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2009 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 157/7


Form of summary information to be provided whenever an aid scheme exempted by this

Regulation is implemented and whenever an ad hoc aid exempted by this Regulation is granted
outside any aid scheme
(Text with EEA relevance)

(2009/C 157/05)

1. Member State: Denmark scale, both as bulk product for use in parts of the world with a
need for relatively cheap food, and as processed foodstuffs.

2. Region/Authority granting the aid: —

12. Name and address of the granting authority:

3. Title of aid scheme/name of company receiving an ad Fiskeafgiftsfonden

hoc aid: XF 10/2009 — Aid scheme: Industri til konsum c/o Danmarks Fiskeriforening
Nordensvej 3, Taulov
7000 Fredericia
4. Legal basis: Lov om fiskeri og fiskeopdræt (fiskeriloven), jf. DANMARK
lovbekendtgørelse nr. 978 af 26. september 2008

13. Web-address where the full text of the scheme or the

5. Annual expenditure planned under the scheme or criteria and conditions under which ad hoc aid is granted
amount of ad hoc aid granted: DKK 2 000 000 outside of an aid scheme can be found:
6. Maximum aid intensity: 100 % budget2009_supplerende_oplysninger.pdf

7. Date of entry into force: 1 May 2009


8. Duration of the scheme or individual aid award (not

later than 30.6.2014); indicate: 14. Motivation: Indicate why a State aid scheme has been
established instead of assistance under the European
Fisheries Fund: This is a large-scale project part of which is
to be funded by the European Fisheries Fund and part under the
— under the scheme: the date until which aid may be granted, Innovation Act. It is planned that the latter part-project will
receive the rest of its funding via the aid scheme Industri til
— in the case of an ad hoc aid: the expected date of the last
instalment to be paid.

31 December 2009
1. Member State: United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
9. Objective of aid: The objective of the aid is to make it
possible to identify the market for human consumption of
industrial species, primarily sand eel and sprat. 2. Region: Scotland

3. Title of aid scheme/name of the company receiving an

10. Indicate which of Articles 8 to 24 is used: Article 16 ad hoc aid: XF 11/2009 — QA Fish

11. Activity: Using a chartered freezer vessel we intend to 4. Legal basis: Article 37 of the Aquaculture and Fisheries
identify the possibility of selling industrial species on a global (Scotland) Act 2007
C 157/8 EN Official Journal of the European Union 10.7.2009

5. Annual expenditure planned under the scheme or movement restrictions on live fish to and from all sites within
overall amount of individual aid granted to the company: the ISA control and surveillance zones.
GBP 500 398 in one year only

12. Name and address of the granting authority:

6. Maximum aid intensity: 60 %

7. Date of implementation: 11 May 2009 Brian Dornan

Scottish Government, Marine Directorate
Pentland House
8. Duration of the scheme or the individual aid award: 47 Robb’s Loan
Until 29 May 2009 Edinburgh
EH14 1TY
9. Objectives of aid: Support to QA Fish to reimburse the cost
of the humane destruction of the fish in Loch Strom as a result
of the ISA movement restrictions imposed by the Scottish 13. Web address:
Government. The payment will be made in May 2009. Fish-Shellfish/18610/diseases/infectious-salmon-anaemia/BER

10. Indicate which Articles of 8 to 24 is used: This complies

with Article 14 14. Motivation: The aid paid to QA Fish will be for the costs
of the fish lost through the cull required due to the drying out
of the Loch and the movement restrictions which prevented the
11. Activity concerned: The aid will compensate up to 60 % movement of live fish from the Loch. Without this aid there is a
of the value of the stock lost by QA Fish through the eradi­ real danger that this industry could be lost in the Scottish
cation of stock trapped in the Loch of Strom as a result of the aquaculture sector.