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Words Left Behind

Breathing in the solemn silence and forlorn

Witnessing the pages of the book being torn

Attempting to capture the floating words

Words that need to be renewed and reborn

Reborn into a new book for a new age

Lingering words caressing the lonely page

Softly kissing the lines to make peace

Enmeshing for permanence on the stage

A stage to learn lessons of previous days

Taking in their beauty to grow in new ways

To embrace a future that is to come

A testimony for one's deeds, what one says

Sayings that will make their long-lasting mark

Whisperings of shining light or engulfing dark

Weaving their inevitable way on to a chosen road

Creating a vision for hope or despair to embark

Embarking on a trail that we consciously chose
With the stench of looming decay or scent of a rose

Destroying or creating roots for perpetual hope

Creating a foundation for how one lives and grows

Growing to pave the way to our own worldview

The hues of conforming or embracing the new

Choices that may be engraved as a way of life

Will we be amongst the many or the very few

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Sleeping behind our eyes are nightmares or dreams

Vivid tales playing in our minds with repeated themes

Making their entrance when we close our eyes to sleep

To awaken the deep silences of our hearts to extremes

A drastic change in our ways, to finally act

To welcome our fears and no longer react

To the unwanted, the tumour, the diseased

Do we want to inspire or merely distract?

In the end it comes down to what we decide
Do we want to freely choose or blindly abide?

Time will tick on nonetheless without a care

So what will we share and what will we hide

What stories will our individual books encase

A hopeless plot or one perfumed in prose and grace

Rewriting the vulnerable glimpses of our hearts

Before we unwillingly succumb to death's embrace

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

So are the words reborn worth the save

Feeding our souls what our beating hearts crave

With the ink bleeding through the pages

What will we carve before we lay in our grave

Monday, 6th August 2018