Picket line and rally for Somerville jobs

Steven Kennedy Smith (son of Jean Kennedy Smith and grandson of Joe, Sr.) and Ted Tobin (grandson of Governor Maurice Tobin) are building 199 units of new housing at the old MaxPak factory site (between Lowell and Cedar streets). Union representatives and Somerville residents have reached out to Kennedy and Tobin's company, KSS Realty Partners and GFC Development (which bought a parcel from KSS to develop 15 units) about hiring Somerville residents and using union workers on the project.

The MaxPak site in Somerville

Despite numerous requests, KSS Realty and GFC have not been receptive to negotiating a Project Labor Agreement or discussing a "Community Workforce Agreement" to ensure that local residents are hired. When the project went through the city's approval process, a special covenant was reached between the KSS Realty Partners and the City of Somerville. In part, it states: "The city encourages the Developer to use union labor for the project and to enter into a project labor agreement." A Project Labor Agreement is the best way to ensure the developers use well-trained workers earning decent wages and benefits. With a Project Labor Agreement in place, the developer, general contractor and subcontractors and the eventual homeowners can be assured they will receive quality work. In addition to assurances that local residents get construction jobs, community organizers want an agreement that future buildings and grounds maintenance work will also be done by Somerville residents and union labor.

Picket line and rally for good jobs NOW!
Thursday, Dec 2 6:00 to 9:00 AM.
56-61 Clyde Street (at the entrance to the MaxPak site) Somerville, MA

All residents of Somerville and Friends of Labor concerned about the MaxPak development urged to attend!
For more info call Somerville union member Rand Wilson at (617) 803-0799.

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