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OZO7\ 2.4 MINT 5 fee AFRICAN QUEENS ace SEMINAR & FASHION SHOW Mint Club, Quartey Papafio Avenue g Airport Residential, Accra Ghana. CLICK HERE FOR PRE-REGISTRATION Legacy of Queen Yaa Asantewaa Or. Akosua Abdallah - Director, Community Youth Cultural Centre Moderator - Aziza Atta, CEO Ozoza Lifestyle / Corporate Lawyer THURSDAY, 7TH NOVEMBER (11AM TO 1PM] Fashion Show OQ & Awith CEO of Ozoza Lifestyle SATURDAY, 9TH NOVEMBER (3PM TO 5PM) " Women's Leadership Workshop (Fee: GHS150) | ____ Mrs. Habit Balogun , Personal Effectiveness/ Behavioural Scientist FRIDAY, 8TH NOVEMBER (9AM TO 1:30PM) FOR ENQUIRIES CONTACT: +233 (0) 55-328-2406 @ozozalifestyle €} TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Agenda for African Queens Event & Fashion Show 2. About Our Speakers 3. The Legacy of Queen Yaa Asantewaa 4. About 0zoza Lifestyle 3. Sponsor Us OZQOZ\ AGENDA Thursday, 7th November 2019 tam 1130am - Ipm Registration Legacy of Queen Yaa Asantewaa Dr. Akosua Abdallah - Director, Community Youth Culture Center Aziza Atta , CEO Ozoza Lifestyle / Corporate Lawyer Friday, 8th November 2019 gam 9.30am - 1.30pm Registration African Queens: Women’s Leadership Workshop (Fee: GHS150):- Mrs. Habiba Balogun Personal Effectiveness / Behavioural Scientist) © Women in Workplace © Leading with Emotional Intelligence © Your Leadership Identity © How To Get Ahead Saturday, 9th November 2019 3pm-5pm Sponsored Us Fashion Show African Queens Inspired Fashion & Accessories Sponsorship Opportunities 1. Support the Dissemination of African History in Schools and Institutions 2. Support the Development of Leadership Skills amongst Women and Youth 3. Support the Empowerment of Female University Students in the Women's Leadership Workshop 4, Support the Delivery of Youth Empowerment Workshops OZOZ\ QUR SPEAKERS OZOZ\ Aziza Atta Aziza Atta is a multi-lingual e-Commerce Entrepreneur, Corporate Lawyer and Development Consultant based in Ghana. She speaks English, French, Spanish and German. She is the CEO and Founder of Ozoza Lifestyle, an international online shop and fashion line that specializes in items made in Africa and promoting African culture and delivering products to clients worldwide ( Ozoza 0zoza Lifestyle seeks to promote the sale of African-made products and increase awareness about African history and heritage through lectures, exhibitions and presentations. A percentage of every item purchased from Ozoza Lifestyle is used to support NGOs that focus on Youth Empowerment in West Africa. Aziza Atta is also a UK-qualified Corporate Lawyer and a Member of the Law Society of England and Wales with over 25 years of legal, finance & marketing experience working in London, Belgium and Dubai for International Law Firms Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Norton Rose Fulbright. She completed a Law Degree at the University of Manchester and has Masters in Law from University College London. She specialises in Project Finance and Alternative Finance and Banking, advising numerous financial institutions and corporations on various types of Capital Markets and Structured Product financings in the UK and the Middle East. She has acted for a wide range of financial institutions including Barclays Capital, Nomura International Plc, Société Général and BNP Paribas. She is part of the UK HMRC Technical Group for Alternative Finance and has been involved in providing advice to the UK Government and the a ie Authority in relation to legislative and regulatory efforts to accommodate Alternative inance in the UK. Aziza is equally passionate about development & empowerment of the underprivileged. She has consulted and been on the board of developmental projects and NGOs in Central America, Europe and West Africa. She ran a literacy project initiated by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala for the Mayan Q’eqchi Indians for Proyecto Ak’tenamit. She developed a vocational training project for youths in the Niger Delta. Aziza completed a course in Scriptwriting/Screenplays at London College of Communication and a course in Film-Making at New York Film Academy. She has since worked on various scripts and documentaries internationally. She has won a number of international awards for Speech and Drama/Poetry, She is part of the BBC Media Action Writers group that write for the Development Radio Drama Series Nebor my Nebor that seeks through stories to reduce the instances of infant mortality. She co-founded the Saturday School Literacy, Numeracy and Mentoring Project in London in 1999 that has expanded to various branches inthe UK. She wrote the first comprehensive report on the Home Grown School Feeding Programme in Collaboration with the Partnership for Child Development. The project seeks to encourage state governments to provide one balanced meal a day to primary and secondary school students to combat Malnutrition & out of school children. In addition to her online business and development consultancy, Aziza runs a business consultancy, afm consulting ( offering services like legal advice, speech writing, ghostwriting, presentations, and business writing for clients. Aziza has authored numerous articles, delivered training workshops and made speeches at international conferences. OZOZ\ Habiba Balogun Habiba Balogun is an Organisation Effectiveness and HR Consultant with over 28 years experience. She is an Executive and Leadership Coach, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, which is the science of studying how successful people think, speak and behave, a sought-after moderator, teambuilder, trainer, and public speaker. She is also a social Justice activist. Habiba is also a diversity champion with experience designing Intercultural Awareness Programmes, running Women's Career Development Programmes, delivering Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Training, as well as Diversity Policy and Awareness capacity building in Africa, Europe and the US. She has produced training videos to aid in building awareness of Diversity Issues and protections globally. Her clients include Oil & Gas Companies, Telecom Companies, Financial Institutions, Manufacturers, Professional firms, International Development Partners, NGOs, CSOs, and Business Associations in West Africa and internationally. She is multi-lingual, speaking 5 European languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian). She holds a Bachelor's Degree in French and Italian from the University of London, and a Master's degree in Organisational Management, including Leadership Coaching and Team Facilitation, from George Washington University, Washington DC. She is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School's Executive Education in Strategic Leadership, and multiple executive education short courses. Habiba is a fellow of the Aspen Leadership Network, the Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa, and the Africa Board Fellowship. She serves as a director on several NGO and social entrepreneurship boards worldwide. She is also a faculty member of the Healthcare Leadership Academy responsible for Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring of executives in public and private healthcare institutions; a faculty member for Fate Foundation responsible for People Management and Financial Literacy for experienced entrepreneurs; course director for the HBC Career series on soft skills training offered by WISCAR Mentoring Programme, and recently served as a faculty member for Lagos Business School on Business Communication. Dr Akosua Abdallah Z Dr Akosua Abdallah is currently the Director for Community Youth Cultural Centre (CYC), a cultural agency of the National Commission of Culture under the auspices of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and the Creative Arts in Accra, Ghana. Her focus is to groom young talent with an interest in performing arts and skills development. Dr. Akosua is an accomplished actor, a seasoned theatre director and a passionate Development Communication Practitioner. She has worked extensively with the National Theatre of Ghana for many years and served in the capacity of a Deputy Executive Director. She is also the current President of International Theatre Institute (IT!) in Ghana. Dr Akosua started out as an actress with the Abibigromma, the resident drama group of the National Theatre, she rose through the ranks over a period of 25 years to the position of the Deputy oe Director. During this time, she completed a Master's Degree in Fine Arts at the University Ghana, Or. Akosua has a Doctorate degree in Theatre for Development at the University of Education. During her leisure, she loves to watch romantic comedies and action thrillers. She's married with three daughters, two dogs and three cats. OZOZ\ THE LEGACY OF QUEEN YAA ASANTEWAA Queen Yaa Asantewaa was born in Besease, Central Ghana to Kwaku Pg Ampoma and Ata Po in 1840. She was the eldest of two children. pees" Her brother Nana Kwesi Afrane Okpese became the Chief of Ejisu. She was a mother, farmer, politician, military leader and Queen Mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire. he was married to Owusu Kwabena of Kantinkyiren near Trede. His union | with Queen Yaa Asantewaa produced one child called Ama Serwaa Boankra, fter Ejisu village where her mother farmed and gave birth to her. Queen Yaa \santewaa was appointed Queen Mother by her brother who died during the ~~ Ashanti civil war between 1883 to 1888. She then nominated her grandson as Fjisuchene after her brothers death. King Ashanti Prempeh | and grandson of Yaa Asantewaa were exiled to Seychelles in 1896 by the British. The Bristish Governor, Sir Fredrick Mitchell Hodgson demanded that the Golden Stool, the Royal and divine throne of the Ashanti people be handed over to the British. A conference of the Chiefs of the Ashanti Kingdom was held. Queen Yaa Asantewaa who was the gate keeper of the Golden Stool was disgusted with the attitude of some chiefs who were scared to fight the British. She asserted that if the men don't come forward, then the women will fight. This initiatied the war of the Golden Stool also known as the Queen Yaa Asantewaa War that marked the last war in a series of Anglo-Ashanti wars. A siege under leadership of Yaa Asantewaa was laid by the rebellion to the Kumasi fort where the British and the allies took refuge. THE LEGACY OF QUEEN YAA ASANTEWAA The British won the War of the Golden Stool and Queen Yaa Asantewaa was exiled in Seychelles where she died on October 17, 1921. Three years after she died, on December 27th 1924. Prempeh | and other members of the 4 ==) exiled Ashanti court were released. Queen Yaa Asantewad's dream of a free Ghana was realized on the 6 March, 1957. The Ashanti territory gained independence as part of Ghana and became the first African Nation in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve freedom. The courageous leadership role played by Queen Yaa Asantewaa in confronting British colonial rule has made her as a much revered and inspirational figure in the history of both Ashanti and in Ghana as a whole. The Yaa Asantewaa Girl's Senior High School located in Kumasi was named after her in 1951 by the First President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. In 1986, an African-Carribean Art and Community centre located in Maida Vale, West London was name after her as Yaa Asantewaa Centre. OZOZ\ ABOUT OZOZA LIFESTYLE WHO WE ARE? The word ‘0zoza’ means Beautiful in the Ebira language of the West Africa Ethno-Linguistic Group. 020za Lifestyle means beautiful Lifestyle. The founders of Ozoza are Africans who wish to share the beautiful elements of African heritage with the rest of the world. Ozoza provide access to innovative, contemporary and alluring African Home and Fashion Accessories and Artifacts. We provide access via Pop-Ups and online and which ships worldwide. OUR SERVICES Design and Showcasing of African inspired Fashion and Fashion Accessories We sell African inspired Boubous, Kaftans, Kimonos, Tunics and Jewellery which is greatly sought out internationally and available online ( j Producing and Curating Content on African Culture and Heritage We are commissioned to give presentation, write articles and run exhibitions on various aspects of Africans History, Heritage and Culture to various Organisations and companies internationally. Please see below some examples ofthe Cultural Heritage Projcts that we've done OZOZ\ ABOUT OZOZA LIFESTYLE African Cultural Heritage Projects The Influence of African Music on Contemporary Global Music In West Africa, songs and Music were originally used in rituals and religious ceremonies. Stories Were passed down from generation to generation through singing and dancing. The Sub-Saharan African instruments and Polyrhythms were transported to North American via the Transatlantic Slave Trade. A fusion of West African Music and music from other cultures gave birth to the Blues, Jaz, Tap-dancing and Hip-Hop. Why Dogon Doors are so special The Dogon tribe is one of Africans most fascinating tribes, but also a vanishing one located in the i region of Mali in West Africa, south of the Niger bend since the fifteen century. Historically Dogon : ] villages were established in Bandiagara area in consequence of the Dogon peoples collective refusal to give up the religious and cultural beliefs a thousand years ago. Dogon insecurity cause them to locate their villages defensible positions along the walls of escarpment. The Role of Art and Artists in Society Art is the expression and the communications of ideas in various forms. It can be use to communicate political, spiritual or philosophical ideas. The Artist provide society with emotions, colour and texture. They affect our emotions and subconscious thoughts. The Artitst’s role is to communicate the truth to people across cultures and time periods. 3) PHILANTROPIC PROJECTS 02072 Lifestyle seeks to empower the youths in various communities in West Africa with the skills required to improve their lives so that they can in turn give back to their communities. We support a number of NGOs technically and financially. A percentage of every Ozoza item bought is used to sponsor Youth workshops. We believe that knowledge is the greatest tool one can give a human being. With heightened consciousness, comes positive action and change for the betterment of all society. We also support the Youth Empowerment Project technically by assisting them with designing the Youth Empowerment programme Content. Please see some details of our projects below. + Youth Personal Effectiveness Workshop + Youth Emotional Intelligence Workshop + Youth Gender Dynamics Workshop For More Enquiries About 0zoza Lifestyle Contact: QD (+233) 55.328 2406 & wwwozozalifestylecom OGO G suuaifestye OZOZ\ — SPONSOR US Our Philanthropic Projects are successful due to our wonderful donors and sponsors who are individuals, institutions and corporates. They enable us to reach more beneficiaries and 2B contribute to the improvement of many more lives. By sponsoring our activities, you will be improving the lives of others, Dix. contributing to worthwhile causes to uplift disadvantaged women and youth, and your organization's brand will receive local and global exposure atthe venue, in the brochure, in our marketing materials, on our website, and in recordings of the Seminar and Fashion Show. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 1. Support the Dissemination of African History in Schools and Institutions Sponsor the recording of The Legacy of Queen Ya Asantewa presentation’ and you will be facilitating the distribution of the material, knowledge and providing a female African Role Model to Schools, other Educational Institutions, Women's Groups, and others interested in African History in Ghana and globally, We will also be able to use this material in the Youth Empowerment Workshops. 2. Support the Development of Leadership Skills amongst Women and Youth Sponsor the recording of the Women's Leadership Workshop to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and learning valuable leadership skills to Women's Empowerment Groups, Youth Empowerment Workshops, SMEs, Schools and Universities in Ghana and Sub Saharan Africa. = 4 Support the Empowerment of Female University Students in the Women's Leadership Workshop:- Sponsor the logistics costs for a select number of University of Legon Female Students to attend the Women’s Leadership Workshop and you will be empowering deserving undergraduates with invaluable training to become the leaders of tomorrow. The section on emotional intelligence includes training on how to respond appropriately to sexual harassment. 4. Support the Delivery of Youth Empowerment Workshops Apercentage of every item purchased from Ozoza Lifestyle is used to support NGOs that focus on Youth Empowerment in West Africa. Sponsor the recording of the Fashion Show Which would increase sales and raise more funds for Youth Empowerment Workshops. For further information on the Sponsorship Opportunities please contact: © +233 (0) 55-328-2406 ©

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