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July 7, 2004


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Nurs Admin Q Vol. 28, No. 3, pp. 225–226 c 2004 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

Book Reviews

Books for Nursing Administrators
Luther Christman, PhD, RN, FAAN

Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing Theory and Application (fourth edition), Bessie L. Marquis and Carol J. Huston. Philadelphia, Pa, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2003. 651 pages, softcover. This text consists of 7 sections and 24 chapters. The sections are (1) a new approach to leadership management (2 chapters), (2) roles and functions in planning (4 chapters), (3) roles and functions in organizing (3 chapters), (4) roles and functions in staffing (3 chapters), (5) roles and functions in directing (5 chapters), (6) roles and functionsin controlling (4 chapters), and (7) professional and social issues in leadership and management (3 chapters). The authors are both from California State University. Their long relationship has stimulated deeply innovative and useful approaches to management comprehension. The growing insight into the sublties of management in general plays a useful role in the application to nursing. The burgeoning growth of this area needs to be used productively in nursing care to expedite the nursing care of patients. This adds greatly to the quality of interdisciplinary care and how patients can benefit to a great extent. Thus, an ethical overlay is present as well as stronger scientific input. The very rapid growth of both physical and

behavioral sciences will be a constant prod to clinicians to constantly move with this pace and to develop methods of care that make nursing care more precise and ease the stress on patients. If all registered nurses were able to function in a manner portrayed in this text there would be a great increase in the respect and admiration for nurses. Conducting Research in Long-Term Care Settings, Brenda Lewis Cleary. New York, NY, Springer Publishing Company, 2003. 136 pages, hardcover, $32.95. This book is designed to help nurses in their understanding of patients in nursing home environments and the physical and emotional problems inherent in populations of this category. There are 7 chapters to enable the reader to conceptualize the needed approach to this growing entity of care. These are (1) long-term care in the United States, (2) the state of science of long-term care research, (3) ethical issues in long-term care research, (4) issues of research design in long-term care, (5) gaining access for research, and (7) dissemination of thefindings. A substantial section on references is also included to enable the readers to explore this entity in a helpful way. The successful prolongation of life that is occurring because of steady scientific research into health, better living and working conditions, and the steady attention of the media to enhance the awareness of this concept are all tending to increase the population 225

Nurse consultant, Chapel Hill, Tenn.

The statements from the power back in Washington that they never will force women to be democratic has existed since the affirmative action legislation has been enacted. Susan J. This book will be of strong assistance in enabling nurses to plan more exactly about how to cope successfully with the steady changes in care—especially at the international level. (2) budgets. These are (1) introduction to health economics and managed care. Penner. 2004. budget monitoring. (4) understanding and using financial reports. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Nurses have a key role in enabling these patients to have richer outcomes in their care and to lessen the stress of coping with the aging process. Philadelphia. Pa. It demonstrates with firm data how poorly our care compares to other industrial nations in both quality and cost. This very complete text is divided into 6 sections with their respective chapters. Two studies done in 2 major universities show that most women nurses work only a little over 30% full time from the time they graduate until retirement time compared to men who work 96% of the time. of aging citizens who are requiring long-term care. Thus. The text is very sophisticated and so it enables the reader to gain a worthwhile insight into the rapidly changing environments and system of care both nationally and internationally. This text raises the questions of this type of care clearly and should stimulate nurses to aspire to increase the care of this enlarging group of patients. and (6) international perspectives and future trends. This situation raises the need for more nurses to be competent in clinical research. 323 pages. if the profession was only 30% male the shortage would disappear or be more easily managed. Introduction to Health Care Economics and Financial Management (fundamental concepts with practical applications). (3) financial analysis tools. softcover. and budget preparation. and to steadily investigate as to whether all the new clinical knowledge being developed is steadily applied to individuals in need of long-term care. 2004 19:53 Char Count= 0 226 NURSING ADMINISTRATION QUARTERLY/JULY–SEPTEMBER 2004 proposals. (5) applying budgeting and financial analysis: business plans and grant .AS275-11 July 7. The appendices are large and useful as is the glossary. A weak point is the comments on the nurse shortage. Keeping apace all the other health professions in this country will require a steady reorganization of nursing care in all its components as documented in this well-organized text.