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SIT101 Assignment 1

Due Date: Before 8.30am December 2 2010 (Week 6)

Marks: 12.5% (individual work)

This assignment assesses your knowledge of an emerging IT trend or technology and your
ability to present this in a written format (MS Word) and a presentation format (MS PowerPoint).

1. Your tutor will provide you with a topic.

2. Research (investigate) the topic. You will need to discover details about the trend or the
technology including:

• Introduction
• What it is
• How it works
• How it will be used
• The advantages or benefits compared with existing technologies
• Potential disadvantages
• Conclusion
You will need to research a number of sources to obtain the relevant information. At least two of
these sources should be used for your report and your presentation.

3. Produce a written article of 700 - 1000 words (not including the reference list) using Microsoft
Word. The report must be one file and include the following features:

• The MIBT assignment cover sheet as the first page (no headers or footers)
• Report content with paragraphs and headings such as Introduction, (see structure above),
Conclusion and References
• A header or footer with your name, MIBT id. number and the page number
• A minimum of two styles - one for headings and one for the body type and used throughout
the assignment
• A set of bullet points which have been edited using a special character
• Two graphics – one pasted from a website and one from WordArt
• Two columns where appropriate within the report
• Borders, shading and lines where appropriate
• The word count inserted at the end of report aligned right
• The list of the references you have used, presented in Harvard style.
The report should also be carefully spell checked and proofread.

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4. Produce a presentation of 10 slides using Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation must include
the following:
• An appropriate business style design template
• An appropriate amount of text per slide
• Transitions between each slide
• Effects to build each point in relevant order
• Two or three images relevant to the topic and kept in proportion
You should consider type options for easy communication in relation to font, size and
colour. The presentation should be carefully spell checked and proofread.

Two files should be submitted via “Assignment Submission” in Week 6 in the Portal. Both files must be
submitted at the same time and BEFORE 8.30am December 2. Marks will be deducted for late

Hardcopies of the written report (Microsoft Word) and the handouts of the presentation (Microsoft
PowerPoint) must be submitted to your tutor at the beginning of the practical class in Week 6 (either at
8.30am or 10.30am depending on the time of your class). The first page of your submission should be the
assignment cover sheet from the report, signed and dated.

If you do not submit the assignment via the MIBT Portal it will NOT be marked.
If you do not submit hardcopies to your tutor, the assignment will NOT be marked.

Marks will be deducted for late submission.

Your assignment will be assessed on how well you have researched your topic, correct referencing style
and on your ability to write a report and create a presentation using appropriate features of MS Word and
MS PowerPoint.

Notes about Referencing and Citing

Do not just copy and paste text from a book or website. This is plagiarism. You should summarise
what was said in your own words and then indicate that it is a citation Eg. Multimedia is the fastest
growing area of information technology (Vaughan 2005). If you use a quote directly from a text then you
must use quotation marks and give the page number in the citation. Eg. “People who weave multimedia
into meaningful tapestries are multimedia developers” (Vaughan, 2005, p.1). Every citation must have full
details about the source in the References part of the report.

There are strict “rules” about citations and referencing. For this assignment you should use the Harvard
Style. Information about good assignment writing and referencing can be found on the Deakin website at under Referencing and Avoiding

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