Pronunciation: \ˈmā-gəs\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural ma·gi \ˈmā-ˌjī, ˈma-\ Etymology: Latin, from Greek magos — more at MAGIC Date: 1555 1 a: a member of a hereditary priestly class among the ancient Medes and Persians b: often capitalized : one of the traditionally three wise men from the East paying homage to the infant Jesus 2: MAGICIAN, SORCERER

"Sumerian Renaissance" (3rd Dynasty of Ur)

Ziggurat at Ur

Further information: Third Dynasty of Ur ca. 2047 - 1940 BC short chronology Ur-Nammu of Ur defeated Utu-hegal of Uruk and founded the 3rd dynasty of Ur. Although the Sumerian language ("Emegir") was again made official, Sumerian identity was already in decline, as the population became continually more and more Semiticised. After this 'Ur-III' dynasty was destroyed by the Elamites in 2004 BC, a fierce rivalry developed between the city-states of Larsa, more under Elamite than Sumerian influence, and Isin, that was more Amorite (as the Semitic speakers had come to be called). The Semites ended up prevailing in Mesopotamia by the time of Hammurabi of Babylon, who founded the Babylonian Empire, and the language and name of Sumer gradually passed into the realm of antiquarian scholars (although their influence on Babylonia and all subsequent cultures was indeed great). A few historians assert that some Sumerians managed to preserve their identity in a sense, by forming the Magi, or hereditary priestly caste, noted among the later Medes. Archaeologically, the fall of the Ur III dynasty corresponds to the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age.

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Zoroastrianism, said to be founded by Zoroaster. For, when we compare the ideas that were attributed to the Magi by ancient writers, we find that they differed widely from what we know of the mainstream version of the religion, as found in its sacred scriptures, the Avesta In fact, in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 2:48, Daniel is made chief of the "wise men" of Babylon, that is of the Magi or Chaldeans. In any case, scholars have certainly recognized that the later teachings referred to collectively as the esoteric Kabbalah, seem to have been a combination of Magian and Chaldean lore.

The same as the Egiptian Sun God RA. King Of Salem. a Fire God or Sun God.The homeland of Abraham. . who taught him about The God Eloh Eliyuwn El. Ur of the Chaldees. Check Your Bible…. was located in the lower Tigris-Euphrates River Valley in the region known historically as Mesopotamia. ABRAHAM worshipped AHARU MAZDA. Abraham was taught by Melchizedek. A Deity symbolized by Wings and a Sun Disk …. an ancient city of Sumeria and later Babylonia.

E.” .C.) Genesis 14:18 (King James Version) “18And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the Most High God.Prophet/Apostle Abraham (2078-1903 B.

but that was not Abraham’s proper name. but JEHOVAH was them. unto Jacob. by the Almighty. and unto name of God by my name I not known to “God Almighty” Genesis James “18And of Salem brought wine: and he was most high God.” 14:18 (King Version) Melchizedek king forth bread and the priest of the So Melchizedek taught Abraham about the Most High God (El). Abraham was a CHALDEAN and he crossed over and was referred to as a HEBREW or “He crossed over”. He Jehovah (Yahweh) Exodus 6:3 (King “ 3And I Abraham. .” EL-SHADDAY = Chaldean and did not teach didn’t know of the God and was a Zoroastrian. James Version) appeared unto Isaac.Abraham was a the Egiptians.

This was before Moses’ “Jehovah (Yahweh)”. I have lift up mine hand unto the LORD. "one from the other side. 'ibhri "an Israelite. from Aramaic 'ebhrai. Abraham’s Language was CUNEIFORM and not “HEBREW”." from 'ebher "region on the other or opposite side. Abram was worshipping Elyown El.Hebrew late O. the possessor of heaven and earth. The Word “Hebrew” is a verb and not a noun. Hebraios. Ebreu." Derogatory slang shortening Hebe is first recorded 1932.E. corresponding to Heb. from O.. The Highest El (God) Possessor of Heaven and Earth. nor pronoun and it cannot be called a “Language”. Hebraeus. This was before Jesus Christ or Prophet Muhammad." lit. “Tribal Name” or “Nation”. from Gk.Fr. The Holy Quran tells Muslims in Holy Quran 2: 130 That whoever forsakes the Millat (rites & rituals) of Abraham is a fool. Prophet Muhammad himself followed the Millat (rites & rituals) of Abraham and it says that right in the Holy Quran. from L." in reference to the River Euphrates. Genesis 14:22 (King James Version) “22And Abram said to the king of Sodom. or perhaps simply signifying "immigrant. the most high God.” See. .

Ishtar from the Phoenicians (who dwelt in the land of Canaan before Abraham. Melchizedek was Phoenician. Written by Amunubi Rahkaptah Israel is the union of three Major Dieties of anicent Antiquity Ishtar. . Who is the one of the three sons of Noah a Sumerian? Utnafishtim is his true name. Melchizedek King of Salem/ Peace (Jerusalem city of peace. The Phoenicians were a branch of the Hamitic/Shemitic People. Vishnu. Isaac. It's a Spiritual school that is saving and teaching Laws of the Most High that never change. Abraham. and Jacob are another way of saying Brahma. because the Jewish People are an extraction of the Hindu. These Ways didn’t exist back in his day and time. and Judaism is another form of Hinduism. or the ways of Muhammadanism. Who were of an even older nation called Sumer) Also the Talmud was not around nor used in the Day of Abraham it came years afterward. Abraham. Many ancient cravings in temples in present Iraq depict these people having black skin. (You see where they get the term Semite from. He wasn’t a Jew.Abraham did not practice Christianity or the Jews Religion. therefore. and Jacob? Excerpted from: Bible Interpretations and Explanations. It literally means half of a Shemite and or a mix of Shem. and Siva of the Hindu. Ra and El. He was a direct descendant of Shem a Shemite. which was there before Israel) was an incarnation of the Most High God of the Phoenicians called Elyon. Ra for the people of Tama-re (falsely called Egyptians)and El from Babylon (which is a re. The Sumerians are the Blackheaded people. Isaac.

The word HEBREW means BLACK and STAR-WORSHIPER. The Jews' original symbol was the CROSS like the other Caucasians' symbol. . he shall fill the places with the dead bodies. and because the Phoenicians were Star-Worshipers is one reason the Jewish People have a Star today as their religious symbol.. 2: The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. People and the Jews adopted that name. Abraham. and thereby the meeting of Melchizedek and Abraham in the book of Genesis (14 chapter and 19 verses) meant that the Jewish People and other Caucasians would receive their religion and culture from Phoenicians.C. 18. and Jacob are another way of saying Ham. 5: The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath. and Japheth. hence. Therefore. Shem. psalm 110 1: The LORD said unto my Lord. 3: Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power. Chaldea to Haran. but the Phoenicians had received their basic knowledge and culture from the Ethiopians. a Star is a symbol of power. The Jews (Gews) were originally GREEKS from Greece who became the first Caucasian group to reach the lands (Africa and Asia) of culture and riches around three thousand (3000) B. Moreover. Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek. wisdom. Syria spoke and lived with Phoenicians that were already residing there. and will not repent. King James Old Testament Psalms. Isaac. they became known as Hebrews in ancient times. Sit thou at my right hand. 6: He shall judge among the heathen. in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth. he shall wound the heads over many countries. Abraham who migrated from Ur. 4: The LORD hath sworn. 7: He shall drink of the brook in the way: therefore shall he lift up the head. until I make thine enemies thy footstool.Moreover. Hebrew is a variant of the word Ghebre (also spelled Gheber). and understanding. knowledge.

hieroglyphikos. Thou art my Son. 10: Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec. 5: So also Christ glorified not himself to be made an high priest. when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death.L. Just look at the writing of the Walls of Egipt. but he that said unto him. 4: And no man taketh this honour unto himself. as for the people. Melchi=king Sedec= justice KING OF SUN JUSTICE NUWAUBIC: Egipt is the Mother of Language. for that he himself also is compassed with infirmity. as was Aaron. 6: As he saith also in another place. But this is not what our Ancient Egiptian Ancestors called their writings or carvings …they called it the MEDU NETER . but he that is called of God. so also for himself.King James New Testament Hebrews 5 1: For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God. to day have I begotten thee. from hieros "sacred" + glyphe "carving." Plutarch began the custom of using the adj. hieroglyphic 1585." from glyphein "to carve. yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered. and on them that are out of the way. They (Europeans) call it “Hieroglyphics”. 3: And by reason hereof he ought. 9: And being made perfect. he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him. and was heard in that he feared. from L. (ta hieroglyphika) as a noun. from Gk. hieroglyphicus. Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec 7: Who in the days of his flesh. that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins: 2: Who can have compassion on the ignorant. 8: Though he were a Son. to offer for sins.

that means that the entire world is a speech by the gods. all Egyptian art is a form of writing—it has meaning." Since Thoth taught humans the "words of the gods. the Egyptians believed that the gods "spoke" in pictures and in things." he taught them also how to read and understand the universe itself. medu neter." In other words. while Egyptian writing is a form of art. This is a powerfully important insight into the Egyptian world view. symbolism.” . this means that the universe itself can be "read. or "the words of the gods" ("hieroglyph" is a Greek word which means "sacred writing"). understand that for the Egyptian everything in the world and universe was writing that resembled all the human writing they inscribed on their tombs and monuments. But TEHUTI (Thoth) didn’t just give humans writing. and precision. full of meaning and symbol. If the "words of the gods" are pictures and things. Above everything else. To write hieroglyphs was to speak "god-language. he gave them the language of the gods. The Egyptians believed that writing was given to them by TEHUTI (Thoth). the keeper of records among the gods. For this reason.Or “The Language of God”! The Egyptians called their writing.

even a blessing in the midst of the land: . ABRAHAM WAS A CHALDEAN who CROSSED from Syria over the TIGRIS EUPHRATES to EGYPT. Old Testament Isaiah19:23 23": In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria. Again “HEBREW” means to Cross Over and Abraham was the first Hebrew.The Chaldeans & Akkadians wrote and communicated in CUNEIFORM. and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians. and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt. and the Egyptian into Assyria. "24": In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria.

Egyptian (ancient Egypt): Old Egyptian. Hebrew. Demotic.B. each branch with its own set languages. Eblaite. despite popular misuse of the terms. Bedawiye. not ethnic designations. Tigris & Euphrates. So if you are reading this right. yes all the Old & New Testament Nations were ruled and cultured by Melanites/Black people of the Nile. A Hamite is one who speaks a Hamitic language. Middle Egyptian. They do not refer to racial or ethnic groups. Ugaritic. Riff Omotic (southern Ethiopia): Omotic . belonging to the family of Afro-Asiatic languages. The AFRO-ASIATIC FAMILY. Tuareg. also called Hamito-Semitic language. and Israel mine inheritance. The Afroasiatic family consists of six coordinate branches. A Semite is one who speaks a Semitic language. but rather to language groups. Arabic. And even more."25": Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless. Late Egyptian. etc. Phoenician Alphabet Phoenician Alphabet gave birth to Hebrew which gave birth to the Greek Koine tongue. Somali. South Arabic. saying. Maltese. Remember Ham Shem and Japheth seeds are all brethrens N. Akkadian. Canaanite.: The terms "Semitic" and "Hamitic" are actually linguistic terms. Amorite. Afro-Asiatic languages Akkadian is a Semitic language. Coptic Cushitic (East Africa south of the Sahara): Galla. Aramaic. Hadya Semitic (western Asia): Akkadian. and Assyria the work of my hands. This has always been true. or the HAMITO-SHEMITIC FAMILY of languages encompasses nearly all the languages of the Near East and northern Africa. Berber (North Africa west of Egypt): Numidian. Phoenician Chadic (West Africa south of the Sahara): Hausa. Amharic. Indus-Kush ( South India) river Valleys. Oromo. Blessed be Egypt my people. the oldest Hamitic/Shemitic language The following is adopted (in abbreviated form) from Egyptian and the Afro-Asiatic Languages.


Ham and Japheth--the three sons of Noah--and thus with Asia. The following background may be helpful to stimulate conversations around the fireplace as our thoughts turn to this incredible event from which we measure our very calendar. (1) the shepherds. Ahura-Mazda. like a lot of words. AhuraMadza was the good force in the world represented by purifying .Each year. What exactly are Magi? The term. Melchior. They are called "Magi" from the Latinized form of the Greek word magoi. (Wise Lord). Zoroaster began to proclaim a religious message based on the principle `Do good. King of Persia. as we approach the holiday season.) As the years passed. our preparations for Christmas include revisiting the events surrounding the birth of Our Lord. and Europe. and Gasper. for a select sect of priests. It was originally associated with the Medes and the Persians and has its beginning with a man called Zoroaster. has changed its meaning over a period of time. A 141h century Armenian tradition identifies them as Balthazar. transliterated from the Persian. since they brought three specific gifts (but the Biblical text doesn't number them). King of Midian. and the angels are familiar to us all. Africa. Melchior. Traditions Most of what we associate with the "Magi" is from early church traditions. and Gathaspa. Around the year 1000 BC. Some even associated them with Shem. Most have assumed there were three of them. By the 6th century they had names: Bithisarea. He preached that there was just one god. King of Ethiopia. By the 3rd century they were viewed as kings. Bethlehem. the traditions became increasingly embellished. But not much is generally known about the mysterious "Magi" who came to worship the infant Jesus. (Our word "magic" comes from the same root. hate evil'.

however. This is very similar to modern stage magicians. This code of belief has survived in one form or other throughout history and even has its followers today in the poorer communities of modern day Iran. this attitude was given short shrift by the apostles! Also in the book of Acts we have a Jew called Elymas. Serginus Paulus. always on the look out for new tricks to add to his and water and was apparently a god that one could talk to.' These individuals are both depicted as being wicked and opposed to the work of God. it was being used of any mysterious person who had access to knowledge not normally known to most people. who having learned the art of illusion. seem a very different group of people to either the conjuror Simon or the deceiver Elymas. The term Magi was originally reserved for a tribe of the Medes who were priests for the Persian empire and the Zoroastrian Religion. At no time is there any indication that they gained anything material from their research. Opposed to the good. (although there are exceptions!) Simon. He earned himself a living by performing magic . was a dark power of evil.the Great Power'. They are in fact charlatans whose lack of real wisdom leads to their own downfall. taught Zoroaster. Is there perhaps any use of . Having said this the term 'Magi' became popular and eventually by the 1st century AD. saw the miracles performed by the apostles and tried to buy the secret off them! Needless to say. use it to make the impossible seem possible. like all magicians. Today most of these magicians would not claim to have magic powers but simply special knowledge. Luke describes him as a false prophet and he is later accused of 'perverting the ways of the Lord. sincere and of admirable conduct. also described as a 'magos'.doing the work of a 'magos'. (Acts 13:6-12) He was an advisor to the proconsul in Paphos. Thus in the book of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 8:9 ff) we have the exploits of a man calling himself 'Simon . The Magi in Matthew's gospel. They seem to be quiet. They had apparently come across knowledge through careful research and wished only to respond to it.

the word, 'Magi', which fits this description better that the ones we have seen? Well, some Magi at this time were employed by rulers of countries much the same way as specialists are employed by modern governments today; to keep them up to date on latest developments and to provide advice. Being high up in social circles, but not military people, Magi were sometimes used as envoys to travel to other countries, representing the royal family. They would gather for important events like coronations, funerals or the opening of new cities or harbors. This was particularly so if the Magi were related to the royal family in some way. They would have been interested in time keeping, calendars, tides, medicine, religion, alchemy and many other subjects. They would have been particularly interested in the study of the night sky. It was thought at that time, that what was observed in the sky was reflected in the events upon the earth. Monitoring of events in the heavens, it was believed gave insight into what was happening, or going to happen upon the earth. Acknowledge of the night sky was therefore essential. Is this what our Magi were religious, scholarly envoys? It does seem to fit better the kind of 'Magi' we find in Matthew's account
The Three Wise Egiptians
The story of the three wise men also was copied from the Egiptian doctrine of the triad priests, who would travel from nome (town) to nome and teach and heal. So in each nome in Egipt, they set up a triad. The triad in Het-Ka-Ptah “Memphis” was “Ptah, Sekhmet, Nefertem,” the triad in Nu-amun “Thebes” was “Amun, Mut, Montu,” the triad in Annu “Heliopolis” was “Osiris, Isis, and Horus” and the triad in Khemenu “Hermopolis” was “Tehuti, Khnum, and Anubis.” Not that there are four major cities in ancient Egipt as the four Quadity of the holy family, having four members of God in one. This Quadity was also carried into the mystical societies where you have the four cults, which are: 1. 2. 3. 4. Stellar, Star, Khonsu (Holy Spirit) Solar, Sun, Osiris (The Father) Lunar, Moon, Isis (The Blessed Mother) Tellar, Earth, Horus (The Sacred Son)

. . . All the mystical societies copied this concept from the ancient Egiptian doctrine. In the bible, the wise men – Balthazar “save the life of the king” from Ethiopia, Melchior “king of lights” from Midian and Jasper “treasure” from Persia called Magi (Matthew 2:1), which is a Persian word from the Zoroastrian religion Magus for fire being the Zoroastrian of Chaldea where Abraham was born – were fire and indeed sun worshippers, who’s teachings originated in Egipt as well. The wise men were of the Ancient Mystical Order of Thoth.

Above is a pictograph of a High Priest King of Assyria

Assyrian pictograph That’s a black man the Assyrians were archers.

Above is a the door of one of many temples in Persia. Door of the inner sanctum, temple of Chak Chak. See how this guy has an afro.

2000-1800 BC. . The people he came to were already worshipping Ahura Mazda. He just reinforce it.Above is picture of the prophet Zarathursta 628 BC. He was after Abraham. Aryan migration from Southern Russia to Persia.

Cyrus the Great (559-529 BC) "I am Cyrus. who founded the empire of the Persians. Herukhuti . this little earth that covers my body. Grudge me not therefore.

then I must refrain from doing you wrong (even self-defensively wishing you ill) to avoid doing me wrong—the key to justice and protection from others. Law of Herukhuti Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protects. not by revenge or destruction. sexual arousal and immune responses. business executives. Reasoning: If adversity which cannot be avoided is not the cause of suffering that follows our failure to reclaim our original nature (peace). that you will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself. or divine justice. The seeming contradiction that arises from considering Heru-Behutet “a form of Heru” is cleared up when we realize that ultimately there is only one Deity in the world. also called Heru-Behutet. Herukhuti (Heru-Behutet) corresponds to the extreme surges of adrenalin that support our aggressive. I sow justice towards men and reap it from God. It works sternly through the law that states that you reap what you sow. and you will be spiritually protected by this divine power. In fact Cyrus’ crown is the crown of Herukhuti “the Kemetic Neter warrior Christ Deity” HERUKHUTI The 5th Faculty on the Tree of Life represents Herukhuti. Herukhuti Truisms: I realize that I have the power to force my person transcend my emotions to ensure that my life will be a reflection of Divine Law. Cyrus freed the Hebrews from Babylonian bondage. with different faculties. Be consistent in being just with others. By the way if you didn’t know Cyrus is another way to say Christ in his Day. then we must make spiritual growth our highest priority. This faculty establishes justice in the world.Above is a Nubian Kemetic glyph see how the lions crown is exactly like the crown of Cyrus. Also he is credited with rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. In the Kamitic tradition. but Ausar. it is the form in which Heru fights against Set in order to regain the throne (control over one’s life) that the latter usurped. warriors. MEDU-NETER Herukhuti. While Heru corresponds to the steady supply of noradrenalin that enables us to carry out all activities of externalization. . and so on. and will thus. but instead by re-establishing the laws governing existence (MAAT). Its aggressive power is also the foundation of the temperament of natural athletes. Divine justice within our being consists of making peace. and can therefore transcend the pain of invoking divine retribution against my person when it transgresses the Law of God. in Its own time right all wrongs. balance and harmony get achieved and restoring all to god's order. I am not the person. is the divine principle that safeguards our existence from the injustices of others. If we are one (Ausar). I understand that God has ordained a place for all beings in their own time.

Look @ the Sphinx. Acts 8:26-40 And the angel of the Lord spoke to Philip. Well clearly the scripture is referring to Candace Amanitore. Neter Tefnut female Deity of Air. an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians. That’s us Blackman and woman. and go toward the south unto the way that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza. a man of Ethiopia. saying.20 AD Mind you this was during same time of the New Testament Christ was walking the Earth. who had the charge of all her treasure. which is desert. . This hieorgylph still exists in Nubia. and had come to Jerusalem to worship. Get up. Also take notice they too are wearing the crown of Herukuhti.Above is a glyph of Kemetic/Cushite royaly family of Nubian Queen Amanitore 1 AD . behold. The lion of Judah theme is right out of Kemetic/Kushite/Egyptian antiquity. And he got up and went: and.

Asaru “The Perfect Black” .The face of the Sphinx is the face of Asaru/Osiris/ O-Sirian Ruler.

Behold. he is come out to fight against thee: he sent messengers again unto Hezekiah. Above her is her brother the Biblical Pharaoh of Ethiopia Taharqa/Tirhakah 2Kgs. also played a significant political role.19 1. In this sphinx statute she presents a vessel with the ram's head of Amun. . daughter of King Piye and sister of King Taharqa. saying. [9] And when he heard say of Tirhakah king of Ethiopia.Shepenwepet II.

" designed a battle plan to counter Alexander's advance. but when he saw the Black Queen's army displayed in a brilliant military formation before him. although all three ancient writers have proved accurate in the great majority of their testable observations about life in the centuries before Christ. An impressive series of Nubian warrior queens. Sudan. Strabo. She placed her armies and waited on a war elephant for the Macedonian conqueror to appear for battle.C.) Most scholars would dismiss the accounts of Herodotus. queen regents. One of the earliest references to the kentakes comes from 332 B. and queen mothers. he stopped. and parts of Egypt. are only appearing to the light of history through the ongoing deciphering of the Merotic script. he turned his armies away from Nubia toward a successful campaign in Egypt. the evidence supporting the presence of a tradition of African women warriors grows in its persuasiveness. After studying the array of warriors waiting with such deadly precision and realizing that to challenge the kentakes could quite possibly be fatal. when Alexander the Great set his sights on the rich kingdom of Nubia. As time progresses. They controlled what is now Ethiopia. Alexander approached the field from a low ridge.C. known as kentakes (Greek: Candace "Candake"). and Diodorous as compelling evidence to support the existence of women warriors in Africa.Queen Hatshepsut Temple (female Pharaoh) Deir el-Bahri. . The presiding kentakes. Egypt (1550 B. known in history as "Black Queen Candace of Nubia.

In Egypt. Neith or Nit. is said to have existed when nothing else had yet been created. 2000) The Female Deity In ancient Egypt. Source: Jones. explaining that she took the form of a serpent at that time. the Sun deity. David E. In bas-reliefs found in the ruins of building projects she commissioned. The following African queens were known to the Greco-Roman world as the "Candaces": Amanishakhete. (March 1. A woman. According to Egyptian mythology.. Inc.Bas-reliefs dated to about 170 B. Women Warriors: A History. which includes the Northern Delta region. dressed in armor and wielding a spear in battle. the concept of the female deity always remained vital. in the sky. who would inherit the throne by her passing. and Malegereabar. She did not rule as queen regent or queen mother but as a fully independent ruler. Amanirenas. Shanakdakheto is portrayed both alone as well as with her husband and son. Other texts of Egypt tell of the deitess as Hathor in this role of Creator of existence. Her husband was her consort. “great serpent. She then created all that had come into being. reveal kentakes Shanakdakheto. the female deity held supremacy in Upper Egypt (the south) as Nekhebt . ruled the underworld itself. Net. The people of Lower Egypt. worshipped their supreme deitess as a cobra. The status of women was higher in the early Sumerian culture also..” From circa 3000 BC onward the deitess known as Nut.C. inherited the royal throne. by the name of Arishkegal. . not the sons. she first placed Ra. Brasseys. Nawidemak. using the name Ua Zit.symbolized as a vulture. Amanitore. The daughters.

This stuff has been there for 100’s to 1000’s of years. .Above is a mural of Elamite/Persian Archers. Melaninite as you clearly see.

. W. Clark. and these. Scotland. which was written hundreds of years earlier? . and to many others beyond. Page 79-80. and there we saw the Angel of those Holy ones. And I asked Sarosh the holy and Âzar the angel: . and that also for the punishment of the wicked. Edinburgh.“What is this place. all adorned so brightly that I had never seen the like before. The Sources of Islam: A Persian Treatise. Rising from a gold-covered throne.. giving forth a flaming light.” Reference: Rev. My leader said: This is Ormazd. xiii. Did the Prophet Muhammad really ascend to heaven or did he borrow the concept. translated and abridged by Sir William Muir. T. Then he bade Sarosh and the Fire-angel to shew me the blessed place prepared for the holy. who are they?” We are then told that Artâ ascended similarly to the Second and Third heavens.Muhammad's Isra (Night Journey) Did the Zoroastrians influence the Prophet Muhammad? There seems to be a similarity between the story of the Prophet Muhammad's night journey into heaven and a writing by Pahlavi called “Artâ Viraf Namak” of a Magian messenger (the Zoroastrian faith) written four hundred years before the flight to Medina which reads as follows: “Our first advance upwards was to the Lower heaven. After which they carried me along till I beheld the Archangels and the other Angels. & T. I sought to salaam to him. Clair-Tisdall. St. and he said he was glad to welcome me from the passing world to that bright and undefiled place. Bahman the Archangel led me on. brilliant and lofty. till he and I met Ormazd with a company of angels and heavenly leaders. 1901.

Nubian & Pale Hamites The paleman knows exactly who he is and where he came from however. The paleman knows that he is a Hamite. So whenever someone tells you that Hamites are cursed blacks. give them this information and there is no way that they can refute these facts. as are Nubians. The paleman is a Hamite through Ham’s fourth son. Nubians are Hamites through the sons of Ham and Mizraim (Genesis 10:6). Be rich in good deeds. “Wealth comes and goes.” . Yet. adding and subtracting anything that he doesn’t like! The thing he obviously knows is that he is not the builder of the great pyramids of Khemet (Egypt. but good comes and grows. of which he claims his civilization is a part of) and that the people who did build them were Nuwaubians. he has skillfully danced in and out of the truth. Libana (Canaan) whose descendants inherited his curse of leprosy (Genesis 10:15-18).

The Persians ruled over the Greeks first. Above is pictogram of the Biblical Persian Ruler Darius. Below is a map of his Empire.Above is a the sun disk picture of Gods in Persia/Elam. Notice they are melaninite/(black). You only see Greeks and Romans recorded in the New Testament which was created by the False Apostle Paul who never met Jesus in the flesh. Check out his fro. . This was before Alexander the Great. Nor did Jesus appoint him a disciple. Paul took the title for himself because he was in the company of John. Mark. The Greeks and Roman were the late comers not the first. and Peter the real Apostles.

evil is what evil does. Hell isn't physically 'down' any more than Heaven is 'up'. on the Royal Doors of the Cathedral in Sevastopol. Thor's Hammer Sometimes this cross is called Satan's Cross because it points downward to Hell. and began a campaign to eradicate these troublemakers. as he did not feel worthy to die the same way as Jesus. Andrew's Cross. This is the sign of Cain/Fallen men and angels the antichrists. Emperor Nero saw this new church as a threat. the upside down cross is a Pagan image because it resembles the Icelandic and Nordic hammer of Thor. Rob Peter to Praise Paul the Antichrist working for the Romans. Peter was imprisoned. How many Popes had the name Paul attributed to them? Look it up you will be amazed. the 'X' shaped St. See the hatred for educated black man goes back to biblical days. and he too requested that a cross different to Christ's Latin Cross be used. . Archbishop Joachim of Nizhny Novgorod was also crucified upside down. Andrew. rather he fell to his death1.) For some. He was an early missionary in Asia Minor and the Roman Empire and founded the Church of Rome with Paul. Well you think about it. St. Yashua was black/melaninite and so where his disciples. Peter is actually Peter one of the Disciples and so was St. His brother. Andrew. Such was his faith. Peter's Cross. Satan was never crucified on a cross. he remarkably succeeded in persuading his sadistic captors to change from the normal way of executing prisoners. also was crucified. Therefore many Christian sects use this cross as a symbol of humility. This inverted cross is sometimes used by Satanists to mock the Latin Cross and its meaning. Therefore we have another cross form. tortured and finally crucified. The White man worships the religion of Paul one of many antichrists.St. it is believed. a Black Sea port of southern Ukraine. an inverted cross sometimes known as Satan's Cross St. Peter's Cross Peter is believed to have been crucified upside down at his own request. But this is a misnomer. (In any case. In 1920.

(St. Peter is also often remembered through the Celtic Cross.) .


mela·nin (mel′ə nin) noun a brownish-black pigment found in skin. And the manifestation of the solid form of light is melanin. hair. Keeping It Healthy If you do not purify your Melanin molecule that lays within you. . all light and color combined are blackness. it manifests as blackness. That is. being that you were pro-created as a New-Being or Nubian. It was given to you. as in schorlomite.Melaninite mineral Main Aspects of this topic are discussed in the following places at Britannica. or may simply produce a black colour.. now called Earth. or demantoid). It is Vitamin B that keeps melanin clean within you. When you see full spectrum of light in its physical state.. the Melanin-Ite Children. The melanin that is throughout your body is the same thing that colors the planet Qi. It dwells in your very essence and in your environment. as in melanite. Your body is dedicated is to making melanin. Titanium may extensively replace both the iron and the silicon. you will not heal your body of its ailments. Andradite is typically found with grossular in contact-metamorphosed limestone.and yellowish green or emerald-green (Uralian emeralds. see garnet. and other animal or plant tissues MELANIN FACTS A Gift This gift being the finest of the refined chemicals known to your species. Assorted References • andradite ( in andradite ) . For details of chemistry and occurrence.

that which is primitive. death. As the 7 species of Rizqiyians. Six ether (Albinos) is nine ether (Nuwaubians aka Negroids) in death. that is the same kind of ether forces that grew the universe. seven. the most melanin recessive. There are two kinds of ether . that range from six. 7 in all. The Melanin-ites.nine ether and six ether in human form. Nine ether. produced six ether. . is the Moon and 9 ether is the sun. The original Melaninites. Nine ether then personified themselves as flesh and blood beings. from flat to hollow to round. Nine ether will become six ether through time and age (die). As nature was growing these Melaninites were parts of the original growth. The Melaninites created the universes in their etheric form. today tries to reduce the importance of melanin. dark skinned Muurs “Moors” came along with the original creation. After the death of 6 ether. Flugelrods or Hulub. dark skinned. From Atoms to Adam …The Melanin-ites created the universes in their etheric form. not to be mistaken with the ethers of hair. HU. and six ether produced ghosts. Therefore. and ghost is the death of six ether.9 ETHERIAN/ETHER-UTOPIAN/ETHIOPIAN/MELANIN-ITE Nine Ether is conscious and conscience gases. woolly haired Muurs personified by both. Six ether. Hence 6 ether is adverse to 9 ether just as death is adverse to life. the Melaninites and their evolutionary descendants are the personification of the original creative forces. and any individuals who might have toxic Melanin will act in a very similar manner. controlling propaganda and the media tries to hide the very word melanin. the fathers of one of the Albino races. animalistic and barbaric. you have 7 species of Melaninites. 9 ether resurrects again. Yet. Negroid. Caucasians. the original woolyhaired. they became human beings from atoms to Adam. As A Toxicant Melanin is deranged only when it becomes toxic. sound and electric energy. This is why there is a great concentration on drugging the Nubians of the Western world. Media Coverage The Luciferians who are the Halaabeans. Melanin grew with original creation. they being of all the creatures on the planet with melanin. eight and nine in hair texture.

KI means earth where all the mortal beings of the earth have a pale/white skin tone. Daylight is an illusion for the sky appears blue but is not. So who is a monkey? When you you’re fruit from the tree of life rooted in Heaven/ANU it’s a black olive seed. It was on the forth plane. Anunnaki means heavenly souls appointed to Earth by ANU. the most high sent down from heaven to earth in sets of 50’s while on the planet earth under an appointed being. The Annunaqi are those beings that And. the plane of “ultimate will. who is also known Al Khidr. When you shave an ape or monkey the beast skin tone is pale/albino/white. Anu/heaven on Ki/earth. They are the race of supreme beings not spooks. the Annunaqi Eloheem skin was olive tone green to dark reddish brown. Now you think about it!!!! Who are the Annunaqi Eloheem? Answer: The Annunaqi Eloheem are a race of beings created of pure green light and impure amber light before the foundation of this world. or apparitions.We are the Children of the Annunaqi/Eloheem/Neteru ANU means heaven. or the mental plane” that the division between the so-called good and so-called evil was established. Murduk. like the waters of the great ocean. when you look up at the sky at night you see the true essence darkness/blackness/electric indigo. They receive the name Annunaqi when they came to earth. As the supreme beings. The most high Elyown Elyown El illuminated the light of Murduk. son of Damkina and Enqi. ghosts. Annunaqi is just another name for Rizqiyians meaning “providers”. meaning “the .

who is the highest of all the one”. Al Mahdi. or angels. impure and amber. to the vision of the intellect. Apostles. and the second part was called “fire” from which came jaan. The deity Murduk is equivalent to Amun Ra. He is of the green essence. The Messiah. That essence became divided into two parts. (Atum Ra) in Egyptian sciences. . the soul of the prophets. which came the noble and superior individuals. One was extremely pure and luminous. the father of the jinn. and the people of the right hand. with the splendor of beauty. Whereas the other appeared. Annunaqi. Cherubeems. a race of evil Eloheem.

AN U .

So. The preceding is the core of the Nuwaupians’ story concerning the sun. From his throne. . He (the sun) is put to death by the demons of darkness (sundown). Rama. More and more original meaning of the story. Buddah. meaning. the true meaning of the story was lost. When the sun reaches the earth. Every time to you end your prays with Amen/Amun you are paying tribute to this Deity. look under the word planet in a dictionary with a table of the planets. meaning.Above is a picture of Amun RA. because the sun is the burning that is the original source of all lesser burnings (natural and artificial) in the solar system. Christian. Mean his essence is the purity of faith within our souls. The sun enters hell or darkness called the grave (gravitation) and rises from the grave (the dead) in the morning (sunrise or levitation) victorious over death. Jesus. What that say in opposition that’s an Omen when it’s really a revelation from Amen the ever living. Because Amen means the conceal/unseen essence of the Creator all within and out of creation. until it was eventually applied to individual men such as Krishna. AmenRa means faithful to Ra the universal life-force. Amen-Ra is within you and is your true self. hell. Muslims. meaning. on the earth. the earth and the things thereof and the rest of the solar system. the planets and their satellites in this part of the universe. the sun condescends and descends to earth. and the grave and ascends back into the heavens where he always reigns. he sheds blood (the red hue of the sun at sunset by which he gives life to the world as he is put to death on the cross. who sits on the throne at midday (this is the time the sun is highest in the sky) the sun is bright and morning star and the light of the world. Deities are Immortal Intelligences that exists in and out our nature and soul as one. The sun is the creator of the solar system. and Jews end all their prayers and sacred scriptures with Amen. Don’t be alarmed the whole time you have been worshipping the Black Deities and didn’t even know it. because the astronomical symbol of the earth and moon is a cross in a circle. the sun was also used to symbolize. and other savior types. who by his ray (light) gives life to the world. Black people’s 24-hour nature story The sun is the king and ruler of the solar system. then ideas were added to this story.

Ante-diluvian kings the Shepherd · Ziusudra Etana · 1st Dynasty of Kish Enmebaragesi Enmerkar · Lugalbanda · 1st Dynasty of Uruk Dumuzid. Yes. These Beings are the Elohim/Gods/Eloheemn/Neteru/Anunnaqi. . We were rulers before the Bible. 3rd dynasty of Ur Above is a Sumerian Kings List that predates the Bible. . Nimrod/Sargon was really trying to build a launching pad to reach the heavens. a launching pad. though not necessarily rulers. obelisks. and ziggurats with these names inscribed on the wall and clay tablets. are famous for their grave finds.[hide] v•d•e Notable rulers of Sumer Alulim · Dumuzid. . Nimrod / Sargon and Iraq . the Fisherman · Gilgamesh (Meskalamdug)* · 1st Dynasty of Ur Mesannepada · (Puabi)* 2nd Dynasty of Uruk Enshakushanna Ur-Nanshe · Eannatum · En1st Dynasty of Lagash anna-tum I · Entemena · Urukagina Dynasty of Adab Lugal-Anne-Mundu 3rd Dynasty of Kish Kubaba 3rd Dynasty of Uruk Lugal-Zage-Si Sargon/Nimrod · Manishtushu · Naram-Sin · Dynasty of Akkad Shar-Kali-Sharri · Dudu · Shu-turul 2nd Dynasty of Lagash Puzer-Mama · Gudea 5th Dynasty of Uruk Utu-hegal Ur-Nammu · Shulgi · AmarSin · Shu-Sin · Ibbi-Sin * Meskalamdug and Puabi. We are their children. There are temples.

and may have been the same man as the legendary Nimrod of Mesopotamia known as a great hunter. Nimrod was the founder of the city of Babylon. a giant.” literally meaning “plains of the flatlands. the namesake of the Osirian civilization that Nimrod was attempting to rebuild. There were a couple of Sargons. Osiris. which is one of the seven cities that was inhabited by the agreeable Anunnaqi. toward Babylon on the left bank of the Euphrates. as we saw in Part I. and a great civilizer and builder of cities. a king. and his most renowned architectural influence was the construction of the Tower of Babel. Furthermore he. conqueror. Erek a city 40 miles northwest of Ur. after he had civilized Egypt. we reach the true source of the Nimrod legend: Osiris. Nippur was also known as Kodesh. Nimrod wanted Abraham to worship Anu. Mesopotamia. perhaps most importantly. and Accad or Akkad – a city in North Babylon and a part of the district around it are all a part of the land of Shinar called by many “The Country of Two Rivers. there was Babel or Babylon. the pale man made up his own version of Nimrod life. was greatly interested in recovering information from the world before the Flood.” It was the city of Enlil. like Nimrod. the ancient site and capital of Babylon near the Euphrates. Sargon the Akkadian 2311-1941 BCE is Nimrud. to cover up the truth.” It used to be an ancient city in Babylon. It was to be called Calneh or Kalneh (Genesis 10:10). The Most High known as ELYOWN ELYOWN EL. a conqueror. Osiris is represented by the constellation of Orion in Egyptian zodiacs.” In the land of Shinar. This is the key . king of Egypt. leaving Isis as his regent. today called Iraq. was a mighty man of old — a demigod. Osiris traveled to other lands. It was originally called “Nibruqi” meaning “Earth place of Nibiru. Not only was Calneh one of Nimrod’s cities. Calneh is often associated with Nippur.Nimrod/Sargon was a worshipper of Anu. is the place where the Ancient Sumerians came to set up an advanced civilization where you’d find pictograph cuneiform writings. Osiris. meaning “fortress of Anu. to teach other peoples what he taught the Egyptians. Nimrod also had a city named in honor of Anu. Finally. and builder of cities. Nimrod unlike Abraham did not believe in an unseen deity. the Anunnaqi Eloheem. And. son of Anu and Antum.

with fully formed systems of writing. The symbol of Narmer was that of a catfish surmounting a chisel. architecture and civilization both arose around that time. Narmer was almost certainly of the divine lineage of Osiris. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas. the Egyptian hieroglyphics for catfish and chisel that make up Narmer's name may refer to the fact that Narmer was of divine parentage. traveled to Mesopotamia and civilized the barbarians that had lived there.. and the chisel may refer to the fact that he was known as a cutter of stone and. In both places.. in ancient times past.. and may well have been the source of the name "Nimrod". one of the god-names of Horus.c. It is also not a surprise that the first king of united Egypt was named "Nar-mer". Forever afterwards.c. therefore." Thus. a builder of cities. teaching mankind the arts and sciences and civilization. Thus. astronomy agriculture. very close to "Izdubar". like Nimrod. Though probably not the king who inspired the legend of Osiris. around the same time that civilization arose both in Sumer and in Egypt.— in ancient times Osiris. forming the first nation of the ancient world. which is also very similar to Nimrod. traveling throughout the ancient world attempting to civilize mankind. and all the lively and technical arts we know today. they looked back to this "Golden Age" when demigods walked the Earth. it may be an important clue to the origin of Osiris and an ancient line of divine kings who claimed descent from him. without any evidence of development over time. had left behind mighty legends in his wake of a physical. There is a family in Europe named the Merovingians who have descended from a 5th-century king who claimed to have been the offspring of a human mother and a mysterious "beast from the sea": "the mysterious sea beast — the Bistea Neptunis — as symbolically defined in the Merovingian ancestry.. intellectual and spiritual giant of a man who had. The immortal sea-lord was said to be 'ever-incarnate in a dynasty of ancient kings' whose symbol was a fish. Archaeologists have long remarked on how suddenly. This makes sense. mathematics. 40 If Osiris did indeed visit Mesopotamia and bring kingship to Kish. a god of old Arcadia. Though this symbol seems curious at first. John Anthony West says it best in his classic Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt: . as the pronunciation of Osiris' name from the original hieroglyphics is actually pronounced "whizzer". Izdubar/Gilgamesh may have in fact been Osiris. we may actually be able to date Osiris to approximately 3500 b.. Narmer was a semi-divine king known for building cities. as Narmer was the king that had unified upper and lower Egypt around 3200 b.

. many of which appear to have been built in an attempt to mirror the constellation of Orion on Earth. art and religion into a single organic Unity. Suddenly. From bottom left to top right: "Great" Pyramid of Khufu. like Gilgamesh of Mesopotamian myth. at the order An aerial view of the Pyramids of Giza. Moreover. the mystery of some of the awesome and inexplicable sites around the Mediterranean. many of the achievements of the earliest dynasties were never surpassed. in the form of architecture: The Osirian Empire was the Egyptian god Osiris. such as Ba'albek [in Lebanon]. but in Egypt. The origin of Osiris is not clear. or even equaled later on.41 The constellation or Orion. does not seem quite so mysterious after all. Pyramid of Menkaure. The three cities of Assyria built by Orion/Nimrod. though myths of Osiris abound in Egyptian religion and myth. with a line drawn through them to show how they are aligned. This astonishing fact is readily admitted by orthodox Egyptologists. And this profound understanding manifested itself in a consistent. which some believe were meant to be an earthly mirror to the belt stars of Orion in heaven. The whole of Egyptian civilization was based upon a complete and precise understanding of universal laws. the ancient god of the Egyptians. medicine.Egyptian science. The sciences. Inset is a closeup of the three belt stars of Orion. indeed. and examples of his handiwork can be found throughout the Mediterranean and its coasts. Osiris/Nimrod was most likely the builder or rebuilder of the many megalithic structures we find scattered throughout the ancient Near East in his attempt to recreate the world before the Flood. It may well be that Nimrod did not start out in Sumer at all. which mirror exactly the three belt stars in the constellation Orion.. artistic and architectural techniques and the hieroglyphic system show virtually no signs of a period of "development". where he was known as Osiris.. Pyramid of Khafre. was given godlike status over time. In other words. in view of the advanced and ancient civilization in the Mediterranean. while its many implications go unmentioned. Childress believes that Osiris was an actual historical person who. coherent and inter-related system that fused science. who predated most of the gods of Egypt including Re. fits in well with the Arab legend that the massive stone blocks were built a short time after the Flood. along with some of the other megalithic sites in the Mediterranean. it was exactly the opposite of what we find in the world today. which may also mirror the belt stars of Orion on Earth. but the magnitude of the mystery it poses is skillfully understated. This theory of Ba'albek being some remnant of the Osirian Empire. every aspect of Egyptian knowledge seems to have been complete at the very beginning. This man "Osiris" was known all around the Mediterranean. The three main pyramids of Giza. Hancock and others believe that this was an attempt by the ancient Egyptians to create a "heaven on earth" in a very real sense. Bauval. . mathematics and astronomy were all of an exponentially higher order of refinement and sophistication than modern scholars will acknowledge.

northeast Africa and southern Arabia. this is unlikely as Cush. referring to upper and lower Egypt). Rediscover Ancient Egypt with Tehuti Research Foundation The Ancient Egyptian/Christian Holy Families . and in the stars. south of Egypt. further study will be required to see what became of his most important legacy to mankind: the line of divine kings that followed after him. his ancestor. and Poseidon.of the legendary King Nimrod. southern Egypt. There. "the two lands". The Cushites lived in Ethiopia. indicating that he may have spread outward from Mesopotamia. especially the reference to Nimrod being a descendant of Cush. Mizraim. and some of their descendants may well have emigrated north and east into the land of Shinar." King Nimrod. and then began expanding outwards in their attempt to rebuild and recivilize the Earth as it had been. 42 Thus. Osiris is at the right place. Osiris answers all of the questions that have been nagging commentators for millennia. was the father of the Kushites. who lived in what is now Ethiopia. It is also instructive to note that the Bible said that the beginning of Nimrod's kingdom was Babylon. Cush's brother. by a "tribe of giants. And forever after. are just other names for Osiris of Egyptian mythology. Similarly. they began to rebuild the antediluvian cities of the plain that had been destroyed by the Flood. his great exploits were remembered by the ancient Mesopotamians in their myths and legends. was the father of the Egyptians (miz rai'm is the Hebrew name for Egypt literally. at the right time. And though Nimrod is best remembered by his feats of strength and building of architectural marvels. spreading out throughout the ancient Mediterranean world building magnificent structures the likes of which cannot be duplicated even today. and of the right lineage to be the fabled Nimrod of old. though Nimrod's kingdom appears in the Bible to have been restricted to Mesopotamia (modern Iraq).

The more they are studied. Both accounts are practically the same. long before the adoption of the New Testament. The British Egyptologist. The main difference between the “two versions”. Once the inner meanings of the allegories have been revealed. The Gods of the Egyptians [1969]. are striking. The Egyptians (Ancient and present-day Baladi) did/do not believe their allegories as historical facts. processes. Allegories dramatize cosmic laws. Sir E. and express them in a way easy to understand.g. blind faith in a kind of emotional and superstitious supernaturalism. according to the stage of development of the listener. Mark and his immediate followers. . the supernatural conception. in the sense that they believed in the truth beneath the stories. The Christian religion threw away and lost the very soul of their meaning when it mistranslated the Ancient Egyptian allegorical language into alleged history. in all essentials so closely resembled that which was the outcome of the worship of Osiris. They believed IN them. A. and the resurrection from the dead to eternal life. the richer they become. wrote in his book. is that the Gospel tale is considered historical and the Ausar/Auset/Heru (Osiris/Isis/Horus) cycle is an allegory. Isis. and Horus. principles. noted by Budge and everyone who has compared the Egyptian Ausar/Auset/Heru (Osiris/Isis/Horus) allegory to the Gospel story. the struggles against the enemy in the wilderness. e. Allegories are intentionally chosen as a means for communicating knowledge. instead of viewing it as spiritual allegory. the divine birth. The ‘inner dimension’ of the teachings embedded into each story make them capable of revealing several layers of knowledge.The very thing that is now called the Christian religion was already in existence in Ancient Egypt. the more we see. It is always there. The higher we get. The result was a pathetic. The “secrets” are revealed as one evolves higher. The new religion (Christianity) which was preached there by St. The similarities. relationships and functions. they become marvels of simultaneous scientific and philosophical completeness and conciseness. Wallis Budge. and effectively aborted the real power of the story/allegory to transform the life of every individual.

to achieve prosperity. and Set married NebtHet. This love story resonates with betrayal and loyalty. and the spirit. [More details about the creation of the universe and man in chapter 13 of our book. He gave them a body of laws to regulate their conduct. the biblical Jesus. Ausar (Osiris) came to earth for the benefit of mankind. Ausar (Osiris). settled their disputes justly. Ausar (Osiris) symbolizes the divine in a mortal form— combining both spirit (Nut) and matter (Geb). tombs. evil and righteousness. duty and compassion. death and rebirth.] The union of Nut (spirit) and Geb (matter) produced four offspring. likewise. so as to highlight the Egyptian source of Christianity.The Egyptian allegory of Auset (Isis) and Ausar (Osiris) explains practically all facets of life. dated 3. Ausar (Osiris) brought civilization and spirituality to the people. and goes as follows: The self-created Atum begat the twins Shu and Tefnut. According to the Ancient Egyptian traditions. and instructed them in the science of . and the mysteries of the body. and Nebt-Het (Nepthys). the meaning of sisterhood and brotherhood and of motherhood/fatherhood/sonhood. bearing the title of Manifester of Good and Truth. the soul.000 years before Christianity. the manifestation of the forces of nature. Like the biblical Jesus. The Egyptian allegory goes that Ausar married Auset. Set (Seth). enabling them thus. This narrative is compiled from Ancient Egyptian temples. who in turn gave birth to Nut (the sky/spirit) and Geb (the earth/matter). The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity. and papyri. Auset (Isis). forgetting and remembering. Ausar became King of the land (Egypt) after marrying Auset. The following is a shortened version of the story of the Auset/Ausar Egyptian allegory.

Auset (Isis) searched everywhere. The evil group quickly closed and sealed the chest. the biblical Jesus was persuasive and was celebrated as Lord of the Dance in a Christmas carol from the Middle Ages. upon receiving the news of Ausar’s fate and disappearance. he traveled around the world to spread the same instructions. and Ausar/Osiris by Set (Seth/Typhon) at their own privately-held banquets. and music. When Ausar (Osiris) returned from his mission. including children.spiritual development. The divine son comes down from heaven. but by the use of persuasive lectures. . Meanwhile. spiritual hymns. Set became the new Pharaoh—as the coffin containing the lifeless body of Ausar flowed into the Mediterranean Sea. 4]: Ausar (Osiris) was laughter-loving and fond of music and the dance. there are vivid similarities. in Book I [18. Auset (Isis). Wherever Ausar (Osiris) went he brought peace and learning to the people. Both Jesus and Osiris were betrayed by dinner guests (Jesus by Judas. for it was said that children had/have the power of divination. God came down to earth to guide the world. Similarly. Diodorus of Sicily wrote. was in grief and vowed never to rest until she found the Manifester of Truth—Ausar. Both had traveled to spread the word. Ausar (Osiris) induced people to accept his teachings. where he was tricked by Set (Seth)—the evil one—and his accomplices into lying down inside a makeshift coffin. The biblical Jesus’ age was assumed to be 23 years old and Ausar (Osiris) was 28 years old—both of young ages. not by force of arms. he was greeted with a royal feast. Between the two evangelists (Ausar and Jesus). and threw it into the Nile. Having civilized Egypt. accosting everyone she met.

Auset (Isis) requested shelter at the house of a poor woman. enclosing the body of Ausar in its trunk. who ordered that the tree be cut down.Children. The tree grew large. Humility is symbolized in the action of the Christ King [Matthew. and with all that that implies. He utilized the trunk as a pillar in his house without knowing the great secret it contained within. and its trunk brought to him. Christiandom missed the point that it is the powerful who must learn to be humble.] News of this magnificent tree came to the king of this alien land. This point signifies the paramount feature of the Egyptian teachings where one was/is taught not to consider oneself to be superior to others. This is reference to the Tree of Life. this became the Christmas tree. [See an Ancient Egyptian temple depiction below. are acknowledged by the biblical Jesus in the New Testament. This applies to everyone—including Auset. In Christianity. but to rank oneself as the poorest. and most humble of mankind. It is also a reference to the Tet (Djed) pillar of Ausar (Osiris). and fragrant. lowest. The story continues that the coffin of Ausar (Osiris) was swept by the waves to the shoreline of a foreign land. 21:5 and John. beautiful. the Queen. This is truly Ancient Egyptian symbolism. By fabricating humble roots for Jesus and his family. 12:13-15] to mount an ass—that represents the ego and false pride. A tree sprang up and grew around it. with the power of divination. . The story goes that one day during her search.

she conceived a child—Heru (Horus). The supernatural conception and the virgin birth of Heru (Horus) found their way into Christianity. On the left. Drawing Ausar’s essence from him. and murals at Abydos and Philae] to transform herself into a dove. Auset’s (Isis’) role in the Egyptian Model Story and the story of the Virgin Mary are strikingly similar. as her magical essence embodied in the flying dove draws the essence of Ausar to be impregnated. Auset’s conception of Heru by no living man is the oldest documented version of immaculate conception. representing conception and procreation. and the purpose of her mission. and. When she arrived she dressed as a commoner and befriended the queen’s handmaidens and was able to get a job in the palace as a nurse of the baby prince. For more information about: . as such. Heqet. [See the Ancient Egyptian temple depiction below. 1636. She hid the body in the marshes of the Nile Delta. In other words. practiced the Egyptian teachings that emphasize the practice of humility by serving others without exception—to achieve union with her love—The Divine. Auset (Isis) then asked the king that the pillar be given to her. Auset used her magical powers [according to Pyramid Texts number 632. for both were able to conceive without male impregnation.Auset (Isis) had a revelation in her dreams that Ausar’s body was in this alien land. Ancient Egyptian temple depiction showing Auset on the left. Later on. symbolizes the power of fertility. a frog-headed netert. Auset (Isis) confessed her identity to the queen. Auset was revered as the Virgin Mother.] This action symbolizes reincarnation and spiritual rebirth—a key to understanding the Egyptian belief in life after death. The king granted her request. the Queen of Egypt. so she immediately traveled there. and she cut deep into the trunk and took out the chest. Auset was impregnated by the holy ghost of Ausar. < Auset (Isis). Auset (Isis) returned back to Egypt with the chest containing Ausar’s lifeless body.

and it resembles the Christian festival of Christmas. was held on 25 December.” Like Auset. The celebration was called The Day of the Child in His Cradle. Set went to kill the newborn.] The story continues that one night (while Auset (Isis) was giving birth to Heru (Horus) in hiding). In the New Testament the angel of the Lord says to Joseph. [More info in our book. set out to destroy all the newborn males. This is the source of the story in which Herod. the Virgin Mary is celebrated as the “Queen of Marshes”. and was held at the court and the chapel of the Dendera Temple. son of Auset (Isis) The Ancient Egyptian concept of holy (virgin) conception/birth The ideal of virginity in the Ancient Egyptian culture refer to our book.• • • • The Egyptian origin of the name Mary The Egyptian origin and meaning of Christ being Heru (Horus). Hearing that Set was coming. Ausar represents the lunar principle in the universe and is known as Ausar the Moon. An Ancient Egyptian festival celebrating the birth of Heru (Horus). by Moustafa Gadalla. by Moustafa Gadalla. The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity. and when the moon was full. . When Set heard about the new child (Heru). upon hearing about the birth of the biblical Jesus. “Arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt. the evil Set and his accomplices found the chest containing the dead body of Ausar and cut him into 14 pieces (the 14 symbolizes the number of days required to shape a full moon). Auset was told to take him to a secluded spot in the marshes of the Nile Delta [as per the Ancient Egyptian temple depiction shown below]. The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity.

“the immanence of divinity in the phenomenal forms of the universe. wrapped it in linen bandages.” As soon as Heru (Horus) had grown to manhood.. By remembering and recollecting the story of Auset and Ausar (Isis and Osiris). and Heru (Horus) performed the Ceremony of Opening The Mouth upon the mummy. Ausar (Osiris) is usually shown in a mummified bearded human body. carrying the shepherd’s crook (being the shepherd of mankind) and the flail (symbolizing the ability to separate wheat from chaff). which had been swallowed by a fish in the Nile. 1. 2. he challenged Set (Seth) for the right to the throne in what was called the Great Quarrel/Struggle in the Wilderness. we keep in our hearts a tale that expresses. Auset (Isis). while Heru (Horus) was to take his place as king of the living (the present). with the help of others. her job was to search near and far. in Joseph Cambell’s words. Tehuti (Thoth/Hermes/Mercury). and scattered them throughout the land. which is the root of the word religion.When Auset (Isis) heard about how Set (Seth)and his accomplices cut Ausar (Osiris) into different pieces. Set (Seth) remained the Lord of Wilderness. all except the phallus (indicative of physical reproduction). and mummified it. collected all the pieces. To bind or tie together is the meaning of the "Latin" word religio. with the help of others.. so as to collect and put the broken pieces back together. As the Pefect Shepherd. Long live the King (Heru/Horus). Auset (Isis). . This represents the everlasting perpetual cycle of the spiritual power on earth: The King is dead (Ausar/Osiris). She then reunited the dismembered body of Ausar and. and Ausar (Osiris) was brought back to life as the Judge and King of the Dead (the past).

4:14). In many ways. he is said to have risen from the dead. Both Ausar and Jesus were shortly resurrected after their deaths. “thy rod and thy staff. The miracle described in John’s Gospel was never an historic event. they demonstratively affirmed proper conduct and its other-worldly rewards. Like Ausar. for assurance of immortality. Both became the savior to whom men and women turned. but only by one who has shared the experience of human suffering and death. as well as the Ancient Egyptian roots of Christianity. • • • Both Ausar (Osiris) and Jesus suffered and died.50 USD (eBook) .The shepherd motif is encountered in the 23rd Psalm. the account of the Resurrection of Jesus is similar to that of Ausar (Osiris). instead it was a recurring. 5. Finally. after which time they returned to heaven.5" List Price: $12. Moustafa Gadalla For more information about the spiritual message of death/rebirth and its potentials for each individual. the biblical story about the raising from the dead of El-Asar or Lazarus has maintained the Ancient Egyptian name/concept of the Ancient Egyptian Ausar (Osiris).5" x 8. deeply archetypal and widely used symbol of God’s power to resurrect the dead. they comfort me”. The medieval Passion plays concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus closely parallels the death and resurrection of the Egyptian King as Ausar (Osiris).95 USD (paperback) $8. refer to: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity by Moustafa Gadalla 192 pages. Reassuming earthly form. The Ancient Egyptians believed. that ”man cannot be saved” by a distant Almighty. having “saved the world”. as did the early Christians (Hebrews.

They came over to America. “Atla” pluralized became “Atlaan”. North America (Atlan) and South America (Amexam or Hexian). and Greeks added the “Tis” and you . in their language we got Atlaan. They called it in their Cushite/Ethiopian language “Atla” or “Utla” which means “To Go Somewhere for Vacation”. Transcribed by Amunubi Rahkaptah The Nuwbuns walked or traveled westward. So from Atla. When the Nuwbuns. who became known as Olmecs recognized it had broke and split into two parts.MAP OF ANCIENT BABLYLON How did Nuwbuns (Olmecs) get to America? Excerpted from “El Katub Shil El Mawut” (The Book of the Dead) Coming Forth By Day.

you will find us as a race. where you find the Latin word Moreno. All of that was one landmass. even Muu from Ancient Tarite for “Water”. and there was no red sea. on al of the European coast of Arms. Egyptians or Afro-American bur rather Moor. one of Jesus’ disciples is being called Niger. These Nuwbuns set up great empires when they came here. All of the people there were what the Latin-speaking historians recorded as Morenos (Moors) in French it is Muur. Later after the continental drift. Nigger. where what the Latin-speaking historians recorded as Moors. “primitive workers. and what we did as the civilizers of all of the Europe. in Hebrew Ana from the Egyptian Awn.” and Anu – from the Sumerian. meaning “Most High. Being all of His-Story is recorded in these languages and not in the Arabic or Hebrew. and Arabia or Asia.” Also. what we owned. which is called Egypt. which produced separate continents. which is strictly the color black not the state of God before creating the light (Genesis 1:2-3) the Romans used Negra as far back as the new testament in Acts 13:1. then whenever they made reference to our rights. Then you have Mongolian’s land which begins after the Persian Gulf.” They were also called Lulu. the Caribbean islands to Chili. It means “great warriors. was a part of one landmass before the continental drift. When you look into the Greek you get “Neeger” and they give this meaning of the world “black”. this side became Atlan.” The Louisianans were the great dark warriors who lived in the city of Ta’moori. . not to be mistaken with “Negra”. from A’tla. and extends all the way to New Mexico and as far as the Tigris Euphrates. called Ganun el Nuwba. as used for the color in today’s dialects derived from the ancient Romans as Latin and Greek. and all the islands in the South Atlantic ocean. The true inhabitants of that land were the original Nuwaubians who became many tribes and many names and tongues. Our land extended from the shores of California. He is also called Ali in Arabic. from the Sumerian words Lulu Amelu meaning. called the city of the sun. or On (plus more about On). all the way throughout south America. not being called Negro or African or Colored or Nubians. and of the people there. meaning “heavenly one. but in the sense of the supreme balancement. Another name for them is Anunnaqis. where Simon. Lower part became Amexem from Hexian or Afmuurican. Yes you are “Moors” because of the historical records worldwide. We Muurs were the original Olmecs. There was no division between America and Africa. or famous in war. who descended from the skies. which is was a city in Heliopolis. which was where our land ended. which means “black”. (Tigris Euphrates). and there is no such thing as the Middle East.get “Atlantis”. which means from the Pacific through the Atlantic on over. Louisiana The name Louisiana is from Louis-Ana or Lewis and Anu. …Tar.

Recognize!!!! . civilizers of America. Xian Empire( Black China) Sumeria. Yes we are Mu-Atlantis. Lumeria. we are the universal melanin-ite people of planet Earth. Israel. Ethiopia.Our Olmec/Atlantean ancestors are the first builders. Babylon. We have a Soul Birthdate with the SUN. founders. Egypt. Indus Kush(India).

Also they created many calendars and timing systems sync to the Osiris/Orion Isis/Sirius constellations. .Many cultures around the planet of ancient built there cities symmetrically aligned with The Osiris Constellation as their template.

2: The virgin of Israel is fallen. even a lamentation. O house of Israel. she shall no more rise: she is forsaken upon her land. .King James Edition Old Testament Book of Amos Chapter 5 1: Hear ye this word which I take up against you.

there is none to raise her up.D. along with mathematics (a . jobs. making the word Jesus no older than the 16th or 17th century. If Yahweh was his name and was the original pronunciation. the Tetragrammaton JHVH becomes obsolete. meant “evil. it may be permissible for the Canaanite (Genesis 9. In other words. why would you deviate? Because of “currency and familiarity” or because it just seems more “naturalized” to use? If that’s the case. Seek ye me. distorted and changed the original meanings of the words. The city that went out by a thousand shall leave an hundred. 4: For thus saith the LORD unto the house of Israel. 8: Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion (Osiris). . lest he break out like fire in the house of Joseph. . With this one fact alone. there was no “j” sound in the English language before 1565 A. and that which went forth by an hundred shall leave ten. The letters J.” Actually. and ye shall live: 5: But seek not Bethel. and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea. it’s okay to call you “Behovah Ditnesses. and pass not to Beer-sheba: for Gilgal shall surely go into captivity. The Babylonians used “yah” too. 6: Seek the LORD. and turneth the shadow of death into the morning. and devour it. nor enter into Gilgal. . and leave off righteousness in the earth. which meant “good” and “weh” too. “White” Teachings For the time being. and ye shall live. and trades. 7: Ye who turn judgment to wormwood (Nibiru). and there be none to quench it in Bethel. and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name: (AmenRa the Father of Osiris). The misnomer Jehovah/JHVH Let’s establish the facts. Jewish scholars in the first millenium took it upon themselves to invent a system of points. there was no way you could have pronounced Yahweh the way you say it today because there were no vowels int he original Hebrew language. V and P were not original letters in the Hebrew language. which represented vowels and placed them in the bible. and Bethel shall come to nought. 3: For thus saith the Lord GOD.” Don’t you see how ridiculous this sounds? And to go a little further back. to the house of Israel. Leviticus 13) to teach occupational knowledge.

stealing land. and subjects that no one can be deceived with.universal science that speaks for itself). lying to divide others. They will not and sometimes cannot give others the facts about these subjects. origins. creating ignorance. cultures. etc. However. not subjects like history. natural resources and heritages . religions. morals and the best way of life? They did this by suppressing and murdering darker people. when they are those who destroyed real knowledge. What can they teach anyone about morals and the best way of life.

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