analyses. performance leadership. identification of already ongoing CTI activities and their integration into the process • Design: definition of a preferably efficient process (trigger. systematic technology assessment in a company be implemented? • Analysis: determining goals that can be achieved with a CTI Process. new markets • Competitive analysis: technological SWOT analyses. product development. aspects of change management (piloting. Delphi method • Description of technological development: life cycle analyses. ABC analysis. cooperation strategy How can a continuous. learning curves. synergy potential. substitution potential (technologies). applications.

Established key data models such as the DuPont key data hierarchy will be explained as well as software tools for balance sheet analysis. balance sheet.g. Workshop foci Data source and -processing Besides the large range of publicized company data. The large number of key company data will be examined in the workshop as regards to their usability with CI analyses and some key figures will be shown as examples. In doing so. but also key figures that are generated for strategic benchmarks. Finally. and interpretation Financial analysis is the core to any interpretation of financial reports (P&L. cash flow. selective calculations will be done and comparisons will be drawn to other businesses. the CI analyst carries out individual company analyses to e. Also. the attendees will carry out a competitive financial analysis. assess the viability of a competitive strategy. With a case study. processing. the financial analyst has to conduct independent.26 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Financial Analysis (ICI-28) Data source. analysts also have a large number of financial reports available. If no such data is directly obtainable. not only key figures that come from a “balance sheet analysis” will be taken into account. Financial analysis is one of the standard methods of CI analysis. In this connection. source and application of funds) as well as other assessments of company viability and operations. For the most part. primary research or do selective calculations (for parts of a company). Finally. prognoses will be made on further competitor development. methods will be discussed on how to present and archive the results of a financial analysis – a continuous Competitive Intelligence calls for a professional database with competitive financial analyses. key data is used to assure comparability of companies in an industry or in a strategic group. Key data Interpretation Reporting and documentation .

generation of abstracts to the point of detecting patterns and relationships between terms through steps of text analysis are the main aspects. Workshop foci Basics of text mining for CI ana.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 27 Text Mining (ICI-29) Controlling and managing the flood of data Under the generic term text mining. information and facts Improving the impact of researched results Case study “Implementation of a text mining system” • • • • • • • • • IT support for text mining Implementation of text mining systems • . language identification. topic clustering. retrieval and clustering solutions. text summary. information extraction.• • lysts • “Information overload“ problem Text mining: Substantial challenges Text mining functions: Text categorization. On the one hand. wrapper applications. these technologies comprise of term extraction and aggregation as a basis for semantic indexing. On the other hand. categorization of documents. many different technologies used to index (unstructured) content are grouped. These results can be presented in a “document warehouse” with methods from the Semantic Web environment and displayed with visualization tools. aspects of adding value Information flow diagrams Filing system Reporting of data. text analysis Text mining and Competitive Intelligence Information freedom law Software tools to improve the efficiency of research Displaying analysis methods Cost-benefit optimization.

they are analyzed with the help of a simulator.28 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Business War Gaming (ICI-30) Explorative strategy development Business War Gaming Business War Gaming (BWG) is a structured. it revolves around a body of rules and regulations. on the basis of which a “market team” will assess the effects. they steer their businesses in the resulting market environment of intense competition that is also influenced by external developments. Gaining a better understanding of the market and of competitive dynamics Developing realistic future scenarios for both market and industry sectors Sensitization of the attendees to weak signals that are the basis for an early warning system Development of the ability to role play the position of competitors and anticipate their actions and reactions Identification and elimination of “blind spots” in managers Workshop foci Introduction • • Goals of BWG Variants of BWG From the classic business game to the “multiplayer simulator” Business Intelligence An established basis of information is a requirement for BWG. In addition. the attendees take on the roles of different market participants. Over a simulated time period of several years. tool-assisted and team-oriented procedure for strategy development. the following goals are tracked with BWG. is vital for BWG • Identification of system limits . With this analysis. dynamic business simulations are increasingly used. the focus can be changed from an internal to an external perception that has the market and the competitors in view. To determine the effects of the decisions. To achieve the most precise simulation of the companies and their markets as possible. draw conclusions on the effectiveness and robustness of the strategy. such as cyclical influences. This can be achieved with a market and environment analysis that corresponds with demands. The fundamental idea of this method is to test measures derived from a strategy available or in development. Business War Gaming (BWG) is used to predict possible changes of markets as well as competitor activities and based on this and to develop the best possible reactions. crises and singular events. in a realistic context and through the evaluation of the consequences. Through BWG. computer-supported. For this. effective strategies with a distinctly competitive oriented character can be formed. its strategy. relevant information on the company. competitors and customers. • The task of securing quality. In the easiest case.

Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 29 Building of models • • • • Introduction to Systems Thinking Identification of the driving force of growth as well as the central market drivers and resources of businesses in the market Determining the most important interdependencies between businesses and their customers Representation of all influences and their interdependencies in a networked model (impact diagram. • Introduction into System Dynamics • From impact diagrams to a Management Flight Simulator With a BWG process. deduction of strategic consequences. workshops • Documentation and follow-up: summary. determining further action (implementation of results) Business war gaming . roles and requirements to the teams. presentation of the course of events • BWG: execution of moves. presentation and discussion of the results. Causal Loop Diagram) Management flight simulator As with the cockpit of a simulated aeroplane. role descriptions and strategic levers • Preparation of the teams (pre-war-briefing): introduction of the storyline. they steer their businesses in the resultant market environment of intense competition that is also influenced by external developments such as cyclical influences. profiling the market and market participants. the attendees take on the roles of different market participants. In the flight simulator. the manager of a Management Flight Simulator has the entire repertoire of steering options for the business available. coaching. the business and the market also react immediately to the measures taken. crises and singular events. • Development of: scenarios and possible external shocks • Preparation of the playbooks: setting. Over a simulated time period of several years. development of recommendations for action.

potentials. For this. Results of the strategic market analysis serve as a basis for the development of product. life cycles. the CI analyst is called on to judge the market potential of new products. This workshop comprises of a comprehensive demonstration of significant aspects of strategic market analysis. market segments.and customer life cycle analysis Integration of expert knowledge • Delphi-interviews • PERT-estimates Technology.and market potential analyses • Trend analyses • S-curve-analyses Assessment of future developments (prognoses) through • Extrapolation (time series analysis) • Regression • Multi-level-prognoses • Identification of short-/mid-/long-term trends . and the competitive situation has to be known.30 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Strategic Market Analysis (ICI-31) Prognoses. The methodical fundamentals are communicated without the theoretical ballast and these are then applied directly with real-life case studies. Workshop foci Practical exercises Overview and areas of application for strategic market analysis methods: The following assessments are conducted with a case study: • • • • • Product portfolio analysis (BCG. profit potential. a prognosis of the future development of these market parameters is necessary. scenario planning and benchmarking analyses. McKinsey) Evaluation of the market potential and vacant segments for a new product Determination of market segments and their volumes Assessment of the competitive situation Design of a product. Similarly.and corporate strategies. segmentation Often.

IT-support Steps of implementation Operation and continued performance reviews Primary and secondary sensors From Business Intelligence to early warning Management of an early warning system Preparation of an early warning system with a specific example Identification and applicability of • early warning indicators Design of early warning systems • • • • • • • Sensors Case study . The Intelligence fundamentals for the design of early detection and warning systems will be shown in this workshop and their implementation in a business described. the attendees will develop a specific action plan and build a complete early warning system for a company. Early warning constitutes the subsequent assessment of this threat.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 31 Early Warning Systems (ICI-32) Establishment and operation of early warning systems Early warning is the timely identification of potential risks for a business. The application of these functions in a continuous process is referred to as an early warning system. Workshop foci Theory of weak signals • • • • • “Ansoff” approach to early warning Analogies from military early warning Technological early detection Early warning and risk management Methods to identify indicators Calculation of the applicability of an indicator. cost-benefit optimization. specificity and sensitivity Design. With a case study.

techniques: Business War Gaming (BWG). trends and market scenarios Visualization of business strategies with strategy maps and balanced scorecards How knowledge on markets and competitors can be used when formulating dynamic business strategies Continuous Competitive Intelligence. analysis of competitive dynamics. A business strategy has to ensure that the full current market potential is tapped and that new products and services are generated at an early stage. Workshop foci • The benefits of “dynamic competitive strategies” • • • Difference between “dynamic“ and “classical” competitive strategies How do dynamic competitive strategies influence the competitiveness of a business? (Corporate Intelligence) Strategic development cycle How do you position your business in the market? Strength-weakness analysis. (The case study will be distributed for individual preparation before the workshop. early warning Formulation of a strategy Implementation of strategy with a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Apply the shown tools and techniques in order to formulate a dynamic competitive strategy for a business.32 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Development and Implementation of Dynamic Competitive Strategies (ICI-33) Developing competitive strategies today to be successful tomorrow How can a company assert itself in dynamic markets and benefit from competitive advantages from this environment? The art of successful strategy development lies within a continuous build-up of knowledge and the right timing. when implementing this strategy.) Analysis of your own company • and its environment: Where do you stand and in which direction • do you want to go? Intelligence – the requirement • • • • • • Methods to develop dynamic competitive strategies Case study . real option planning. identifying and evaluating opportunities and risks Tools. An optimal strategy for dynamic markets results from a combination of the achievement of current objectives and the manoeuvrability potential of the business. speed and sequence. competitor profiling. dynamic scenario planning.

In this workshop. The security and protection of information is a management topic. just as much as any other asset. but also through suppliers and customers who have regular access to your information systems. it is people who produce these risks. Ultimately. and protected.and TelCo security Safe communication • • • The Internet: a threat? • • • .Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 33 Counter Intelligence (ICI-34) Protection against illegal attacks on your enterprise Information is a company asset which must be categorized. quantified. It is about people and processes. not a technical problem. The majority of information loss takes place not only within the organization. the fundamental forms of threats by corporate espionage will be shown and its defence (Counter Intelligence) will be introduced. Workshop foci • Identification of threats • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Identification and evaluation of information risks Analysis of risks for the business against the background of already implemented defence measures Monitoring information risks Electronic eavesdropping: Eavesdropping of rooms a reality or fiction? Eavesdropping on own employees Back-door recruitment into a company Use of external personnel Pretext calls Recruitment Analysis of weak spots and prevention Employee training Strategies against Social Engineering Attack vectors against data and communication networks Weak spot analysis: human factor Opportunities and limits of technical solutions Secure and insecure methods of transferring data Defending against attacks on communication structures Minimizing the risk of communication Safe research Movement of records and data transfer Dealing with harmful software Social engineering IT. Technology can help to reduce the risks to your information.

delegates will analyse a situation of various competitors in an industry and develop a patent strategy. for the enforcement of intellectual property rights and for the economic exploitation of such rights. copyright. Workshop foci Intellectual property • • • • • • • • • Patents Trade marks Utility models Design patents Copyright law Territoriality / Jurisdiction Costs Patent vs. designs. Using a case study.34 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Patents as a competitive landscaping tool (ICI-35) How to protect your innovations using intellectual property as an economic asset Intellectual property (IP) rights are powerful economic assets. and outline strategies for obtaining the best possible protection for innovative ideas. This workshop will give an overview over the various types of intellectual property rights including patents. trade marks. By practising with real world patent documents you quickly gain experience in assessing and analysing patents. Know-How Patent strategies • Freedom-to-Operate-Analysis • Scope-of-Protection-Analysis • Inventing around • Co-operation Licensing Litigation strategies Comparison between the legal systems of Europe and the United States Patent databases Search strategies Analysis of patent statistics Prosecution strategies to protect intellectual property • Protection of intellectual property Patent Investigation • • • • • .

. Opinions that are "formed“ by competitors. The workshop highlights strategies and models for an intelligence professional’s typical information warfare tasks. For the information professional. on the basis of a case study. two-way communication models. Your company can derive either advantage or disadvantage from these circumstances. While the concept of public relations is based on coordinated. Your company’s communication strategy should therefore be critically reviewed from the perspective of information warfare. suppliers and industry experts. influence customers.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 35 Information Warfare (ICI-36) Information Warfare is used to describe strategic communication whereby information is understood as a means for changing opinions on a subject and then effecting changes in behavior. Workshop foci Basics • • • • Introduction to the basics of information warfare Corporate reputation as the target of information warfare operations Possibilities for preventing and defending against information warfare operations Ethical limits of information warfare Communication models in company communication Links between strategy and communication Information operations as an integral component of company information Information operations Issues management Perception management Exposure management Communication Models and Strategies • • • • • • • Information warfare tactics • Game plan for ”strategy development and information warfare” Concepts for attacking and defending are practiced in the workshop. Finally the ethical aspects of information warfare are discussed. this involves identifying and analyzing information and generating valuable intelligence in order to discredit competitors through targeted CI actions in the scope of information operations. the simple aim of an information warfare campaign is to successfully develop ideas and opinions on topics and companies.

Fleisher Dr. Sheila Wright Competitive Intelligence & Marketing Strategy. Besides her academic teaching and research activities. ICI-33 Competitive Strategies (D/E) Advisory Counsel Prof. De Montfort University. He has facilitated workshops or keynoted meetings in over three dozen countries. supervised dozens of graduate theses. a consultancy that specializes in competitive intelligence services. ICI-6 Fundamentals Competitive Intelligence Analysis (D/E). Fleisher is Chair of Business and Public Affairs and Professor of Management. New Zealand. Germany) and an MBA (INSEAD. ICI-2 Competitive Intelligence Projects (D/E). Switzerland. In 1993 he founded DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH.Otto Beisheim School of Management. South Africa. Advisory Services in Business and Technology. ICI-30 Business War Gaming (D/E). area head. dean. Workshops: ICI-1 Competitive Intelligence Basics Workshop (D/E). In 2003 he received the SCIP Catalyst award. Managing partner “DIE DENKFABRIK. Craig S. He is a lecturer at the University of Darmstadt on “Competitive Intelligence” and “Competitive Dynamic Strategies”. Michaeli founded the "Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI)". public affairs. Utz Schäffer Professor for Controlling und Corporate Management at the WHU . College of Coastal Georgia. performance measurement and/or analysis processes. ICI-31 Strategic Market Analysis (D/E). Dr. Rainer Michaeli was an elected member of the board of SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals).36 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Director of the Institute Rainer Michaeli ICI’s founder and Director. ICI-23 Decision and Risk Analysis (D/E). inaugural chair of the Competitive Intelligence Foundation. the global organization for market and competitive researchers from 2003 to 2005. he is or has been a member of university faculties in Australia. France) by profession. Editor of the Journal of Competitive Intelligence & Management. and the UK. Sheila Wright advises international firms on introducing and implementing Competitive Intelligence. Implementierung – Nutzen für Manager and Controller”. In 2004 Mr. Dr. published in 2005. The main research of Prof. and has received numerous executive and graduate teaching awards/recognitions. Business Information Management. Mr. ICI-21 Analysis of Competitor's Strategies (D/E). controlling theory. A former MBA director. and endowed research chair. He is one of the authors of the definitive book “Balanced Scorecard & Controlling. conference proceedings and trade publications. C. . Michaeli is an aeronautical engineer (Technical University of Brunswick. S. Canada. She is Regional Editor for the Journal of Competitive Intelligence & Management and is a submission reviewer for several leading European journals. achieved instant acclaim and become a Financial Times Germany Top 3 bestseller in 2006. sales and R&D. In 2003 she was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award. He has been President of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). He is a frequent speaker at conferences in Europe and the USA. She often appears as a speaker at international conventions and has published in books and journals on her areas of expertise. planning and control as well as early warning. and is a SCIP Meritorious Award winner and Fellow. Michaeli is author and co-author of several publications covering Competitive Intelligence topics. his text book “Competitive Intelligence”. Tampere University of Technology. Mr. Schäffer are controlling instruments. Furthermore. he is an author of many articles in journals. Finland. A recognized global expert who has helped many leading multinational companies and institutions improve their CI. Prior to this he worked in various industries in marketing. Craig has authored or edited a dozen books and published scores of refereed papers. Dr. UK Elected Board member of SCIP (2004-2006). USA and Docent. Prof. Leicester.

France Bouthillier Prof. As Senior Expert he is responsible for the evaluation of new technologies. Mr. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and symposia. Focuses of his occupation were the criminal investigation advanced training. in CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) and is a member of SCIP since 2003. For several years now he has worked for different international companies in the areas of security management and crisis consulting. and obtained a master in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Montreal Working on various consultancy projects Prof. Since 1998. Wolfgang Finkler is an active member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and of the “Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement”. he accompanies knowledge management activities. As a military officer he held various leading positions. He conceived and implemented the inhouse exchange Competitive Intelligence system EXOTIC that is now being operated under his supervision. Finkler is a graduate computer scientist (University of Saarbrücken). where she has been lecturing in Business Information. as company commander. Financial Management and Information Service Personnel since 1993.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 37 Faculty Thorsten Bill Consultant and project director at DENKFABRIK. Wolfgang Finkler Dr. His areas of expertise are balanced scorecard. Everhard von Groote Team psychology and security Dr. he is specialised as a military target group analyst in providing advice on analysis of psychological approaches and communication strategies in the context of target group management. Competitive Intelligence. She received a Ph. the exami- . Information Agency Management. and instructor roles. Greiner advises and supports different crisis teams mainly of international companies. ICI-36 Information Warfare (E) Dr. Next to establishing this Competitive Intelligence service. universities and management seminars. Workshops: ICI-35 Patents as a Competitive Instrument (E). Groote has further training in NLP.and early warning systems. e. ICI-36 Information Warfare (D/E) Prof. Workshops: ICI-4 Competitive Secondary Research (D). graduated from the University of Quebec in Education and Business Administration. and stakeholder management. He was awarded a doctorate and researched at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI Saarbrücken) on the automated processing of natural language. from the University of Toronto. crisis-.D. In support of (re-)action capabilities of the crisis management systems he particularly deals also with the core elements of robust information and communication activities. ICI-22 Scenario Techniques (D) Intelligence nation of their applicability in the environment of exchange systems and for the coaching of projects. France Bouthillier has been Director of the McGill School of Information Studies (SIS) in Canada since 2004.g. Wolfgang Finkler has worked for the Deutsche Börse Systems AG. Thorsten Bill studied computer science with majors in systems integration and operations research. Workshop: ICI-5 Primary research (HUMINT) (D) Dr. He studied economics and organisation sciences at the University of the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) in Munich focussing on international management. system dynamic analysis. In addition. Bouthillier has supported public and industrial institutions and organisations in information analysis and information management issues. Workshop: ICI-29 Text Mining (D) Jens Greiner a Jens Greiner holds university degree in management and economics (Diplom-Kaufmann) and is a freelance consultant with focus on security-. Dr. and contributes to academic publications on current information management matters. the IT subsidiary of the Deutsche Börse Group. Everhard von Groote worked for 8 years as a graduate psychologist of the North Rhine-Westphalian police. Thorsten Bill publicized articles as author and co-author in books and specialized press and often appears as a guest speaker and as a workshop instructor at conferences. scenario planning and simulation as well as prognosis. the support and mission escort of special services as well as projects on profiling and negotiations.

planning techniques. seminars and training sessions on 6 continents. an LL. where the main research is the analysis of virtual communities. the structured connection of interactive media and analytical methods (“Collaborative Intelligence”) characterizes his current work. he was active in the retail sector and lastly responsible for corporate planning. logistics and information systems as member of the board of directors for Asko/Metro. Information Business Administration and Controlling t the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. Jörs holds a professorship for business administration with the focuses “Information Engineering and Management”. from Yale College (Economics – Intensive).A. He has also served as an expert witness on competitive intelligence. In 1980. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Business and Applied Economics). SCIP’s highest award in 2007. He is also responsible as part of the in-firm executive training of the Deutsche Telekom AG for management training. Dr. accounting/controlling and general business administration.M.2002 and 2004 . John holds a B. being the co-author of eight books on competitive intelligence including Protecting Your Firm Against Competitive Intelligence. In 1995. a leading firm in the home improvement store industry in Germany. Within the Rewe-Leibbrand Group – one of the largest food store chains in Germany – he was before a member of the executive board responsible for controlling. John is the book review editor of SCIP’s Competitive Intelligence Magazine.38 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 mation technology division. John has been an adjunct lecturer at Lehigh University and Allentown College (now DeSales University). amongst others. the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals and its Meritorious Award. Dr. Grothe deals with solutions for the goal-oriented management of high complexity in science and in practice. a J. He also serves as well as a regular columnist for Competitive Intelligence Magazine and as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management (JCIM). he worked 12 years with the BattelleInstitute in Frankfurt. especially for military applications. Before these activities. Dr.A. He studied Social Sciences and received a doctorate from the Ruhr University Bochum. at the same time he was Speaker of the Board of Praktiker AG. McGonagle. from the George Washington University (Urban Legal Studies – With Highest Honors). Dr. controlling. from the University of Michigan Law School (With Honors). Workshops: ICI-3 Competitive Intelligence Reporting (E). Gerd Krampe was VicePresident and Managing Director with Korn/Ferry International in Frankfurt until 2004. and Bottom Line Competitive Intelligence. John has presented competitive intelligence workshops. in the scenario planning division. Dr. John is the most prolific author on competitive intelligence.2007 Annual International Conferences. Before his current occupation. At this. as well as an Assistant Professor at the Kutztown University’s College of Business. Jörs was also at the Metallgesellschaft AG assigned with the tasks of information management. he was employed at otelo communications GmbH. ICI-34 Counter Intelligence (E) Prof. Before his career in the retail sector. Jörs Prof. Prof. teaching competitive intelligence (a course he developed) and business policy. I-D Media AG and at NetSkill AG. Workshop: ICI-25 Digital Intelligence (D/E) John J. He received the prestigious Fellows Award in 1998 from SCIP. Jr. In the 12 years before that. he had already developed and implemented strategic early warning systems for industry and retail. Martin Grothe works at the Institute of Electronic Business. 1999 . he was founding member of the European ECR Board in Brussels. Workshop: ICI-32 Establishment and Operation of Early Warning Systems ICI-22 Scenario Techniques (E) Prof. His last task in management was to lead the infor- . Dr. market and competitive intelligence and corporate planning. Krampe was a long-time member of the Coca Cola Retail Research Group as well as the Advisory Board of Andersen Consulting (Accenture).D. Martin Grothe Prof. He was a featured presenter at the SCIP 1996. He is member of the jury for the Germanspeaking ECR Awards since 2002. Gerd Krampe Dr. Prof. Workshop: ICI-26 Psychology of the Intelligence Analysis (D/E) Dr. an institute affiliated with the University of Arts Berlin. and an M.

At present. Today. As well as delivering courses at the London. Milena spreads her knowledge and usage of CI tools through managerial training seminars. where research requests from companies. His book on ‘Competitive Hans-Peter Müller Hans-Peter Müller has a graduate degree in library science and is in charge of the information center at the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz. such as the elicitation of information through targeted conversation (HUMINT). was published late 2004. Besides obtaining a degree in Education and Social Services. educational and public institutions are administrated. the Netherlands and the USA. speeches at national and international conferences and lectures that form part of courses including “Strategic Analysis of Competition” at the post-graduate School of Management at Bocconi University (Milan). Milena is Managing Director and owner of Strategie&Innovazione Srl. Important working media are online databases. statistics. Workshop: ICI-5 Primary research (HUMINT) (E) ICI-34 Counter Intelligence (E) Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy is a director of business consultancy Ravensbourne Research Limited and been engaged in competitive intelligence assignments ranging across the whole span of the discipline for the past 17 years. In 2009 she received the SCIP Fellows Award and before that the SCIP Catalyst Award in 1998. Chris has presented numerous training courses and workshops on competitive intelligence.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Milena Motta Milena Motta has worked for supporting companies in the areas of innovation and competitive intelligence since 1982. and in 1985 she started her own business based on her business-to-business market research background. specializing in white-collar crime and intelligence. She founded SCIP Italia in March 1996 and acts as the SCIP Italia Coordinator. Manchester and INSEAD business schools. Birkbeck College. North America. She has helped companies turn this technical information into knowledge about technology trends and competitor activity. Clients he has worked with encompass many public sector and not-for-profit organizations and businesses in Western Europe. He is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Workshop: ICI-28 Financial Analysis (E) 39 Christian Muth Christian Muth is a Senior Consultant at audit and tax advisory firm Ernst & Young. She has served on the boards of directors of innovative web companies. commissioned by Gower. issue and reputation management as well as intelligence coaching. he has trained on behalf of corporate clients in Germany. Workshop: ICI-35 Patents as a competitive Instrument (E) Intelligence’. the Middle East and China of every size from start-ups through to multinational giants. and he primarily looked after stockexchange listed companies in competitive and exceptional situations in both a freelance capacity and also for a German consulting firm. Ireland. he also developed his expertise during his role as an Officer in military intelligence working on various special and teaching assignments. The focus of his research activities are patent and business information. London and the London School of Economics. history and political science at the University of Hull. and find a proper solution or partner for enhancing their company’s innovation activities. Mr. Chris studied economics. the interpretation of accounts. company law and other topics in a great diversity of public and in-house settings. Milena chaired the 2008 and the 2004 European SCIP Conference and has been involved in many SCIP conference program committees. the UK’s Society of Business Economists and is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society in London. corporate finance. Müller is taking part in a distance learning course to be qualified as a patent engineer. For more than 20 years Milena has been training others in the use of patents as a key to competitive advantage. the Internet and print media. in the role of Marketing and Strategy Advisor. Workshops: ICI-4 Competitive Intelligence Secondary Research (D) ICI-35 Patents as a Competitive Instrument (D) . a consultancy serving Italian and international companies. economics. the World Futures Society. Previously he was responsible for the areas of incident. promoting and managing the international association’s local activities.

The 47 year old from Munich completed his studies in computer science/optoelectronics at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. In his position as project manager and consultant with proficiency in IT security at recognized IT enterprises. Maryland prior to its subsequent acquisition by Lockheed Martin. Mr. Nash served as a Program Manager and Senior Engineer at Lockheed Martin’s Transportation and Security Solutions organization in Rockville. which includes linking activities to Lufthansa‘s corporate IT strategy and carrying out benchmarking exercises. He is in charge of strategic IT program management. Formerly the Assistant Dean for Corporate Relations at the University of Mississippi’s School of Engineering. Karl Pausch is managing director of the Fink Secure Communication GmbH. whose main focus lies upon counterintelligence. He studied Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Darmstadt. in Engineering Science. Mr. is a Registered Professional Engineer. CISM. Workshop: ICI-24 Design and Operation of an In-house CI Centre (D) Heiko Russow Heiko Russow is responsible for the IT strategy process within the Lufthansa Passenger Airlines (a business unit of Deutsche Lufthansa Group). He was also involved in analyzing and assessing future trends within the retail and aviation sectors. Previously he worked for TIMElabs . Furthermore. Russow is a member of the Technology Innovation Core Team of Star Alliance Services GmbH. he pursued a postgraduate degree in marketing while working full-time.D. BMW and Viag Interkom with different job focuses. Nash recently retired from Lockheed Martin having spent over thirty years in the aerospace industry providing Strategic Business Planning and Market Development in both the domestic and international markets. Having served for 12 years at the German Federal Armed Forces with national and international assignments. As a consultant Mr. Dr. his last main task was to build up the Competitor Intelligence department at the Siemens ICN division. In addition. Lufthansa Group. Workshop: ICI-27 Competitive Technical Intelligence (D/E) Karl Pausch Karl Pausch. Russow worked as a research analyst at Gemini Consulting. which is dedicated to identifying innovative uses of new technologies in airline processes. Amongst others. Earlier he was Strategic Planning Manager for IBM Federal Systems Division in Gaithersburg. Workshop: ICI-34 Counter Intelligence (D) Peter Pfaffinger Peter Pfaffinger is Senior Manager for Strategic Intelligence in the Siemens Communication division. Dr. he dedicated himself to the information technology. Russow focused upon market entry strategies. information & communication security und competitive intelligence. Michael Nash Michael Nash is an independent consultant providing Aviation Market Analysis and Strategic Business Support for Winning Competitive Business. CISSP. Since then he has worked as a lecturer on “Trendscouting” and “Problem Solving and Knowledge Management”.40 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 J. Furthermore.a strategic think tank of the Diebold Management Consultancy. born in 1966. benchmarking. He holds a Ph. especially technical countermeasures. competitor analysis and strategy development. Workshops: ICI-24 Design and Operation of an In-house CI Centre (E). He began his career in 1981 as a sales engineer in the company division Communication Networks at . he dealt with various facets of electronic information as well as with their protection. ICI-32 Early Warning Systems (E) Siemens AG. is information systems manager and holds the following certificates in the fields of IT security and IT revision: CISA. and at Lido GmbH. and is a life member of SCIP. he works with different research groups. He has garnered a great deal of experience in the field of information processing and telecommunications in his over 20-year career. He worked for enterprises such as Siemens. Maryland where he was responsible for strategic market development including leading the facility’s international Air Traffic Management market and competitive analysis activities. he was Manager of Quality Management and Training.

Previously. and strategic innovation and technology management. As a long-standing member of SCIP she is also an associate lecturer at a number of universities of applied sciences and lectures on competitive intelligence at various management institutes. IBM Executive in Italy. She is responsible for market and competitor analyses. Dr. CRM and KM”– 2007. notably in the areas of R&D. Prior to joining Henley. As well as being a specialist in Competitive Intelligence strategy. innovation and engineering management with Xerox Research (Canada) and Bayer AG (Germany) and ABB (Switzerland) AG. he studied business and and economics at the London Business School (UK) and the University of Twente (NL).Sc in Biochemistry. he has written numerous articles and papers that have been published in a variety of journals. in 2007. ICI-28 Financial Analysis (D) Alessandro Zanasi Alessandro Zanasi. Innovation and Enterprise. He graduated in Nuclear Engineering (Bologna). with services including research and analysis.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Prof. monitoring of industry drivers and trends as well as the area of economic research. Little (Switzerland) Ltd’s Strategic Growth and Innovation Practice. Professor Tovstiga's teaching and research focuses on competitive strategy. In addition. Workshops: ICI-4 Competitive Intelligence Secondary Research (E) . with almost 20 years industry management experience. Leading through Technological Innovation”. a docorate in engineering sciences (Dr sc techn) from the ETH Zurich. Author of more than 100 publications on automatic intelligence topics (the most known one is the book: “Text Mining and its Applications to Intelligence. Workshops: ICI-3 Competitive Intelligence Reporting (D/E). coauthored with David W. He is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the world. is an Associate Professor in Henley Management College's School of Growth. ESRIF membership. META Group analyst. Workshop: ICI-29 Text Mining (E) Arthur Weiss Arthur Weiss is a managing partner and founder of a consultancy specialising in competitive and marketing intelligence. Appointed Security Research Advisor of European Commission through ESRAB and. advisor of governments and companies in Security and Intelligence topics. She is vice president of Deutsch-Schweizerischen Marketingrunde (DSMR) . he is also a popular speaker. he was the European Marketing Information Manager for a blue-chip information services company. Then he was Carabinieri Officer at Scientific Investigations Center in Rome. Educational achievements include an MBA (passed with distinction). His most recent book “Capabilities for Strategic Advantage. Frequent speaker or chairman at int’l conferences dedicated to intelligence topics. Bologna University Professor of Knowledge Management and Data Mining. Founder of ZANASI Alessandro Srl and of Temis SA.an independent organization that brings together marketing professionals from Germany and Switzerland. a Canadian and German national. industry practitioner. Workshop: ICI-33 Development and Implementation of Dynamic Competitive Strategies (E) 41 Diana Wolf Diana Wolf holds the position of Director Market Intelligence / Economic Research at Tognum AG (formerly Daimler Chrysler Off-Highway). WIT Press). the CIM Diploma in Marketing and a B. Georg Tovstiga Georg Tovstiga. author and consultant. Professor Tovstiga holds BASc and MSc degrees in chemical engineering from the Universities of Ottawa (Canada) and Massachusetts (USA). Birchall. He has extensive international experience as management educator. respectively. He teaches the Marketing Research & Information module for CIM’s Advanced Certificate in Marketing at Thames Valley University Arthur Weiss is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals and a Chartered Marketer with the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing. was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2005. George consulted for Arthur D. Paris (France) and San Jose Lab (USA) leaving as IBM Market Intelligence responsible in South Europe. training and CI strategy consultancy. He has authored numerous papers and book contributions on these topics. from where he received an MBA.

VAT and breakfast).dolce. Prior to some workshops. a follow-up is required. the only original Art Nouveau theatre in Germany is part of the venue.. Email: info@competitive-intelligence. Steinfurther Straße 1-5. plan a day for preparation and wrap-up. In each case. Substitution of the registered attendee is always possible. An ice-skating rink and a nine-hole golf course are in immediate proximity and the 200 ha large park is inviting for walking and jogging as well as for rowing in the pond.php Room booking Accommodation is available directly in Hotel DOLCE at a special rate (reservation code “ICI”) of 119. Cancellation of individual workshops When submitting a written cancellation up to 4 weeks before the workshop.-€ (incl. The “Sprudelhof” (bath houses) in the park belong to the largest complete Art Nouveau exhibit in Europe! Contact Institute for Competitive Intelligence GmbH Korngasse 9 35510 Butzbach Germany Hotlines: United Kingdom: Germany & Europe: Fax: +44 (0) 203 3030 458 +49 (0)6033 971 377 +49 (0)6033 971 376 Arrival Int. Description This unique venue lies within a 200 ha large park in the picturesque city of Bad Nauheim.com .com/property/prop_ma p. steam bath.42 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Conditions for participation Intensive training It is part of our philosophy that the workshops are dialogue-oriented. case studies and exercises depending on the workshop. you will receive a questionnaire. Airport Frankfurt: 40km Railway Station Bad Nauheim: 1.. In some workshops.com Course materials You will be provided with all workshop documents as well as further articles. where your preferences as regards to the focus of content will be requested. Dress: business casual Venue Bad Nauheim/Frankfurt. Please register at the hotels in time under the keyword “Institute for Competitive Intelligence”. A postponement of the workshop date will be announced 3 weeks before the published date at the latest. Telephone: +49 (0) 6032/96460.€ incl. Your active participation is required. Germany Workshop duration The course day begins at 09:00 (meet & greet from 08:30) and ends at 18:00. Besides the 27 well-equipped conference rooms.. VAT and breakfast depending on the season). Leisure facilities Fitness room. Dolce-Conference-Hotel (at the spa gardens) Elvis-Presley-Platz 1 61231 Bad Nauheim Germany Tel: +49 (0)6032 3030 www. With later cancellations. Early registration discount An early registration discount (5% deduction from total fees) is available for all single course registrations 40 days prior to the actual workshop date.€ to 169. checklists.to 115.3km Check the hotel website for details: http://badnauheim. Case studies will be sent in advance for individual preparation.dolce. no fees will be levied. massage and other beauty facilities. CI’s main European campus lies within the DOLCE-conference hotel in Bad-Nauheim/Frankfurt. fees at 70% of the participation fees will be levied. saunas. depending on day and room type or in the BestWestern-Hotel Rosenau (75.badnauheim.

We are pleased to help you. Spa Facilities & room service. Box 33.wyndham.The biggest Hotel in Cairo with 15 different outlets. Leisure facilities A PGA Golf Training Center outdoor driving range.O. Zamalek P.cairoairport. the Egyptian museum is just 5 minutes away.com and www. Egypt Chicago (IL).Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 43 Additional Venues Cairo. viewing the Nile.00 for Mercedes E.com Room booking For registration. Extensive fitness and sports facilities with complimentary indoor pool. Lounge and Atrium Bar for cocktails and light meals.Class (Booking via the hotel with prior reservation of 24 hours is required). Description The hotel is built around a beautifully decorated twelve story enclosed atrium lobby covered by a vaulted glass skylight ceiling. the Westin Chicago Northwest is an ideal choice whether you're staying with us for business or pleasure. .Royal Historical palace & gardens since 1869. and 15 minutes away from Giza pyramids. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey please call us. US $90.egyptair. We shall be happy to be of help. 11211 Egypt Tel: 20 2 272 83000 The Westin Chicago Northwest 400 Park Boulevard Itasca. Cairo Marriott Hotel is surrounded by the sights and sounds that makes Cairo the most popular destination in the Middle East for both business and leisure travellers and is a perfect base for exploring historic Cairo. Airport O`Hare (ORD): 12 miles Int. please call us. Leisure facilities In the heart of downtown Cairo. There is no shuttle bus service available. lunch and dinner. Room booking For registration. tranquil gardens. with six acres of lush. For more Information please visit www. Mobil FiveStar Award . It's located close to everything and offers an abundance of comforts and conveniences to enjoy. Cairo.00 for Mercedes S. Set in lushly landscaped grounds. USA Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino 16 Saray El Gezira street. Airport Chicago Midway (MDW): 30 miles Chicago: 22 miles Details on arrival by car can be found on this website: http://www.wnt?param=1 Arrival Driving Directions: Limousine service with meet and assist available 24 Hours daily US $70.Casino on-site Arrival Int. Travel time: approximately 35 minutes. Illinois 60143 United States Phone: 630-773-400 Description Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino is located in the heart of Cairo with an exotic garden setting built around a 19th century palace on an island in the Nile River in downtown Cairo. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey.com/hotels/ORDNW/mapa nddirections/main. . Award Winning Shula’s Steak House serving breakfast. 24 hours Recreational. . 24 hours F & B service.Class.

Metropolitan. and equipped with the best services.veladahoteles. Room booking For registration.com Velada Madrid Hotel C/ Alcalá. It offers a state-of-the-art. Pancras and King's Cross mainline stations Underground: Euston Station: Victoria and Northern Lines Euston Square Station: Circle. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey please call us.php Room booking Our venue.Direct telephone Arrival Airport: 3 km. Please use the linked document on the homepage to select and book a nearby hotel for your overnight stay (special rates available for participants of the ICI workshops). Northern.htm Leisure facilities . purposebuilt.Minibar . A wide choice of rooms and flexible setups are available. We are pleased to help you.eustonhouselondon.Air conditioning . Circle. the London Euston House. Please let us know if we can be of your assistance. flexible venue to meet all your training.com Management: alfonsomv@veladahoteles.High-speed Internet connection . corporate meeting and conference needs. Juan Carlos I Fair Grounds: 3 km. does not offer overnight accommodation. St.Safe deposit box . Hammersmith and City Lines More Details on arrival can be found on this website: http://www. Spain Euston House 24 Eversholt Street London NW1 1AD Telephone: 0808 172 2411 www.com Business: mjvelasco@veladahoteles. with all kinds of services and amenities for our clients).com/map.eustonhouselondon. Train Station: 4 km. Hammersmith and City Lines King's Cross Station: Victoria. Arrival Rail: Euston. Metropolitan. Description The rooms at the Velada Madrid Hotel are spacious and cosy. 476 28027 Madrid Spain Phone: +34 913 75 68 00 Fax: +34 913 75 68 05 Description Euston House is situated opposite Euston rail station. United Kingdom Madrid.com/en/madrid/localiz acion.44 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Additional Venues London.madrid@veladahoteles.Hairdryer . It has a total of 261 rooms (8 suites and 4 adapted for disabled guests. Centre of Madrid: 15 minutes Details on arrival by car can be found on this website: http://www. Bookings: reservas.com .

the Louisiana Children's Museum. France Hilton New Orleans Riverside 2 Poydras Street New Orleans. The hotel offers 170 designer-styled guest rooms including 10 suites. the French Quarter. the IMAX Theatre. The National WWII Museum. the Ernest N. Louisiana has to offer. pilates. please call us. the Arts District. Leisure facilities The "Health Club by Hilton" features indoor tennis and racquetball courts.radissonblu. as are Harrah's Casino. the Roland Garros tennis court and Bois De Boulogne Park. Morial Convention Center. We shall be happy to be of help. LA 70140 United States Tel: (504) 561-0500 | 1-800-HILTONS Radisson Blu Hotel. Paris Boulogne 33 avenue Edouard Vaillant 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt France Phone:(+33)1/46 08 85 00 Description In the "center of it all". Leisure facilities • • • • • Fitness Guest services Free high-speed internet 24-hour dedicated concierge service 24-hour room service Arrival Louis Armstrong Int'l.: 13 miles New Orleans Lakefront (Private Planes): 10 miles Details on arrival by car can be found on this website: http://www. Most of the great sights of Paris are close to the hotel with Charles de Gaulle just a half hour drive. please call us. We shall be happy to be of help. The Riverwalk Marketplace (140+ shops and food outlets) is at the hotel's doorstep. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey. and the Riverfront Streetcar.riversidemeetings. Located in a nestled garden you can enjoy an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. USA Paris. the newly renovated Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel is directly on the banks of the Mississippi River with easy access to everything New Orleans.p hp Arrival http://www. Arpt. the Aquarium of the Americas. .com/directions. Description The Radisson Blu Hotel. Room booking For registration.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 45 Additional Venues New Orleans (LA).com/hotelparisboulogne/location Room booking For registration. Two outdoor pools provide for a quick refreshment. spin classes and more. along with all new equipment. Paris-Boulogne is a contemporary and elegant space. It is conveniently located near Pac des Princes stadium.

USA San José (CA). We are pleased to help you. once a lavish private estate. the Campbell's Soup Tureen Collection on permanent display.46 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Additional Venues Philadelphia (PA).brandywineinn. 1 Hour) International Airport Arrival Strategically located in the middle of the United States Mid-Atlantic corridor.226. http://www.See an unsurpassed collection of antiques and Americana. . Lifecycle and free weights. Arrival From San Jose International Airport (11 Miles) From San Francisco (Approx. Room booking For registration.hayesmansion. outdoor pool and soaking tub.dolce. NordicTrak.php Room booking For registration.9436 Dolce Hayes Mansion 200 Edenvale Avenue San Jose. training programs.com/property/prop_m ap. USA Best Western Brandywine Valley Inn 1807 Concord Pike Wilmington. just five minutes from the Inn. steam and dry saunas. teambuilding and special events. and 20-acre woodland park with a new playground for smaller children. . please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey. distinctive shops and first-rate entertainment. period rooms. Leisure facilities Every spare moment at Dolce Hayes Mansion offers opportunities for guests to relax and unwind.com/map.com Description The Brandywine Valley offers visitors an extraordinary collection of world-class attractions and events. Additionally.3200 www. we're just a short ride by auto or train from New York City and Washington. An American Country Estate. Route 202 North. Sporting types will appreciate the tennis courts. sand volleyball pit. Description Dolce Hayes Mansion. our Coyote Creek Lounge offers billiards and games in a pub atmosphere.656. the expansive gardens. and a full service spa. WINTERTHUR. We shall be happy to be of help.html More Details on arrival can be found on this website: http://hayesmansion. DE 19803 United States Phone: 302.dolce. basketball court. please call us (special rates available for participants of the ICI workshops). provides the perfect oasis for meetings. Leisure facilities LONGWOOD GARDENS is world-famous for its gardens. along with an array of fine restaurants. Bookmark this site and return here often to stay informed about our seasonal tourism specials as well as the latest updates to our Brandywine Valley Calendar of Events. We're only minutes from Philadelphia International Airport and even less time from Wilmington's AMTRAK station. DC. Let the Gals take the car and explore the beautiful Brandywine Valley while the hotel Escalade chauffers the guys to the Dupont Country Club. conservatories and spectacular fountain displays. And our Inn is less than a mile from Interstate 95 via exit 8N. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey please call us (special rates available for participants of the ICI workshops). CA 95136 USA Phone: 1. Facilities include a fully equipped fitness center with Nautilus.408.

Spain Vienna. Hotel Castle Weikersdorf Schlossgasse 9-11 AT-2500 Baden near Vienna Austria Tel. 12 Sitges 08870.: +43 2 252 483 01 .pdf Arrival www. it offers all modern facilities as well as a spa. . Bio und Finnish saunas. Leisure facilities Here.dolce-sitges-hotel. The most recent refurbishment in 2004-2005 has transformed Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf while retaining its heritage. Austria Dolce Sitges Av. just 25 minutes from Barcelona Airport and 35 minutes from Barcelona center in the quaint village of Sitges. please contact the hotel directly! If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey please call us.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 47 Additional Venues Sitges/Barcelona.at Description First mention of the castle was as early as 1233. Finnish sauna. Leisure Facilities Indoor swimming pool.hotelschlossweikersdorf. VAT and breakfast) Room booking For registration. bowling alley. steam room and Jacuzzi — revitalize and energize our guests.hotelschlossweikersdorf. Exclusive and refined.com/directions/directions. the city’s finest full-service spa — Dolce Vital Spa — and a state-of-the-art fitness center.5 km Check the hotel website for details: http://www. outdoor and indoor tennis courts. as well as the spirit. Spain Phone: +34 938 109 000 www. spa Arrival Railway Station Baden near Vienna: 3km Int. In 1971 it went through extensive renovation and was converted into a hotel.dolce-sitgeshotel. Airport Wien Schwechat: 33 km Wiener Lokalbahn (to Vienna): 0. where culinary masterpieces nourish the appetite.0 Fax: +43 2 252 483 01 – 150 www.€ (excl. a breathtaking new expression of Catalonian hospitality on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.asp Room booking Accommodation is available directly in Hotel DOLCE at a special rate from 193. Camí de Miralpeix.. four outdoor pools. caddy room. an indoor ozonized pool. All the flavors and aromas of this celebrated region are captured in three distinctive restaurants and bars.at/ahi/hotels chlossweikersdorf/pdf_files/location_de. We are pleased to help you.com Description Reward all the senses with a visit to Dolce Sitges.

sauna with view of the skyline.ch Description The hotel UTO KULM on the Uetliberg of Zurich is rich in history and presents itself with charm and hospitality. aroma showers. jogging and strolling. . We are pleased to help you. In UTO KULM you will enjoy unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. And you will spend the night in the most beautiful rooms or suites with a view of the Zurich skyline. please contact the hotel directly!If you have any questions about the accommodation or journey please call us. Details on arrival by car can be found on this website: http://www.48 Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 Additional Venues Zurich. or on foot.utokulm. Leisure facilities Steam bath. please contact the hotel to arrange a shuttle service from the terminal SZU station to the hotel. If required.ch/deutsch/standort/anrei se-mit-dem-auto/ Room booking For registration.but your final approach to the hotel will need to be with the SZU railway. 21 Min with SZU Hotel UTO KULM is situated in a car-free recreational area close to the centre of Zurich.utokulm. You can park your car in a number of different locations in Zurich and in the local area . ice grotto. The Zurich recreational area Uetilberg is inviting for walking. airport Zurich-Kloten: 20 km Zurich main train station: 10km. Switzerland Hotel UTO KULM Top of Zurich 8143 Uetilberg Switzerland Tel: +41 (0) 44 457 66 66 www. called Uetliberg. Arrival Int.

VISA.CIE™ Additional requests I’m interested in your in-house-training program.FCCI™ Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Research Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Analysis Certificate in Competitive Strategy Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Management Certificate of Proficiency in Competitive Intelligence . I wish to apply for a certificate program Fundamental Certificate in Competitive Intelligence . but I would like to request information on future dates. MASTERCARD) Please send me the payment details via Email via Mail via Fax to: ______________________________ I accept the terms and conditions for participation for the current program. I won’t be taking part.Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) – Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011 49 Registration Return to FAX + 49 (0) 6033 971 376 I wish to attend workshop: _______________________ workshop: _______________________ workshop: _______________________ date: _________________________________ date: _________________________________ date: _________________________________ An early registration discount (5% deduction from total fees) is available for all single course registrations 40 days prior to the actual workshop date. Date: ________________________ Signature: ____________________________ . Place.CPCI™ Competitive Intelligence Engineer . Please call me back for a personal consultation! Contact data Surname: __________________________ Company: __________________________ Function: ___________________________ Street/PO Box: ______________________ Telephone/Fax: ______________________ How did you learn about us? Internet search A colleague/friend Online ad Printed ad Other First name: ____________________________ VAT ID: _____________________________ Department: ___________________________ Zip code/City: __________________________ Email: _____________________________ Please specify: ______________________ Payment Details Payment per invoice Credit Card (AMEX.

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