Before one can begin any action they must have a pure intention and it must follow the

Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and one must prepare oneself to do that action beforehand so as to perfect it and beautify it for Allah’s sake. So the one who wants to prepare their own selves for Jihad and raise the banner of La Illaha Illallah, they must make their intentions and prepare themselves spiritually, militarily, financially, and logistically. And from amongst preparing oneself militarily is to exercise the body and to prepare it for war which necessitates that it be able to withstand long journeys and carry heavy equipment and to be fit, generally speaking. And from among the pure intentions is to train as hard as possible in order to damage the enemies of Allah as much as possible. And we see this from the stories of the Shuhada’, that they would train themselves with the intention of damaging the enemies and striking hard against them. I give you the example of our martyred brother Salman alFarsi, may Allah have mercy on him, and how the brothers described him in Bosnia:
“Salman Al-Farsi loved training. He loved to train in the cause of Allah, so that he could be as strong in the fighting as he could and do as much damage to Allah’s

enemies as possible. He always used to exert himself in training with this intention of damaging the enemies of Allah.”1

And we see from the speeches of the True Scholars of Jihad that they also placed much importance on this subject. Here is part of the speech which Anwar Sha’baan, may Allah have mercy on him, gave to the Mujahideen in Bosnia just before ‘Operation Miracle’ in July 1995:
“So I congratulate you with the permission of Allah, Glorified is He and exalted, on a near victory, on a conquest from Allah, Glorified is He and exalted, and we ask Allah to make us from amongst those who hurt our enemies time after time. We love martyrdom in the Way of Allah. Its time is when Allah wishes, but we ask our Lord, Glorified is He and exalted, that He makes us from those who damage his enemies and from those who make his enemies taste punishment after punishment.”2 

So we see that the Mujahid who gives victory to Allah’s Deen must fulfill the obligation of preparing himself physically for Jihad, and by the permission of Allah I will teach you some exercises to help you strengthen your body and become fit.
A - Dhikr AS AN ExErCISE
1 In the Hearts of Green Birds 2 Ibid.

I mention dhikr as the first method of building strength due to its significance in our time and age, but also because of it being the way of the Salaf foremost among them Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy on him, himself. From Ibn Taymiyyah’s life we see that dhikr was not just a means to gain Iman and gain deeds, but it actually gave their body’s physical strength. Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him, narrates for us that among the amazing things which he saw from his teacher Ibn Taymiyyah was that he would sit between Dhuhr and ‘Asr and he would have written a book, and his students saw many great feats from him in the battlefield. So Ibn Taymiyyah’s students were amazed at how he was able to do all this, and wondered where he was getting his strength from! Ibn al-Qayyim continues his narration that Ibn Taymiyyah would sit in his place after Fajr and making dhikr and reading Qur’an until sunrise, then he would turn around and he would say to them “This is my provision and if I do not take my provision, I lose strength.” Subhan’Allah! This is an amazing statement that explains for us that the dhikr and the worship are means of provision and strength. So your first lesson in exercise is dhikr and it might be that without it, you would not gain much result.

wherever he is with little or no resources and to be able to use his body and the ground alone to keep in shape. Another reason being that the places which one can go to where weights and gyms are available are not Islamic environments and definitely not fit for the Mujahid in Allah’s cause. We find at these gyms such as 24 Hour Fitna and LA Fitna that they are full of music, semi-naked women, free mixing and the danger of one showing off during a workout which would destroy your intention and action.

Before beginning any workout, one must stretch and warm up for at least 10 minutes before working out to prevent injury and cramps and after working out to cool down with stretches as well. Among these stretches being: • • • • • • • Active and Static Shoulder Bridges Sit-Ups V-sits Spinal Floor Twists Spread foot Squats Sit-up Series Throw-downs

The reason we should aim to get into shape without using weights is simply that the use of weights does not bring permanent results, as you only keep the strength you gained by continuing to use those machines and bars. This is of course unrealistic for the Mujahid in the front lines anywhere in the world today. We find that this is a major setback for the Americans and the NATO Crusading army as they cannot go to any battlefront without carrying along with them their bench, squat sets and sometimes even their machines. And we have learned this from the videos released by our brothers in Afghanistan. The Mujahideen found upon capturing enemy bases bars and weights in American barracks and bases. So if this is the case for the enemies then obviously this would not work for the Jihad and due to it being a waste of money and effort as well as not being a realistic option. So the Mujahid must learn to get in shape and build strength and to continue to do so

A short description of some of these activities follows: 1 – Sit-up Series

An example of a sit-up series would involve doing 10 normal sit-ups, then doing 10 where you put your right leg on your left knee, and touch it with

your right elbow and vice versa. Afterwards have a partner hold your legs aloft and do 10 regular situps. Then have your partner put your feet on their knees, so your legs are at a 90 degree angle, and do 10 additional sit-ups. 2 - Throw-downs

4 - Shoulder Bridges

Throw-downs are done on your back, and involve you lifting both legs up, and your partner throwing them down back to the ground, with you stopping them before they hit the ground. This process should be repeated several times. 3 – V-Sits

Shoulder Bridges are sitting on your shoulders with your legs holding you up and your toes aligned with your knees. It can be either active or static, so you either hold it for a few minutes or you move up and down. 5 – Spread-foot Squats

Spread-foot squats are simply squats you do without using weights, and your legs are spread apart farther than your shoulders. V-sits are where you lift up your legs from a sitting position, touch your toes, and then bring your legs down without touching the ground. This process should be repeated numerous times. 6 - Spinal Floor Twists Spinal floor twists involve lifting your legs straight up, then putting them to your left or right side while keeping your back straight and both shoulders on the ground.


each day of the weekend, starting Friday) • Wall-Sits (Sitting against the wall for an extended period of time)


Building your legs is the most important part of your body to prepare for Jihad, and if you think Jihad is anything but long walks, jogging and running then you are quite mistaken. On top of that you’re going to be carrying weapons and equipment! And among the things which terrorizes the enemy very much is when the Mujahideen strike them with lightning speed and great planning. An example for you is the massive jailbreak in Afghanistan of last year that freed over 1,000 Muslims; it was done with great swiftness that the Murtadeen became dumbfounded. So it is has much benefit for the Mujahid to be quick and be able to carry on with a constant speed for extended periods of time especially during raids on the enemy. Building your leg strength is not that difficult, but it does require effort and the ability to carry on even when you are tired, and to continue being tired for Allah’s sake, as this exhaustion is in the cause of Allah and carries much reward for the Muslim. If you cannot exhaust your body for this Deen then I can guarantee that you will be exhausting it for a Batil matter which will become a source of regret and much worry for you on the Day of Judgment. I suggest you start with these exercises: • Walking Long Distances (at least 1 hour and a half everyday) • Interval runs on weekends (running till you are tired, then fast walking for a while, then running and repeating this cycle for an hour

• Jump Rope while running and walking • Crawling long distances • Active and Static Lunges


Although leg strength is important, building arm strength is quite necessary as well. One doesn’t need sophisticated exercise for arms but all it takes is to add to duration, length and number of reps for each one. Mainly focus on: • At least 100-150 pushups per day, doing 1025 each time. • Pull-Ups • Walking on hands • Push-up series (for example doing push-ups with your hands held farther apart, then closer together, or using your fists instead of

your palms)

something like 3,000 to 4,000 calories for a male who works out at a young age. And they used to teach me that you should eat whenever you are not hungry and gain weight to turn it into muscle. Obviously this is un-Islamic and I learned during my workouts that this is not true for the Muslim. Nafi’ narrated that Ibn ‘Umar never used to take his meal unless a poor man was called to eat with him. One day I brought a poor man to eat with him, the man ate too much, whereupon Ibn ‘Umar said, “O Nafi’! Don’t let this man enter my house, for I heard the Prophet saying, ‘A believer eats in one intestine (is satisfied with a little food), and a kafir eats in seven intestines (eats much food)’.”3


The diet of a person working out is just as important as the workout itself, but here I wanted to mention the difference between the Muslim and the Kafir in their diets due to the grace and mercy Allah holds for the Believer. One should eat right after working out and should postpone eating until after you have worked out. It is recommended to eat a meal high in carbs and protein, but more carbs than protein. Contrary to what many people believe, you really only need about 32 grams of protein, so don’t waste your money on expensive protein milkshakes. A recommended list of foods would be: • • • • • • • • • • Eggs (whites of eggs) Meat Fish Nuts Milk and water 100% Fruit juice Vegetables Rice Bread Cheese

And I noticed that whether or not I ate a lot, it did not affect my results. Nay! From the strangest of things I found that I gained the most muscle during the month of Ramadan! So I realized that the Believer is not affected by food but rather his strength comes from Allah. During Ramadan it is best to workout after having eaten dates and drank something and having prayed Maghrib then eating more heavily after the workout. This schedule during Ramadan gave me the best results and here it is important to mention the importance of Fasting Mondays and Thursdays not only due to this blessing from Allah but due to its protection from evil and a command from the Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, to the young men and being from his Sunnah. Alqama narrated: “While I was with ‘Abdullah, ‘Uthman met him at Mina and said, ‘O Abu ‘Abd arRahman! I have something to say to you.’ So both of them went aside and ‘Uthman said, ‘O Abu ‘Abd ar-Rahman! Shall we marry you to a virgin who will make you remember your past days?’ When ‘Abdullah felt that he was not in need of that, he beckoned me (to join him) saying, ‘O’ Alqama!’ Then I heard him saying (in reply to ‘Uthman), ‘As you have said that, (I tell you that) the Prophet once said to us, ‘O young people! Whoever among you is able to marry, should marry, and whoever is not able to marry, is recommended to fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power’.” 4 May Allah help you in your efforts in pleasing Him.
3 Sahih Bukhari: Book 7, Vol. 65, #305 4 Ibid., Book 7, Vol. 62, #3

One should eat some light food before a workout, like an apple, some dates or some crackers and water. The Kuffar teach people that you should eat a very large amount before a workout, and that you need

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