Instant Addiction Formula (IAF


By Andrew Wang

Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)
A Revolutionary Breakthrough Guide To Slapping Your Inner Irresistible Attributes Awake
Proudly presented to you by Andrew Wang (Allurre)

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Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)

By Andrew Wang

I’d like to start by not just warmly welcoming you, but congratulating you for expressing your interest in making investment in my “Instant Addiction Formula”. No jokes, I’ve spent months meticulously composing and rewriting the killer contents in this book, ensuring that every breathing word is not even a stone’s throw short of molten gold. It’s the habit of a perfectionist. Every piece of information is ready for implementation and fulfills the secrets to keeping a woman addicted to you; and at times, irrationally inseparable from you. Whether you’re single, dating, or already in a relationship, this potent formula does not discriminate; it will make any woman within your radar go on an emotional override in love and lust. That’s why I’m excited to let you exploit this. Throughout this extensive reading, you’ll notice that I’ve provided multiple quintessential examples based on personal encounters and real-time experiences; this is all to demonstrate more vividly how each concept works. As promised, there are no theoretical mystifications or out-of-date methodologies. Everything is field-tested, stands the test of time, and will not let you down. There’s only a one sided-outcome, and that’s to joyously crown in victory. Why did I publish this guide? Firstly, I’ve always wanted to tackle one of the biggest weaknesses and gaping hole in every modern man’s dating repertoire, and that is to keep a woman highly interested in the long run. Sweat not, as the solution is now right before your very eyes, and I look forward to listen your feedback after testing my formula yourself. As you’re a valued VIP member of my circle now, I’ll be here to guide you further if you need my assistance. My personal e-mail’s available below. Secondly, guys see me all the time with the hottest women with brains, thus coming up to me seeking and bugging me for dating advice. Rumor then spreads that I have the miraculously gift to change dating lives, -- although I’d prefer the term ‘improve’ – and eventually I’ve earned the stripes as a credible go-to dating instructor, a role I that I am honored to play. However, after being a full-fledged hip hop artist and CEO of street wear fashion and music label LUXLIVIN in 2007, I no longer have the luxury of time to dedicate myself entirely on coaching men 1-by-1; let that be in person, instant messaging, or via e-mail. Note: My private coaching sessions are still available; spots are more limited and you still get your money’s worth, if not more.
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Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)

By Andrew Wang

So, I thought to myself, why not lay everything down on digital print? Fast forward a few months of heavy duty planning, writing, and wrestling with the perfectionist in me, I now proudly present to you my Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) -- possibly the closest ‘one size fits all’ guide to making you “dangerously irresistible.” I didn’t just employ that slogan for no cause. If the dating scene’s a jungle, this is the key to crowning the kingdom. More importantly, my goal is to beef up your understanding about women, and supply you with the “how-to’s” to generating long-lasting riveting attraction with women and make them force themselves to take the seat as your ‘faithful girlfriend’. I’m talking about real attraction that stays boiling hot even when you’re absent from her. How would you like it if she melts in the afterthought of you? I’m sure you would. The formula you’re about to digest will also alter the dynamics in your social stratosphere. Your friendship circle will broaden – though some may become fickle, strangers you come to contact with will find it difficult to dislike you, and you may potentially impact the lives of many positively without knowing. Just like picking up any new skill, this will require discipline, patience, and practice before you can comfortably evolve into this “new irresistible you.” The more you sharpen your knife, the better it will slice. You will also learn how to control the heartstrings of not just women, but people in general. I am going to recondition you – not brainwash – but nurture you with new life behavioral patterns that will dramatically bolster your level of likeability and personal status. You see, the reason why most men fail with women is because we grew up preconditioned with feminist-induced expectations. That’s why you witness so many guys bowing down to women and drooling in their presence. We’ve now become rigid creatures confined to counterproductive beliefs and behaviors imposed by our cultural society, which have imprisoned our inner-alpha male’s survival. It’s time to break free. Now, prepare for a constant state of self-revelation and unbridled glory.
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You’re going to start doing things differently around women now. We are going to create a “stickiness” glow around you. polish your inner + outer (overall) game. and dare to tackle your weaknesses. but also your friends and colleagues.instantaddictionformula.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang ARE YOU READY? HERE’S WHAT’S GOING DOWN. you agree to accept the potentially foreseeable constant calling of a woman. Several entailing methodologies may go against current reasoning you may have. We are about to embark in a process of self de-constructing and re-constructing. The good news? There’s no need to try undoing your past. Remember. instead. not continue to harbor them. a bad news ensues. and march forward courageously. If so. Warning: It’s only realistic to expect consequences to this formula. It’s time to detach. Apply not only towards women. learn to accept. and work career. But that’s a good thing for you. you will need a disciplined mind to commit coupled with the guts to experiment. Requirements: Again. and put it to practice. Real attractive men don’t just attract women. adopt. It’s time to stretch your comfort zone. but genders of all humankind. understand. and your future is about to grow blindingly brighter – with women. and shelve away your old counterproductive habits. You will detach from your old reality you are comfortable cushioned in. don’t just brush them aside. What I am going to reveal to you are a certain code of behaviors. you must build on your strengths. which I vehemently advise you to embrace. This is real social rewiring to increase the value of your Copyright © 2009. everything herein is field-tested and the beauty of it all is. social life. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. www. There’s no turning back. You’ll notice how drastically more favorable people will react towards you. Real talk. and walk into As you’ve already made the decision to access my formula. 1. . Nothing within was written in vain. text messaging. All rights reserved. grow. If you want to truly improve your game. Mark this as the official new chapter to your life right now. and possibly nights of jealousy on her end. harden your backbone. they’re all fail proof. By applying. 2. and live in accord to. LLC. and I will help map out whatever it takes to be an irresistible guy.

3. I am highly confident that you won’t just hit home runs with women. THE 6 MAJOR PILLARS TO INSTANT ADDICTION FORMULA (IAF) 1. All rights reserved. 6. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. www. Character Management (Positivism Outburst) Growing Dependency (on you) Constant Curiosity Factor Happiness Stimulation (Internally & Externally) Adrenaline Rush (Stirring Excitement) Added-Value Transfer = Instant Addiction With this formula. Don’t forget. and fully absorb every detail before proceeding to the next cornerstone. you will eventually adapt. Let’s begin. assess. 5. 4. . but stop. consistency in exercising this formula is the name of the game.instantaddictionformula. 2. Copyright © 2009. Don’t’ just rush to the very bottom of this guide.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang It may feel surreal during the initial phases – your first 14 days – but once your new reality structure sinks in. I want you to internalize everything in increments. but excel phenomenally in other fields of life.

Therefore. LLC. how can you actually live and project these traits? The desirable characteristics involve being the following:      Unshakable Positive Mindset Explosive Charisma Super Uber-Confidence Unwavering Independence Role model essence YOUR LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF Copyright © 2009. How you feel internally is always projected outwardly and transferred to the people around you. For example.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang PILLAR 1: INTENSIVE CHARACTER MANAGEMENT TRAVEL AT BREAKNECK SPEED TO SELF-ELEVATION AND SHARPENING YOUR INNER GAME First. Every step to self-improvement has to start from within: It all starts from the mind and taking action. you may not have asked to be mugged or experience a car accident. You may not be capable of identifying it now. . Many people refuse to believe this.instantaddictionformula. but time will tell. I want you to acknowledge that it is not a far-fetched concept for YOU to have the power to change your reality easily with these 5 traits. Life events stem chiefly from your thoughts. which most people confuse for as being nice. All rights reserved. www. Did you know… every event in your life and experiences you've been dealt with are the results of what you choose to allow in your life. I’m talking about developing dead-on desirable characteristics women die for – which some you may find obvious. I will begin by expounding on the power of positive thinking and living. If you release nothing but positive emotions outwardly. you will skyrocket your irresistibility factor. Your mental energy can affect your physical surroundings more than you expect. as it implies that all negative events were what they sought for. but something within you allowed that to happen. The problem is. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. we’re going to focus on rebuilding the foundation of your core character.

peaceful. But once you’re armed with an undying positive mentality. too bad. focus. WORK ON IT. your mind will pave mental pathways to it. “ “What a pity. and worldview with positivity. www. next!” As long as you have a bullet proof positive mentality. the chances of you being rejected will also diminish significantly. start aligning your attitude. LLC. Your mind happens to be extremely adaptive. In fact. the girl shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. and poised. there’s nothing wrong it. If you’re always happy.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang CULTIVATE AN UNRIVALED POSITIVITY IN YOUR EVERDAY INTERACTION Note: This section may be dense and lengthy. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Yes. Keep yourself and anyone you come into contact with in a constant positive loop. This is what every attractive human being – salesmen. but that’s because it is the most critical element to facilitate your transformation process. And yes. today may just be someone’s last day. there are still possibilities that you will still be rejected on your next 100 approaches even after mastering this formula. celebrities. In fact. and spokesmen – all intuitively understand and take heed to.) Instead of reacting in the face of rejection with negative self-limiting beliefs such as “There must be something wrong or missing about me…” You’ll start thinking along the lines of… “Ain’t nothing wrong with being rejected.instantaddictionformula. your communication skill set and success with women will voluminously increase. Oh well. then you’ll be warped into cycles of this emotional state. All rights reserved. she’s missing out on all the unmatchable fun. POSITIVITY IS NOT A SWITCH. From now on. Whatever emotional state you experience the Copyright © 2009. Your aura helps the people around you determine the type of character you are without you even having to talk about it. it will permeate into your aura. Running high on positivity indicates that you are emotionally and mentally sound. you’ll start embracing these rejections and take them more lightly. . despite how negative times may seem. YOU CAN’T FLICK IT ON & OFF. When your mind remains positive. (Getting rejected is all part of the game. we will all die some day.

I just got dumped” You: “I know how it feels man. and discomfiting to not be positive. People who are unhappy with their lives will always bring others around them down.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang What you tell yourself. you’ll notice that when talking about a negative situation with a friend. unusual. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. She’s a fool for that one. . It communicates to women that you’re a man that’s got his life together. Your friend: “Man. and trust me. while normal men would find it stressful. you infect people with positive energy. There are plenty more fishes out there. A positive mentality suggests that you are confident enough to take matters into your own hands. you increase that reality. Positivity allows you to be attuned to all hidden opportunities that are around you. This means that our mind is always trying to reclaim that past experience from our previous emotional state. you recreate that reality every second. Misery loves company. Emotions are that contagious. If you keep telling yourself that you’re a shy dude. Being an attractive adult also means managing your emotions so that people feel uplifted when you’re around. Copyright © 2009.” Whenever a negative or heating moment arises. This psychological fact ring true especially with women. and when you feel negative you infect people with negative energy. Why? Because you’ll redirect the channel of energy into positive grounds by reflex. even better ones that will suit you better. You’re going to find someone that will appreciate you more than she did. It becomes unnatural. then by ‘thinking’ about being shy. In our mind’s memory. A positive guy will embrace challenges. whose minds are wired with the ability to mirror and empathize with whatever it is that you www. suppress and squash it to death. it won’t last that long. When you feel positive. every recall is a reframe. All rights reserved. This is the golden secret amongst pick-up artist – although I don’t advocate that you should base your whole life on picking up women.instantaddictionformula. but don’t let this take over and ruin your life. When you’ve become a person that teems with positivity.

Negativity drags people down. Even those who hated your guts will somehow come to like you. the economy etc. Avoid saying negative things to anyone. you need to be in an authentic state to feel that way. People want to come back to people that give them hope and good spirits. You’ll only be left to suffer. you’re so funny!” This effect is exceptionally amplified when you’re a person who is socially forceful. The more positive you are in person. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Seriously. Most people fail to do so as they’re unaware that harvesting a positive internal mentality is a controllable factor – not one that is left up to chance or magical spellbound. All rights reserved. If you see good in the world. If you are feeling tired. and to do so.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang feel. don’t attempt to mask your energy state by telling your date that you could do push up for hours. or running away from the entire nature of a situation and interpreting it objectively in a ‘positive’ light. “Wow. you’ll find good in the world. POSITIVITY INVITES MORE POSITIVE PEOPLE AND EVENTS INTO YOUR LIFE. It’s around us everyday: In the headlines of news stories. that’s exactly what she’s going to get. STOP BEING NEGATIVE. that’s why whenever a guy is funny. When it comes to being positive. Negativity is something we’re all susceptible to. don’t mistaken positivism as an act of ignoring the essential truths of life. Imagine if you’re with a girl that complains and whines all day about the burdens in her life. you have to first STOP thinking about negative things. www. That’s why you should always avoid spoiled brats. women are the ones to verbalize or commentate on it first. Well. the more positive chain of events and people that will surround you. your friend’s complaints. LLC. The less gloom but much brighter your life will be. not someone that gives them the opportunity to wallow in self-pity. Do not overdramatize everything therefore coming across as fake. The transferred emotions of how you feel to the woman you’re talking to become even more intense.instantaddictionformula. which is usually expected if you’re going to attract women. and consumes a lot of our energy. regardless of how hard you try to sooth and comfort her Copyright © 2009. . Now. Start believing now.

non-empathically. cancel it.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Don’t behave haughtily. You can easily overcome it. Express your gratitude. Let’s get started now. Be grateful you have your hands. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. drop it. Life doesn’t suck if you work to improve it. Next time you’re pissed off. Stop trying to live up to other people’s standards. You are at a battle with yourself for wit and growth. It’s about being content with you Copyright © 2009. Man. Staying in a bad or heated mood isn’t going to help anyone. egotistically. Be happy that you’ve got a roof over your head. Whatever is associated with negativity. . feet. celebrate. I need to cool down to avoid clouding my judgment and taking others down. “Why the world doesn’t treat me well” need to go. Start showing appreciation for being alive. It’s the greed and selfishness that drains the life out of our inner happiness. and to BE happy when you see that others are HAPPY. and selfishly. the only competition is nobody but you. Love yourself without having to constantly compete with other men – especially those who you deem with a better appearance or job. but never admit self-defeat. Learn to congratulate. Don’t let this negative energy fester inside you. and senses intact. calm yourself down consciously. All rights reserved. and the vicious cycle of ‘depression’ holds them by throat. www.” Most people are so wrapped up in their own negativity that they inadvertently make excuses to not want to change. Only blame yourself. LLC. Immediately. These feelings of anger. 1.instantaddictionformula. With all that said… START BUZZING WITH HAPPINESS & SUPER-UBER CONFIDENCE The most vital anchor to your inner game is personal happiness. resentment. Nor will it help yourself. feeling this way isn’t going to improve anything. One of the leading reasons why most people aren’t happy is because they feel like their life is ‘missing’ something. to change for the better. Are you not in a happy mood? Don’t blame the world for the misery for not making things right. Create your own. This explains why people get stuck in the rut as they propagate this mentality. Tell yourself… “Ok.

com Copyright © 2009. Sit and repeat the following to yourself. I love being me. not what you lack thereof. Jay Z said it best… I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one! AFFIRMATIONS Now. Strangers want to meet me. Note: These affirmative statements aren’t here to stroke your ego. No one judges me but myself. That’s the secret of becoming a people’s people. Women want me. Clear yourself from any distraction. Life is good. Life is beautiful. When I see what I want. Think of all the people living in dire circumstances -. All rights reserved. Give everyone a brief genuine smile whenever you meet him or her. Life is what you make of it. If you are. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. I go and get it. Make that moment of their day better. paralyzed. Don’t discriminate – treat everyone just as equally.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Be happy you’re not facing imminent threat from local terrorists. someone you dread or hate. and will never apologize for who I am. I can be whoever I want to be. There is no one any better or any less than me. I don’t procrastinate. I make things happen. www. I may not be perfect.instantaddictionformula. START SMILING MORE TOWARDS PEOPLE YOU ENCOUNTER It doesn’t matter who the person is: The stranger down the street. handicapped. LLC. cab driver. and I don’t need to be. There will always be room for self-improvement. HIV. I want you to repeat these affirmations out loud. and I will work to make tomorrow even better. I am 1 in a billion in a woman’s eyes. I am fully confident and content with who I am. Men respect me. or a severe financial crisis. . store assistant. I decide what happens. This should help you STOP moaning about not having a girl. As a matter of fact. This should be the least of your problems. consider relocating. Be grateful for you already have. Think of the people battling a chronic case of cancer.impoverished. Everyday I am a big step closer to my dream. I am in charge of my destiny. I am a people’s person.

or cross your arms when speaking to women. . Smiling ranks amongst the most powerful body language commandments. When women see you “smile”. Precision equals confidence. balance.instantaddictionformula. positivity. Leave your hands to the side or gently clasp them together. Place it anywhere as long as it is to your left. think of what may happen then. It instantly demonstrates your internal values – confidence. Let your palms be face up. Your eyes too can influence a woman’s emotions in seconds. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. LLC. Eye contact is known to boost physiological arousal. You want your body language to be open and direct. and will pick up even the most mildly quirky gestures. www. I’ve seen many guys who are shy and nervous around women. All rights reserved. Try this practice this with me… Trial 1: With your right hand. and fun. not meeting eye-to-eye etc. pick up your mobile phone on the right side of your desk. they feel like you’re safeguarding or barricading yourself from them. resulting in poor body orientation: Facing their shoulders or body in another Copyright © 2009. When you shove both your hands into your pockets. unleash a sneeze. She’ll then be more receptive and comfortable being around your presence. POWER POSITIVE BODY LANGUAGE Most men fail to realize that they project multiple “negative body languages” daily.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Even when you’re declining to an up sell offer – upgrade to larger fries – at Mc Donald. Before you lift a pink. You present yourself as non-dangerous. thus preventing you from being perceived as boring. SMILE after you say “No thank you. Let your eyes promise the girl that good times await her in the future. Now. Women are very observant. Sit parallel to a woman. friendliness. Look into the girl's eyes with your own twinkling eyes that indicate fun and mischievousness.” It makes a huge difference. but amiable. How would you position your posture? How would you feel? Note: Always move with precision. Think of yourself hanging out with the boys. This shows that you’re genuinely interested. Keep your face and eye contact steady. place it somewhere to the left side of your desk. The trick: Think before you move. they won’t slap a mental “Warning” sticker on you.

You never know when you might start dating an Irish or Chinese descendant. then you’ll be shaking your head instead. If you come across as a someone that can’t harm. you must acknowledge that women “starve to be touched”.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) Trial 2: By Andrew Wang Repeat the same action as Trail 1. This reminds me. decide or plan EXACTLY where you will place it. Now. put this practice to play. You guys are traveling on the same wavelengths with your interests in congruence. It’s a magical feeling and it feels mighty good – when done appropriately. Visualize the action before carrying it out. In more contemporary terms. LLC. then it’ll be appropriate to hold her hands and arms to adjust her aiming posture. then obviously. . Amazingly. See the difference? You performed more effectively on Trail 2. nodding is a great chemistry Copyright © 2009. Nodding is what I call a stealth-empathizer. you’ll be a lot more accepted in ANY social circle. if you’re in India. she will start to feel “Understood by you”. However.instantaddictionformula. For example. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. or that you enjoy of. notice how people become tenser and grow less enthusiastic with their words. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TOUCH A rule of thumb when it comes to touching is being aware of when it’s appropriate. you should go ahead and “touch” by lifting her up. When it comes to dating. DO IT MODERATELY. it’s what we call as “Vibing. When a conversation is going accordingly to the direction you like. When you nod in response to what a woman says. BECOME A NATURAL NODDER – NOT A BOBBLE HEAD. This requires you to observe the situational context and mood of a woman. nod your head slightly and assuredly. To destroy any inhibiting thoughts of “touching”. Everyone wants to be “touched”. All rights reserved. pick up your phone and place it directly at the predetermined spot. If you’re out playing pool and your date is a virgin with the sticks. always try to gain insight into other cultures. It can always work to your advantage when you know where the woman is coming from.” When you don’t nod. www. but this time. Don’t pick up your phone until you decide where to place it. if a woman sprains her ankle.

Whenever interacting with women. stay calm. Do whatever it takes to sell this idea to your unconscious mind. If you reprogram your thinking into believing that everyone likes you. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Allow no friction in between and there won’t be any. robust. You will start behaving in ways that will springboard the likelihood of people liking you. You’ll be more honored.instantaddictionformula. Copyright © 2009. Assume that she’s already addicted to you. because people see they can speak well of you without you talking trash behind their back when they’re not around. already assume that she’s attracted to you. Mentally frame all your behavior through your ideal character and it will automatically become second nature. If you assume that everyone dislikes you. START ASSUMING THAT THINGS WILL WORK OUT ACCORDINGLY. Next time you enter a room. then that will most likely be your reality. www. There’s always a good to someone that appears seemingly evil or full of spite.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang THE UNKNOWN POWER OF MAKING ASSUMPTIONS START ASSUMING THAT PEOPLE SEE THE BEST IN YOU. A positive guy always sees the best in other people. The perception in which any women registers in you stem from the attitude and unconscious beliefs you hold in regards to yourself. All rights reserved. Imagine yourself walking into a room full of people. This way you won’t even HAVE to try building attraction with her. Assume yourself making her day when you meet her. but don’t be forward about it. Assume her world brightening. . You grow defensive. LLC. and attractive. This is similar to giving people the benefit of the doubt. not just what they choose to perceive to fulfill their own expectations. then that’s what the reality is going to be. Learn to control the self-image that you project by pushing all self-limiting belief about yourself out the membranes of your brain. A positive guy also earns an incredible amount of trust. and unwanted. hit your stride and walk into it proudly while assuming yourself as the life of the party.

Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)

By Andrew Wang

ART OF EMOTIONAL FRAMING “Framing” occurs when you cast someone in a state of emotions. It’s like leaving them spell-ridden. Every day people react to certain situations in which they are conditioned to, or have been used to. You unconsciously ‘frame’ yourself in various life situations. In a classroom, you’re ‘framed’ to be silent, obedient; ears wide open for your professor. This is, given that you were an astute student. When a thief is confronted by a police officer, he’s strapped in a frame of caution and guilt. The officer casts an authority cloud over him thus rendering the crook inferior by the cop’s dominating presence. Most men today automatically fall victim to a woman’s authoritative framing. It’s as if there’s a jurisdiction dictated by societal standards maybe that ought to bow down to them when there shouldn’t be. We live in a time where most women are glorified as the prize. That’s why there’s a huge population of shy guys who shake and break down when first exchanging a few words with women. Now, vow this to yourself. Do not let anyone ever impose a frame of emotional state on you again, especially women. Discipline your mind and protect yourself from being framed. Stop giving sexual validation to attractive women. Reverse the tables. Make her qualify for you. Don’t just settle with any girl who’s got an ass and face but no brains; make sure that she matches your interests and personality type. Quit selling yourself short for women with looks but no substance. Even if she’s got it all, don’t treat her like a goddess. When you get used to screening, more options actually COME to you. You actually start meeting women that have the potential to complete you as opposed to just ending up as a quick meaningless cheap fling. Take control of the frame. Here’s a secret…everything a woman feels now is subjected to change. Emotions will fluctuate regardless of how stubborn she is. If a woman doesn’t reveal interest at first, you still have the opportunity to increase it later.
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Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)

By Andrew Wang

When you say something, assume or expect a positive reaction. You’ll most likely get it when your vocal dynamics and delivery call for it. Your voice has the potential to command not just attention but influence. Think... “When I speak, people listen. People respect. People enjoy.” Make others fall into this “Frame” unsuspectingly. This is the same fundamental attitude you must adopt in the dating field. When you’re out your date, assume or expect her to respond favorably to your advances. YOUR EMOTIVE WORDS MUST BE DELIVERED POIGNANTLY When communicating with a woman, most men fail to realize that the emotional state you’re in weighs more in importance than your actual words or what you say. If you tell a girl you “Love her”, but you’re emotionally devoid of such feeling, Women will sense it and call your bluff. You can say that you’re a “Shy guy”, but if your vocal tonality and body language is overloaded with a playful and cocky demeanor, you’ll actually come across as an amusing guy. Being an artist, my friends like to ask me to showcase my dance moves when we are in a club– just to dazzle – the ladies we just met. However, when I’m not feeling the music, I’d tell them “Na, I’m shy.” This of course, never works, as my delivery is incongruent with my mentality and character. What then happens? The girls usually wind up begging more fervently for me to drop a little something for them. Even if you’re in a sulky piss-poor mood, you can still control how you feel. After acknowledging that you’re in a bad mood, don’t let it undermine your performance level or soundness of your character when you’re around others. Remember, stop trying to bring people down with you. If you’re out with a woman and you keep telling yourself that your mood is damp as an excuse to fail at keeping her interest level highly perked, then that’s what it’s going to be. You can only blame yourself. You see… We all have the ability to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s whether you want to believe in it or not. Your behaviors will eventually start to mirror what you expect out of yourself. This is amongst the top-secret laws of attraction.
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Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)

By Andrew Wang

The way a self-fulfilling prophecy works is when we encounter and experience something in our world and we subconsciously appraise it. This appraisal leads to the construct of our core or inner belief. For example, when my friend first saw a dog as a kid, he was unluckily chased down and bit by it. This incident resulted in a lifetime trauma. Today, even in his adulthood, he’s scared shitless by the sight of a puny Chihuahua. Why? Because the association of “dog” with “danger” is ingrained in him – even when he hasn’t been bitten by a dog ever since, he still avoids them like a bed-riddling week-long flu. Once we have an inner belief, we behave in accordance with it. Every time we see a dog, my friend reacts in a way congruent to his innernegative belief and scurries to hide behind my back. This is a reality he constructed for himself, and supports the impact of self-prophecy. Now, there are also appropriate times where it’s ok to experience negative energy. Perhaps you are experiencing financial woe, or your closest friend slept with your girlfriend – which is absolutely unacceptable. In such unforgivable circumstance of your best friend sleeping with your girlfriend, or your girlfriend sleeping with your best friend, Then, I’d immediately destroy the brotherhood and dump the girl at the same time. Zero tolerance. However, you should never dwell too long into this negative black hole, otherwise you only wind up locking yourself inside your room caught in a depressive whirlwind. It can only stress you further and compromise your ability to climb back on track. This is the exact same black hole that’s taken a toll on many single guys who struggle to attract women. Our self-limiting conviction disables our drive and desire to change our life for the better.
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The powerful effect of this is: Once your mind has lived in that moment – even though it was imaginative – you’ll more likely perform more comfortable and smoothly the second time round. smelling infectious. smiling. the first crucial step to becoming irresistible starts from within. when there needs to be a balance of red. You Copyright © 2009. laughing. Athletes do too. you’ll be more immune to the awe of it all. How bright or dim is it? What color? Where are the shadows? does that moment feel? Practice experiencing that moment you’re visualizing as if ‘seeing it out of your own eyes’. You can't visualize a world full of green lights. LLC. grudgingly hating someone and wishing they’d drop dead isn't going to happen either. Your brain is like a radio. your body moves toward that direction. Even Michael Jordan does it. You can communicate this message through telepathic transmissions. mental.” Once again. your mind and body would grease itself to whatever you have already introduced it with. your mind has an eye. hoping. Artists. and wishing how your mind can bring you your goals. There is a fine line between craving. These waves could be measured and charted.instantaddictionformula. go deeper.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang THE POWER OF VISUALIZING "Whatever you hold in your mind at any given time. Try to gain a sharp clarity of the scene. as they are conscious of its powers. You also want to ‘heighten’ these sensory motions as well. We want to visualize ourselves as simply irresistible. in demand. . Visualize not just on the ‘visuals’. Also. When you see light. www. All rights reserved. and also ‘being inside the situation’ where you imagine it in a first person perspective. Your body can be directed to move in a physical. You will not grow wolverine claws by visualizing it every night when you go to sleep. and that’s where everything starts. song composers aren’t only the people that visualize. Your love also has a frequency range and geometry. and a woman's object of desire. but tap into all senses. We have to be realistic however. emotional or spiritual direction. It can emit and receive waves of electrical frequencies. People with a trained mind all visualize. If you visualize your hot date speaking. computer designers. Your AM dial on your radio has a certain KhZ range. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Even if the sequence of the visualized date doesn’t pan out as you imagined. your FM MhZ etc.

your higher self will go about and manifest it for you. which then affects the girl. You need to liberate yourself from any compounding negative thought activities inside your mind.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang When you begin the process of visualizing yourself “getting with the girl” of your desire. A drawing on a paper is a 2nd dimensional world. you need to tune into this frequency of thought. This frequency is a manifestation of your own personal thoughts. you don't see yourself. you’re transmitting waves that will break the person’s resistance level. not distantly like you're watching a theater. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. As you visualize. broadcast your invisible frequency. or head. your face. All rights reserved. they are concrete and real.9.5 cps). you can’t experience or see them simultaneously because you are not in tune to them. SPIRTUAL DIMENSIONS Note: What I’m about to share with you may sound like spiritual mumbo jumbo. For example. Visualize her eagerly wanting to be with you. Drug addicts who’ve taken ecstasy and hallucinate transport themselves into the outer layers of the 4th dimension. if you're listening to Power 106 FM. LLC. your thoughts are not just whims in the mist. The 4th dimensional world is where our higher self resides. if you visualize walking down the street. However. For example. Your confidence level will invariably be more stable also. If you want to be irresistible. Everyone in this world has a relationship with the environment. The world that we breathe and live in now is what people refer to as the 3rd dimensional world. The word dimension is just a concept of the different level of realities. . This applies to you too.instantaddictionformula. 2. also known as their bitch shield or anti-slut defensive force field. Only thing you should see is what www. Here’s what I want you to concentrate on from now on: From now on… 1. but let me assure you. you can’t tune into 104. Your thoughts are shifting the state of the environment. They may not react to it. Next time you walk into a room stocked with women. Put yourself in the Copyright © 2009.5 FM. The 4th dimension is also referred to as a world where you have lucid dreams. We both vibrate at the same frequency (7. but they will receive it. this is the physics to how our world functions. The 3rd and 4th dimension is tied hand-to-hand. If you see something in your mind's eye.

and sneakers when you peer down etc. www. You know the saying: Fake it till you make it? It actually works the same way as visualizing. chatting comfortably with her. Note: Visualizing does not require intensive effort. Feel it. Taste it. in less than 2 minutes – as I was leaving a club. Now. I’d like to discuss with you three different types of telepathic transmission. I am still surprised by how vastly the power of visualizing is underestimated. Your telepathic messages flow through your etheric message and it reaches the other person’s solar plexus -. Whenever I tell myself that I'm going to get 2 numbers within 5 minutes – this was during my hardcore sarging days – my mind starts the process and gets the ball rolling before I actually do it. perhaps your best friend shared the same craving at the same time? You guys may have wanted to go to the same club. you should be at a relaxed state when visualizing.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang you get from a first person’s view: Your hands. Instinctual telepathy occurs when the energy from one etheric body hits the other person's etheric body. Imagine an invisible layer hovering above your skin layer. All rights Copyright © 2009. In fact. which can radically help you understand how to alter the state of your social dynamics. sleeves. . You can trick your mind into believing it is easy. and increasing her attraction towards me exponentially altogether at the same time.) Don't just see it happening. To this day. Guess what? I actually got 2 numbers. I see myself sharing laughs with her. “Getting with any woman you want is outrageously easy. I visualize myself already “speaking” to the girl I intend to approach. I see myself rocking her world. That’s when your instinctual ethetric telepathy communication is working. Touch it. Watch the scene before you make the scene. eat the same food at that moment. This simple effect is powerful. INSTINCTUAL TELEPATHY Have you ever encountered a situation where you and someone close. The etheric body is defined as a subtle. making her beam a smile.instantaddictionformula.which is known as the recipient’s invisible body.” (Repeat endlessly until it becomes the truth. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. non-physical body or shell that surrounds you. LLC.

it can reasonably be accessible to you. or fear failure. What am I trying to tell you? 1. think of it as being fulfilled already. You can actually steer the direction of your reality outcome in your favor if you exert the efforts to ‘shape’ the ‘future’. MENTAL TELEPATHY When you are trying to make a mental thought based connection with someone. 2. However. You see. the reality of you reaching that level of success will take longer to unfold. when your conscious mind wants something. especially with the power of ‘visualizing’ it may create some contradiction. I will discuss further on this matter within the “6 Impediments to Natural Evolution” later. LLC. You’ll realize that you’ve developed a newfound power to command your own destiny.instantaddictionformula. The Hermetic principle is one that operates in the present. to make your desire reach your subconscious mind successfully – which is connected with the universe – your conscious mind must cease to exercise the desire. When you overly desire for someone. THE HERMETIC PRINCIPLE Note: I want you to isolate this principle from all everything you’ve learnt for this part. Detach your intense Copyright © 2009. or “I must. If you want something in 3D world where we live in. where they then act in congruence to your thought direction. This ties in with the notion in the power to assume. Now. . the recipient can easily intercept every movement and emotional thought that you produce.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Basically. All rights reserved. Take everything you’ve read so far and execute it fluently. the hermetic principle is a very crucial factor to follow at the same time as it contributes to shifting the reality in your favor. You’ve seen it in the movies where a couple suddenly fling themselves at each other and wildly makes out at the heat of the moment. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. If you want to become someone irresistible. the very act of wanting implies a future tense in regard to the fulfillment. and you will be in tune with more favorable results. all you have to do is transmit that need to your subconscious mind. need to succeed. Start thinking along the lines of “things will go accordingly” instead of “I have to make this happen”.” You must have freedom from the outcome. you create a non-physical link between you and the person. This may sound a bit www.

this is a process of “selfimposing limits. You won’t know whether she’s single. LLC. A UNIVERSAL MISTAKE MEN ALWAYS REPEAT WITH WOMEN You know what the problem most men face when they see a steaming hot chick they want to approach? They get nervous and a blaze of questions surfaces. rather than her. So what’s the fix? Well. but in simpler terms.instantaddictionformula. start placing your attention and focus on Copyright © 2009. interested in you or not if you don’t find out first-hand. Well. She's a real person who's giving you an opportunity to get to know her. Talking to women is not a sporting competition that you either win or lose.    Is she alone. or is she with her friends? What may her current mood be? Is she smiling and having a good time? Next time you see your potential girl of interest. Since your subconscious only deals with the present moment. “Just make the move”.” I want you to stop doing that. This is what I call a “Contextual opener”. When you text message a girl knowing that she will respond. try your best on getting to know her first. “What do I say to her? Do I look presentable to her right now?” “What if people are watching and I get rejected when I approach her?” I’m sure you’ve shared this experience before. to avoid the “nervous rush”. If you have no idea what to say first. Have you ever noticed how things that you’ve desired for sometimes come to you unexpectedly? That’s because you stop thinking about it. The universal mistake men make is focusing too much on yourself. you stop looking forward to it. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. For www. just look for an “object” around her. Forget about her phone number and email. any idea offered to it NOT in the present moment will therefore be ignored when requested.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang confusing. All rights reserved. then you’re leaving room to fill that void in the future. if you think you have ‘nothing’ now. and use it as a conversational bridge. take action. The probability of her responding also increases significantly. Hot Tip: When you do approach her. .

1. This causes you to feel worthless. focus on the moment of pursuit instead. when you express that you are genuinely interested in the woman you talk to. Introduce yourself with a pleasant smile and a slightly firm handshake. Focusing solely on "getting a result" when interacting with women is a huge mistake. Don’t easily be flustered. ask what she thinks about the book she’s reading. Stop relying on women as a source to fuel your dignity and pride. turn back and ask if she’s got an e-mail. Then. Just when you turn around and leave. "The desire to resort to technical cunning. Most the time. the phone numbers and emails will follow. or below the average. and rather. then go directly for the digits. you can ask for her number right after. Only you can emotionally dent yourself. move on to introducing yourself and exchanging names. women will giveaway their e-mails without hesitation.instantaddictionformula. You see. Then. It makes her feel like you see her as a "task" that needs to be completed instead of being treated as a person. or a nod of the head depending on the situation. 6 IMPEDIMENTS TO THE ROAD OF NATURAL EVOLUTION AS THE “REAL DEAL” These are the six widespread destructive desires that plague most men today from tapping into their true being. "The desire for victory.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang instance. not women. That should help break the ice. Most men who are still single and lonely tend to grow increasingly more depressed and frustrated with their status. www. Keep the talk short. All rights reserved." Your constant need and desire for women is a backfiring and self-destructive behavior. if you’re meeting her in a bookstore. But if you’re really confident that her interest level is high." Becoming too strongly attached to a learned technique compromises your ability and understanding that you must customize your own approach in the Copyright © 2009. You must free yourself from the attachment of results. 2. . LLC. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. a hug. This corresponds to “living in the moment”.

When you learn a new conversational opener." When a competitive guy learns something clever. the Copyright © 2009. Take that with a grain of common sense. you’d feel a need to unload it. you will only be as successful to the degree that you LET GO. Our ego leaks into our selfprojection and we are shunned as braggadocios." As men. The trick is to dilute them with the power of your strengths.instantaddictionformula. The solution? Stop having to boast about who you are. 4. Give the gift of discovering who you are to her.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) 3." To truly succeed in life. you start realizing that all these techniques and opening tactics aren’t necessary at all! Your natural game eventually nears flawlessness. They’ll never vanish if you’re consciously trying to ridden them. we cannot play the passive role." This has probably occurred to every one of us. "The desire to get rid of whatever disease one is affected by. . You must be the initiator. 5. Desire is a part of human nature. However. "The desire to display all that has By Andrew Wang been learned. All rights reserved. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. "The desire to awe the enemy. you must not constantly worry and try to wrestle with your weakness. LLC. you’d want to use it when the next opportunity arrives. www. you succumb to them. You must take action and shoulder the responsibility to make things happen before things can more likely. "The desire to play the passive role. not cling desperately to your 'style' or your 'techniques' or your methods – which explains why pick-up techniques can only last so long. When you focus too much on what weaknesses you have. when you’ve rise to the top of your game. You can never get caught red-handed trying to be yourself. Life can be full of surprises when you’re constantly seeking to grow. your authenticity and real character will never be out of style or a liability. 6. But in the end. long after all the clever lines and approaches have been exposed. Remember. or unexpectedly happen for you.

This is exactly the manner in movement. Another crucial factor is to never make her think like you have ‘sex’ on the agenda. Before she develops any rational thought in pertaining to you. in phone books etc. All rights reserved. her sixth sense will kick in first. treat her as someone you knew from long ago – an old friend that you once had a wonderful relationship with. posture. HOW TO INTRIGUE WOMEN WITHOUT EVEN SAYING A WORD… The second you and a woman of your desire lay eyes on each other has an incredible potency.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang “IT CAN’T HURT TO PLAY A TRICK ON YOURSELF” …a small but powerful tip on approaching women. That first sight is a brilliant holograph. world-renowned acrobat and successful businessmen. You will have the confidence to approach. Setting a massive positive first-impression for you is very simple. Next time you see a woman. How? Start walking with a great posture.instantaddictionformula. bam! There she is in front of you. which a “somebody”. Whenever you’re meeting a new woman or person. It creates a subconscious softening of your eyebrows. www. and everything in between. You’ll find it amazing how this joyful experience starts a remarkable chain reaction in your body. LLC. Start by visualizing that you are a well built. a confident smile. How do you think these people walk? Follow suit. but had no luck after searching online. play a mental trick on yourself. You tried your best to track down your friend. “celebrity” adopts. And please. don’t try convincing to her that you two are actually old friends by rambling on some fabricated story. and movement. and a direct gaze whenever you see women. to the positioning of your toes. It’s a sight that can burn its way into her eyes and stay emblazoned in his or her memory forever. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Almost every aspect of a person’s personality is shown through their appearance. Many studies have revealed that the emotional reactions occur before the brain registers what’s causing the reaction. Suddenly. a heads-up look (chin parallel to floor).com Copyright © 2009. . You’re totally delighted.

janitor. Be Bold. influence. When you’re naturally comfortable around PEOPLE.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang IT’S YOUR TIME. anyone that doesn’t get to socialize much. Now. If you appear to be as a sleazy guy at first sight. charm. . I usually like to talk to people who rarely get a chance to hold a healthy quick conversation during their day Copyright © 2009. Girl A tells Girl B. who spreads the news onto Girl D E F G and so on. All rights reserved. or being part of your world? The core values you send out to others have the potential to spread virally. Hold conversations with the store assistants. so will her friends. gardener. or burst of emotions triggered by your presence? What kind of impressions do you leave? What is it like walking in your shoes. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. If a woman thinks you’re amazing. Stop being shy about the actions or reality you want to create for yourself. Learn to take risks. the world will FEEL like it’s yours. the message that you always want to create is one that projects yourself as a man of distinction: An individual with bulletproof game. For example: The security. leadership. Plus. Break out the mold. LLC. you’ll notice how they’ll look to each other for validation in regards to how special you are. not cringe at the sign of them. you’re actually making their day by talking to them. Start by talking to random strangers you come across. Ask yourself. What comes to mind when people in your social circle think of you? What are the first few words. The rewards will far surpass your expectations. When you behave boldly. A sincere “How’s your day” is a perfect opener and can go a long way to making their day more enjoyable. www. and irresistibility. because you’re doing the things you’ve never done before. you will get RESULTS that you never had before. Stop being entrenched in your old routine behavior. Transforming into a man with great audacity at a lightning fast pace can be accomplished easily like adding numbers. it always works beautifully and generates a favorable response. BECOME A MAN OF ABSOLUTE DISTINCTION. all it takes is one person’s reaction to infect the others. Truth is. Imagine approaching a group of women.instantaddictionformula. How can you become that discernible man? That’s what you’re about to find out. barista. It has a crazy domino effect.

They want to be around someone more unique and interesting than they are. This is a way of piquing and retaining a woman’s attention right away. you wouldn’t feel approach anxiety waiting to grip you by the throat would you? The Secret: Treat every woman like your sister (if you have one). There’s a reason why the Nike slogan sells. NOTE: Women want to be around men who seem larger than life. It is life changing. as you are about to finish your first sentence. See a girl you like? Approach. Start doing everything you were ever afraid of. Get the kick out of it. gradually increase the volume of your voice. when you’ve come close to talking-distance. but never fall short on showing respect. then 3… Note: I’ve prepared an intensive approach-training course for you to work with later. Challenge yourself to talk to 1 new person daily. If you saw a girl that looked plain and normal. In fact. Don’t take it as a drill when it comes down to confronting your fear on meeting new people and new faces. then 2. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. another hot method to opening a conversation like a pro is to be observant. After all. I encourage you to confront whatever fears you may already have. Make sure that you’ve locked onto her attention. HOW TO INSURE THAT SHE SOAKS IN EVERY WORD YOU SAY WHEN YOU APPROACH HER? Before you open your mouth and speak.’ Find something noteworthy around you or about the person you’d like to talk about. and imagine your eyes already whispering words to her. Just do it. it’s only her external surface that’s handicapping your inner charm and confidence isn’t it? It’s always the looks that knock your confidence down. Don’t be fazed or let your confidence level be compromised by her looks. Then. LLC. . you’ll only wind up waiting forever on the sideline. kick that mindset to the curb. I call it the ‘contextual Copyright © 2009. Tease her.instantaddictionformula. All rights reserved.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang When meeting a stranger. If you don’t take action guys. www. gaze into her eyes.

. She’s not a goddess. The next thing that oft-happens in your head is: you try to come up with ways to validate yourself. She’s human just like you. but I doubt I’m going to have anything to offer to her or a reason for her to talk to me…” Next time this self-inhibiting thought arises. you’d feel that shaky.instantaddictionformula. “Hey. She's a beautiful French equipped with the whole package. you’re a whole lot more fun and sophisticated to be around than any other guy she’ll meet in her lifetime. or things along that line. incredible. This type of women idealization is very common and the culprit for approach anxiety. I’m going to be the most special guy she’s ever met in her whole life.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang “SHE IS NOT ANY BETTER THAN YOU” Try the “She’s Not Better” Exercise Let's say you're at a bar and you see a woman you want to approach. poops. Tell yourself. You start telling yourself things like: "Damn. nervous. She farts. “She’s not better than me”. It appalls me when I hear other guys call women ‘divine angels’. more confident you’ll become. crush it to pieces. Remember. scratches her armpit. she’s not any better than I am. LLC. Loud and assertively. Tell yourself things like “I got what she needs”. In fact. and disgusting things you can imagine. this woman that you fell in love at first sight with does all the nastiest. Don’t let these facts and statistics undermine your game. Stand behind your words and start believing in them. Remind yourself that you are also a man that’s high in demand. Usually. Women know that the one thing they can use to their advantage is their sexual desirability and looks. www. and picks her nose. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. jittery feeling vibrating in your guts after. Repeat it over and over. Women with a rare beauty are also held in higher regards and demand. The more you do this. she's hot. and I know she’ll want to get to know me.” Keep practicing this amazing technique and you’ll eventually stop placing women above Copyright © 2009. crass. Argh. All rights reserved.

Let a woman know that you can easily see through them and that you won’t be submissive and weak like other regular horny dogs. www. Instead. she seems interesting. Obsess about women. you should approach with a mindset that says “Hey. LLC. it serves you way better emotionally when things don’t pan out accordingly. Men have become so shallow nowadays where the only factor that lures them or compels them to approach is based on a woman’s physique. then number-close. you want her to prove to you that she qualifies for your time. When you detach yourself from the outcome of sex or having to bring a women home. Take control of your thoughts. It is something you can build and develop. Don’t obsess over women. Your level of confidence isn't something hard coded and inherited by genetics. Don’t let her looks be your kryptonite.” If she truly meets your interest. That’s the hard truth. It’s all in your head. . STOP OBSESSING ABOUT WOMEN TO ATTRACT MORE WOMEN NATURALLY This is the biggest lesson I’ve Copyright © 2009. I’m going to find out what she’s really about. How often do you hear another man admit first to enjoying a woman’s company and personality and not just her breast or ass? There’s also a reason why men only surrender helplessly to a 9 or 10. You want to learn whom she is on the inside. things will dramatically shift. chances of you getting them will lower. When you get a hot girl’s number. Your self-esteem isn’t something you are born with. 4. any woman. 3. Once you get this part of your life handled. Learn to separate your emotions from the big picture. Instead. You will find yourself more at ease when it comes to approaching women. If you have the intent to a getting a woman’s number.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang You don’t need any validation. take a deep breath and collect yourself. 2. Getting the number is only the beginning. your thoughts can influence your action. All rights reserved. Don’t let her looks control your state of emotions. Remember. and even more on your performance. not outside. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Instead. don’t go “Woo hoo!” or get eager and over excited to call her the next thing. Never let an appearance paralyze you and never bow down to it. 1. Don’t let her looks destroy your confidence.instantaddictionformula. Don’t let her looks be the buying factor. and you’ll never succeed. hence the Hermetic Principle. and also as a girlfriend.

This is nothing to be surprised of. MOST WOMEN HAVE ISSUES. Stop over-thinking the matter. LLC.” Leave the superficialities aside. I know. most guys become paralyzed by the analysis of “what the hell went wrong?” Was it my tone of delivery? Incorrect order of words? Wrong timing? It could’ve been none of the above. For example. The result? Further weakening in self-confidence. You know what’s another similar common reoccurring issue most men face? Self-infliction of blame when they are the ones NOT at fault. Here’s another great practice to strengthen your boldness. You see. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. dry with humor. it’s not always your fault. if a woman doesn’t respond accordingly as you anticipated. the stare is a way in which leaders assert their authority. uneducated women out there. as much as you think they are ‘perfect’ for you. which is the world’s largest primates. Subordinates are intimidated and look away when confronted by a superior. and don’t be so hard on yourself. we were all taught that staring is rude. SOMETIME IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. you must not shell out any tolerance. But try to unlearn this etiquette for the sake of this practice. and self-centered. In the face of such Copyright © 2009. . just as there are with men. regardless of how fine her skin texture and gracefully built her body is. Play the “Staring Contest”. or reacts favorably to your jokes. Here’s the exercise: www. Such disquieting evolutionary curse needs to be quelled. Consequently. There are tons of emptyheaded. You’ll always come across women who are ungrateful. THE DISRUPTIVE STARING CHALLENGE Challenge the authority & earning the ranks as one. It’s like digging a hole for yourself. only the dominant male is allowed to stare at other gorillas. All rights reserved. Don’t throw away your life trying to please them. In the context of silverback gorilla’s society. Tell yourself this… “Your looks ain’t shit to me. Don’t expect everything to go accordingly.instantaddictionformula.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Women are not born perfect.

LUXLIVIN Entertainment. you’ll be commanding a lot more respect. Develop the habit of asking. Quite often. When people feel valued and cared for. “We will do this. People want to support. they will start feeling uncomfortable and look Copyright © 2009. include your girl in decision-making at every level in every situation—at home.” before declaring. This time.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Next time you’re out in public. you’re raising her self-perceived worth. KEEPING HER ATTRACTION LEVEL BUBBLING HOT WITH AN EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SECRET. Be open and approachable. Once you’ve mastered this. They are usually reluctant to participate actively in a process. Therefore. and increased commitment to you. idea. www. In return. try it on your friends or co-workers.” or even. they withdraw from active participation. stare into their ‘third-eye’. ownership. Gaze into it until your eye rays pierce through the person’s skull. This is a powerful authority-building exercise you can benefit greatly from emotionally and psychologically. . stare at a stranger and refuse to shift your gaze. when people realize they have little influence on the decisionmaking process. Don’t break the gaze. “You will do this. Do you know what the 4 most important words in business are? Its “What do you think?” – According to Jeffery Immelt. With such intensity in magnitude. work and elsewhere. or system that they were never consulted on. and enthusiastically work on anything that they help create or decide. which is located right above the bridge of their nose. “What do you think. To get your date to be actively involved with inputting her opinion. defend. You’ll never again be intimidated by the presence of others. All rights reserved. you establish an atmosphere of open communication. Chairman and CEO of General Electric. LLC.” You see. Your aim is to make that person look away before you do. people are naturally inclined to support what they help decide.

Don’t get bitter just because she turns you down.. Be solid. LLC. will be climbing out this hole. Most men (which I reveal later) are so pent up and obsessed with bedding beautiful women that it shows in their tone of voice. If there’s no conflict or opposing thought. You’re therefore giving women more weight and authority. A woman will always want a man that she finds challenging to control. BE A STAND OFFISH GUY You would be surprised how much women will want you if you stop caring about getting them in the first place. There are millions or more men out there stuck in the same predicament. Ask for Copyright © 2009. Kill that inner shame right now if you don’t have much experience with women. and let her know that “If you change your mind. and paradoxically. but place more effort on improving yourself. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. body language. All rights reserved. Here are some principles to maximizing your ultimate inner game. Women do not want a pushover. don’t continue asking her “why not?” Tell her “It’s cool”. www. then this is what she’ll subconsciously pick up. make sure that your point is logical and valid. just let me know”. but don’t try to agree with everything the woman says if you don’t believe in it. Listen and you will receive. On top of that. Shatter any belief of yourself not being worthy of a woman’s time. Stop being so desperate. Destroy the fear of not-having women. which leads to unnecessary intimidation. .. 1. One of the leading reasons why women get bored of their dates is when they readily agree to everything she says.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Be Controversial. You however. I’ve stated this before. there’s no challenge. You don’t want to sound ignorant or naïve.instantaddictionformula. Spend less time daydreaming about women. but friendly. that will help you attract more women. If your body language suggests that “It’s her loss”. If a woman refuses or can’t make it to a date with you. and words. Try playful verbal sparring with her while holding your ground. but I’ll need to state it again. The cure? Stop being so PUSHY… Stop being so NEEDY. Remain cool & calm instinctively knowing that she’ll regret it.

Day 3 Now. Day 4 Repeat Day 3’s activities. You’re going to approach 3-4 women and strike up a healthy conversation. Again. However. or when you have a good reason. Your objective is to stretch the interaction. transition smoothly.instantaddictionformula. extend your conversation. coffee stores. the objective is to be the first to excuse yourself – because you have an arrangement to tend to. . “Hey. Don’t come across as threatening. we’re going for women today only. but increase the numbers to 5 random strangers. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Now. Go for the e-mail. restaurants and talk with 3-4 different Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved. Try to get a bit more personal.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang DEVELOPING A SWIFTLY DYNAMIC SKILL IN APPROACHING – 5 DAY INTENSIVE TRAINING (Apply after completely reading the IAF Guide) Day 1 Get outside your house – unless it’s raining buckets. Hit up the mall. it was great talking to you. what’s your e-mail?” Don’t ask for the number. LLC. you should be more familiar with what to expect when approaching people. Don’t bunny hop in front of someone and say “Hi”. Before parting ways. Be friendly. casual. Start a conversation with 3 random strangers (both men and women). this time. Approach when the moment is right. it starts to get exciting. Practice using 1-2 different openers. tell (don’t ask) her to give you her e-mail so you two can keep in touch. and look for external cues as a lead for conversation. www. Ask for directions (even if you know where you’re heading). Day 2 Repeat what you did in Day 1. After completing this 5-day intensive approach-training course. Ask for the time (tuck away your watch). cool. ask for her name. You’ll be more flexible and comfortable with dealing with strangers. we should keep in touch. Day 5 Today.

instantaddictionformula.. Are you a loser or a guy with worthy of getting to know? Persistence is also important.” Remember to advance into talking about HER after the first 30 Copyright © 2009. Expect it. MY eyes are?" This goes against the conventional and overused “Eyes” opener. The best opener in my opinion is a simply “Hi. but how you approach them. Most men only get rejected when they convey too much sexual intent. Don’t let this throw you off guard.. since it disables your ability to grow with spontaneity. You need to approach like you’re a guy that naturally enjoys meeting new people. When a woman rejects a guy. you’ll begin to notice how you’re less-reliant on having a back up opener. Welcome it. The Flirter Opener: "Mind if I flirt with you for a minute?" Eyes Opener: "Has anyone ever told you. Other great alternatives are the situational and humor openers.. Women hate it when guys are too forward as it comes across as sleazy. Women test approaching men to gain more clarity and insight on WHO you really are. LUXLIVIN Entertainment.. All rights reserved. but once you grow attuned to approaching more and more women.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang You may encounter times when women put up some level of resistance. which is also known as the shit test. how BEAUTIFUL. Embrace it. it's very creative. Compliment & Qualify Opener: "Hi. BONUS: HANDY BACK UP OPENERS Here are a few exemplary openers you can employ to bridge you seamlessly into a conversation. It was your birthright to do so. it’s not because of who you are. I like how well put together your outfit is. . but don’t confuse it with going against a woman’s will to comply with your expected outcomes. [PAUSE] You think you can help talk to those girls over there?" Collision Opener www. I always have to introduce myself to the most beautiful group of girls there. LLC. Are you an artist?" The Other Girls (OG) Opener: "I have this rule. every time I go to a club. I don’t personally advocate rehearsed openers.

I won’t ever get to know how great you are in person. attentive. and more alive. My name is Andrew. it only shows that her humor sucks. She’ll say something along the lines of.. . no problem. I noticed you here and I realized that if I don’t say hi. you want to accidentally get right in front of her so you two suddenly come to a screeching halt. great. All rights reserved. On the other hand. (Reach out for a Copyright © 2009. Start flexing all parts of your brain.” If she smiles or laughs. I actually just wanted to see if you had more going for you than just your looks. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. The Honest Opener “Hey. you will become more interesting in person.instantaddictionformula. your listener will notice that you’re ignoring them. LLC. it shows that you’re mind is sharp and your humor is great. In the case that she laughs. Don’t ever forget to “live the moment.“Excuse me” “uh” That’s when you want to say “Ah. That’s sincere flattery that pierces right into the center of their heart. tell her “You know. You would have stopped me in my tracks even if you weren’t blocking my way. If your mind drifts away when holding a conversation with a person. sorry.” What I mean by this is to heighten and activate all your senses whenever and wherever you go. Be more observant.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang When you see your target walking down the street from a distance. If not.. it’s good you laughed.)” Women love this. www. when you’re fully engaged in the moment of interaction. Keeping it at a minimal and indirect. PILLAR 2: INTENSIVE CHARACTER MANAGEMENT LIVING IN THE MOMENT Before we proceed further. here’s an additional pointer to the 5-day approach.

when intimidating an antagonist. rear your body straight.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang BE AMUSING. Just behave in a laid-back fashion. SILKY SMOOTH BODY LANGUAGE Whenever you’re on a date with any woman. . Advanced Eye Contact – I’m sure you’re aware already how important eye contact is. it gives you the impression that you are intelligent. Then. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. This can yield a tremendous effect on bonding. your body language must exude nothing short of confidence and utter coolness. Hot Tip: You should always appear 2 inches higher unless you’re dating a giant. try to emotionally emulate it. Try to tilt your head. By extending the duration of eye contact. Live the moment to the fullest. Never stoop or Copyright © 2009. for instance. just know when to REALLY stop. When sitting across your date. Do you feel like dancing on the spur of the moment? Even when in appropriate? Don’t be afraid to do so. knowledge. All rights reserved. walk or sit with a poor posture. Pretend she’s a long lost friend of yours. www. Don’t be afraid to this when your date is around.instantaddictionformula. Eye contact is also a form of respect and affection. Here’s a secret. Receivers more favorably read any messages accompanied by eye contact than messages without eye contact. This will inform the girl that you are pleased to see her and will also make her emit similar signals. Leaning toward another individual suggest that you are happily disposed toward the person and to what he or she has to impart. Whenever your eyes meet another person. and an “I’m here for you” attitude. Never should you be tense. Increased eye contact encourages feelings of intimacy. LLC. and eyes in the direction of another person – this creates a magnetic impact. Be someone that’s secure with themselves. which gushes through their veins. and also an abstract thinker. profound eye contact signals trust. Wild out. When you look intently at someone. their heartbeat pumps an adrenaline like substance. face. To most people. RADIATE WITH “LIFE” Do you feel like singing when your favorite song plays in the mall’s background music or is aired on the radio? Belt it out. Never should you fake a laugh. You need to send out the right signals to set the right vibe. escort it with a smile. A charismatic individual relentlessly restricts communicating animosity unless it is soundly advisable to do so.

loosen up the tense muscles and chill out. STOP BEING TOO SELF-CONSCIOUS. All rights reserved.instantaddictionformula. One who does not care whether or not the hottie he is talking to will be coming home with him. Be Independent. You’re only dating a woman. LLC. Stop trying to be a perfectionist. do it slowly. This is exactly the hormone responsible for feelings of erotic excitement.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang This is exactly the same physical reaction people have when they begin to fall in love. quit memorizing canned openers. Most men tend to also cautiously watch what they are saying. A laid back man is a sexy man. If their date was laughed. but also observe the subtlest movement their date is making. “I can’t take my eyes off you. or if she cancelled on your proposed date. Never allow your feelings to be contingent upon others. They belong in the waste bin. They over interpret every single sentence that comes out the girl’s mouth. Your eye’s attitude should be saying. Continue to stick to the formula. If the feedback response was poor. they think they did a great job. Don’t’ become distressed if you didn’t get to kiss her on the first date. Hot Tip: Give her the sticky eyes. Independence is a sex appeal. Warm eyes. Seriously. They become over dependent on other’s reactions. . LUXLIVIN Entertainment. The reality is not as bad as you think it is.” The way you move and look comprises of 80% of the first impression you set. Chill out and stop caring so much. Don’t break the contact before she finishes speaking. If you must look away. Act reluctantly as if it is hard to let go. not holding a public service announcement for the world or packing your bags to go to war. Most guys get too self-conscious when they are around women. Stop doing all of this. they go on a buzz-kill. Did you know? www. Be Multi-faceted. A drug-like substance rushes into our nervous system called phenylethylamine. Be a renaissance man. You’re only shoving yourself out the picture and bordering yourself on Copyright © 2009.

there are plenty of other of women who may potentially be more worthy of your time. EXPECT NOTHING BUT SUCCESS. . This will put you many steps ahead when the time comes. LLC. When you believe that “You” are desirable. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Don’t envision yourself as someone flawless. When a woman first meets you. Guys. Whenever I’m about to approach a girl. A man’s conviction is THAT contagious. I want you to be the author of who you want to become. I know she will hand me her e-mail or number when I request for it.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang A woman’s tolerance level is higher when she sees high superior value in you. If something doesn’t go originally planned. Visualize in advance on the series of events you’d like to experience. It is also so much easier to engage in sexual communications. have a back up plan.instantaddictionformula. irresistible. All rights reserved. You will still make mistakes. Whenever you’re meeting a new girl. be honest with yourself. things will never fall to place. then women will expect nothing less. After all. Don’t despair guys. and can shift the reality in your favor. you are still human. Don’t wind up wrapped in the mythological Copyright © 2009. what do you think runs through her mind? www. big deal. set expectations that you will succeed with the outcomes you desire. Write your own destiny. The concept of “knowing the endings” is very powerful. but you have no faith in yourself. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BEFORE BELIEVING YOU CAN SUCCEED Believe that you are the man any woman would want. If you only believe that you can succeed. AMPING UP YOUR OUTER GAME & EXTERNAL PRESENTATION TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BY ADHERING TO CERTAIN MARKETING PRINCIPLES Now. advice. at least you know you don’t have to waste time pursuing her. I know I will get her speaking receptively to me. If she refuses to give her number away. Warning: Do not be lost entirely in the character you want to become.

intelligence. what does your personal ‘brand’ say about you? What is your image? What is your personality? If you want women to associate you with attractive traits (Humor. Eat fruits everyday. your confidence naturally increases. What’s even more important is eating right. that’s just your external appearance. topical creams will suffice.instantaddictionformula. Got acne? Visit your local dermatologist for treatments. playfulness) then you must develop them. Groom Yourself When out in public. Don’t let these problems get away or pretend that women will overlook them. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Usually. If you have a crooked grill. fresh. and smart. you think high-end. but feel like it. foul breath. sticking to a balanced dietary program. Exercise. luxury. women are concerned with their man’s look. Try to invest at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily in the gym guys. always. Now. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2009. Women love to hear the fact that their guy “works out”. LLC. opt for laser. It’s no surprise. For more severe cases. and reshape your brand to gain a positive image of the minds in public (women). Do you to out with a girl who can’t dress? Or one that looks like she hasn’t showered for days? The tip here is step up your hygiene game and to dress clean. Personal Hygiene Keep your hygiene game in check. it will dramatically improve your outward behavioral patterns. expensive. yellow teeth. build. Clock in gym time.You think of cool.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang From a marketing standpoint. www. and rise above the noise (other men). we as men want the same. When you think of Pepsi . dandruff problems. refreshing. consideration. Meditate for 5-10 minutes. Once your internal physical and mental state is sound. Look not just like a million bucks. When you think of Gucci. What do women think of when they think of you? What values can they pick up from you? What do they see you amazingly great at doing? You must strategically plan. what is her perceived value? If you were a product. greasy hair. get them treated. . When you are intensively working out.

On another note. Look at how the male celebrities are dressed. LLC. Looks really are overrated. Apply this philosophy to our life and career. smelling good and having a haircut that makes you look chic and macho at the same time can also be a big plus. Michelangelo said that each slab of marble contained a statue inside. You want your look to compliment your image. it sub communicates to women that you can take care of a relationship. The obvious tip is to dress smartly would be purchasing garments that suit your body structure. they just care about your overall presentation. If you can take care of yourself. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. so it would be better to stick to clothes that suit your body frame. He manages to maintain authentic masculinity in his verbal and non-verbal projections.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) Clothing By Andrew Wang Bear this line in mind. All rights reserved. and you can still look drop-dead attractive in a woman’s eyes if you can dress right. and carve away the parts of your life that no longer fit your new image of yourself. . Women don’t care about the brands. your desire character. Of course. Be consistent with your look. www.instantaddictionformula. so dress the part! Things may feel a bit awkward at first. Fashion is an extension of how you view yourself. You don’t need a personal stylist or high-end branded clothes and accessories. Wear stuff that compliments your body frame and structure. What might be hot in the current fashion world might make you look like a monkey. Things will come together and fall into place. but you’ll adapt soon enough. or gladiator wear in his movies and still melt the eyes and hearts of women. Decide exactly how you want others to see Copyright © 2009. Define your character clearly and stick to it. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t consider yourself good looking. fashion can be negated when you truly have a recognizable social status and reputation. That’s why Brad Pitt gets away with wearing a tight fish net t-shirt. You have the ultimate authority and power to decide what kind of person you wish to be taken for.

The most important order you ever get from a customer is the second order. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Whatever pick-up tactics or openers you know is analogous to the ‘copy and graphics. All customers are not created equal.instantaddictionformula. Translation: It all starts from within. income. I’ve translated the idea behind each principle to help you understand how it can contribute to your dating life. second upon the offers you make. marital status. Copyright © 2009. not just dive into the next Jessica-alba. Maximizing direct mail success depends first upon the lists you use. who safe to say is the father and founder of modern direct marketing. 3.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang 16 MODERN DIRECT MARKETING TACTICS YOU CAN CERTIANLY LEARN FROM Here are some timeless marketing principles by Bob Stone. Give or take a few percentage points. www. Translation: Only 20% of women will actually be compatible entirely with you. This is a great demonstration that all forces that attract are interconnected and can be applied in different facets of pertinent to our life. Translation: If a woman repeatedly frees herself to make time for you. such as lifestyle characteristics. and propensity to respond by mail or phone will always improve response. LLC. it’s a tell tale indicator that she’s still interested in you. The “Take rate” for negative option offers will always outpull positive option offers at least two to one. your attitude. 80 percent of repeat business for goods and services will come from 20 percent of your customer base. 5. 2. Don’t worry if you’re not a marketing wiz. Your core behavioral patterns. So choose wisely who you want to spend your valuable time with. your inner game. Translation: Learn to understand whom you’re dealing with and you’ll more likely ‘get more out of them’. and third upon the copy and graphics you create. All rights reserved. it means that you’re playing your cards right. Why? Because a two-time buyer is at least twice as likely to buy again as a onetime buyer. . Don’t overanalyze women if things don’t go accordingly. If they care to join you on more dates. Overlays on lists (enhancements). That’s why I strongly urge you to try Sync Dating if you haven’t done so.’ 4. age. 1.

. outpull offers with no time limit practically every time. and how you can rock her world emotionally and sexually that really counts. It makes that ‘date’ manifolds more exciting when the time comes. Translation: Give your time a price and value. what you’re made of.instantaddictionformula. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. secure it incrementally so it seems as if it’s no big deal. particularly those which give a specific date.” I’ve concluded that the “product” — the magazine. or more. 7. and once she’s attuned to giving in to you. It’s who you are. your failure rate is likely to double. Don’t give in too easily. 9. the better your chances of success. Time limit offers. Ask her to do small friendly favors. 8. and how you can rock her world emotionally and sexually that really counts. Instill value in every date and make the occasion rare. Translation: Looks really don’t matter. for example — is the factor in making a renewal decision. accompanied by a letter and response form. what you’re made of. and how you can rock her world emotionally and sexually that really counts. But I can report nothing but failure over a period of 40 years in attempts to hype renewals with “improved copy. All rights reserved. The timing and frequency of renewal letters is vital. The longer you can keep someone reading your copy. You will collect far more money in a fund-raising effort if you ask for a specific amount from a Copyright © 2009. 6. Translation: Looks really don’t matter. Translation: Learn to create a pent-up desire or anticipation to meet you on your next date. People buy benefits. Build some healthy resistance. Translation: Looks really don’t matter. www. This also explains why women love and prize foreplay when it comes to bedroom activities. Likewise. what you’re made of. A pre-print of a forthcoming ad. 10. It’s who you are. This will drastically build her attraction level higher.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Translation: If you continuously ‘agree’ and slave for women. LLC. it’ll be difficult to resist even when it comes to sexual indulgences. Translation: To get what you want out of women. Be a challenge. you will collect more money if the appeal is tied to a specific project. will outpull a post-print mailing package by 50 percent. not features. It’s who you are. 11. This is very powerful.

A TV support commercial will increase response from a newspaper insert up to 50 percent. Here are some quick acquirable principles that’ll get you started to showcase your gentlemanly characteristics. Translation: You can date any women. dressing smart. 13. Strolling on the street? She better be walking in the inner lane. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. You’ll often hear complaints and whining on how the world’s devoid of real gentlemen. earning cash are all desirable qualities. try to develop as much skill as possible. but learning how to control they way they feel towards you is another story. Translation: You need to harness an all-around game in order to maximize your attraction level with any women. the closer they will quickly become. www. HOW YOU CAN BECOME A RARE COMMODITY IN THE EYES OF ANY WOMEN IN OUR TIME Be a Gentleman – I bet you didn’t see that coming. It is easier to increase the average dollar amount of an order than it is to increase percentage of response. Translation: If you’d like to bond emotionally deeper with women. most women only live to see it in the movies. Copyright © 2009. Sadly. 15. Translation: A little extra effort in creativity and work can go along way. Assuming items of similar appeal. The more time two individuals spend together.instantaddictionformula. It’s exactly what most women agree is lacking in this 21st century. In other words. All rights reserved. refrain from doing it over the phone and online if possible. Make her feel safe. Keep her away from the moving cars. If cooking. strive to learn all of them. LLC. you will always get a higher response rate from a 32-page catalog than from a 24-page catalog. traffic. You will get far more new catalog customers if you put your proven winners in the front pages of your catalog. .Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang 12. Telephone-generated leads are likely to close four to six times greater than mail-generated leads. Translation: Expanding your social circle and having ‘winning qualities’ of a man can give you that extra edge. Meet your date in person. 14.

Or… “Hey. and distinguish what context or situation you should use it so it’s appropriate. use words like “shrewd. This demonstrates that you are a very thoughtful guy.instantaddictionformula. Think of it as a self-improvement step to all fields of social communications. and diligent” When your date is looking real good. ingenious. don’t just spurt out a mediocre “Wow. Never be pushy.’ SOUND SMARTER THAN YOU ARE Now that we know women dig men with intelligence. pretty. and well mannered. you should always walk her home.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Out on a lunch or dinner? She better be seated first. you look classy with a punch of elegance”. All rights reserved. It even makes other guys cringe when they see how suave you are. insist one more time and let go if she declines again. and is VERY addictive. and study synonyms for words like “smart. Before you add a word to your arsenal. great”. This is very crucial to keeping your gentlemanly image intact. Don’t ever use a word too big for your own tongue. This can potentially make all her girlfriends (when around) go limp and crazy for you. LLC. respectful. but come across as naturally doing it. However. Conduct yourself with gentlemanly gestures. www. Women absolutely dig this. you’re looking really good”. Women around you will notice and go “wow”. but you don’t HAVE to pull a chair out for her. The fraction of a second when you stand a bit longer before sitting down reflects respect. Words can melt a woman’s heart. Language is power. After the date. Note: Don’t mistaken gentlemanly acts as being a typical self-destructive ‘nice guy. make sure you know how to pronounce it. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Make it a habit of learning a few new words everyday. You want to make sure she gets home safely. You can start expanding your list of rich vocabularies easily. if she tells you she can manage to return home herself. here is a quick tactic to sound smarter than you are already. Get a thesaurus. It shows you are attentive. you look ravishing tonight”. Words can work wonders and influence the state of a woman’s bubbly emotions. or offer to drop her off home. Use rich vocabularies. Instead. nice. . What you should try say is “Wow. Learn to be more Copyright © 2009. spell it. There’s one condition however. not just with women.

when women sense that you have the intent to have sex with them (which always is the case). Remember. Keep it clever. Women with class and standards will not be attracted to a man who speaks with a potty-mouth. try “Happy as a fat kid with cake”… or “Happy like hitting the jackpot”. keep them relevant. Unless you got shot. cursing is a common problem amongst many people. It’s lowly. Make them rhyme. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Instead of using cliché lines like “Happy as a lark”. Most importantly. They’ve helped politicians get elected “Read my lips: no new taxes”. Watch what you say. Now that we’ve established the impact of words. Also. . Keep it funny. Substitute a word a day for two months and you’ll soon find yourself sweeping the feet of women merely with words. their shields and swords go up faster than a light switch. All rights reserved. Even if you’re really pissed. get defendants acquitted “If it doesn’t fit. This destroys all blockages. LLC.” Blend in some humor and this will even get a good laugh out of her. imagine the power of phrases. UNLESS IT’S UNCONTAINABLE Yes. Instead of saying he’s as “quiet as a mouse”… say.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang When you use richer words.instantaddictionformula. and respectful. classless. DO NOT EVER CURSE. it suggests that you are unintelligent and poorly raised. “Quiet as a mute in an asylum. you must acquit”. and also be capable of expressing yourself without having to resort to using shallow words. then it’s understandable for you scream your lungs out. classy. Copyright © 2009. If you curse a lot. You should not only pride yourself on sounding articulate. the more drawn women will be to you. and despicable. Start learning phrases that have visual impact. It’s a fact that most professional speakers and comedians all glean through books for quotations and look online for lines of humor. STOP TRYING TO FLIRT The less flirtatious you seem. don’t cry like a baby about it. well mannered. www. she’ll perceive you as more creative. Neat phrases make powerful weapons. Avoid using any profanity when you take a woman out on dates.

she’ll actually appreciate it and find it relieving. There is an underlying sense of sexual communication. All rights Copyright © 2009. or how powerful your abdominal thrust is. You want to liberate her from behaving defensively. They are the ‘nuts and bolts’ of reproduction that controls the release of hormones and irresistible urges such as thirst and hunger What’s the fastest and fluid method in getting her comfortable in having sex with you? It all starts by talking about the subject itself. Talk about it like you’re talking about your favorite sport. no skirting her www.” THE FASTEST ROUTE TO GETTING A WOMAN SEXUALLY AROUSED I actually teach you this in my other ‘Communication Secrets’ guide. LLC. How? By showing no intention that you’re trying to “get with her. It is more effective. This is how the law of attraction works. not someone else’s. Now. someone else (you) can influence it. it must be in his or her own accord. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Girls can readily sense when a guy is running some pre-canned or prerehearsed material on them. and pushing her to the edge of being a straight shooter – which means. “I need your opinion. By releasing the tension off this weighty subject. Let her talk about it. lateral septal nuclei. but thought it would benefit you greatly if I placed it here. you’re doing a huge favor for both of yourself. what we’re about to discuss is a method I use to tap into her hot-button sex regions of the brain that are known as the medial. what do you think women enjoy most in bed. For a person to be attracted to someone. and long lasting. I usually enjoy asking for her opinion on sex. Don’t make the transition into the subject a rocky-road either. . The person must feel like it’s his or her own idea. Ask her. put her into the driver’s seat while you wing her. When you talk about sex comfortably without sounding like you’re walking through a landmine. real.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang This is why you need to dispose any pick-up lines. However. and preoptic areas. which becomes cautionary to them. what’s every woman’s little dirty secret? I call this exercising her desire. it’s what the amateurs and insecure men without real game do. A pick up line serves as a clutch – and a source they can blame on when they get rejected.instantaddictionformula. Don’t brag about how delightful you are in bed.

Learn to give back to the www. Read the news. You’ll be more adept in integrating your personal skills into the real world – and to help develop the world. The footsteps into tapping her inner sexual psyche is not difficult. Be a visionary. Knowledge is king. Get analytical when necessary. That’s why information specialist and spies are highly in demand by our governments. All rights reserved. Live ethically – and remain disciplined. Moral Use your wisdom to differentiate the good from bad. Some may enjoy kinky glow in the dark late night romp. . The answer may of course be subjective. Be as honest as you can be. and be mindful of others. or ‘keep’ as a personal longtime significant another. I’d then ask her which one she’d like to ‘sleep with’. STRIVE FOR DAILY EXPONENTIAL GROWTH Keep on pushing the envelope. Once you’re on the other end of the comfort Copyright © 2009. Whenever I’m at a local coffee shop with my girl. Bottom line is. knowing more can always give you the edge. LLC. Keep expanding your bank of knowledge. which is an incredible way t strengthen your social communication skills. and self-improvement to make. They key is to steer her into this direction. Wisdom & Knowledge There’s always room for personal growth. The point? To make her open in discussing about her sexuality. the more she’ll be screaming to hop onto you. Treat others like you want to be treated. it’s free online. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. There’s no objective preference for a dirty secret. and start appreciating the value of life. Obtaining more knowledge is a way to increase your personal asset value.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang sexual wishes.instantaddictionformula. The more you freely and casually talk about sex. she always browses through their complimentary high fashion magazine and Elle magazine. it becomes so much easier to have initiate in casual or pre-heated sex with her. Social Now’s the time to be more involved with public affairs. Think creatively. Become more culturally aware of other countries standards and behaviors.

costume. . 8. Skill & Professional Broaden your skill horizon. It’s everything a man and woman could ever want. at his core. That mentality itself is extremely attractive to women. a journalist. and don’t rest on your laurels. and pimped out bat mobile is that he. 5. Study more about different cultures and learn to live in one when you get the opportunity – travel. and academically poised. financially fit (being a successful entrepreneur). 1. pool shark. Develop a sense of social responsibility. www. LLC. 9. If you’re a designer. 3. Become an all around individual motivated to grow Copyright © 2009. you’ll never build yourself. Finances and Status Physical Fitness and Life-long ambition and goals Sexual prowess and experience Social value in romance and friendships Moral Decisiveness Fearlessness and Fire Legacy and Contributions to Society Education and growing knowledge.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang community and not just take. is a man who is armed with a definitive moral boundary. take. learn to play a new sport. The guy embodies the characteristics of an ‘ideal man’. If you seek to bring others down. learn to utilize new software. Batman is a perfect model of an individual who strives for daily growth. 2. 4. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO.instantaddictionformula. Don’t set limitations. Here are the 10 cornerstones to achieving the ‘ideal lifestyle’ of all alpha-males. It can never hurt to learn more. take. If you are an athlete. What distinguishes him from Joker beneath that mask. He’s physically ripped. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. or computer geek. All rights reserved. 7. Veer from your mother tongue and be a multilinguist. gadgets. 6. There’s always someone out there that can always use some form of help. WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM MASTER WAYNE – BATMAN Remember how at the end of blockbuster hit “The Dark Knight” saves Joker as he falls of the building? He turns him into the authorities instead of turning Joker into scrambled eggs. Try to improve yourself in other areas of life.

LUXLIVIN Entertainment. “What’s that”? I have a trucker hat that features the word “DORK” in rhinestones. independence. LLC. You can effortlessly make any women gravitate to you by acquiring what I call a “What’s That?” factor. If you’re going out for a night. If you happen to stare at the clock in disappointment at how slow time elapses. and everything else will magically take care of itself. Instead. All rights reserved.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Now. other women will pick your social proof.” Fulfill that need first. this is also a great way to approach women if they too have a “WHAT’S THAT” factor. Hot Tip: Like wise. then you have work to do.instantaddictionformula. your ultimate goal should be to “Have fun. Picking up woman should run secondary. you don’t need a multi-million dollar estate or the body of Adonis – the Greek God. but you owe it to yourself to constantly improve yourself to get more out of life. that will tickle a woman’s curiosity. Wear something that draws attention and inspires people to ask you. Start to click together proactively with people are congruent and incongruent with your personality type. look forward to having fun. disarm yourself from this poisonous mentality immediately. HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN WAN TO APPROACH AND TALK TO YOU Here’s a very powerful tip. www. Those who spend their time wisely and productively are the ones awed at how fast time really flies Copyright © 2009. and women always come up and comment about it. Whenever I go out and prioritize the need to have fun with my friends and me first. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE IN A CLUB OR EVENT WHERE YOU WANT TO APPROACH? One major mistake most men make is feeling the need to impress flirtatiously in order to arrest and escalate a woman’s interest. Give everyone and yourself the opportunity to greet and meet each other. and circle you as a guy that’s safe to be approached by. . If this applies to you. All you’ll need is a simple visual prop that is interesting. as it’ll come pre-requisitely with the “having fun” process.

we are all multifaceted renaissance men. I like it. LLC. Believe it or not. charisma is not something everyone is born with. a cooking lesson. and also a short but detailed guide to awakening your inner charm. right below I have provided the ingredients (for your inner game) to becoming a charismatic person. This way. where can I shop for it?” SO…GET CHARISMATIC (Refer to charm awakener guide) Become a modern day renaissance man. Experience gives you conversational fodder. and let it fly high. when I recommend my date a dish without having to cast a glance over the menu. but we can sure develop it. Once in a while. Now. What you do is scramble up your life. I think my sister would like it. Don’t copy their lifestyle or Copyright © 2009. Step up your capabilities. It makes you more competent in the eyes of women. Acquiring an abundance of experience in many facets of life can be very impressive and rewarding. Positive Energy (which we’ve already covered. It can never hurt to know more right? Now. Cultivate more experiences. For example.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Carefully observe for anything interesting she might be wearing. Develop a new skill. Learn new lingos. I have a habit of studying a la carte names on the menu when I’m dining out.) Confidence. “It’s better to fail in originality rather than succeed in imitation”. If it’s a bag. . All rights reserved. Be Enthusiastic? How? www. hop off your comfort train and do something out your everyday pattern. Go to an art gallery. but modify it until it becomes part of you. It’s time to unchain your inner uber-cool. You may even learn by thinking of people you think embodies charm. try bowling on your next weekend. This is one of those “mysterious” human traits. say “Excuse me. she will be flushed. You become an all-around person. not necessary a know-it-all. The Ingredients: Enthusiasm.instantaddictionformula. If you play basketball every weekend. Participate in activities you never thought of indulging in. the more you can sound like an “Insider” when meeting all sorts of women. I couldn’t help but notice that attractive handbag. The more experience you have. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Masters of their subject matter. and emulate it in your own way. To be a modern day renaissance man can have many benefits.

You want to be capable of showing that you are confident. in lifeless voice. When you’re confident. or struck by tension. “What should I say next?” With more experience. This causes them to also become uneasy as they feed off your negative energy like a sponge. They don’t have to worry about whether they’re appearance is good enough. UNBREKABLE & UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE What is confidence towards Women... By being comfortable. While it is important to focus on your content. ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE Ultimate confidence stems from having a strong emotional foundation. Really? Two main components of confidence are “experience” and “innercomfort. . just remember: the listener will always model their response to your behavior. If you describe that the movie as boring. women will sense the uneasiness. The more experienced men are usually more observant. it’s just as important to sharpen your delivery.” Men that have experience with women have advantages over men who don’t. witty comments. suave. and inside your environment. women will want to get away from it. or think to Copyright © 2009. and she will believe it is important.instantaddictionformula. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. or whatever crucial facts need to be said. you are more comfortable in your skin. When this happens. Those that do can pick up on subtle cues women transmit to telegraph their interest. Your whole body will communicate a stronger message about who you are. Those who are confident with who they are focus less on themselves. women will find your company a lot more enjoyable. All rights reserved. she’s going to buy that. when you’re uncomfortable. not just feel confident. They become more mindful. and use that cue to progress with to getting women in bed. www. Be enthusiastic in your voice and action. LLC. They must both go hand to hand. and forking out engaging conversations. You’ll also perform better in terms of delivering humorous remarks. and relaxed.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Whatever subjects you’re speaking about. you start placing your attention more on where it belongs – the woman you’re pursuing. You see.

instantaddictionformula. you become insecure. do not withstand such indecency and disloyalty. Man up. . Here’s a scenario that happens to a lot of guys. unless of course. People are magnetized to it. Quit going back to evaluating everything you just said to your date to gauge whether it was “what she wanted to hear” or not. and walked over like the red carpet. Expand your vocabulary. Otherwise. If she blames you for something you didn’t do. Don’t fall for her lies though. warm. Improve your posture when you sit. One of the biggest enemies to confidence is self-consciousness. and walk. though not meaningfully. or irrationally throws a fit at you. shop. Arrogance is on the other hand is repulsive. His date arrives 30-60 minutes late. Do not every put up with such Copyright © 2009. don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Tell her that it’s strike one. When you’re too self-conscious. LLC. If a woman pleas and pouts at you unreasonably. Confidence is a pleasant. she’ll stop testing you when she knows you’re in full control of a dominant behavior. Punish her. talk. The guy shrugs it off and tries to retain his cool while the girl profusely apologies. but if it doesn’t reveal in your actions. then she’ll never know. It’s utterly disrespectful. Girls are pleading for men to dominate. confidence is the feeling of not having that dreadful feeling of being held back. When a girl subconsciously grows accustomed to giving you orders or behaving the way she wants around you. manipulated. www. What is confidence? Simply put. do not put up with it. Through time. don’t accept such nonsense. Take charge. not physically of course. and endearing glow. and it proves that she doesn’t respect you enough for your time. she will become glued to the pattern. If this ever happens to you. Raise your personal standards and values. However. and stop being defeated. Carry yourself elegantly. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. If a woman cheats on you. The guy shows up on time. there was an emergency reason then it may just be ok to let it slide. but don’t let history repeat itself. if not earlier on the meet up spot for the first date. you’re selling yourself to her childish and devilish behaviors. Once is ok. she owes you a double-dinner date. and it stems from personal insecurities. Only you can set the tone and framework of your relationships. All rights reserved. and if she strikes twice. do not tolerate with it.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang You can be very confident.

instantaddictionformula. they don’t really bring you into consideration. Imagine a girl who can’t stop complaining or bitching about her ex. and express themselves. www. If you try too hard to impress your date. All rights reserved. You will naturally achieve that status when your internal attitudes. Your personal boundary safeguards and protects yourself from being abused. When you’re out on dates. but instead. It prevents you from losing selfrespect and dwindling into deep-insecurity once you learn NOT to allow others to take away your dignity.” – Obviously. it will raise a red flag and foul smell. LLC. It is also the door to which you let in to what you need. When you’re out meeting new women. Stand firm on your feet. or taken advantage of unjustly. 5 more ladies to join. I am partying it up with 5 different girls from 5 different countries. Be comfortable in your own skin Quit being so sensitive to what others think of you or expect from you. Compare these women to one that preserves her cool. What is your personal boundary? It’s the wall you built in defense to your external influences. your look. You stop wanting to conform and oblige to the outer world. sometimes she’d ask me out of insecurity – “Hanging out with another girl?” I’d sarcastically tell her “Yes. women will always test to see how far they can push you. Care to join? It’ll be fun.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang When I’m not around my girl and busily working. . and what you believe in. one that you would rather cherish. beliefs. this is all said jokingly. Eliminate the psychological need to have to secure a higher status. with 5 bottles popping… oh I almost forgot. and leaves her ex to the past. and values are reconstructed. Be proud of your accent. Women are drawn to men who have courage to speak aloud. and ‘give boot’ to what you don’t. Don’t ever cave in when a woman tests you. and your heritage. Women will know you are trying to hide or overcompensate for your insecurities. Stay true to who you are. the truth Copyright © 2009. manipulated. as they are obsessed with themselves. THAT’S WHY YOU MUST BUILD YOUR OWN PERSONAL BOUNDARY. Which one would you rather date? Hopefully. We are literally living a test everyday. it’s not the one causing all the drama. LUXLIVIN Entertainment.

Any display of skill confirms to the onlooker that you got the goods to deliver. you’re still not comfortable with who you are. . This is when a feeling of rapport sparks. Women can see a “healthy spark” in you when you are someone that aspires to learn. Life is a journey. Take a proactive approach when it comes to learning as you’re adding value to your personal knowledge bank. Don’t criticize others unless they ask for it. It’s true. There really is something to learn from someone else. www. LLC. That’s life. and learn more. Follow the Japanese proverb: The clever hawk hides its claws. and constantly evolve. There is value to be found in the most unexpected times. Always have a curious and open mind. YOU CAN LEARN FROM EVERY PERSON YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH. When people witness greatness. The healthy and powerful approach to life is just to see the value in people. and rejections. Just because you’ve mastered one trait. Only reveal the skills you got when the opportunity presents itself. Your date will be a whole lot more curios about what other secret abilities you may have. Are you a computer genius? A juggler? Be proud of it. when you stop growing. This is the key foundation to exuding attraction. they feel inspired. Cardinal Rule: Keep your ego in check. this is also the secret to making yourself more relatable to someone else. not ashamed. Let your actions do the work. Guys.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang If you’re still at a phase where you compare yourself to other men. Be a master of your subject matter. You’re gifted. Don’t ever try to “impress” people. They feel good. Never brag on and off just to be pleased at your own craft or talent. Yes. not a destination. On a similar note.instantaddictionformula. you die. I can’t help but address the need of striving for daily growth. Everyone applauds skill. it doesn’t mean you’ve come to an end. Be open to new ideas. and others are going to hate on Copyright © 2009. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. you’re lacking in “life”. learn. Learn. NEVER STOP LEARNING. and it will ignite a wave of addiction. if you cease to grow. Enjoy all moments of challenges. embarrassments. Don’t judge anybody but yourself. regardless of what their profession or IQ level is. All rights reserved. Make your girl feel good.

85% of the correspondents (both men and women) expressed that charm was the main reason for their attraction to the opposite individual. very powerful in the corporate world. Some people were naturally born prince charming. and attract very successful people around you. Rinse. www. the tone of voice. LLC. Copyright © 2009. Don’t doubt yourself ever again about that. and repeat that cycle and you’ll soon boost your self-worth infinitely. You know you’re working with charm if you can capture the attention of people around you simply by smiling. the more self-respect we gain. THE QUICK BREAK DOWN OF INNER-CONFIDENCE’S CORE CONSTRCUT By accomplishing goals. Charm is indeed. With charm. By achieving Success. The art of attracting people consists of 10% projection of success.instantaddictionformula. we achieve success. . we improve our self-esteem. lather. you can bet they’re charismatic. In a study conducted by the University of Waterloo. and 70% charm. All rights reserved. 10% appearance. and reap the benefits that come with a positive outlook. it’s only a matter of springing it back to life. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. And… I’m sure there are many that still have no clue on how to be charismatic. The MORE self-esteem we harbor. Check the stats. Confidence. Now. let’s get to slapping your inner charm awake. Well.” Everyone has it. INNER CHARM AWAKENDER GUIDE “Inner charm. positive energy. the good news – which most men don’t know is – we all have a built-in inner charisma. you can get any woman you desire. 10% intelligence.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang ignore what’s of no use. It’s in your “swagger”. and the expressions that you make. and a successful image = authentic charm. the stride in your walk. Some had to learn the ropes through social communication. You know how there’s that one person everyone loves inside their job? Well.

1. Doing this also suggests that your date has a great “fashion sense” – which consequently makes them “feel good” about themselves.instantaddictionformula. Your parents. Who can you practice your charm with? Simple. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. siblings. tell her you “you have a beautiful smile”. Charm’s best friend is “Eye Contact”. That line alone makes any women melt! 4. Remember. make sure you offer them a portion of your food when it arrives. Not even a feedback. Whenever you’re talking to anyone. it’s time pull the blankets off your inner charm and get it to shape. "You are terrific. . Eye contact equals confidence. If the girl is rocking nice earrings. 3. The effect of charm is strongest when you believe what you're saying. they are dependent on each other. 2. Copyright © 2009. Just think of what makes you feel “complimented”. Charm is all about exerting confidence. It is genuine warmth and comfort. All rights reserved. www. 6. If you enjoy the presence of her smile. compliment on how it sparkles perfectly on the side of her face. Don’t be selfish. Well. Charm requires sincerity. Charm is nothing sexual. Thank you for joining me. LLC. It shows that you are attentive and respectful to the other person.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang 7 COMMANDMENTS TO WIELDING AUTHENTIC CHARM The following principles should help pump up the blood volume and bring a lightning pulse to your inner charm. The difference between charm and flattery is that flattery has an agenda. and do the same for others. When you’re dining out with women. friend. Charm at its simplest just says.” Charm is a way of being. neighbor. “I'll flatter you so you'll give me what I want later. Start practicing with the list now so you don’t come across as rehearsed – or simply putting up a front. What you want to compliment is easy to figure out. Don’t flatter others or throw any fake compliments. You can easily compliment someone simply by what they wear." – in a non-submissive manner. 7. Charming someone involves the act of complimenting. rather than a means to achieve something. establish eye contact. dog. don’t start expecting anything in return. Again. Being a “gentlemen” is charming.

It can be a VERY fun and a profitable tool in interpersonal relationships and the dating stratosphere. All women want a man full of life. .Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang You’ll be amazed at how “charming” people will be in return. she’ll convert these feelings into indicators of comfort around you. you want to draw her interests out instead of selfabsorbedly droning about yourself. Pursue your dreams. When you’re out on a date. starting with your neighborhood.instantaddictionformula. Stop trying to be a pick up artist. Role models are very addictive people to be around as they enlighten you. If you’re living your learning how to attract women. Sync date. Once a woman becomes emotionally invested. Health. You want her to be in yours. I’m not advocating www. BE a role model to the world. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. What you want to do is make women FIGHT to live with you. charm is like a butterfly's touch on a rose petal. Learn to inspire others with a sense of greatness. The key is to not overdo it. THE KEY TO REALLY TIGHTENING THE BOND. drive. All rights reserved. Women will be deeply drawn to your well-defined qualities. Is it earning more money? Then go ahead and fulfill that path to the fullest. In short. Take turns. get her involved in your activities. power. or win over their approval. GET BUSY. THAT’S WHY YOU MUST GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Another great chemistry inducing game is to ask what she thinks of other people that are around you guys. Play verbal games. energy. Remember. People are vicariously living other’s people life. stop immediately. They add value to people’s life and give inspiration. The state of emotions you want to feel is: YOU+HER AGAINST THE Copyright © 2009. and explain your reason behind your answer. YOU CAN BE GREAT A ROLE MODEL You know how everyone has at least one role model? Become your date’s role model. LLC. The secret: People are drawn to people who have things that we wish for ourselves. success. Push others to elevate into new heights. Stop clocking in absurd hours researching on the latest pick up technique. Start being productive guys. Ask her who she thinks will be ‘getting some’ tonight. Make her feel like you and her on the same team. Better yet.

Imagine this. the results can be extremely rewarding! I am actually a master of this subject and known for shooting healthy doses of sarcasm into your system. Women are not attracted to men who fall for them too easily. However. they become less of a priority. sarcasm is making light of a negative situation for comedic effect. Why? Because it could make you come across an insensitive jerk. They have guys falling for them left and right so stop blending in as a blur with the rest that are trying to “qualify” for her.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang that you should undervalue the importance of your sexual needs. You see. tell her “Ohh. LUXLIVIN Entertainment.. Sarcasm is kind of like a doctor’s scalpel. If you slip when you’re using it. WHY AND HOW SARCASM WORKS ON WOMEN One very powerful and coveted skill I think most men should learn is SARCASM. When a woman sneaks up behind in attempt to scare you. the more emotionally involved you become. you can’t let your emotions overwhelm you. All rights reserved. Trust me. . it’s VERY powerful and can streamline the process of creating heavy attraction. When something’s less of a priority for you. When dating women. pretend to shake the fear off. WHICH I know you have the potential to. or actually hurting someone’s feeling if you can’t play it right. you could end up slicing yourself or the person you’re using it for. be careful how you use it. that was almost as scary as walking in the dark” Then. I’m not saying that you don’t – you become more frustrated and angry when you are deprived of having a girl in your life. When you think less about having to impress women. In short.instantaddictionformula.. you lose that sense of nervousness. When you believe that you need a woman – again. LLC. This then disrupts and weakens your calm and cool demeanors. It’s really easy. or how to preparing to impress them. or chances of “freaking out” when it comes to dealing with it. Stand out by making her “qualify” for you. Here are a few examples to how I put sarcasm to work. despite what you’ve been taught about other dating coaches about sarcasm. which are pillar emotions during the process of creating attraction. the more you want something badly. I just think it’s silly to spend half a day fantasizing about women. If you are capable of handling sarcasm. www. it’s a razor sharp tool that should be used with extreme skill and Copyright © 2009.

Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang If you notice her walking at a fast pace. LLC. studio-time. The easiest yet solid way to perform this feat is by giving a woman the gift to miss! This may sound paradoxical. I think you should be signed by a record label. Tell her: “Hey. This will help refine your skills before anything is really on the line. This is what most men hardly do. Here’s a great analogical tip. playfully tease her. and of course. if you see an oversized jean on display in a store. your own personal time to be by yourself or your friends. Think of yourself as a celebrity: You’ve got interviews to tend to.” All you’ll suffer is a punch to the shoulder. I am not suggesting that you should become self-centered. joke about how you can “fit your whole family in there. . All rights Copyright © 2009. For example. the more curious – thus interested – she will become in you and your schedule. worth. Sarcasm works best when conveyed in an exaggerated intonation of voice to over-accentuate and DRAW attention to whatever you’re trying to make humor of. Be a man of constant challenge and unpredictability. You don’t want to see a car crash and go “how lovely”. as they are blind to the logic behind it. I advise you to test sarcasm with your close friends or people who know you already. PILLAR 3: CONSTANT CURIOSITY FACTOR SPIKING HER CURIOSITY Play hard-to-get. but the more you are absent from her. playfully cough and tell her “Ahem. are we in a race? You’re walking kind of fast. You’ve got your own career and things to do.” Warning: Stay away from sarcasm when you’ve come to a tragic accident – plane crash on the news. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. photo shoots.” If she’s trying to sing to a song – and her voice just isn’t vocal coaching material. www. and you can’t kill her curiosity since there’s just so happening to share.instantaddictionformula. child abuse etc. but learn to consider yourself being the object of other’s admiration and that can eventually become your reality – once you back it up with your other life skill sets of course. Present the fact that you have a high social value.

If she comes back. The trick to keeping a woman’s attraction level is to “push” her away from you gently in order to bring her back to you. there isn’t much worth in it. LLC.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Don’t allow yourself to be an easy catch. Never assume that someone is better than you. Instead. 2. don’t always give straightforward answers. Distancing yourself can truly make the heart grow fonder. she won’t feel exploited. Always treat her like an equal. Men approach hot looking women all the damn time. Keep her guessing. you want to flip her reality’s script and make yourself the one in demand. Let the bird out the cage. There’s a reason why telling a girl you “love” her within the first 3 to 6 months can draw major consequences – the girl leaving you. When she doesn ‘spend time’ with you. She probably had clusters of dates and guys approaching her from all corners. All rights reserved. 99% of the men she meets and dates wind up following her around like puppies. Note: Don’t ever get arrogant.instantaddictionformula. 3. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. you need to be worth more than you can ever imagine. we appreciate and value things more when it’s not easy to access. she’s there to stay. either right from the beginning or eventually falling slave to her. Rather. If something just falls into your lap without you exerting any effort for it. You start taking it for granted. She knows she’s a hot commodity. don’t confuse my push & pull method with it. or you’re better than others. you are giving her a legitimate reason to develop a growing sense of attraction towards you through emotional arousal. . As humans. In order to be attractive and irresistible. www. Tip: When speaking to women. When a woman is subjected to this treatment. please remember. she sees this as a sign of neediness and weakness. If you're dealing with an attractive woman. Keep yourself preoccupied with other areas of your life. you're not the first guy who’s showed her interest. She becomes repelled and will ditch him. it then translates to ‘quality time’ where she values the moment ten times more. When a guy acts "too nice" and does it "too soon". Here are some facts you ought to know by now: 1. ADVANCED PUSH & PULL If you’ve read various pick-up materials. and that men would “hustle hard” to get with Copyright © 2009. This is something different.

She’s likes you. I then tell her “Not so sexy. you’re pulling her in. While slurping on our Magnum chocolate ice cream. you might want to clean that up. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. forget it”. At this instant. You’re pulling her even more now.instantaddictionformula. something went terribly wrong. Rewards & tease. and she says “Na. this is when you want to pause for effect.” “Ouch. LLC. because I think you’re a great person that doesn’t just download porn all day. but right after. After around 2-3 seconds. and a girl calls for your help because her computer crashed due to a virus infection. This is a pull. When a woman leans in and places her soft moist lips only inches away from yours.” www. and suddenly retreats herself from the kiss. that’s a pull. Imagine if you are an expert in fixing computers. It’s very similar to playing hard to get. Now. therefore resulting in this virus contraction. Here’s another great example drawn from my Copyright © 2009. it is your turn to create a pull. You’re pulling her closer to you so she doesn’t just take you for granted. my girlfriend started to lick hers salaciously in attempt to visually tease me.” Then.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) Now. tell her “Hey. The objective is to keep it playful. She feels indebted to you. skeptically say “But how do I know for sure that you don’t surf porn sites all day”? Now that’s getting a woman hot and bothered. I’m going to fix this for you free of charge. except you’re doing it on the spot and can be executed with the command of words. Usually. what is a pull? By Andrew Wang You know how when a woman tells you she wants to tell you something. I put on a “Ooh-how-seductive” look and say “Sexy. All rights reserved. . A portion of her melting chocolate didn’t pass between her lips but dripped onto her chin. Your curiosity immediately spikes. you ask her what the matter is. To create a pull.

recording sessions. I then insist the girl to give her number out to whoever’s pursuant.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang This got her laughing in embarrassment and of course. otherwise you’re really going to push her away. . Never come across as “Trying” to play hard-to-get. With the combination of playing hard-to-get coupled with my advanced push & pull method. A push implies that you are not desperate and can be happy without having her around. However. you will make a woman go crazy for you. She will develop a constant itch to chase and qualify herself for you. afforded me a playful punch to the arm. and are actually “hard-to-get”.instantaddictionformula. Don’t allow yourself to be an easy catch. If she tells you that she only digs men who have deep meaty pockets. guest appearances. When speaking to women. www. Here’s another scenario. give her the opposite. With all the tour bookings. Present the fact that you have a high social value. Distancing yourself can truly make the heart grow fonder. outgoing life. they’ll start bragging about how men “hit on me” left and right. This implies that I am not afraid of losing her. and only a few 5-dollar notes in your pink piggy bank and it’ll never work out between you and her. Many times. Keep yourself preoccupied with other areas of your life. Keep her guessing. when I’m with a hot date. I remind her that the guy must be interested. When she’s around you. There is one word of caution however. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. she will value the time by ten times more. What’s a Push? A Push is when you’re pushing her away – an act that appear counterintuitive to showing desire – yet it instills attraction within women. You want women you come in contact with to recognize you as someone with a busy schedule. mini-concerts. Tell her you don’t have any money in your bank savings. they like to test my reaction by saying things like “They (other men) keep looking at me. Imagine dating a super star artist. All rights reserved. the artist is “hard to get” by default. LLC. don’t always give straightforward Copyright © 2009. They’ll perceive you as someone tremendous personal value therefore wanting to snag a piece of you.” Or. Instead of reacting jealousy like most men would. you don’t want to come across as a jerk.

Teasing women really isn’t calculus-difficult. This situation was perfect for a tease. but it really is powerful in building attraction. We all have it in us as we’ve teased our siblings or a close friend before. However teasing women does require a different framework. you’ll eventually become a natural. It’s as simple as a-b-c. LLC. you need to be able to spot the fine line between being a tease and being an ass. and her favorite song comes on the radio. All rights reserved. Before she values you for your time. Never assume that someone is better than you. This increases your mating value dramatically. or you’re better than others.. . my girl accidentally let out a small burp in the car. She starts singing along – her voice isn’t Mariah Carey material of course. 5 seconds after she started singing. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. a slap on the back. SPONTANEOUS TEASING One of the most potent ways to ignite attraction with women – if executed correctly – is to tease women regularly. At that instant. Here’s another small case study: Once. you need to value your own time too. I www. In no time.I think they should feature you in the song. Now of course.instantaddictionformula. which she missed when trying to shoot it literally from one foot away. What you really need to do is just practice. just like all comedians do everyday. teasing can be a powerful attraction amplifier. that was lovely”. Always treat her like an equal. I said “Wow.” What I could also have said was: Wow (pauses)… your body sounds a bit out of tune today! I would then massage her as if I was tuning her body. Check this scenario out. My girl and I were in the car. You know why men who act like jerks score lots of women? It’s simply because they TEASE. and rolled down the window.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Note: Don’t ever get arrogant. This behavior may get you a light punch to the arm. Another time when my girl was trying to throw her used tissue into the trash can. I sarcastically told her “Not bad. You want a woman to keep on guessing where she stands with you.. When executed Copyright © 2009. and I highly recommend you try it.

” – suggesting that she should rethink her entry. Another scenario… This other day when I was heading to the bathroom at the Culture One’s party. . Girl: (while holding a can of coke): I think the coke can got smaller. Here’s a dialogue example of C&F. It’s mighty sexy.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang told her how “that was impressive. sureee. LLC. I caught a hot girl mistakenly walking into the men’s bathroom. Girl: Why’s that? You: You get to finally go out with me. Every guy was surprised. I want you to grow accustomed to firing spontaneous cocky & funny Copyright © 2009.instantaddictionformula. Teasing also requires an ounce of empathy. All rights reserved. Girl: (Laughs) Stud & Constellations (Credits: Daydream Engineer) You see a girl with double-nose studs. www. your welcomed here if you really want to be. she should join the national basketball team”. today’s going to be your lucky day. Her Lucky Day You: Hey. Girl: Haha. “Hey. I playfully stood in front of her and said. You do not want to throw this punch line on an obese chick. Note: This only works if the girl OBVIOUSLY isn’t fat. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Me: (Assertively): No. or you’ll really be a jerk. You: But no touching me ok? I do the touching first. ADVANCED COCKY & FUNNY From now. I think you just got bigger! That’s a non-insulting way to tease women. Here are more exemplary scenarios.. And one last example to solidify this principle: Me: (Squeezes the only body fat from my girlfriend’s waist) Me: Mmmm…This is my favorite part of your body. When she noticed.

SWEET TEASING This is where you say something sweet – to tickle her ego – but tease her right after. (However.instantaddictionformula. you have two. the cooler you are. (Enthusiastically) Her: Why do you think so? (Confused.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang You: WOW. you must be the coolest girl right now. . All rights reserved. Girl: Uh… why? You: We just started seeing each other. (Girl touches my hand) You: You owe me $20. smiling) You: Most girls I know only have one stud on their nose. Girl: You’re very good at (whatever talent you have) You: Don’t you forget it. Her: (Laughs) Being cocky and funny not only aids in strengthening the rapport. Wait until a bounty situation arises. Touching me costs $20. Here’s are two quick case studies: Around 7 P. It’s kind of like the military ranks. but also loosens up her muscles and makes her more comfortable being around you. The effect is similar to my advanced Push & Pull method. LLC. the more stars. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. sorry. you need to develop the capability to respond immediately and spontaneously when the opportunity arrives. www. Don’t try to be Copyright © 2009.M my girl was debating whether she should shower before heading out for dinner. do pass her a pen later with a smile brimming) To really sharpen your humor. Here’s one of my all-time favorites. That makes you super cool. It’s only free when you’re my girlfriend. I barely even know you. Here are more great examples: Girl: Do you have a pen? You: For you? Nope.

lean in to kiss) Note: Never freeze up as you are leaning in for your first kiss.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) I tell her “Nah. She sarcastically comments on how I should be “featured in the sequel. Or I could have said. you smell great right now” That was a compliment.” since I’m quite a “YES” man myself. LLC. Me: “But that small burp that suddenly erupted out of you almost killed it. “No. I tell her… By Andrew Wang “If you hit the shower. I asked my girl “Don’t these look funny on me?” Her reply was “Everything looks funny on you Andrew”.” (Smile. I reacted coolly. My girl attempted to “tease” me the other day when I was pretending to act out a scene after watching the movie “YES Man” by Jim Carey. I knew I always had a movie star in me”. you might not smell as good as now. What if she gives you a taste of your own medicine? Shield up. I really enjoyed your company today. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. I did what was best to defuse any impending anger.” Just as you drop the girl back home… Me: “Hey. All rights Copyright © 2009. Tip: Whenever a woman tries to tease or poke fun at me. www.” Her: (laughs) Me: “Have a great night. you may think that I’d have started gritting my teeth and taken it offensively. Ouch.” Her: (Smiles) Me too. Assume already that she’s screaming for it! Women love kisses. I agree. Instead. just don’t fumble with sloppiness. Right after.instantaddictionformula. I don’t think the directors can afford me” I was trying on these new pair of Ray Ban shades the other day. Here’s how you can defend yourself when a woman playfully teases you. the best way to is “play along. and I thought it was a bit oversized my face. .” My response to her comment was: “Yea.

we become satisfied and eventually get bored of it. don’t fulfill the question entirely. Keep her questioning.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang I simply told her “Yea. Here’s the low-down dramatically. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Men who are secure with themselves would never have to resort to a hostile response. Even knowing that something is readily available to us makes us lose interest in it. The novelty value fades to oblivion. Once they have it. . This is also a principle of mystery. It’s human mature. It’s what reporters in news programs do. that’s kind of old news. Never ever react negatively when a woman or anyone in general says something that may seem hurtful. and is even more effective if the brand is perceived with high emotional value in the buyer’s mind. Take this concept and run with it. We "want what we don't have” Once we get what we want. on increasing your personal value 1. They’ll throw you a cliffhanger right before a commercial break so you’ll return to watch their program afterwards. the value decreases. In marketing linguistics. LLC. EXPLOIT THE UNDECAYABLE BEAUTY OF SCARCITY Do you know why limited edition goods are so highly priced? Yet highly salivated for? It’s because they are scarce in production. Most of the things that people "want" aren't for the most logical reasons. and blamed the shades without taking her remark offensively. AND…when you do provide her an answer. Ask her what she thinks. I was hoping to find something that’ll look good on me for once. don’t just give in right away. 3.instantaddictionformula. If she ever asks you a personal question. What a shame how these shades can’t manage?” (Shakes head) Notice what I did? I agreed with her. this is also known as brand equity – or brand salience. Copyright © 2009. 2. This in result adds more VALUE to the moment. 1. Keep her hanging on the cliff. People want something that is unattainable. Never give in yourself so freely. Women love to share their opinions. I swiftly squashed the insult without overreacting. and mystery is a shining foundation to creating addiction. All rights reserved.

And that’s how a moment of addiction ignites. You must learn when to leave. Note: Don’t ever come up with a typical generic response. knows how to take care of herself. if she asks you. “So what kind of girl do you like?” Your ideal answer would be… “What kind of girl do you think I like”? If she persists with “I don’t know. You’ll notice how she’ll be absorbing every word. my answer would be: “I like a girl who has standards. NEVER SMELL LIKE DESPERATION Remember. intelligent” Your answer should always sound mature and genuine. and get a good laugh out of it. you can create mystery by being indirect with your answer. . and the following date after. you engage and stimulate a woman’s mind and emotions. temporary withdrawal from it will make you more talked about. Hold on to your guns. sexy. If you keep showering her with www. the more common you appear. If you are already established in a group. and repeat “Come on.instantaddictionformula. You’ll have her anticipating for the next date. Generic response: “Hot. what kind of girl you think I’m attracted to?” At this point. or. Too much circulation makes the price go down: The more you are seen and heard Copyright © 2009. And when she does. For example. you create a "Hey. and not independent. All rights reserved. play hard to get by replying with “You’ll find out soon” For example. women do not feel attraction towards men that are needy. According to Robert Green’s 46 Laws of Power: Absence can also be used to increase respect and honor. desperate.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Whenever a woman asks something about you. Only after should you tell her exactly who your ideal main squeeze would be. It should set a standard for her to follow. she will take a stab in the dark. LLC. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. and won’t call me 20 times a day”. take a guess. has a beautiful personality. you tell me”. and take few steps back. even more admired. By becoming a hard-to-get or man of challenge. Create value through scarcity. I want more of that" emotion. you want to respond to what she said. Women only feel attraction towards men with challenge. Tell her whether she was right or not. Whenever you give a woman a little bit.

They’re trapped in the illusion that by being more attentive or spending more time with her. What destroys the movie and makes it lame when you’re watching it? Predictability. You want women to think bout you all the time. 3. . on the other hand. here are the secrets to make her want you BAD. Unpredictable things are fascinating to people. Get this drilled in your head: Predictability is the enemy of attraction.” Let your actions be unpredictable by not acting routinely. In summary. Now that is a huge. Let her experience the withdrawal symptom. LLC. huge mistake.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang attention or giving her your time whenever she demands it. you become exposed. It can’t hurt but help. Give her a little. miss. filled with twist and turns. Be unpredictable. That’s how you make the girls go crazy for you! Think about it. They go on a full-court press and barely let the girl breathe. and by showing her too quickly how you feel. When a woman thinks. especially Copyright © 2009. What makes a movie a thrill? One that is well written and has an unpredictable plot. would it require much thought? I don’t think so. 2. It sucks the life out of it. All rights reserved. and anticipates on your next date. www. Give her the gift of missing you. When you're unpredictable. BE a challenge. it would only go to prove that he truly cares for her.instantaddictionformula. WHY MOST MEN SCREW THIS PRINCIPLE UP The reality is. Be confident. you do something that is almost magical! Any man that understands how to make a woman feel attraction will never be predictable. it is often even more powerful than the actual EXPERIENCE of "the next time. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. and then take a step back. 4. most men often grow insecure and think it is a daily requirement to keep track of their women all the time. 1. If something is predictable. There is a certain attractive power that unpredictability holds over both men and women in the courtship process. Play a little hard to get. one that can only backfire. Predictable is despicable. be cool. require a LOT of thought. she’ll consequently render you “uninteresting” and “too easy” to get. Things that are unpredictable. That’s why I encourage you to be unpredictable.

and excite women (emotionally). www. MY PHONE CALLING RULES Believe it or not. what’s on her mind. I keep my conversations shorter than 10 minutes. LLC. However. You want to her to think twice before she calls you.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Rule of thumb: Unless you’re really getting deeper in a relationship with your girl. PILLAR 4: THE ADRENALINE RUSH INSTILLING GLISTENING TIDAL WAVES OF EXCITEMENT GAMBLING Before we get into how you should please. “Is he busy?” “I better have a great reason to call him. Even if I do call. This is because I am a busy guy. I only pick up 6 to 7 out of 10 times. no Copyright © 2009. not waste him time with fluff talk. I keep it short. Remember the beauty of scarcity and remaining a challenge. and that you’re readily accessible. and thoughtful. especially in the earlier phases of seeing each other. . tease. I call and ask how her day was. Don’t drop an essay-length message on her. Talking for hours is counterproductive to what we’re learning in heightening her addiction towards you. stick to the same principle. Don’t be so eager to talk to her. not half an hour or more. Keep things light. then don’t gush out your life story. I don’ make myself impossible to reach. You don’t want to give her the liberty of being able to call you and getting conversational time whenever she wants. I was never – still am – not the type to call women.instantaddictionformula. All rights reserved. and that you’re busy. Your time is valuable. When you send an e-mail to her. You want to convey to women that you have “a life”. we must fully grasp an understanding of why “gambling” is so addictive and how the concept can be seamlessly woven into the dating stratosphere. unless my intention was to ask her out on a date. Concentrate on building your career. to the point. but I don’t ask questions like “What are you doing now” every 5 minutes. This makes it a whole lot more valuable when she does speak to you. Save your conversation for the dates. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Talking for hours on the phone suggests you have too much free time.

In order words. don’t be afraid to advance. lean in a bit closer and let her feel you inching near her. Why massages? Because they are a non-alarming request that always works. Lay down your own rules. Then. The prize should be in any form that’s realistic. They know the odds are stacked against them. preferably R&B. www. here’s a quick tip on sensually massaging a woman. Your choice of music itself can work wonders in pulling her into a “welcoming” or receptive mood to get down and dirty. compete for a free 10-minute massage. If a woman is comfortable with sitting on YOUR bed. I’m going to show you how to command the exact same tidal influence this activity has on our human minds and habits. At the same time. For example. Here’s a secret. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. if you’re going on a bowling date. the first person to reach 3 strikes gets a 10-minute free massage from the other person. Women will readily accept to any activity that’s relaxing and safe. Bonus: Incase you don’t have the Midas touch of a masseur. when such time comes. then drop back down to the base line and let her relax by night. yet they continue with a potentially self-destructive behavior. then to her back shoulders.instantaddictionformula. or her bed while allowing you to massage her. Those who gamble continue gambling even when they know it’ll hurt them financially. For example. . These are the safer regions. Now. compete! Women love competition. Play some soft-music in the background. and possibly into a “Welcome mood”. slowly and sensually trail your fingers down to her lower back. This creates a sensational tingle that can instantly turn a woman on. I’m sharing this with you since knowing how to massage a woman a very important and useful skill to acquire. which explains again why they love a challenging guy. Rule #1 Take it indoors where you will be free from any distractions. Create an infectious rhythm. It’s very simple. she is ready to engage for some hot steamy sex. affordable. BE HER ROLLER COASTER RIDE Visualize the pulse of your courtship as a sine or cosine curve. and rewarding. So. Let her ride with you through to the top (exciting points) at the day. All you really have to do is “Place bets” whenever an opportunity arrives. Gambling creates a type of impulse-control disorder. Take your fingers skiing down the slopes. All rights Copyright © 2009. begin on her neck. It’s all they think of and want to do.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang The nature of gambling is absolutely fascinating. LLC. Rule #2 When massaging.

Then. I’d call it a “Synthy” affair. Offer your arm while walking across the street. you have to get accustomed to “Touching” her. and allow your lips to lightly brush against the skin of her earlobe. having too much of something compromises its emotional value. All rights reserved. give her a bear-like hug. Remember. grace her back as you give her a gentle push forward. 3. Women in general need to take breaks. Here are some great scenarios to take advantage of: 1. or behaving on polar-extreme habits. exhale faintly. you can easily break the ice by touching the least unsuspecting sexual regions first. When an opportunity such as a “hug” presents itself. This is one of the most erogenous zones of any woman’s body. Speak slowly. Things will bubble up emotionally inside her. Women crave for this. Musically speaking.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Why not constantly ride at the top? That’s when things become too predictable and monotonous. Give her your hand while you help her out the car. Here’s how you can work this magic. and refocus their thoughts. soothingly. but will definitely help you transition into her mind state into a sexual mood. Think: Pulsating and pounding kicks with sweet-sounding moments. 2. Have a downright nasty side to you during nighttime. BRING HER TO BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE What I mean by bringing her to both side of the fence is enacting the roles of your alter-ego. Now. It’ll drive her nuts. Copyright © 2009. LLC. 4. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. and be a supportive shoulder when times become excruciating for her. reset.instantaddictionformula. here’s a hot advice that’s a bit off-topic. KEEP HER ON THE EDGE OF SEXUAL TENSION The effect of this is deadly and addictive if executed correctly. When she’s unhappy or had a bad day. people will eventually become numb to the stunts regardless of how creative it is. www. While opening the door for a woman. This will immediately send a wave of pleasurable shiver down her spine. whisper in her ears too. Imagine a movie jam packed with John Woo action sequences but no meaningful plot. 5. If you still have a hard time trying to apply “Kino”. . First.

LIVE the moment.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) ENGAGE THE FIVE SENSES By Andrew Wang By engaging a woman’s five senses – sight. or allow yourself to be mentally adrift. They are focused. Stop thinking about the crumbling economical state. Most men that enjoy drinking and can probably recall the sight of seeing the foam. LIVE IN THE MOMENT When you’re out with your date. This is an evolutionary concept. determined. Then. and will subconsciously make her want to continue being around you. They are fully immersed. touch. Kind of the like the sound of the popping open a champagne bottle. AGAIN. hearing. and are addicted to – since you love to “live that moment” again. smell. you want to be the player of the game. The player literally forgets the rest of the world. and passionate. there’s the clink and room of “cheers” from your peers. These are moments you will never forget. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do. PILLAR 5: CONSTANT HAPPINESS STIMULATION YOUR EUPHORIA Always KEEP her HAPPY. not the spectator. Imagine drinking a beer. scent of hops. Copyright © 2009. Anchor this emotion to you. She will remember everything more vividly. . it compels her to be more involved in the experience built around you. and feel. As long as it makes her smile – and I hope you’re not provoking a fake smile. Players live inside the game. just watches indifferently. LLC. They make things happen. They cheer when points are scored.instantaddictionformula. It serves as an emotional cushion. All rights reserved. driven. and jeer when fouls are committed. taste of the beverage. There’s a stark difference between the two. The spectator on the other hand. What I’ll be revealing to you later are secrets to becoming naturally funny which only the major comedians know about. When you make a woman happy. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Time seems to fly as it dilates and contracts as he pours his soul into the game. and cool moisture on the side of the glass. or the sound of the swish when you hit nothing but net in basketball. you are instilling feelings of deep security inside her. If dating was a sport. and with more value. building a strong and juicy vibe whenever you’re with her. This means creating near-magical moments and being a guy with a great humor.

and will henceforth become even more drawn towards you. or pretend you’re washing a plate with your palms. She’ll melt at the sight of your handwriting. Instead of e-mailing her. Associate yourself with only positive times. Avoid gossiping – that’s a woman’s job. this always works. After the rub. everything is going o be alright. or even with my girl. Try not to allow your dampened mood to be projected. Keep it sweet. but truly brings happiness? These are the factors you want to integrate into your game. You want your date to associate you as a person that not only smiles a lot. The goal is to express your gratitude for having her as company.instantaddictionformula. Laughing. Avoid writing anything overly personal.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Happy. Ask yourself. they will remember it at the end of the night before sleeping. Whenever I’m with a date. proceed to a small massage. The objective is to make her “Feel good” when times are pressuring. I only channel positivity in the present. either swipe your hand up and down. PHYSICAL REWARDS (1-2 Times Every time You See Her) Play the massage or backrub card. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Avoid talking dirty behind someone’s back. short and simple. . These are the most non intrusive methods to create physical interaction. Do the unconventional. Trust me. LLC. “I’m having such a rough day”… “I’m so stressed about…” This is a great cue to take before you give her a gentle but firm backrub and reassuringly say “Hey. When you a liberate uneasiness or tension from a woman’s life. All rights reserved. Hot Tip: When you give a backrub. Smiling. I’m sure we can figure something out”… “I’m sure we’ll see it through”. It’s best when she voices a complaint about Copyright © 2009. but concurrently someone that makes her smile. www. write her a personal note expressing how you enjoyed the date (whatever it is you did) with her.

www. I just won the free giveaway dining vouchers from SUPERFLY magazine! YOU: Wow. A woman’s emotions are vulnerable to classical conditioning. Pavlov discovered that he could teach dogs to salivate at the sound of a tone. the dogs learned to salivate to the sound of the tone. if he repeatedly paired the tone with the presentation of food. POOR VIBE: HER: Hey.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang ART OF INCREDIBLE VIBING GOOD VIBING VS. and it's quite an omnipresent phenomenon which influences most every aspect of our lives. a person may come to fear dentists (or perhaps the sound of a drill) because of their past painful dental procedures. All rights reserved. Our emotions are usually “elicited” by certain circumstances as a result of past learning experiences (that Copyright © 2009. By repeatedly pairing the tone and the food. it usually serves to mask your insecurity to qualify your own social intelligence. People often learn to fear things because of previous unpleasant associations.instantaddictionformula. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. regardless of whether or not food was present. POOR VIBING This is a very critical piece to the puzzle of dating success. The dogs then learned that “tone” was associated with food (which they liked and therefore “elicited” a salivary response). This is known as “classical conditioning”. . Stop reacting selfishly when it’s not you who gets to bask in the glow of glory. LLC. previous pairings or associations) A great example is the emotion of fear. The Domino Effect of Positive Vibing Through Classical Condition Have you heard about Ivan Pavlov? He’s discovered one of the most essential principles in the world of psychology. especially when it comes to maintaining a constant flux of healthy vibe. congratulations! You totally deserved it. HER: Hey. For instance. I just won the free giveaway dining vouchers from SUPERFLY magazine! YOU: Wow. Vibing correctly. don’t a lot of people win those prizes? When you fail to generate a good vibe. You’ll notice below where I draw out comparisons on what creates a good vibe and a bad one.

your feelings for her were transferred to various other objects. you NOW love Chinese restaurants. You see.instantaddictionformula. All rights reserved. and avoid her like a bad flu when she’s in a bad or downright nasty mood. You may have been so crazy in love with the girl that you would do anything for her. anger. so did I. A common mistake most men commit whenever their date is in a bad mood is trying to make her feel better. Hey. Just stay away. I’m sure everyone has at least one they messed up on. but a lot of guys simply don’t know this. this sounds like common sense. her friends may think your sweet.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Now. but you don’t. but because my ex did. Yes. then I’ll leave that up to you. Unless you want to be her punching bag and hear her vent. BE around her when she’s in a good mood. you aren’t being ass.” Again. You may have done a few things you didn’t really care about. By being around when her mood is bad. For example. LLC. Be the man that gives her the “unforgettable good times. anchor yourself to emotions of happiness. Think about an old girlfriend that you fell in love with. Here are two fail-proof ways to capitalize on it to anchor you with euphoria. or someone you’re attracted to) is always either in a: Good mood. Keep things simple. but try not to do this. and anxiety. Now that we understand the basics of classical conditioning. Neutral mood. just to cheer her up. As a result of pairing Chinese food with the girl you “love”. Let's assume the object of your affection (your girlfriend. You don’t want her to associate your presence with feelings of depression. Gradually. situations. you are disrupting her pre-designated emotions she associates you with. So. . I never really enjoyed watching the “Lost” series. They drop by her place with a basket of food or flower. And no. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. The goal is to associate you with her GOOD emotions and dissociate yourself from her BAD emotions. They hang by the phone sympathizing. let’s think on the positive side. the trick is. or people as a result of being paired with her. you end up going to Chinese restaurants “just for her”. Retrospectively speaking. What do they do? They start doing unwanted favors. Yea. she may dig Chinese food. www. the question Copyright © 2009. or Bad mood.

the coast will be clear to surf. She’ll emotionally be venting at you. Maybe her best friend died. if she's been emotionally devastated that's a different situation. Not only is laughing a stress relief mechanism. The goal is to come across as totally original. The trick to getting someone to laugh is NOT to try or worry whether they’ll respond favorably or not. www. Creativity in this dating scene is a rarely played card. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Just be understanding. She’ll need to draw strength from you and need a shoulder to lean on or cry on. be consumed in the joke and deliver it as enthusiastically as possible. and be the FIRST to ever do such things for her. Here are some personal examples. The laughs will eventually follow. GET CREATIVE. It detaches them – albeit temporary – from personal hardships or gloom. Usually. Flex your creativity and you not only earn her respect but interest. . If it’s your girl’s birthday. There’s a magnetic vibration to someone who can make other’s laugh. LLC. or her favorite emotionally attached to cat passed away. then you have the rights to remain “away”. when a guy comes up with a creative thought. I made an e-mail account for my girl. If you’ve got a joke. Stop being so sensitive about it. If this is the case. write a short note and stuff it inside the balloon before you inflate it. which I’ve used to score tremendous brownie points for. Truth is. they fail to deliver it as they continue debating whether it would be too clichéd. Most men are just sluggish in the creative department. be there for her. INCITING A LAUGHTER Getting a woman to laugh with you – not at you – is one of the safest and surest ways to vibe with women. All rights reserved.instantaddictionformula. but don’t ignore her. I wrote a series of notes on how I felt about her on the first 10 dates. However.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang On the other hand. Note: I only gave her the user name and password 2-months later. it’s also a social one. as long as you deviate from “What’s already been done”.com Copyright © 2009. if she’s not your girlfriend yet. and inside. or her family’s in debt.

It makes women feel safe. “I wonder what more will we both want. Remember how I discussed about giving women a sense of protection? Well humor accomplishes just that. For example. the key is to create positive feelings. It is inevitable.” The key is to let her tap into her imagination when you’re around. put yourself in the picture. Better yet. They love to drift away from reality and relish in their own ideal world. when all our needs are fulfilled” DEVELOP YOUR OWN SIGNATURE GENUINE KILLER-HUMOR Being funny or having a sense of humor happens to be a top-pick trait amongst women when seeking for men. Humor is very addictive. Being funny in front of others proves that you are confident to command the attention of a group. or “Have you ever wondered what it would be like if me and you were the world’s richest couple. what would our responsibilities be” Remember. You see it in the female preferences on your local love classifieds. how can we create such state? Copyright © 2009.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) CREATING DREAMY REALITIES By Andrew Wang Women are daydreamers. It eases tension and takes the bite out of tough situations. That confidence suggests to women that you’re a man on top of things. which translates into high status. Men who are at the apex of their game can execute humor under any circumstance. Well. or even online dating sites. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. This creates a powerful effect in positioning you inside the circle of her fantasies. So. . All rights reserved. easygoing attitude. During your conversations. start using the openers such as: “I Wonder…” “Have you ever thought about…” “What do you think it’ll be like if…. a sense of humor conveys a social presence.instantaddictionformula. “I wonder what it’ll be like if you and I were the last person on earth”. this actually applies to men too. You may not be TV Commercial material. but being funny wins the hearts of any women. They laugh at the absurdity that life often offers. Beyond displaying a playful. Women love comedians. energized. and www. LLC.

The act of “personifying” can be applied to anything. It helps to be quick-witted. LLC. but I’m sure you’ve probably made someone laugh before. bank on the idea and reenact what works. . and just like typing. I see a woman wearing a costume made of heart-shaped pink balloons. Hot Tip: Use Your Surrounding Environment To Stimulate Situational Humor Whenever you’re out on a date. Don’t worry about never getting jokes. Humor should occur spontaneously. If you don’t consider yourself a funny guy – don’t worry. What was it about? How did you deliver it? Whatever you did. It’ll recover soon. my modem just had a stroke. One general rule of thumb is to never sound forced! You don’t want to consciously remind yourself to be funny. I called my girl and told her “Hey. when I saw a giant human sized teddy bear plopped on a bench outside the mall during the afternoon I didn’t ignore on impulse or simply acknowledge it by saying “Hey. Trust Copyright © 2009. While walking in the mall the day before valentines.instantaddictionformula. All rights reserved. She was literally a walking www. there are many ways to be funny without using punch lines. developing a healthy sense of humor goes a long way. it’s a giant bear” Instead I told my date to “Check out that bear getting a free tan. A strong sense of humor provides a sense of effective living. I don’t expect a comedic side in you to spring to life right away. look at the odd things and comment it.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang activates their minds. But be funny while you comment it. and that’s something everyone can also be. For example. You don’t have to be Chris Rock or Russel Peters-funny. When my computer’s cable modem crashed.” This is actually an act of personification. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. I didn’t start out as one too – BUT you can very easily become one. the more you practice. Here’s another scenario. I will discuss more about “personifying” animals or subjects later. The most crucial step is to eliminate the self-limiting belief of “I’m not that funny”. or not spinning a good yarn. which works like miracles. the more adept you become. Now. not remembering funny stories. It needs to happen spontaneously and naturally.

“Watch out. She caught the attention of every passerby in the mall. INFUSING WIT WITH HUMOR Being witty with your remarks really help. At this time. Note: Don’t make fun of her if she actually falls to the ground though. use your creativity and you can come up with something Copyright © 2009. a good sense of humor will go a long way in keeping any girl happy in your company. www. I’m sure there are many odd things that pop up unexpectedly in life. how much for that dress? I’d like to wear it for my date on valentines. Everyone around laughed. Create humorous remarks form contexts that usually aren’t-sofunny Here are a few golden examples on just how to do it. All rights reserved. Here’s another great situation. I went over and asked the crew. When she has a stuffy nose. LLC. Even if you’re in the middle of the forest. I told my girl to “Check that poodle out. That’s just insensitive and twisted. “Hey. Well. comment on how she “defied gravity”.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang heart. there was a small stylist band make up crew preparing her with her for the press. I might give you cavities”. Once walking past a female security that was busy peeling her nails off (disturbing I know). When she trips slightly while walking. Remember guys. . comment on how “musical it sounds”. when me and my girlfriend saw. he needs to withdraw some cash”. I usually respond by warning. The other day when I saw a poodle posting up besides the ATM machine. Whenever my girlfriend tells me I’m a sweet guy. My girlfriend accidentally text messages a blank message to me. Girls love a guy with good wit.instantaddictionformula. Here’s another. Some even stopped to take pictures. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. I jokingly told my girl “I don’t think peeling her nails off in public will give her a raise in salary”.

IMAGINARY HUMOR I asked my girl the other day “What do you think you were in your past life?” She goes “An owner of something VERY valuable”. LLC. I think he had a tiring day. He’s so sweet” while still being considered as imaginatively funny. Sometimes. .. I caught a mosquito on the windshield. that’s very interesting”. this girl tried to creep up behind to scare me after she was out mall’s bathroom. The trick is to do it in small amounts.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang She then tells me online that she mistakenly sent me a blank text. BLENDING SARCASM WITH HUMOR Sarcasm is one of my most powerful weapon. You guys may think that sounds offensive or insensitive. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. I told her. or with your everyday remarks woman will love it. I’ll ask my girl “What are you thinking of?” Whenever she says “nothing”. Contrary to what other gurus may claim. I then pointed to the mosquito and said “Hey look. When she returned. Actually. All rights reserved. sarcasm does not make you petty if you execute it correctly. saw you the second you got off the toilet seat.instantaddictionformula. “Well I was the king of China”. Don’t just fire a row of sarcastic remarks. Hot Tip: Women love it when a man personifies animals or inanimate objects as humans. Then. While waiting for the red light to go green in the car. Just before she reaches to pounce at me from behind.” This made her laugh.” Her: hahaha If you can come witty with your responses. that was shocking. he needs a ride. Once. It makes them go “Aww. but WOMEN love Copyright © 2009. and faked a cry “Ohh. I pride fully tell her with an I-can’t-help-it-look. “I think I just grew a bit older waiting for you. I reply with a half-sincere look: “Well. www. I reply… “ Yes I just got a blank message from you. I had to wait literally 15 minute for my date to get out from the bathroom.” Once. how sweet. I turn around (having spotted her with my peripheral vision already).

) Dealing With Curveballs If you ever come to deal with questions like… “Why did you ask me out?” “What do you think of me?” Apply with responsive humor to continue making her curious. I asked you out because … “I felt the same way the chicken did when it wanted to cross the road. She goes… “You just stole some of my lip gloss.instantaddictionformula. with a different tone or with a link to another idea. let me return it to the rightful owner. can cause a chuckle or create another round of humor. LLC. All rights reserved.” A great sense of humor will always go a long way in keeping any girl happy in your company.” She replies. Here’s another great example where I personified a “snore”. never forget to respond to a woman’s quips and cleverness. Simply restating what someone else said.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang You may be scratching your head wondering if this really works. It may sound peculiar for now. Me: (Kisses her. www. LUXLIVIN Entertainment.” Me: Oops. . Here’s another example of a responsive and witty humor… My girl puts on her lip-gloss and I kiss her. I just had to do it. “How do you know?” “It e-mailed me”.com Copyright © 2009.. I tell my girl (who snores in sleep whenever she’s exhausted from the day) “I bet you’re going to snore tonight. but I guarantee you it works miracles. Before going to sleep. Your sense of humor can also be executed when you engage other people and react to them. REPONSIVE HUMOR Besides being observant and a sharp listener.

Make it ecstatic. What I mean by adding more value into a woman’s life is by enriching the moments you and her share together.” Other great alternatives are “I shouldn’t really tell you this.. Note: This has nothing to do with complimenting a woman’s appearance. tell her “You heard she’s good with the pen”. and what you could do to escalate it further. This is the golden principle to keeping a girl with you. . we’re going to go deeper and recognizing her raw talents. sincerely express that you’d like to see some of her “Written masterpieces”. you insinuate that you have their best interest at heart. otherwise the inherent value in each secretive disclosure diminishes. and extraordinary. www. admired. We are always going for the “finer” things in life. Everyone loves to have their egos stroked. we all love it when someone else genuinely makes us feel special by reminding us that we are competent. If your date’s profession is a writer. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. we’ll learn how to make a woman feel special by exercising indirect forms of flattery. and you trust them. I will reveal to you several methods on how you can transfer more value into daily interactions with women. LLC. as much as they hate to admit it. How you can inject further excitement with a few simple words… Women.. skilled. especially when people in her social circle aren’t mindful of her skills.instantaddictionformula.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang PILLAR 6: ADDING MORE VALUE INTO HER WORLD. exciting. or people in general. Or. Next time you’re about to tell a girl something. All rights reserved. especially when it’s accessible to Copyright © 2009. we will always want more. Instead. say: “Let me tell you a secret. or never acknowledges it. People are addicted to and will find it difficult not to claim what they can gain value from. As people. First. This is essentially the foundation to adding more value into a woman’s reality.” “Promise you won’t tell anyone if I told you this ok?” “This is just between you and me” Try to come up with many variations. but. By implementing this method. Don’t over do this. can’t refuse to listen to secrets.

Love this plant unconditionally. Hot Tip: Read the newspaper daily. Expecting something in return only renders you as selfish. Take her to all the places her parents have never taken her. If she always wanted to go to a museum. and defeats the purpose of this blueprint. your game isn’t as Copyright © 2009. If a person you’re highly attracted to can educate and enlightening simultaneously. or latest make-up kit from Bobbi Brown. It’s just like playing basketball. you should never expect anything in return. how do you know what she wants? Ask. it is a very rewarding experience. When adding more value into a woman’s life. take her there even if it doesn’t align with your interests. and write down your thoughts daily instead of letting it resonate inside your head. LLC. and needs. security. you’re sharing knowledge with them. Never discriminate her and don’t be judgmental. You’re not required to have an ivy-league brain or eat up the entire Encarta archive. When you take her somewhere she’d only expect to go with a close friend. All rights reserved. She should never get www. but also brainpower. You can easily squeeze an accurate answer out of her by asking what some things she always wanted in life are. don’t get me wrong. it bonds you even deeper. Imagine planting a potted tree of happiness. This behavior will push you to the edge of arrogance. You want to cultivate and nurture it. Now. learn a bit about history. If you discontinue your workout regime and haven’t competed regularly. Why? Because it’s empowering. A woman loves a man who not only provides comfort. Don’t think that schooling her about a subject makes you any more intelligent by landslides. You want these feelings of pure positivity to compound overtime. Just simply be a street-smart. DON’T STOP TRANSFERING MORE VALUE. lingerie from Victoria Secret’s. . On top of that. So.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang In most cases. Warning: Avoid over-enlightening women as you may dig yourself into the hole of self-righteousness. well-versed and rounded person. or places where she’d always wanted to travel with her best friend. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. FULFILL PERSONAL DESIRES THAT ARE MEANINGFUL TO HER Give her what she wants.instantaddictionformula. this will encourage a woman to reciprocate sometime later. I don’t mean the material things like Gucci purses. These constitutes as ‘meaningful desires’.

Instant Addiction Formula (IAF)

By Andrew Wang

any slight idea that you are forcing her into a situation only to be compensated later for.

Create “Mini-success” points. This is the power of tapping into “immediate gratification”. Go to a carnival and win a teddy bear with her. Something that is achievable. The key is to ‘do it together.’ Solve a problem together. The effects are incredibly rewarding and will enrich your relationship. Complete half a day’s chore with your girl. Help her complete an assignment she isn’t so poised in. Note: When working with her to solve a problem, don’t stress out and make it seem comfortable. Always stick to the key characteristics that are attractive. Be a tease, be funny, and be confident. Keep your game intact at all times. USE POSITIVE ACTION VERBS Try to increase your usage of positive action verbs such as “Relax”, “Enjoy”, “Smile”. These simple commands are very effective in generating a positive vibe between the two of you. Inadvertently, these are words women will start associating you with once you regularly use them around her. Ever had a friend who likes to use the word “Relax?” You probably perceive him as a laid back dude. Hot Tip: INCREASE THE VALUE SIMPLY BY INJECTING THE WORD “AND…” When complimenting a woman on her art piece, compare the difference in response when you just say, “That is amazing”, with “That is amazing, AND, it’s very sophisticated”. Simply using the word “And” doubles the value of your words. Another powerful method to enhance the compliment’s effect is to personalize things further. For example, if your date just about to purchase a new necklace and you want to compliment how it looks on her, try this. “Wow, that looks great on you. I believe you two were meant to work out together.”
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If you’ve ready my “20 Dating Secrets”, all women have their own set of insecurities. Therefore, it is important to know what titivates her inner wavering esteem. It’s true. Women are emotionally vulnerable and fragile. Make her feel beautiful. Women are creatures that are constantly seeking for sexual validation too, not just men. Trust me; a range of insecurities nowadays arrests women. This explains why so many women are shallow and superficial. They complain about their nose bridge not being high enough, breast size a cup too small; or perhaps something more deep: loss of life direction to feeling mentally incapable at times. Eventually, she’ll be voicing them to you when she becomes more attached, and you will have to deal with it. This is a great opportunity to make her feel accepted for who she is. According to Maslow’ hierarchy of needs, every human’s basic need is to feel belonged. USE YOUR EARS MORE THAN YOU RUN OUR MOUTH Listening ranks amongst the top-tier values that women are attracted to. When you prove that you can listen, it communicates to her that her thoughts are valued and inputs are significant. You give her a sense of importance. Women want to feel important, and such need of feeling can be addictive. Think about the following situations… - While sharing an important insight, somebody would finish the sentence for you. - While narrating what happened over the weekend, somebody would butt in and narrate a similar story. - In a meeting, the boss would cut you short while you are still explaining your side. How would you feel? Disregarded, ignored, not so good. It’s as if you are taken for granted and that your share of story isn’t all that important. It’s as if no one is listening to you and you do not matter. It signifies that your thoughts, concerns, and ideas are not accepted. Additional Tip: Your eyes too can impress any girl within seconds. Look into the girl's eyes with your own twinkling eyes that indicate fun and mischievousness. Let your eyes promise the girl that good times await her in the future. In conclusion, always say less than necessary.

When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control you’ll have. Even if you are
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saying something banal, it will seem original if you make it vague, openended, and sphinx like. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish. GIVE MORE MEANING INTO HER EXISTENCE TALK ABOUT HER… It is an irrefutable phenomenon that women love talking about themselves. When you genuinely express that you want to learn more about her, she will inevitably be more attracted to you. It will be hard to dismiss you. The secret: When you shift the focus on them, people will remember their experience with you as a positive one. For example, peep this dialogue: Her: “Hey I like the shoes you’re wearing Me: “Thank you. Seems like you have a great taste in shoes. What kind of shoes you usually like yourself?” Instead of basking in her compliment and patting myself on the back for having a great taste, I directed the attention to her. HOW TO MAKE HER FEEL UNDERSTOOD Indeed, it’s a turn-on for women when they feel understood. Most men are usually caught guilty for not really listening. What’s the trick circumvent this problem? Use verbal enforcers such as “Uh huh”… “Ohhh…” “I see, I see…” However, sometimes that just isn’t strong enough. You don’t want to come across as a guy that’s overly agreeable with your constant ‘Right... yess… uh Huh’s” That’s when “Empathizers” come to the rescue. Empathizers are simple, short, supportive statements. Instead of saying the over abused “Uh Huh”, empathizers come in complete sentences like “That really sounds exciting”… “That was very considerate of you.” Kill the usual grunts. Don’t be slave to “Umming”. Use complete sentences. She’ll be impressed that you’re actually listening, and feel more encouraged to-share more about her. Remember, the more a woman reveals about herself, the more she trusts you.
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she’ll also be more comfortable with advancing sexually with you. For example. which makes her feel confident. Then. LLC. You’re giving her the “Spotlight”. Practice this habit. and she will subconsciously notice this like the sound of “Ka-Ching” to the cashier box. Observe how she talks. even if you’re not interested or just see her as a friend. regardless of how great a woman looks. People love to hear their own names being called. 2. take mental snapshots of Copyright © 2009. the way she speaks.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang If she trusts you. It demonstrates that you care about her. When you ask a woman questions… 1. NOTICE HER Whenever you’re out with a girl. especially when it pertains to her. All rights reserved. It triggers a feeling of completeness. . Can you please lend me a hand” “Do you think I should go tomorrow Rosie” “Don’t worry about it. she still has own flaws and insecurities. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. don’t forget. tell them what you’ve noticed. and how her skin wrinkles etc. Always mention her name in the beginning or end of a sentence when meeting women. since answering a question she readily knows about herself is a form of assertion. if your date is heading off to a job www.instantaddictionformula. GIVE HER A HIGHER SENSE OF CONFIDENCE Guys. Watch out for noticeable features. 3. It becomes second nature when you practice. and I don’t mean her 15-minutes of fame. Rosie” ASK HER QUESTIONS There’s an extreme magical effect behind asking questions. Accustom yourself to the small details most people would overlook. albeit temporary. the expressions she frequently makes. “Rosie. This is a powerful technique in building a bond between two people. SAY HER NAME! It’s the sweetest sound in the world. This is another hot method to adding value into a woman’s existence while also raising her level of self-importance.

. Give her the bear after. provide uplifting comments. inspire her. especially online. but keep it brief. FULFILL THE WOMAN’S FANTASY Do you know why women adore or literally love male R&B singers? www. just like men. How? After a couple dates. GIVE HER A “NEW YOU” You know how when you come out of the theaters from an inspirational movie and you feel a raging surge of motivation to do-things you’ve kept on the backburner right after? That’s what you want to make her feel. a lot of women. Tell her “I have confidence in you”. buy her a teddy bear. All rights reserved. But first. Renewed. Out with her friends? Compliment her unique skills in front of them. Rejuvenated.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang interview. or “You’re going to make the other applicants look bad!” Whenever there’s a challenging situation. From example. have faith in her. Before presenting it to her. Make her feel like a better person when she’s around you. Copyright © 2009. When possible. want to make earn a lot of money. “Jane makes the best chocolate cake!” GIVE HER A SENSE OF PROTECTION Don’t confuse this with smothering a woman by not giving her personal time and space to herself. Teach her things that will contribute to her life goals. tell her that you’ve hired a personal bodyguard.instantaddictionformula. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. imagine me telling you the secrets to making money. You would definitely be inspired. How can this be accomplished? Easy. A trick is to make her feel secure without being there. you have to identify what her personal goals and objectives are. Now. granted that the secrets are perfectly sound and logical.

Maximize the quality time spent together. Bobby Valentino. Simple romantic gestures will make her swoon over you. Chris Brown etc. Make her feel like the most special girl in the world. you’ll see that they embody the sexual manifestations with lyrics voicing their sensitivity to a woman’s need.instantaddictionformula. Why do you think the majority of their fans are women? BECOME HER GETAWAY Whether she has a hectic schedule or stressful lifestyle. Soon after. it loses value and meaning. Create new memories that she’ll want to keep! Remember. What you want to do is make the investment to book a trip. but it can easily be done. become her getaway. I’m not telling you to go all out with vocal training and learning new dance routines. Assume she’s interested. it is very difficult to pass up such offer. This may sound clichéd. host these unforgettable moments with due moderation. women don’t usually expect men to prepare much in advance. but draws her even closer to you. but what I’m saying is. You see. prepare to dazzle and surprise them. All rights reserved. but don’t ever become her personal bitch and fawn over her. SHAPING UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS Go for unreal. Ever artist I just mentioned are pinnacles of alpha-males in the media. or same steakhouse every week. but become the sound track of her life.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang When you watch any music video featuring an urban R&B artist today. So. Ask yourself the same question before you enact the date: “Will I remember this day for as long as I live? www. J Holidays. the initial excitement and crave she had in these places will gradually Copyright © 2009. Imagine taking a woman to the Caribbean islands. LLC. It may be a bit hard if she’s a workaholic. or VIP movie seats without telling her. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. out-the-ordinary dating activities. This is a factor that not only distinguishes you from other men. The keyword is to create a “Dreamy” state for her to live in. By human nature. She will greatly appreciate the effort you put in. you can also create fantasy tinged moments also. Omarion. . Make her eyes sparkle and gaze at the surrounding of your scenery of choosing. Once you give away too much of something.

Make sure you use flash. Consistency is the key. but only when you think she’s totally incapable of remedying it herself. pretend the date as the last day you two will be on earth. If she talks about how her girlfriend’s are having problems with their boyfriends. bring your digital camera together and take photos of the two of you capturing over 100 emotions. and rewarding. Here’s another common misconception held by most men: They think being romantic is being nice. with more creativity and originality meshed into your date ideas. You can be romantic without being submissive. Throw in some action.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Hot Tip: In order to make any date memorable. Strike the perfect balance by behaving a bit aloof. you can easily create magical Copyright © 2009. Here are some overrated and saturated romantic ideas most men take their significant-another on: Moonlight walks. Don’t let the night fade away in vain. They fall into the trap of becoming her personal slave. help her solve it. It doesn’t have to be ESPN extreme sports active.instantaddictionformula. and I’m not discounting them. Here are some great examples to remix the previously so-called romantic ideas… Instead of taking moonlight stroll. fine dining. Those are wonderful. All rights reserved. Whenever she has sort of problems with life. Be a crisis management expert. unforgettable. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Every now and then. What would you do? Kick the romantic level up in you. Build memories with her. However. Is it going to be raining on your night out? Prepare an umbrella. The key is to give her a sense of protection. instead of sharing one. Don’t ever let it fizzle. you can just take a walk in the flea market. spend 90% of your activities in the present moment. beachside walks (with bare feet dipped into the sand). LLC.” Get out there and do something physical. . TACTICAL EXAGGERATION www. I know it’s hard to keep your romance momentum strong. or visit a local park. sit her down on the shores and offer her a back massage. feel free to offer advices. Don’t get caught in the “talking trap. Instead of walking on the beach. but a little extra effort can go along way.

this may sound controversial. For example. if your date just had a car wash.instantaddictionformula. Imagine asking your Boss to take a day off. Copyright © 2009. Our brains were wired to these self-serving questions: “How will that affect me?” “Will it help me in any way?” Don’t be surprised. It’s the same thought as “What do I get out of it?” “What’s in it for me?” For example. if you ask your date out for dinner… “Hey. By putting the “You” at the start of the sentence. want to head to this famous Chinese restaurant tonight? I heard they’ve got a sumptuous selection on their new menu” Your date will first think to herself “Sumptuous? Could I possibly enjoy it?” However. Wow it’s “Looking super speck-less. if you insert a “YOU” inside that invitation… “Hey.” …“I don’t think I should touch it. but could also be subjects closely associated to her.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Yes. so why is the word “YOU” so special? Let me explain. . This works like magic when it comes to the smaller-things. we were selfish beings and thought we were the center of the universe. and how powerful advertising messages are written. This is how most people get favors done. MAGICAL WORDS THAT BOND THE TWO OF YOU TOGETHER The Power of the Word “YOU” Alright. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. All rights reserved.” When you phrase it this way. Nothing else mattered more than yourself. You’ve actually done the thinking for her. it won’t be as clean. she will be more likely joining you. exaggerate the results.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be directly about her. it pushes the asker’s pride button. Boss? www. want to head to this famous Chinese restaurant tonight? You will love the sumptuous dishes they have in their menu. If you asked him “Can I take Friday off. This thought process is still in us. You’ve subliminally answered her question. but exaggerating at times can contribute to making her feel good about herself without doing so slavishly. When we were infants. and don’t deny.

if you ask “Boss. It suggests to them that you and her are already friends. All rights reserved.instantaddictionformula. Something insignificant in value though. Friends would say “Hey. Try your hat (not your favorite). It’s where the two use “we” and “us” statements. handkerchief. prospects. I just LOVE sunny days. It sends out a subliminal feeling of “you and me against the cold. However. I think this is part is going to be bananas.” Or. “Yeah. I can meet you up at time square”. they often express feelings to each other. cold world”. You can immediately create a sensation of intimacy with someone even if you’ve just met them just by using the word “WE”. often they’ll discuss facts. can YOU do without me this Friday?” You’ll already be deciding for your boss. this level is based more on rapport. or stranger you feel are friend’s material. or pen. they’ll say. It makes the listener feel connected. Even if it’s about the weather. Lovers will say “We’re going to have a great time at tonight’s party” Simply use the “We” word prematurely.” When two people are merely acquainted. Rarely do they use the word “We. The word “We” fosters togetherness. When two strangers meet. . and cut to the deeper zones of courtship. How do you feel? Now. I think tonight’s party is going to be bananas”. www. Skip past conversational levels. It subconsciously brings her closer to you.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang His thought process will be translated as “Can I do without this employee for Friday?” This makes it hesitant for him to say yes. HOW TO KEEP YOURSELF STAPLED TO HER MIND Leave something at her place. Use it not just on your date. Clichés are used. they primarily toss small talk back and forth. Your new wording made managing without a matter of pride for him. “Hey Jane. Kate. but clients. LLC. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. BOOST THE INTIMACY LEVELS EASILY LIKE MELTING BUTTER ON A RED HOT SKILLET BY USING THE WORD… “WE” Using “We” statements suggest that you are at close to someone. or deliberately forget something. when two people have reached a level of intimacy. “You Copyright © 2009. When people become friends.

and make the world feel intrigued. Again.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang This will keep you busy on your mind. Growth is an endless journey. www. Consistency is the key foundation to molding the new you. as long as the chain and spike are next to them. a new persona. revise what I taught you about shaping unforgettable moments. I’d like to talk sternly discuss about being consistent. Once they register your dominance and newfound identity. Read this formula 2-3 times over. When elephants born in captivity are restrained by a chain that attaches one leg to a metal spike driven into the ground preventing them from roaming. How long you want to carry out this formula is subjective to your liking. You don’t want to falter in the steps by thinking you’ve ever done too much. excited when you’re around. Don’t let anyone limit you. You must. LLC. Maintaining an unwavering commitment to this formula is paramount to your success in keeping a woman addicted. . There’s no escaping your presence. it’ll be hard to escape it unless you permit her so. BE CONSISTENT IN ALL OF THE ABOVE. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. They can only grow accustomed to it and start to accept the changes. As you consistently live up to this formula. Get out there. they are unable to move. Internalize. 94 pages deep – and before I wrap everything Copyright © 2009. they become accustomed to the fact that. and this new self-shaped reality. You’ve come a long way now – ok. There really is no threshold to how much woman can tolerate your new pattern of behavior. and refer back to this guide until you everything becomes second nature. must discipline yourself to be consistent. curious. All rights reserved. The same applies with women. Those are the times that will forever find it’s cozy estate in her memory street. perhaps more until you fully comprehend the structure and nature. the people around you will all be subject to influence. or how much your friends and family is willing to see you change.instantaddictionformula. practice.

because. Make It Happen. he just knows women will enjoy his company and naturally be consumed by his aura and personality. Build credibility. vow to yourself that your life will forever never be the Copyright © 2009. Don’t take this patronizingly in anyway. including me. You will now take action and apply what you have learnt. "it won't work for me. Your brain will have everything fine-tuned and it becomes a part of you." Well. Pool your efforts into one area until you have mastered it. Come to a point where you no longer need to prove yourself. "How can I make this work for me?" The guy who failed says. you will have them in the palm of your hand. needs every now and then. obnoxiously. Get out there. the information acquired is worthless. Behave accordingly to your desired character – Mr. secrets and strategies to dating women. It’s YOUR world. Someone that is truly irresistible never “thinks he’s good and slick with women”. grounded. or brash to win the attention of others. You will no longer experience problems with approach anxiety or escalating into the “physical zone”. There’s no better day than today to start on remodeling and refining yourself.. and smile back at the world. as you are well rounded. Once a woman feels the impact of your new code of behaviors. . BELIEVE that everything will take care of itself. tap into that natural drive. Remember. Cool & Irresistible DAILY. and insanely astounding. You can have an abundance of knowledge. Your pattern of living must change. Your measure of success should be judged on how proactively you’ve adapted to this new mindset. but if all you do is sit there and do nothing.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang CLOSING WORDS Take Action. which everyone. embrace challenges. Things will start falling into place at a pace that will catch you by surprise. or throw you into their conversations… “Hey this cool guy I met…” You will no longer need to act flamboyantly. if you want to project yourself as irresistible. It’s just an enforcer. LLC. All rights reserved. The successful guy asks. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. From this point on.instantaddictionformula. you need to be consistent with living up to every principle.. now you KNOW how to make it work for you. www. People will start talking about in the water cooler at work. You well be self-made.

Be aware of yourself setting this goal. Forward think. I wish you nothing but soaring success. Think towards this. This is a very powerful contributor to shifting your reality. If you have any questions. or need clarity on any matter. someone that truly appreciates you for who you are and is one that you will nurture a long-term loving for. as you’d Copyright © 2009. hear. Feel. Respect. You can reach me at: syncdating@gmail. All rights reserved. See it all happening.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang BE A FORWARD THINKER. LLC. . Imagine what it would be like. and see your luminescent future crystal clearly. PLANNER. DOER. I look forward to hearing from you. anything is possible. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. never ever hesitate to e-mail me. Start setting both short to long-term goals for yourself now. This new image and identity of you evolving into someone that is super irresistible will gradually become reasonable when you dedicate yourself to growth and perfection. and I’m confident that you will soon find yourself an amazing woman in your arms. concerns. I’ll get back to you within 24 – 48 hours. Andrew Wang (Allurre) Creator of Sync Dating & Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) CEO/Artist/Producer/Designer LUXLIVIN www. right at this moment.

or any words displayed on her belonging. so the steps don’t seem as daunting. The more you practice. but also on the extreme sides. You can start by dividing it into ten steps. Here’s a great drill. I notice you like to say “umm” when your body stiffens. Go to a park. When opened. Every time you reach ten steps. Observe. Think of your eyes as a camera shutter. clear. you’ll be more sensitive to the small details. This will help you enormously when it comes to remembering women. What’s her watches brand? What colors are on the face of the watch? What other accessories does she have on? What are the shapes? Try to look for brand names. she will feel understood and taken care of. open your Copyright © 2009. try to remember every detail. Everything around you will appear more vibrant. Begin the second you are out on dates. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Keep doing this without disturbing the rhythm of your walk. Walk with your eyes closed. or any other space. Like a designer’s eyes. . LLC. When it comes to your dates. I notice you like to wink a lot when you think. the more your memory bank becomes broader. The trick to reading people is to harness your power of observation. a tree to your left? You will start noticing things you never saw before. and look around. How does she look when pissed off? Does her nose scrunch upwards? Notice the following cues: www. Take a hundred steps in the dark. No longer are you just aware of retaining information in your peripheral vision. exciting. Try remembering everything you see around you.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang BONUS SECTION! LEARNING HOW TO READ WOMEN WITHOUT A TEXTBOOK AND COUNSELOR Truly charismatic people have the ability to turn the tables and focus on other people. All rights reserved.instantaddictionformula. When you demonstrate that you can read your date’s mind. tell your woman what you “notice about her”. Try to walk a hundred steps straight ahead without bumping into anything. Study her minute physiological responses or expressions on her face in reactions to certain situations. Is there a bird flying by.

women also buy hand lotion. When shaking a girl’s hands. I’m sure you’re aware of this. run-in with the law.instantaddictionformula. say something that reminds them of a mistake. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. Now. All rights reserved. and the closer you’ll bring yourself to the person’s inner state. www. Copyright © 2009. Now. puckers both her lips when unhappy. The more you know. LLC. My girl for example. . thought. Take a mental snap shot on how they react. It’s kind of cute. When you embed these mental photographs into your head. you can predict right away what the other person is thinking before they even open their mouth. I want you to stimulate them into feeling a certain way – happy. or lower their eyebrows. Soft and silky hands suggest an office working. Facial muscles Lip movement Breathing Here’s another practice. Learn to pair specific emotions with the physical motions. but she remains really calm looking and silent. someone who’s more in door. noises they make etc. they generally flare their nostrils. Of course. notice her skin texture. or tends to be more of an outdoor type. Is it smooth or coarse? Calloused or supple? Rough hands indicate that she may be laborer. crinkle their forehead. Pay attention to any reoccurring patterns. However.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Skin color – which changes according to mood. Note the facial movements. stolen wallet etc. or provokes a painful memory. Remember. emotional state. most people actually develop their own unique responses unknowingly. This could be about a past break-up. Here are more ways to heighten and train your senses: 1. Pick three of your closest friends. Watch again how their facial coloration reacts to the tension and upsetting memory. When a person is pissed. the more power you will yield. these are observed responses which helps calibrate the other person’s through process.

people will be hooked to your magnetic charm like they are to a world-class magician. If you haven’t purchased my Sync Dating book. It’s like taking the words out of her mouth. especially because they are personal. or the park. if you’re in a hip-hop Copyright © 2009. I’ve explained that once a woman is comfortable in dwelling on personal matters. This habit is prevalent amongst the Japanese culture. Here’s a drill to attain this skill. she’s readily becoming more open to you. The more you practice this method. your senses are automatically piqued. LLC. For example. a restaurant. Your own emotions overlap with the behavior you observe. This is to avoid “loosing face”. See yourself becoming him or her. the better you’ll be in predicting other people’s behavior. When you begin to be more observant. select a person who’s relatively far away and imagine what’s on their mind. Subsequently. www. I can also predict accurately what others (non-acquainted) are about to do. Or. Sometimes. when you visit another country. as opposed to focusing so much on yourself like most men do. Try to think about what they’re thinking about. . Humans are preconditioned to act in specific ways depending on the contextual circumstance. How fast are they moving? How fast are they breathing? What are their eyes focusing on? Put yourself in their situation. you also become more empathetic. Figure out who she is and what her feelings are at that moment.instantaddictionformula. they will think about how that person will perceive their action. Before taking any action. My girl for one is always taken by surprise when I literally speak for her mind. They are very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. and you’re more alert to the smaller details. Next time you’re out in public. All rights reserved. When you can read people’s mind. or embarrassing himself or herself or the other person. you will easily impress her with your eagle eye. These detailed cues all make great conversational topics.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang The more analytical you are about women. I am able to tell what she’s thinking when certain expressions she make cue for it. 2. she’s also becoming more attracted to you. you’ll find yourself nodding your head without even have to think about it.

Try practicing this with a friend. When people think of an imaginary sound. or Copyright © 2009. Tell him/her to “Imagine yourself walking in the park. their eyes look downward. Here are some things to take note off. the ground” Now. and baby trees sprouting from. 2. LLC. Next. which are part of Neuro linguistic programming: 1.Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang Read the Eye Movements Guess what? Women are entirely unaware that they send subtle messages with their eyes. Different eye movements can be linked to specific zone of thoughts. LUXLIVIN Entertainment. 3. tell him/her to imagine on a scene that excites the hearing senses. Visualize a family of apes to your right. You get the idea. Up to the right = something visual they remember from their past Up to the left = something they’ve created in their own minds on the spot. their eyes look upward. and you see an eagle flying high above you. or straight ahead. When concentrating on a feeling. “Imagine yourself hearing the pulsating bounce of hip hop in your car. as you say this. they look to the side. study his eye movements.instantaddictionformula. . then a wailing siren closing in. When people concentrate on something visual. All rights reserved. www.

LLC. 2.instantaddictionformula.’ http://tinyurl. Sync Dating – Discover how simply exchanging questions can make a woman fall in love with you. Get A Woman To BEG You To Take Her Out – Tiffany Taylor reveals the secrets to provoking a woman to ‘pick you http://www. 1. http://tinyurl.syncdating. All rights reserved.html www.syncdating. http://www. Win Back Your EX– Discover the golden principles you must obey and actions you must take to win the heart’s of your desired Ex 3. Copyright © 2009. Friendster etc. .Instant Addiction Formula (IAF) By Andrew Wang MORE SUPERB RESOURCES YOU’LL LOVE. field-tested dating maneuvers. Ultimate Online Pick Up Guide Annihilate your competitors when it comes to meeting more women via social networking sites like Myspace. Absolute Dating Tips (ADT) – My personal blog overflowing with the latest cutting edge. LUXLIVIN Entertainment.