Meta-Poems for Scribd Poets

by Phantomimic

For Alikat747

San Francisco Welcomes Words of Love! I see you Pillow Pal, Under the Oak Tree by The Quarry where Even the Flowers Are Singing. As I FALL under The Guardian Moon, drop your Performance Anxiety and CATCH ME. Speak to me of Daffodils and Memories, I am Reaching out in Acceptance and wish to become Lost in You!

For Diana Cristina Rangel

I sing like Catholic Girls Saying Grace, Walking Waking Wondering whether I am in The Process of Losing It. Who the Song the Song is Yours; a Sonnet for a Ghost. Breathing heavily, lost In the Moment, I am Lightning Bound In a Blind Glow!

For hennin61

The lights went out across California and Last night in San Francisco I decided on Travelling South along the Pacific Coast to Big Sur. With fear of Loneliness and hopes of Reconciliation, I am Travelling Light, Waiting for an Epiphany on how to pull this High Wire Act. At Elizabeth's House, in Elizabeth's Garden I will pursue my Eclipsed Moon Dream under A Jealous Sun. But if I fail I will seek A Parable of Hearts from the The Forgetful Angel In the Shadow Lands.

For Sarita Brown

This is a Love Song for a Renegade, It May Not Look Like One, But Trust Me, Its a Love Song, although There is Nothing Fluffy About This Story Baby. The thing is I got into a Confrontation With God by the Dusty Highway, i Got a White Dog by the Throat. Yes, a white dog. What is Worth Living For I learned hermiting in the soulhouse of the righteously deranged. If You Remember, the day we married i cried like a baby not believing my good fortune. But the domestic tranquility harbored Contradictions and Resignations. When Truth Meets Love, Love Brokers a Compromise of the Beloved's Heart. I said to myself This Freedom Comes at No Price at All. and so i stayed waiting for the return of something i forgot to say. It was my unconditional surrender what came back to haunt me. The Treasured Woman in Her Lonely Palace Laments as She Listens to the Couple in the Next Room Make Love. "I Never Thought I Would Leave the Cozy Comfort of All I Knew" she cries, "The Wind is Blowing a Hole in My Heart!" But this is the cost of knowing that sometimes the thorn is the rose and you can't go around Pinning the Wings of a Butterfly. Indeed, you don't know the half of it, mister.

Waiting in My Little Room for the Divine Choo Choo I yell, "Wanted one alcoholic asshole with a dream, punk camelot´s fallen and the angels have fled the scene!" The Absent Lover Waits. The Messy Bed Ballet. The Bathroom Romeo, Letting Loose the Coyote. Déjà vu all over again. Today I say another Prayer to That Biker Poet God. After the Crash the Bike is in the Shop, but I Leave Off the Road Avoiding Potholes, enter Soul's Cathedral, and have Another Naptime Conversation With the Poet God. There Isnt Much to Say Today Except What's Dawning. That this Fevered least its my little golgotha. And the White Dog Knows All of This....

For DanielEssman

I finished my Butterfly Poem and donned my Trout Shirt. In a haste I ran Three Stoplights to do my Bar Time and sign a Contract On A Napkin. At this bar I Know a Woman Arrayed in Strange Powers. For me she's The Lady Madrigal, and The Magdalene. She is skilled in The Trade of Hearts, and in being Naked and What Comes After, and she bakes a killer Seed Cake too!

For Shyam Sharma

Beloved and Best Friend, when I have Locked Up Feelings I don't play Mind Heart Games. In my Waking Dreams I listen to a Rhaposdy of a Rainy Afternoon and to Spread the Love I write Small Little Things, I write haikus. A Haiku- Wet Silence for The Rainy Spell. A Haiku- Driftwood at Dawn for those Feelings Unchecked. A Haiku Endgame for a contest of Ifs n buts. A Haiku Latent Stone to adorn The Tiny Pendant. A Haiku - Sun Set to reflect on Delusions. A Haiku - Enemy Within to share the The Angst. And a Haiku- Life's Winter for a Brave Heart.

For the jotter

It Happened Tonight, I engaged once more in Conversations With My Dog, but this time I let it all out. I said, "Dog, it's like this, I dream of Finding the Hidden Things of life such as That One Moment Remembered, the Approach of Night, or The Words That Could Be There. I like Dancing in the Morning, Waving at Trains, and building The Last Sandcastles of Summer. I regularly visit the court of The Flower King and Mountain Queen, I revel in The Madness of the Creation, and I stare as The Fireball Raises Above the Horizon. I ponder about The Alchemy of Living, The Meaning of Friends, and about The Last Question. I often stare at Life Through a Deck of Cards... hoping on Finding My Blackbird perched in the The Tree of Profundity. Do you understand dog?" My dog was silent. I said, "Dog I'm Waiting, I don't want to do all the Talking here, what are you thinking?" My dog replied, "What I'm Thinking is that A dog's life is much less complicated.

For Linglang

This Ache Pulls Me Deep Into the Recess of My Sorrow It Seems as if This Reservoir of Tears Will burst now. He apologizes with Rhetoric Here You Go Again Same Refrain Same Old Subject, The Ruse of Love. It Breaks My Heart. I Am Compelled to Crack Open Your Narcissism. I want to scream "FOOL You You You You Lied Because You Were Weak! I feel his Layers Unravelling All Your Layers Peeling Back, I want to yell "Burn ,Baby ,Burn!" But Not Today I Can’t Repair or Heal the Wound You caused and this Hurt This is My Hurt It’s Tender and Raw This Hate Inside is worth Letting Go. Today I seek my friend. My Friend Just Knowing That You’re Around a Feathered Landing Upon to help me in Walking Thru This Life Recovering From Recovery soothes my soul. Dear friend, let's enjoy Poem Moments, let's be Whimsical I Love the Raspberry Ripple Sky! Let's write an ODE Sweet Hummingbird Heart I Hear the Beat of Your Sweet Dreams approaching the rainbow's Arc! Let's write an Anti Love Rhyme! It works as always, My Sunshine is returning, my Black Hole receding, my Cloud Busting. I Am Learning the Lessons, my Teardrops are Gone. My friend You Are My Hour Glass That I Keep Turning at Each Meeting. Your Laughter means so much to me.

But as we laugh together Here Just One Whisper in This Room Hanging Like Dew lingers. As you and me Blend Where Does Love Begin? and Friendship End This Composition remains unwritten.

For CarlFMaulbeck

Will Duende say to the The Soul Whisperer, "Let There Be Light in the Lost and Found?" I don't think so. What would he do then with the lost Rainbows, the lost Hope, the lost Love, or the vanished inner Peace? You expect him to make Accommodations for all those who subscribe to Seeing is Believing? People please, think Outside the Box! Besides, IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) Who Cares? This issue is Open and Closed. As they say, "the answer is Blowin' in the Wind", you just Do the Best You Can in Getting Over It. Owin or Stickin, you decide.

For nir37

Perhaps This is the One Yes; The Most Beloved Morning. Bring Me the Silver Lynx Before the Butterflies Sink Into Midnight's end, C'Mon Let the Good Times Roll! The Sound of Life is Me, The Molto Allegro heartbeat. I Feel the Spinning Head Caressing My Skin With Fast-beating Drums and Dreams; Love's Ardour. But vanish those Confused Pain Molecules. Those Medications Killed the Emotions in Me Now I Know living Life; Off Key, being Happy Go Not So Lucky, are not the Abyss but the mycelium of all Life and Some Fun! Here is for you with Full Transparency The Puzzle of the Day. To solve it Smile and stop Weighing Souls, there is a lesson to learn. Let's abandon our Shutter Gazed Eyes-loneliness and sing the song of Life, Dreams and Pursuits. Put on your Helmet, get ready for the Journey. You and me, The Magnificent Two Aging Backwards, each of us Still a Child at heart. We will sail The Sea Inside, write never ending The Story of Man and Woman, and like Night Owls in Love Contrast-the morning side.

For enkidukid

It's Time Ladies and Gentlemen Please, quiet down and take a seat. Behold as I put Pencil on Paper, behold as I write Lines With a Heart Full of Infinite Love for Those willing to do The Journey. Let me show you The Power of Art! Songs don't have to be sung, take that from An Old Musician. I will write songs tonight. I write a Song of Memory to remember, Songs of Weaving to keep things from flying apart. Songs of Loss, Sad Heart, Sad Songs, and the The old man's song and The wild boy's song. The hero's song, The Prostitute's Song, and songs that you won't find in The Little Corner Record Shop. From an Ancient Egyptian Grave I write the Song of the Canopic Jars and about The Great King's Feast. I write Five Songs for a Greek Island, what said Erinna to Sappho, or how felt Odysseus on the Beach. I write two points of view, The Transformation and The Helmsman's Tale. I write about The Tapestry of the Labyrinth and the Songs for Antinoos. But if the ancients isn't your "thing", I write about when J S Bach writes a fugue, about following The Black Gondola, about Dreaming Like Chagall, Three Poems by Brecht, about The Eleanor Rigby Dances, and even A German Folksong!

And now for something completely different I write about the seasons. A Hymn to the sun during Summer Dawns and Summer Afternoons. A Word for Autumn, an Autumn Haiku, a Butterfly in September. Then I go to February Journeying Now Across a Landscape Soft With Snow, The December Woods. The Winter Sun shines Fragments of Winter, the beauty of Birdsong in Winter. And finally the Spring Fire, the Spring Illusion, the May haiku and the Music in June. And for the grand finale I delight you with my Four Arabesques, and my Night Pieces, and tales from a A Seaside Resort - Four Postcards and an afterthought. I ask you, "The Kiss How Long Does It Take?" And I show you how The Weir Seagulls Hover Over the Noise. The end. (Applause) Thank you, thank you, if you wish to return in the morning we will have a Dialogue at Daybreak, as you head home Please Drive Carefully, I love you all, good night!

Haiku by Scribd in honor of these meta-poems that brings a lot of Scribd's poetry together.

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