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Spouse from Navamsa Chart-All

About Spouse prediction in astrology

June 29, 2017

Spouse From Navamsa Chart

Navamsa is the Main Divisional chart for checking Marriage prospect, spouse nature
and character etc. Our Main Birth chart shows or gives indication about all the aspect
of life-Education, Finance, Career, Marriage etc. But for getting a better and finer idea
about a particular aspect we need to see the divisional chart. There is different
divisional chart for different prospect like-for marriage we have to check Navamsa,
for career we have to see Dasamsa etc. Here we will discuss about how to predict
spouse from Navamsa chart. Some time Navamsa is also known as Dharmamsa. It is
the most popular chart after Rashi Chart. So If you want to know about Nature of
Spouse from Navamsa, Read it till end and also remember it is also important
for Marriage Timing from Navamsha.

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Why Use Navamsa for Marriage prediction

Navamsa chart is the most Important Divisional Chart. If Rashi chart is the Main Tree,
Navamsa chart is the fruit of that Tree. Everything We can Judge from Navamsa
Kundli but still Marriage is specially checked from Navamsa. Dividing any Rashi or
sign by 9 part, we can constitute Navamsa chart. 9th house is the house of Dharma or
Fortune. In Hindu religion Marriage is considered to be the Dharma or duty of highest
order. It is a Union of Atma or Soul. That is why we try to predict Marriage from
Navamsa chart.

How to Read Navamsa Chart or Navamsa Chart reading


I will give you a small idea about How to Read the Navamsa chart. It is said that
Navamsa acts as a refinement. Any planet in exaltation or friendly sign or in Own sign
may not give you Auspicious Result as per expectation if it occupies a debilitated or
enemy sign in Navamsa. Similarly a Planet in debilitation or enemy sign may give
you Auspicious Result than expectation when it occupies a Own Sign or friendly Sign
in Navamsa. So it is very important to check the Strength of the Planet in Navamsa
chart while reading Horoscope. If any Planet is in same sign in Ras Chart or D1 chart
and also occupies the same sign in Navamsa Chart or D9 chart, it is known as
vargottama Planet. Such Planet becomes extra Strong and can deliver very Good
result if it is beneficial for your Ascendant. In my Practical experience i have seen that
a Planet in own Navamsa or Vargottama Navamsa gives Auspicious Result. There are
some Auspicious Navamsa for each Sign. Any Planet within that particular degree
range of any Sign becomes extra strong. These are known as Pushkar Navamsa. You
can read more about Pushkar Navamsa and the degree rangefrom My Article. There
are many more technique which we should give due importance during Navamsa chart

Now lets discuss how we will know about our future Spouse from this Divisional
Chart. But Before Discussing Nature of Spouse from Navamsa chart or spouse
characteristics from Navamsa chart, Lets talk about the type of Marriage
described in Hindu Religion.

There are 8 Types of Marriage described in Manu Smriti. These are as below

1) Bramha Vivaha: In this Type of Marriage groom Seeks Bride as per their Skills and
abilities. Jupiter is the main signifying planet for such marriage. This is considered to
be the kind of Marriage. In Modern day we can compare it with an arranged Marriage
where both Boy and Girl complete their Education and after that as per family and
other factors two persons get married.

2) Daiva Vivaha: This Kind of Marriage happens when one is unable to find a suitable
groom or Bride. In this type of wedding, there are no feasts or celebrations that are
specific to the wedding, but the wedding of the daughter of a poor family is held as an
act of charity by wealthy people. Mars is the main signifying Planet for such marriage.

3) Arsha Vivaha: In this kind of marriage the girls family is unable to bear the
expense of the marriage and the boys family pays a nominal or cutomary gift as the
price of the bride and brings the bride home. This kind of Marriage is not suitbale in
modern society. Moon is the main signifying planet for such marriage.
4) Prajapatya Vivaah: This type of marriage is the same as the Brahma vivha in all
respects, except that this type of marriage takes place when the groom and bride both
are very young. The wedding ceremony may take place but the marriage is not
consummated for several years, until the bride and groom are old enough. This kind of
Marriage can be referred to the Bal Vivaha of earlier days. Sun is the main signifying

5) Asura Vivaha: This is very similar to Arsa vivaha. Here the Grrom family Pays lot
of Money to the family of the girl as Bride Price and Bring the Bride home. The only
difference is that in Arsha Vivaha, the price paid was a nominal one or customary one
but in this case lot of wealth is given. Money Rules this kind of Marriage. This Kind
of Marriage is not considered good in society. Mercury is the signifying Planet.

6) Gandharva Vivaha: This can be referred to Modern Days Love Marriage where
Bride and Grrom is attracted towards each other and they Fall in Love. Venus is the
main signifying Planet of such Marriage.

7) Rakshas Vivaha; When some one is Kidnapped or forced to Marry due to some
reason is Known as Rakshas Vivaha. In recent time we see Several Marriage happens
for Political gain or Business expansion etc. In earlier Days Kings used this kind of
Marriage for expanding their Kingdom. Saturn is the Main Karak for this kind of

8) Pischa Vivaha: In this type of Marriage the Bride is either intoxicated or not in
stable mental condition during Marriage. Rape can be compared with this kind of
Marriage. Rahu/Ketu is the signifying planet of this kind of Marriage.

Important Houses for Spouse Prediction from Navamsa in

The Main House for Spouse Prediction is 7th House and 7th Lord. So We have to
check the 7th house of main birth chart as well as the 7th house of Navamsa Chart.
Remember, 7th house in Birth chart shows what we want or what our desire is and 7th
house is Navamsa chart shows what we will actually get. 7th house not only Indicates
Marriage but it also indicates all sort of Physical relation. That is why the Arudha
Pada of 7th house (A7) needs to be checked for all kind of Physical or short term
relationship in Kundli. Darapada (A7) also shows the kind of People one Associates
with. So these houses need to be checked when predicting spouse from Navamsa

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Saturn is in 7th house or Associated with Darapada (A7), person often mingle around
with senior person or Aged person. They Want their spouse to be practical, matured
and dutiful.

When Moon is in 7th house or conjunct with darapada(A7) the native wants a caring,
emotional and sensitive spouse.

If Venus is in 7th house or Associated with A7, it indicates that the individual want
some one very good looking and beautiful.

When Jupiter or Mercury is in 7th house or Associated with Darapada (A7), the native
seeks a wise, well educated, religious, honest person as husband or wife.

When Mars is in 7th house or conjunct with A7 it indicates that the native wants some
one who loves sports, who will have lot of fighting spirit, Bold and courageous.
But this is purely the desire of the individual. But what the person will actually get
will depend upon the 7th house in Navamsa and the Navamsa sign of 7th Lord.

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Prediction of Spouse Characteristics from Navamsa(D9)

As we said That the Planet in the 7th house of Navamsa will show the nature and
character of the spouse an individual is going to Have. The Darapada (A7) in
Navamsa also reveals about apperance, Nature and characteristics of Spouse.

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Spouse Prediction from Navamsa chart as per Planetary Position

Now Lets understand how can we understand the nature while checking spouse from
Navamsa chart.

1. Navamsa Sun in 7th house: If Navamsa Sun is Placed in 7th house,Spouse reads or
loves music or plays musical instrument, may be egoistics and of high Self respect. He
may have short height, large head, straight hair etc. When Navamsa Sun in 7th house
is strong,The Individual may be from a respectable family background.

2. Navamsa Moon in 7th house: When Navamsa Moon is in 7th house,the spouse is
Beautiful and very sexual. He or she may be of fair complexion, soft hearted etc.

3. Navamsa Mars in 7th house: If Navamsa Mars is placed in 7th house or associated
with A7 in Navamsa, the person may be very aggresive and hot temper. He or she
may be a sports lover.When Navamsa Mars in 7th house is strong,The Native will be
very well built and having a slim & athlete like physique. He or she can be very

4. Navamsa Mercury in 7th house: When Navamsa Mercury is in 7th house, the
spouse can be Jovial and friendly. He or she can be fond of literature, writing etc.
Navamsa Mercury in 7th house can give Lack of physical pleasure from spouse as
Mercury is a eunuch planet. Spouse will look younger than his or her age.

5. Navamsa Jupiter in 7th house: When Navamsa Jupiter is in 7th house, the spouse
can be well educated,Learned, beautiful, fortunate and very good natures, spiritual. He
or she may have well proportionate body. Navamsa Jupiter in 7th house can make the
spouse very Religious too.

6. Navamsa Venus in 7th house: If Navamsa Venus is in 7th house, the spouse can be
extremely good Looking, fond of Luxury & all sort of comfort, fond of music, fine
arts etc. Having Navamsa Venus in 7th house is a Blessing. It is a strong indication of
happy married life if not afflicted.

6. Navamsa Saturn in 7th house: If Navamsa Saturn is in 7th house, spouse can be,
matured, always working, cold and disinterested in romance, dutiful etc. It indicates
that the wife or husband will be very hardworking. Navamsa saturn in 7th house also
indicate that there can be much age difference between husband and wife.

7. Navamsa Rähu in 7th house: If Navamsa Rahu is in 7th house, spouse can be
always thinking and confused, abstract thinking, good at mathematics, astrology etc.
This is not treated as a good placement for Marital bliss. Navamsa Rahu in 7th house
also indicates marriage outside country or foreign spouse or intercaste marriage. You
can read the effect of Rahu on Marriage when Occupies the 7th houseof D1 chart to
get more idea.
8. Navamsa Ketu in 7th house: When Navamsa Ketu is in 7th house, spouse can be
Very good in mathematics and numbers, expert in computers, spiritual practice etc.

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Some important Combinations for judging Spouse from

Navamsa Chart

For a good and happy marital life, we have to first see the condition of the 7th Lord of
Rashi chart(D1) in D9. The planet should not be debilitated or afflicted by Malefics in
Navamsa. After that we have to see the 7th house of Navamsa chart and condition of
7th lord from Navamsa Lagna. If all of them is in Good condition, we can safely
predict Happy Marriage Life.

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When people approach us for Marriage/Relationship Consultation we use all of the

above mentioned technique and many more to come to an conclusion about the Nature
and Look of the spouse. It takes almost three hours for Marriage Analysis only. You
may see what our clients think about our Marriage consultation

Venus is the Main Significator of Marriage for both Man and Women. It is also the
significator of Wife in a Mans chart. So venus should not be debilitated or afflicted by
Rahu or Saturn in Navamsa. When two or more malefic planets afflict Venus and if
the ätmakäraka and 8th lord are involved, While judging spouse from Navamsa chart
we should keep in mind that such combination is a curse and marriage can be denied
and delayed considerably.

If Rahu afflicts the Venus there can chances of cheating experience from Spouse or
Marriage relation. If Saturn afflicts the Venus in Navamsa chart, it brings untold
misery and unending suffering. If Mercury and Venus is conjunct in Navamsa chart,
this is a bad combination for Lack of marital bliss.

Rahu – Venus or Mars- Venus combination in D9 is a strong indication of Love

marriage while judging spouse from Navamsa chart.

If the Ketu and Mars is conjunct in 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th house of Navamsa chart, we
have to be very careful while checking spouse from Navamsa chart because such
combination indicates a spouse who can be harmful to the spouse.

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If Sun is strong in Navamsa lagna or Moon is strong in 3rd house of Navamsa chart
indicates that the native may live longer than Spouse. Jupiter-Venus conjunction in
D9 chart shows the Blessing of Shiva and it is a good for Progeny while judging
Spouse from Navamsa chart.

If saturn is Placed in Navamsa lagna or aspect the Navamsa Lagna, it can delay the
marriage. Saturn aspect on Venus and 7th lord of Navamsa Lagna is equally

When Sun is Placed in 7th house or associated with Darapada(A7), it indicates a

arranged marriage.
Marriage Timing can be calculated as per Vimsottari dasha of the 7th Lord of D9
chart or Navamsa Lagna Lord or planets sitting in the 7th house of Navamsa.
Predicting Time , quality of marriage and spouse from Navamsa chart is not an easy
task. The birth time is also has to be accurate.

I have tried to give you some information about Spouse from Navamsa Chart. But
remember in Astrology, No rule works in isolation. We have to co-relate both D1 and
D9 chart.

If you want to get Astrological consultation from Me, Book an appointment.

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If you think I have missed something or you have some information about spouse
from Navamsa chart, please feel Free to comment.

If you Like it, Please share it.

Foreign Spouse in Astrology-

Combinations to predict inter
religion marriage
June 23, 2017
Marriage is an important decision of our Life. For many people marriage brings Luck
and fortune and similarly for many people it brings misfortune too. We have
discussed earlier about Look and Nature of Future Spouse from Horoscope and here
we will discuss about what are the combinations for foreign spouse in Astrology.

Planets and Houses responsible for Foreign

spouse in Kundli
When we discuss about anything related to foreign whether it is astrological
combination for foreign travel or foreign spouse in kundli, the name which comes to
our mind is the nor node of moon Rahu. Rahu indicates everything foreign or outside
our own social custom or tradition. Rahu is the main significator for foreign Land. So
anything which goes against social norms like inter caste marriage in astrology or
inter religion marriage in astrology, Rahu plays an important Role. So in case of
foreign spouse in astrology, Rahu is the main planet too.
After Rahu we have to see Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the main Karaka for Marriage
and for female Jupiter represents husband. So if these two planets are connected with
Rahu occupy helpful sign, it indicates foreign spouse in astrology.

The Most important House for getting a foreigner spouse is 12th house. 4th house is
the own land and 12th house is the foreign land.

7th house is the main house for Marriage. It is the house of physical union and all sort
of relationship. So when are going to judge marriage to a foreigner, 7th is the supreme
importance. Without the involvement of 7th house no marriage can happen.

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If it is a Love marriage, we have to see the connection of 5th house also as 5th House
represents Love and Romance. Connection between 5th house or Lord with 12th
house or lord indicates affair with a foreigner.

We have to see the condition of 9th house too. As 9th also represents long distance
travel. So if you get a foreign spouse, you will also travel to foreign countries.

Planetary combinations indicating Foreign Spouse in Astrology

 Rahu with Venus in 7th house with 12th lord is a strong

connection for foreigner spouse. When Rahu is Placed in
7th house of Kundali, it can Give Spouse from Faraway
 when 7th lord is posited in 12th house and if Rahu is also
associated with this combination, it is a strong yoga for
getting a foreign spouse in kundli.
 if there is a connection between 9th lord, 5th lord and 7th
lord or houses, there is a strong chance that native may
have inter religion marriage or may get a spouse outside
own society. Here connection means conjunction of
planets, mutual aspect between planets or 7th lord sitting in
9th house or vice versa, exchange of house and Nakshatra
 Rahu-Jupiter combination or Rahu Venus combination in
main birth chart or Rashi chart and Navamsa chart as well
indicates a high chance of getting foreign spouse. If this
combination is in both Rashi chart and navamsa chart, the
indications are very strong.
 If Venus for Male natives and Jupiter for female natives is
placed in 12th house or with 12th lord in a watery sign can
grant a foreign spouse to the individual.
 Placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house
or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord is indicative of foreign
spouse in astrology. More if 7th house happens to be the
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We have too all these combinations in Navamsa chart also. Navamsa is the main
divisional chart for marriage. So if these combinations are present in both Rashi chart
as well as navamsa, we can safely say that there is indication of foreign spouse in
kundli. If these planetary combinations satisfy only in Navamsa but not in Rashi chart,
then also foreign spouse in astrology can be predicted.

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rich spouse.

Lets discuss a Few Chart to know about Predicting Foreign spouse in astrology.
This chart Belongs to one of My friend. He is having Foreigner spouse. Look the
close connection of 12th Lord and Rahu. The 12th Lord Mercury is placed in 5th
house with Sun the 11th lord. Rahu is Placed in 7th house. The 7th lord Mars is
closely Conjunct with Venus-the significator of wife & Marriage. Both Mars and
Venus is aspecting the 12th house of foreign Land. So there are lot of Prominent
combination for foreign Spouse in this Horoscope.

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Timing of Marriage with foreigner

Once a person reaches marriageable age, the marriage can happen in the Dasha of 7th
lord or 12th lord or planets posited in the 7th house. Rahu is the natural Karaka for
marriage. So Marriage may occur during the Dasha/Antardasha of Rahu also. In the
period of 7th lord in Navamsa chart, marriage can also happen.

I have tried to give some information about chances of foreign spouse in kundli. But
remember in astrology no rule works in isolation. Before predicting anything we have
to see all the houses, their relation, aspect, dignity of planets etc.

If you need any Kind of Astrological Consultation, You can take my Marriage
consultation to know about your future spouse look, nature & character, overall
marriage life, Marriage timing etc.

If you think i have missed anything regarding foreign spouse in astrology, please do
not forget to comment.

If you like it, please do share it with others.



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AdminAPR 22 '16
How to know about spouse from kundli
Man and Women is incomplete without each other. Marriage is the union of a
Man and women. But the selection of partner is a very difficult task. Everybody
wants to get a beautiful wife or a good husband. But Everyone is not so lucky.
So we are always eager to know about future partner. But predicting about
spouse looks or spouse characteristics with vedic astrology is not an easy task.
It requires vast knowledge and experience. Still I would like to bring some point
in front of you which may help you in understanding how will my husband look
like or how will my wife look like with astrology.

I Think you may also be interested to read Easy Way to Know your Life Partner
7th house is the house of partnership and marriage is the most important
partnership of our life. So 7th house in Horoscope and Life partner has a close
connection. If there is no planet in the 7th house then we need to see 7th Lord.
We cannot Neglect 7th house of Navamsa (D9) and Lagna Lord of Navamsa.
Planets that are posited in the 7th house of Navamsa also play a vital role.
Venus is the Natural significator of Marriage and Venus in Navamsa chart is also
an important factor.

Now let’s try to understand regarding appearance of future Spouse in

respect to planets
If Sun predominates in the chart regarding the 7th house matter, the
complexion of the spouse will be wheatish fair. He or she will be of average
height. Voice will be very deep and may not be very charming. But will have a
good personality. If Sun is in 7th house, Your Wife or husband will come from a
respectable family.

If Moon is predominant, spouse will be very good looking, charming and fair.
He/She will be very childish and innocent in their look. Skin will be very silky
smooth. If the moon is waning complexion will not be so fair as compared to
waxing moon.

If Mars is predominant, Spouse appearance will be beautiful, slim and athletic in

structure. He will have temperament problem and if afflicted then of
quarrelsome nature. But they will be smart and talkative.

If Mercury is predominant, spouse will be fair, good looking, witty, jolly,

talkative and intelligent. They will look very young even in their late forties.
If Jupiter is predominant then the spouse will have a well-developed body. May
be little bulky. He/She will be learned, fair , medium height and will have a
magnetic personality.

If Venus is predominant, the spouse appearance will be very beautiful and fair.
Venus is capable of giving the most beautiful partner. He/she will have immense
charm, will be fond of music, arts, comforts and luxuries.

If Saturn is predominant, the appearance of the spouse will be old and aged.
He/she will be unimpressive look. But will be very practical and disciplined and

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Now let’s try to understand in respective to the signs.
If the predominant planet is posited in Aries: Medium height. Will have good
eye brow, Sharp eyes, loud voice, aggressive in nature.

If the predominant planet is posited in Taurus: Short in height, flabby, medium

complexion, dark hair.

If the predominant planet is posited in Gemini: Good height, slim, sharp figure,
beautiful eyes, wheatish fair complexion.

If the predominant planet is posited in Cancer: Medium height, round face,

large eyes, smooth skin, beautiful voice, very fair complexion.

If the predominant planet is posited in Leo: Good athletic figure, well developed
body, good loud voice, attractive personality.

If the predominant planet is posited in Virgo: Medium height, dark eyes, little
bit flabby, having good smile, full of vitality.
If the predominant planet is posited in Libra: Slim, will have nice hair
sometimes may have curly hairs also, fair complexion, and sluggish.

If the predominant planet is posited in Scorpio: Large dark eyes, beautiful

hairs, fair complexion, slim or medium flabby.

If the predominant planet is posited in Sagittarius: Well developed body, tall,

fair in complexion, large forehead, very free and frank.

If the predominant planet is posited in Capricorn: Not very tall, rough skin, slim,
looks little aged and very charming.

If the predominant planet is posited in Aquarius: Good height, dark

complexion, sharp eyes, athletic figure.

If the predominant planet is posited in Pisces: Short height, bulky, smooth and
silky skin, beautiful face, large eyes and fair complexion.

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We have to use the above mentioned points in co-relation with planets.

one very important point, before marriage we must be sure that the person is
loyal and free from any kind dosha Like Punarvoo dosha can damage a beautiful

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Some Basic Principle of How to Know about spouse from kundli
Now we will discuss some basic principles to determine the type of spouse and
spouse characteristics in vedic astrology. 7th house planets and Spouse
characteristics have a close connection.
Rahu in the 7th house in female horoscope can indicate a husband from other
cast or community.If this Rahu makes a connection with the seventh lord, that
is also indication of marriage outside of cast. You can read the all the detailed
result when Rahu is placed in 7th house of Male or Female Horoscope to
understand it better.
Read: How to judge Marriage with a Foreigner or outside society from
Rahu in 7th house in female Horoscope if in Conjunction with Venus, it can
Indicate that the person is very fond of Luxury and romantic in nature. This also
indicates some kind of broken relationship before marriage. It also indicates
Love marriage out of cast.

If Jupiter in 7th house in female horoscope, it is highly beneficial. Though

Jupiter in 7th house marriage is equally good for male but specially good for
female as Jupiter is the karaka for husband in case of female. Jupiter in 7th
house in female horoscope indicates that future husband will be a very wise and
learned person. This is one of the best indication of spouse characteristics in
vedic astrology. If Jupiter in 7th house in Navamsa Chart spouse characteristics
will be very religious minded and god fearing one.

When mars in 7th house spouse can be very well built, athelete type (may look
like a sports man). Mars is is the significator of Anger, so when mars in 7th
house spouse can be little bit head strong. But Mars in 7th house in navamsa
chart is not a welcome factor. If afflicted it can create havoc in married life. So
person with mars in 7th house in navamsa chart should match the Horoscopes
before marriage.

When Venus in 7th House marriage can be full of romance, Love and affection.
Venus is the planet of Romance and when it comes to the house of marriage, it
brings marital bliss. Sometimes When Venus in 7th house love marriage can be
predicted if it makes a relation with the 5th lord or mars. Venus mars
combination in 7th house is a indication of love marriage.Venus in 5th house
gives beautiful spouse provided it does not have any malefic influence on it. It
some times also indicate a love marriage.

When saturn in 7th house marriage can be delayed. Even saturn aspecting 7th
house may also create delay. But remember Saturn can delay but it never
denies. Saturn in 7th house gets digbala which makes it very strong.So when
shani in 7th house, it will give a stable married life though the marriage may be
a bit late. one more thing when saturn in 7th house marriage some times
becomes very unromantic or just maintaing the duties. This is because Shani is
the planet of duty and responsibility and it lacks the quality of romance.

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When 7th lord in 12th house foreign spouse can be predicted. Rahu is the
Significator for foreign Lands and Venus is the Significator of wife for male
natives. So Relation of Rahu and Venus is also indication of foreign Spouse for
Male Individual. If Rahu venus conjunction in Seventh house of a Male
Individual, beautiful wife in astrology can be predicted.

When sun and mercury in 7th house marriage can be with a very jolly intelligent
person who may hail from a good and reputed family.

For spouse prediction 7th house from Navamsa is also very important.
Remember the 7th house in Rashi chart is what we want or wish but 7th house
in Navamsa is what we actually get.
Alone Sun in 7th house is not good for marriage. It creates delay in marriage
even some time sun in 7th house creates separation due to ego clash. Sun in
7th house is not welcome for marital happiness. But Sun and mercury in 7th
house is not that bad for marriage. Sun and Mercury in 7th house creates a
Yoga called Budhaditya Yoga. With Sun and mercury in 7th house, Spouse may
hail from good family background and may look very young and charming. He
or she will look much younger than actual age. But if the planets are with
dignity With Sun and mercury in 7th house marriage can be a royal one and fair
complexion beautiful spouse can be predicted as per astrology. Sun is the
Significator of Govt. So a well aspected sun and mercury in 7th house of
marriage may provide gain from Govt authority.

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Venus and Mercury in 7th house is a much better factor for getting beautiful
spouse astrology. As per Vedic astrology The future spouse characteristics will
be very soft spoken, loyal and jovial.

Venus is the natural Significator of Marriage and for male individual it is also
significator of wife. So Venus in Navamsa chart should not be debilitated or
afflicted. If Venus in Navamsa is exalted or in own sign it a good sign of marital
bliss. We must remember that Navamsa is the main divisional chart for
marriage. Venus with Mars in Navamsa chart is indicative of Good romantic
marriage if not afflicted by Rahu or Saturn. If venus in Navamsa chart posited in
navamsa Lagna or in 7th house, it can alone provide a good married life. So we
must heck the Condition of Venus for spouse prediction from Navamsa.

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Male and female natives are Judged separately in Vedic Astrology. So apart
from General principles of above lets talk something Specific.

How to know about future husband or Future husband prediction

through astrology
We, Astrologers, often face this question from the unmarried girls " who will be
my husband according to astrology or how to know about my future husband
through astrology".

Mars is the significator of Boy Friend in case of female and Jupiter is the
significator of Husband in Vedic astrology. So if Jupiter influences the 7th house
or 7th lord, it is very beneficial. The husband will be man of good quality, wise,
well educated and spiritually inclined. Jupiter in 8th house is also not bad if
there is no other affliction. 8th house is called the mangalsthan or the longevity
of husband. So if a benevolent planet like Jupiter is placed in 8th house, the
longevity of marriage increases. If saturn is placed in 7th house or in some sort
of relation with 7th lord, the future husband will be very practical, hard working
and not very romantic person.If you want to Know who will be my husband
according to astrology, please understand that Venus and Mars of Male and
female chart should make some sort of good relation. For example Mars is
placed in Aries sign in a female chart and if that women meets a man who has
Venus in Aries, both of them will create bonding very easily and will be attracted
to each other. The Moon Sign and Ascendant also plays a role here. The Moon
sign of a person if matches with Ascendant sign of another person, they can be
attracted. Future husband prediction with astrology is a very difficult task and
needs complete checking of Horoscopes. As per Jaimini astrology, If the
Upapada Lagna of one person matches with the Atmakaraka planet of another
person, both of them may also get attracted.
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Age of Spouse from Astrology
If we want to know Age of Spouse through astrology, exact age can not be
predicted. But There are several factors which influence Age of Spouse in
Astrology. 7th house in Rashi chart indicates the group we involve or interact
with. If the 7th Lord is Aspected by Saturn or saturn is Placed in the seventh
house of navamsa chart Spouse may be aged and matured. When we are
talking about aged spouse, it means the age difference between wife and
husband will be more than normal. If Mercury aspects the 7th lord or placed in
the 7th house, Age of spouse will be less and younger spouse can be predicted.

As per Jaimini astrology, If Saturn is placed in the 7th house from Atmakaraka
Planet, an elderly spouse can be predicted. Here Elderly means age gap is more
than normal. In the same way if Mercury is posited in the 7th house from
Atmakaraka planet a younger spouse can be predicted.

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We have to check the Dara pada (A7) and also the 7th house from Venus to
come into a final conclusion.

I have tried to give you some astrological tips to know about your future
husband or wife from Horoscope. But Remember Astrological combinations or
rules do not work in isolation. We have to Check the complete chart with
Divisional chart to come to an conclusion.

If you have any query regarding your prospective life partner Looks,Nature and
character or overall married Life or timing of marriage please feel free to
contact me to get a detailed analysis of Your Married Life and your prospective
spouse. You can Get in touch with Me
I have tried to give you a overall idea about spouse prediction astrology. If I
have missed anything please let us know by commenting. If you Like my post,
Please share it so that it can reach more people.


Second Marriage in Astrology-

Prediction,timing and planetary
combination of Second Marriage
from Horoscope
June 19, 2017

Second Marriage is becoming more and More relevant Nowadays and it is going to
become more relevant in coming days. The No of Divorce and separation is increasing
in our society at an alarming rate. So We will see how to Predict Second Marriage in
astrology. There is lot of similarity with Prediction of first marriage timing but the
houses will differ.
In this article i will try to give you a step by step guide to determine possibility of
second marriage in astrology and if there is possibility how will be the condition of
that marriage and the timing of second marriage in astrology.

Second Marriage comes into Picture only after the end of First Marriage. So before
discussing the second Marriage Lets see which are the planetary combination in a
Horoscope that can spoil or end the first marriage.

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Houses which are important for Predicting Marriage

The Primary house for marriage is 7th house from Lagna. This is not only House of
Marriage but also responsible for relationship in our Life. For example if 7th house or
Lord is associated with 8th house or 12th house or their lord it can give extramarital
affair also.Benefic Planet in 7th house will promote a healthy relationship between
husband and wife. But any affliction to 7th house and its Lord is indication that the
marriage of the person may suffer. Malefic Planet Like Mars, Sun, Rahu etc in 7th
house are detrimental for Happy Marriage.

The next House which we need to see is the 8th house. 8th being the second from 7th,
it indicates the sustenance of marriage and also the Maraka for Marriage. If there is
affliction to the 8th house as well as to the 8th lord, Marriage can break. Planets Like
Mars, Rahu, Saturn etc in 8th house is capable of ending a marriage.

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Second House being the house of family is also need to be seen.

One more thing we need to see except these house and that is Upapada Lagna.
Upapada Lagna is the Arudha Pada of the 12th house.

How to calculate the Upapada: Suppose a person is born with Aries Lagna and his
12th Lord Jupiter is placed in Cancer. From 12th house Pisces to cancer, the distance
is of 5 Sign. So we will add 5 sign from Cancer and we will reach Scorpio Sign.
Scorpio will be the Upapada Lagna for this native.

The second House from Upapada Lagna is very important for the Longevity of the
Marriage. If there is Malefic Influence in the second house from Upapada Lagna,
there is possibility of breaking the marriage and having a second marriage in

We have to see the Navamsa also when considering Marriage prospect. Navamsa
Lagna, its lord and 7th house and 7th lord has to be seen. If there is affliction to the
7th house in Navamsa, there is high chance of breaking the first marriage. Like if
Rahu-Ketu is placed in the 1-7 house of Navamsa, the chances of divorce increases to
a great extent.

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Planets Which can give Divorce and separation in Astrology

Without Divorce or separation from first marriage, we can not go ahead for second
marriage in astrology. The main agents of Divorce or separation in astrology is Mars,
Rahu, Sun and Saturn. Saturn is least malefic in case of Separation. Saturn gives pain
and suffering but do not allow a person to break or come out of the relation. If Mars,
Rahu or Sun is in 8th house it is a strong indication Separation. Presence of Malefic
Planet like Sun and Rahu is Very detrimental for Marital Happiness. Some people will
be surprised to see the name of Sun. But yes, Sun is very much detrimental for Marital
Happiness. You can read my detail article on the effect of 7th house Sun and
the effect of 7th house Rahu to understand the result in a better way.

But I want to share my view with you that a Proper Kundali Matching can reduce the
chances of Divorce or separation. But i repeat again and again in my every writing
that astakoota Guna Matching is not the proper Horoscope Matching. You should
read Astrologylover Guide to Kundali Reading for Marriage to understand Why
Ashtakoot Matching is not proper and how to do a proper Kundali Matching easily
which can ensure a happy Marriage.

The significator for Marriage Venus must be afflicted otherwise a strong Venus can
save a marriage.

Planetary combinations for Divorce

Now lets understand some principles for Divorce and separation in Astrology.

 6th house is the House of Enemy, struggle and Obstacles.

It is also the 12th house or Loss of Marriage. 8th house is
the house of hindrances and Maraka for 7th house. So
when 6th lord and 8th lord is present in 7th house, it is a
bad Yoga for marital Happiness.
 Malefic Like Rahu, Mars and sun is placed in 7th house
can indicate divorce. Mars in 7th house also creates
Manglik dosh in the Kundli. If sun is placed in the 7th
house, there can be ego clash among the partners.
 If the 7th Lord is Debilitated or afflicted or retrograde it
also gives a indication of Bad marriage.
 The second House from Upapada Lagna is afflicted by
Malefic Planets or debilitated planets can also harm the
Marital happiness and bring an end to the marriage.
 When the 7th house in Navamsa is afflicted by Malefics
like Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Mars etc the chances of divorce is
very high.
 The Significator of marriage venus when gets afflicted in
Rashi chart as well as Navamsa Chart, there is strong
indication of separation in astrology.

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Second Marriage in Astrology

Now as we have understood the combination for divorce in astrology, we can check
for second marriage in Horoscope. The second is marriage is seen from the 2nd house
of Horoscope. 8th house shows Longevity. So 8th house from 7th house i.e. 2nd house
will indicate the second marriage in astrology. For third marriage we have to consider
the 8th house from 2nd i.e. 9th house from Lagna. So we need to see the condition of
2nd house and its lord in Rashi chart as well as in Navamsa chart. Some people
consider 9th house as the house of second marriage in astrology because 9th is the 3rd
from 7th. They consider the second spouse to be sibling of your first spouse. Some
people also advice to use 11th house as the house of second marriage astrology. But
Eminent Astrologer Mr.Sanjay Rath is of the opinion that 2nd house should be used
for second marriage and i have also found it correct in case of Practical example.
Readers can try both 2nd, 9th or 11th house for second marriage astrology and see the

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The 8th house from the Upapada Lagna will indicate the second marriage in
astrology. So the 8th house from Upapada Lagna will show the Maya associated with
the second spouse and relationship with the second spouse in astrology.

But we must remember one thing, even after the end of first marriage we can not
neglect the 7th house. It rules over the physical organ of Sex which is an important
aspect of any marriage.

Combination for Multiple Marriage in Horoscope

Divorce or Breakup of first marriage does not guarantee the second Marriage. So Lets
see what are the combinations that can give second marriage in Astrology.

 Presence of Multiple Planets in 7th house. Specially

Planets Like Rahu increases this chance.
 If there is malefic influence on 2nd house and 7th house,
Multiple marriage can occur.
 Lord of 7th house placed in 4th house or lord of 9th house
placed in 7th house indicates second marriage.
 Mars + Venus placed in 7th house and lord of 7th house
placed in 8th house and Saturn posited in 12th house
indicates more than one marriage in astrology.
 The Dasha-Antardasha must support a remarriage.
 When the 7th lord is Exalted and Vargottama there is
chance of second marriage.
 If the 7th house is a Dual sign or 7th lord placed in a dual
sign, more than one marriage can happen. Gemini,
Sagittarius and Pisces are known as dual sign.

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Conditions for Happy Remarriage

If the 2nd House from Lagna is strong and free from Malefic influence, it can give a
Happy Second marriage.

When the 2nd house and 2nd Lord in Navamsa is strong and beneficially placed, it
also gives a indication of good second Marriage.

The 8th house from Upapada Lagna has to be considered to for second marriage.
when this house is aspected by benefic and its lord is well placed, it also shows a
Happy second Marriage. We have to see the second house from this New upapada i.e.
the 9th house from the Upapada Lagna. There should not be any Malefic planets
placed in 9th house from Upapada Lagna for a happy second marriage in astrology.

I have tried to give some information about how can we judge second marriage from
Vedic astrology. But do not use them Verbatim. Astrological principles do not work
in isolation. We have to see them considering all the factors like aspect, conjunction,
divisional chart, Nakshatra, dispositor etc.

If you need any Kind of Astrological Consultation, You can Take my consultation and
get your Marriage prospect checked. See the Feedback received from some of my
clients Here.

If you think i have missed something please do add them with your comments. If you
like it do not forget to share.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

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Home Astrology Marriage timing in astrology-Easy Method to predict Exact age and date

 Astrology

Marriage timing in astrology-Easy

Method to predict Exact age and date
November 28, 2017
Red rose with silver ring macro detail
Do you Want to Know marriage timing in astrology ? As a professional astrologer
when people comes for consultation most of the people ask when will i get married ?
It is very natural to become curious about Marriage and relationship after a Certain
age. All these information are stored within your horoscope or Kundli and careful
study can reveal marriage timing from date of birth.

In our Life Relationships are very important. Some relations we get by virtue of birth
like father, Mother, sister etc and some we create by our self like Friends, Life partner
etc. Among these relationship Marital relationship is the most important relation a
person creates in his or her life. So People are always curious to know about the
marriage timing in astrology.

But No Astrology Software or no online website can give you information about
exact time of your Marriage. You have to do it Manually by checking your birth
chart. Marriage age prediction can not be automated because there are so many
factors which no software can check. Moreover Intuition also play an important role.
So if you are one of them searching Marriage prediction Calculator, Stop right now.
You will not be able to get any correct Prediction. Just open your Horoscope and
follow the given steps, you will be able to find your Marriage date from kundli.

But Remember the Method I am going to explain below is for first Marriage. If you
want to Know about second Marriage read How to Know the Time of Second

Marriage astrology based on date of birth

Marriage astrology is a Specialized task and it has 3 major Parts- Knowing exact time
of Marriage, Understanding Marital Happiness and Marriage Matching. Here I will
give you a Proper and step by Step guide on How to predict marriage Timing in
astrology easily yet effectively and this will going to help you in marriage prediction
from Horoscope. We will use Main birth chart, Navamsa Chart and Jaimini principle-
these three step approach for Accurate Marriage prediction. Navamsa is the Main
Purpose chart for Marriage to fine tune our Prediction. If you do not have your
horoscope, Download the free and most reliable Software “Jagannath Hora” to cast
your horoscope and Navamsa. You do not need anything else to know exact time of
your Marriage.
I will share the most comprehensive and Accurate method available in astrology
for Marriage age prediction. First I will explain various Principles available in
astrology to know Marriage time and after that I will tell you how to use these
Principles Practically in your horoscope.

Still If you think anything is missing here or adding any information will be helpful,
pl let me know by commenting below and I will update it with the required
information. If you read this till end, I am sure You will be able to know your
Marriage time by date of birth.

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any Yoga for Divorce

Houses which plays important role in Marriage astrology

In Marriage astrology the Main House for Marriage or any kind of Relationship is 7th
House. 7th house doesn’t only represent Marriage but it also represent any kind of
Serious relationship or partnership, in case of career astrology it also represent
Profession. But here i will confine myself with Marriage astrology only. Some time
we may not get married legally but we stay in a relationship very long like 10 years or
12 years. That is also judged from 7th house. whenever 7th house and 5th house
makes any kind of relationship, it creates Yogas for Love marriage. You can read my
detail article on how to know whether you will have Love Marriage or Arranged.

So 7th house and 7th Lord is the most important factor in predicting marriage time by
date of birth. If you do not know what is your 7th house, Open your Horoscope and
Check your Ascendant. Then start counting anticlockwise, and the 7th sign will be
your 7th house. For example, if you are born with Aries Ascendant, your 7th house
will be Libra. If you are born with Taurus, your 7th house will be Scorpio. This 7th
house and its Lord has maximum Say in Marriage age Prediction and Timing of
Marriage astrology.

If you are confused and not sure about Who is your 7th Lord or 7th house, You
can Contact us and we will tell you about your Horoscope.

The next important House for marriage is 8th house. It is actually the 2nd house from
7th house. So it indicates the stability and sustenance of Marriage. It also indicates
Physical relationship. So 8th house also So whenever the 5th house or its Lord makes
a connection with 8th house or its Lord, it can give sensual nature and
creates astrological Yoga for Secret relationship. I have written in detail
about Extramarital affair or Secret Romantic Relationship in detail. You can read it.

Second House indicates family and Relatives. Marriage is not only a relationship
between a Man and woman but it also between two families. So Whenever marriage is
performed it also connects two families. Naturally 2nd house also plays an important
role in astrology by date of birth for marriage.

You can also Read about Physical Appearance or Look of your Husband or Wife.

The last important house for predicting marriage timing in astrology is 11th house.
11th house indicates gain, our social and friends circle. It also indicates fulfillment of
desire. Nothing can gained without the Blessing of 11th Lord.

Important planets to predict marriage Timing in astrology

The Planets which can Give Marriage in their Dasha and Antardasha irrespective of
their Lordship or placement are Venus and Rahu. These two planets are having special
importance in Marriage astrology.
Venus is the Natural Significator of Marriage and Relationship. So if the Period of
Venus is running in the marriageable age it can give Marriage even if it is not
connected with 7th or 8th or 11th house.

The next one is Rahu. If the period of Rahu is also running in perfect Marriageable
age, it can give marriage in its Dasha or Antardasha. So these two Planets are very
important in Marriage time prediction by astrology.

Get Online Consultation From Me Book Your Consultation !

Role of Navamsa in Marriage Prediction by date of birth and


Navamsa is the Main divisional Chart which is checked for Marriage. Why Divisional
Charts are used ? All the information can be obtained from Birth chart and no
Divisional Chart can give the result which is not promised in main birth chart. But
sometime we get confused and do not come into conclusion. In that Case Divisional
charts help us to come to any conclusion. Navamsa is one of the most important
Divisional chart in Marriage astrology. It has very high importance in Marriage date
Prediction. You Should Check the below Points during Marriage age Prediction.
 The Antardasha of Navamsa Lagna Lord. Since Navamsa
primarily deals with Marital matters, the rising Navamsa
Lord Period has a Significant role to play in Marriage
Prediction. If the Navamsa Ascendant is Aries or Scorpio,
Mars period can give Marriage, if the Navamsa Lagna is
Taurus or Libra, Venus Period can be predicted as Marriage
Time and So on.
 The Lord of the 7th house of Navamsa Can bring Marriage in
its Period. As 7th house deals with Marriage, Planets
associated with 7th house of Navamsa will have a say in
Marriage Prediction. 7th lord of Navamsa Should be given
due importance in Marriage Timing in astrology.
 As per famous Astrologer Gayatri Devi Vasudev ( Daughter
of Great Dr. B. V. Raman) the 6-8 position of Mahadasha
Lord and Antardasha Lord in Navamsa can bring a change in
status- from Single to Married. Hence we also need to check
the 6-8 relationship in Navamsa of Dasha and Bhukti Lord
during Marriage Prediction.

I have written in detail how to use Navamsa for Prediction of Marriage related Matter.
You can read about How to use Navamsa.
Principles in Vedic astrology for Marriage Time Prediction

There are numerous principles and ways for Marriage time Prediction but I will share
you the most important and effective ones. The most important principles which is
helpful for prediction of Marriage timing in astrology are given below. You need to
use and check these principles in different Horoscopes to understand how the
principles are working.

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1. The 7th Lord from Lagna or Moon Can give Marriage in its
2. The Dispositor of 7th Lord can give marriage during its
3. Planets Placed or occupied in 7th house from Ascendant or
Moon or Navamsa Lagna can also give marriage in its
4. Planets aspecting the 7th house from Lagna or Navamsa
Lagna can also grant Marriage.
5. The Lord of the house where 7th Lord is placed in Navamsha
can also grant marriage in its Dasha antardasha.
6. Marriage can also take place during the period of 2nd Lord.
7. Dasha/Antardasha of Rahu or Venus can also give Marriage.
8. Dasha/Antardasha of 7th Lord from Venus can also Give
9. According to Bhavat Bhavam principles, 7th house from 7th
is the Lagna or Ascendant. So in the Period of Ascendant
Lord Marriage can also happen.

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Dasha Antardasha some time takes 2 to 3 years. In that Case we have to use
Partyantdasha and transit effectively to know the Correct marriage timing in
astrology. These are some basic Rules in vedic Astrology to predict the time of
marriage. But before Marriage age prediction we must check whether the person is
destined to get married or not. If different Planetary combination indicates that the
person can not get married, There is no meaning in pointing time for marriage.

After proper Analysis of Horoscope when conclude that there is no denial of marriage,
We should check the Vimshottari Dasha. There will be several Dasha when Marriage
will be Possible. So we need to use Transit and one More dasha , i prefer Chara dasha
of Jaimini, to know the exact Timing of marriage in astrology.

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Timing of Marriage in astrology as per Jaimini Principle

Jaimini Sutras or Principles are little bit different than traditional vedic Principles. In
jaimini Principle the planet which has got lowest degree is Called the Darakaraka
Planet. Dara means wife or Spouse. So Darakaraka Planet signifies marriage and all
sort of marriage related incidents. So We have to Check the planet which has got
lower degree in the Horoscope or Darakaraka planet for predicting Timing of
Marriage in astrology. In jaimini principle, we use Chara Dasha. If you use any
astrology Software it will show you the Chara dasha along with Vimsottari Dasha.
The House which are owned by Darakaraka Planet, the House where the Darakaraka
Planet is Placed or the house where the Darakaraka Planet is Placed in Navamsa is
very crucial for predicting marriage timing in astrology. For example, Suppose Sun
has got the lowest degree in your chart. So Sun will become the Darakaraka Planet for
you. Now Sun is placed in Gemini in main birth chart and also placed in Libra in
Navamsa. So The Charadasha of Gemini, Leo and Libra will be important to predict
Timing of Marriage in astrology. Some time the 7th house from darakaraka Planet is
also Needs to be checked for Marriage age prediction.

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Role of Transit in predicting marriage time

Transits are no less in importance than Dasha to pin point Marriage Time from
astrology. If the Dasha and Transit both are favorable, it gives the confirmation about
the event. That is why i always give emphasis on Transit along with Dasha. Two
Planets are really very important in transit-Saturn and Jupiter because both the Planets
stays in a sign for a Long duration. I am Giving you some important hints about how
to use transits for predicting marriage timing in astrology.

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1. When Jupiter transits through a house from where he may

aspect the natal Venus or transits over the 7th house or 7th
Lord, The marriage can take place in that period.
2. Marriage can also happen when Jupiter transits in trikona
from Rasi or Navamsa occupied by the 7th Lord.
3. If the Saturn is also transiting over the 7th house or 7th Lord
or Upapada Lagna, it can also indicate Marriage.
4. Transit Saturn and Jupiter on Navamsa Ascendant can also
grant Marriage and we need to see this also during Marriage
 You can also be interested to read about Astrological Yogas
to Marry Foreigner.

The Basic Astrological Rules were made thousands of year ago but they work
perfectly fine even today. But with time and change of Society , We need to do some
Modifications of these rules for getting Good result. That is why we must use
composite approach and check a chart from various angles. Now I will tell you the
composite Method using the above discussed principle to predict Marriage timing in

How to find Marriage date from Kundli – Marriage prediction by

date of birth and time practically

Whenever We judge a Horoscope we need to Check all the aspects of the Horoscope.
You need to see the Divisional Chart like Navamsa or D-9 chart and also we need to
see the Dasha-Antardasha as well as Transit. In case of Dasha, I will always suggest
to use at least two Dasha System like-Vimsottari and Chara dasha for Marriage timing
in astrology. If you use Two Dasha System and Transit in your Horoscope effectively,
you will easily get the answer of When I will get married from astrology. I always
Use this composite approach of multiple Dasha and Divisional chart and you can see
what my clients say about my Analysis.
Now I will explain step by Step how to know Marriage Time from Vedic astrology

First Step

 Locate Which Planets are Placed in 7th house and who is the
7th Lord.
 Locate Who is the 7th Lord in Navamsha and which Planets
are Placed in Navamsha
 Locate Who is the 8th Lord in Birth chart as well as in
Navamsha Chart. Also note down which Planets are placed
in 8th house.
 Locate who is the Darakaraka planet. If you do not know
about Darakaraka, it is a Jaimini Concept where the planet
which is having the Lowest degree is considered as
Darakaraka Planet. It is very important for Marriage time

Second Step

Now For understanding the Marriage Timing in Astrology, We have to see whether
the person is having any kind of Yogas for Delay in marriage or Not. If the Saturn
afflicts the 7th house and 7th Lord of birth chart or Navamsa or if the 8th lord afflicts
the 7th house or 7th Lord in your birth chart or Navamsa chart, It can delay your
Marriage. Even Higher Affliction can also deny Marriage and person may not get
Married in entire Life.

So before proceeding we have to see whether you have timely marriage or a delayed
marriage for knowing exact time of marriage.

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Third Step

 Check the Vimshottari Dasha. Marriage can happen in the

Dasha-Antardasha of 7th lord, Planets placed in 7th house of
both main birth chart and Navamsa Chart.
 Check the Chara Dasha. Marriage can happen in the Dasha of
the Signs owned by Darakaraka Planet or the sign where the
Dara Karaka Planet is placed in D1 chart or the Sign where
Darakaraka Planet is Placed in Navamsha Sign. Darakaraka
Planet is very important for Marriage Timing in Astrology.
 Check the Transit. Jupiter and Saturn should be aspecting the
7th house or 7th lord or the Upapada Lagna in transit for
Marriage. Upapada Lagna is a Jaimini concept and very
important for Predicting Marriage and relationship in
astrology. So it is also very useful for timing of marriage in

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After checking all these Conditions, we can get an idea about Time of Marriage in
astrology. When all these aspects will indicate, that will be the best possible period for
Marriage. But these are not the only principle for marriage timing astrology but there
are lot of other factors like Exchange, Aspect, Nakshatra etc which will change the
result. The Planets in the 7th house of D9 chart is very important for Predicting
marriage timing from Navamsha.

As World Best Astrologer Mr. K N Rao says, we should always use composite
approach in astrology. So we need to use Multiple Dasha System, Divisional Chart,
Nakshatra of the Planets and also the Transit to get an idea about Marriage timing in
astrology. Even he suggest to extend the use of Jaimini Karaka to Vimsottari Dasha.
Sometime even the Vimsottari Dasha of Darakaraka Planet can give Marriage and we
should keep it in mind for marriage timing in astrology.

I have tried to give you an idea about how you can practically check your own Chart
for Marriage prediction. If you use the techniques given above, I am sure you will be
able to predict about Marriage timing in astrology efficiently. In case you want me to
check your Horoscope, feel free to contact me for Consultation. If you like astrology,
You should Join us on Astrologylover to interact with like minded persons. I will wait
for your comment and feedback.

Rahu in 8th house for All the

Ascendant Signs-Effects on
Marriage, Longevity with Remedies
October 27, 2018
Rahu is treated as one of the most Malefic Planet in Vedic Astrology. 8th house is
also a Negative house in Astrology. So Placement of Rahu in 8th house is mostly not
considered good. But we should always consider that every placement bring both
positive and negative result.

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Rahu as a Planet
In western Astrology Rahu and Ketu are termed as North Node and South Node.
Some time they are also called as Dargon head and Dragon Tail. As Per Hindu
Mythology There was a Demon Known As Swarbhanu. During the time of Churning
of Ocean he took the Nectar along with God but when Lord Vishnu became aware of
it, he severed the Head. But as he has already taken few drops of Nectar he became
immortal. The Head portion is known as Rahu and the Res of the body is known as
Ketu. In Astrology they are actually two Points. The Orbit of Moon intersects with the
Orbit of Earth in two places -one inter sectional Point is known as North Node or
Rahu and the other inter-sectional Point is known as South Node or Ketu. The
influence of these two points are so high that they have been taken as a Planet in
Rahu is known as shadowy planets or Chaya Graha. It represents Mlecha or anything
which is against Social Norms. It is a Great Manipulator. It represents Maya or
illusion. It is a Highly Materialistic Planet and In Kaliyuga it is very important planet
for Materialistic Success and Growth. Film star, Politicians, Magicians etc always
enjoys the blessings of Rahu.

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The Significance of 8th House
The 8th house is a Negative House. It is also Known as Dusthana House. It is a house
of transformation and hidden secrets. Any Planet posited in this houses looses its
beneficial energy. 8th house Rules over Death and longevity, Research, Secret
Relationship, Delay and Obstacles, Sustenance of Marriage, Sudden Gain or Loss,
Inheritance etc. In a Female Horoscope 8th house is also known as Mangalya sthan or
Longevity of Husband. But it is the most mysterious House of Zodiac. If it is Very
Strong and is occupied by benefic and good planets it can bestow a person grand
Success. It is Very Difficult to understand the result of 8th house because the result is
mostly Sudden and unpredictable in Nature. If Lord of any other negative House like
6th lord or 12th lord occupies the 8th house, it creates a Vipreet Raj Yoga. So
complete Analysis is required to understand the actual effect of Planets. No one
Should jump into any conclusion quickly seeing any malefic planet in 8th house.

Effects of Rahu in 8th house

The Placement of Rahu in 8th house is not Considered Auspicious. It is a Difficult
Position. As 8th is house of Hidden energy, it is Very difficult to understand what
kind of Result Rahu will deliver in 8th house. We should always remember that being
a Chaya Graha, Rahu and Ketu gives result as per the planets they are conjunct with
or aspected by or in the Nakshatra. But Overall 8th house Rahu has not been
considered good by anyone. It will give Many Physical problem and Trouble. You can
engage with many enmity, quarrels and may face some humiliation. Sometime it also
give defamation and humiliation. You may have to spend Money unnecessarily on
Court case or litigation. Your family life or Married life will be adversely affected.
This is not a Good Position for Marital Happiness. There can be problem with In laws
and bitter excahnge of words with In Laws is possible. In a female Horoscope 8th
house from not only from Lagna but from Moon also should be free from Malefic
Influence. Along with Rahu if More malefic Planets like Mars is placed in 8th house
of a female Horoscope, it can give widowhood.But if Jupiter aspects such
combination it will protect the Marriage.

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You can also face problems from Servants or employees. If you have Rahu along with
Mars and Saturn in 8th house you will be prone to Accidents and injuries. If the Lagna
Lord and Lagna is weak, it causes Balarishta. Any New born baby with Such
combination will face health trouble in the initial years. The Placement of a Malefic
planet in 8th house sometime causes Sudden and painful Death. Sometime it also
causes unnatural Death. But death and Longevity analysis need thorough examination
of Horoscope. No conclusion should be drawn with only placement of Rahu in 8th
house. Other Divisional Chart like Navamsa, Drekkan etc is also very important.

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While Analysing the Result of Rahu in any House we need to understand that Rahu
gives the result as per the condition of the owner of the Sign. So if the 8th Lord is well
placed and in a Good dignity, Such Rahu will not give any Serious Malefic Result.
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Rahu in 8th house can give Financial Gain in its Period. If it is also connected and
influenced with 5th house it can give gain from Speculation and Share market. It is a
good placement for Secretive work like detective, Investigator etc. If it is also
Favorable for any kind of Research oriented work. As Rahu gives the ability to think
out of the box and in a innovative way. But Such Rahu should be influenced by
Benefic Jupiter, Venus or any other Yogkaraka Planet to give Such beneficial result.

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Now Lets Discuss the Result of Rahu in 8th house for different Signs

Aries: Rahu in 8th house in Aries is not Good as Aries is ruled by Mars which is a
enemy planet for it. Rahu in the Sign of Mars in a house that represents Accidents,
injuries, Surgery etc can give you trouble from these in unexpected and Sudden
manner. Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra will give most Malefic result. When Rahu
occupies the Aries Sign in 8th house specially in the Star of Bharani or with Venus it
can make you Passionate about Love and Romance. You can go to any extent for
Love. If this Rahu is connected with Sun or if it is in Krittika Nakshatra, it will be
detrimental to well being of Father. But if Mars is well placed, the Malefic Influence
will be much reduced.

Taurus: Rahu in 8th house in Taurus Sign is not very Bad as it is the sign of venus
which is a Friend of Rahu. Some people also consider Taurus as the Exaltation sign
for Rahu. It can give Poor conduct to you. Venus is the Planet of Materialistic Urge
and Passion. Rahu will amplify that Passion within you and as 8th house is a Negative
house, you will always look for Pleasure and Luxurious life. You may not even
hesitate to waste your wealth on this account. If this Rahu is afflicted, it can give you
trouble from Insurance, Finance etc. But Rahu in the star of Rohini can give you
benefit from overseas journey.

Gemini: When Rahu is in 8th house in Gemini Sign, it becomes exalted. But it can
give instability of wealth. It will also be difficult to diagnose disease. As it is a Sign of
communication, it can give you a tendency to manipulate and you will also face
problem and difficulty due to this. But many results will depend on the Position and
dignity of Mercury.

Cancer: The Placement of Rahu in Cancer Sign in 8th house is not good a Position as
it is ruled by Moon which is an enemy planet of Rahu. Rahu in Cancer specially in a
Negative sign like 8th house can give you habit of drinking. This is also not a good
Placement for Mother. Your mother will be always worried about you. The 8th house
indicates Sin and Cancer is all about Mind. So this Placement can give you Stressful
Mind. But the Strength and dignity of Moon will alter the results.

Leo: Rahu in 8th house in Leo is better than Cancer. Leo is the sign of Fame, power
and Authority. Rahu is amplification, Maya and illusion. So if this Rahu has got
beneficial aspect and the condition of Sun is also good, it can make a person
Politician, Film actor, Photographer etc. It will bestow lot of Fame and Authority to
you. But if it is not well aspected, it is not a good position. It will create
misunderstanding with Father, Seniors in Workplace etc.

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Virgo: Some People consider Virgo as own sign of Rahu. It is the house of details and
thoroughness. It will give you good ability to do research. If Rahu is conjunct with
Saturn in 8th house in Virgo, it can give health problem. The health probelm will not
be easy to diagnose. But if Mercury is well placed the ill effect will be much reduced.
Libra: Rahu in 8th house in Libra Sign is comparatively a better placement as the
ruler of Libra is Venus which is a friendly planet to Rahu. It can give you Love
relationship outside of your own caste. But it can give you Sudden outbursts of Anger.
If Rahu is in Chitra Star, you can have relationship abroad. It will make you interested
in acquiring wealth and Money. Luxurious living standard and pleasure will be on
your priority list.

Scorpio: When Rahu is in Scorpio sign in 8th house, it becomes weak. Some people
also consider Rahu debilitated in Scorpio. It will make you very Rigid and inflexible.
If this Rahu is in Jyestha Nakshatra, it can give you trouble from Maternal Uncle.

Sagittarius: when Rahu occupies Sagittarius Sign in 8th house, it becomes debilitated
and Weak. It will not be good for wealth. In case of any Foreign Journey, you will not
get Satisfactory result. This can make you indecisive. Rahu in the star of Sun in
Sagittarius sign can cause heart problem.

Capricorn: Now lets talk about the result of Rahu in 8th house in capricorn Sign. Fo
Gemini Ascendant Capricorn becomes the 8th house and Rahu is in a Friendly Sign. It
will not be a bad placement if Saturn is well placed. But it can give you some delay in
your career. It can also give you traveling due to Work. If Jupiter is also placed in
Capricorn with Rahu, it can give a Bad Marriage life and delay in Marriage.

Aquarius: Many People Consider Aquarius as the Mool trikone Sign of Rahu. So
Rahu is quite comfortable in Aquarius. So though 8th house is a negative house, but
still Rahu in 8th house in Aquarius sign will not give much Malefic result. If Rahu
occupies its own Nakshatra Satabhisha it can give you better Success. If Rahu
Occupies the star of Jupiter it can give you Success in Foreign Land but can give you
health trouble to Father. Rahu in Aquarius is most Problematic in Dhanistha
Nakshatra because it is owned by Mars. 8th house Rahu in Aquarius can give you
inherent Ego and Arrogance.

Pisces: When Rahu Occupies the Pisces Sign in 8th house, You can have fear from
water or drowning. Pisces is not a Materialistic Sign. So Rahu becomes Weak in
Pisces. It is not good Longevity. It can also give you Judgemental tendency and you
will come into conclusion very quick.

Rahu in 8th house Remedies

You can perform the Remedies for 8th house Rahu.

Keep a Square Piece of Silver

When Rahu Occupies your 8th house, do not cheat anyone.

Try to keep your relationship clean with In-laws.

Avoid Staying in South Facing house.

Worship Mata Durga Daily. Mata Durga is the deity of Rahu.

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In general this is not an Auspicious Position. It generally gives a chronic health issues.
But if the Dispositor of Rahu is well placed, it can give you a Good Result.

I have given Some information about the effect and Remedies of 8th house Rahu. If
you think i have missed anything please do comment.
Foreign travel & Foreign settlement
in astrology
June 16, 2017

Foreign Travel is a dream which most of the Young Indians have. But there are only
few fortunate for whom this dream come true. Let us try to understand the
combinations of Foreign Travel in Astrology. In Now a days due to Technology
Boom in India many of the Engineers or Doctors are going to abroad for short
duration say 1-2 years. But there are few persons who does not return to country and
settle abroad. So we will also see the combinations of foreign settlement in Astrology.
If you have wondered what is the best planet for foreign travel in astrology or Best
Yoga for going abroad read it till the end.
There are numerous principles given in the Astrological texts for this but here we will
discuss only the most effective and important astrological principles for Travel
abroad. So lets see what are planetary combination or Yogas in Kundli that takes a
person away from homeland or own country.

Signs which are Most important for Foreign Settlement in


Signs are of thee types as per their activity-Chara rashi or Movable sign, Sthira Rashi
or Fixed Sign and Dual Sign or common Sign.

Chara Rashi or Movable sign-Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Sthira Rashi or Fixed Sign-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Dual Sign-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

For considering foreign Travel in Astrology Chara Rashi or Movable signas are of
Prime importance. Movable Sign means-the changing tendency is high in these signs.
So when Planets are placed in these signs, they give a changing tendency to the native
like changing of residence, changing of job, changing of country etc.

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Sthira Rashi or fixed Signs are not helpful in regards to Foreign settlement in
astrology. Planets in these signs gives a tendency to stick to particular place. So those
who have more planets in Fixed signs, they do not change their residence or job too
much. Going abroad means change of country or change of residence. So planets in
fixed sign blocks the chances of going abroad.
Common Sign or dual Sign can give short term foreign travel. Like if you have
multiple planets in Dual sign you may go to abroad frequently but for very short
duration may be like one month.

The signs are further divided according to quality or Tatwa of the Rashi. They are -
Fiery sign, Earthy Sign, Airy Sign and watery Sign.

Fiery Sign-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Earthy Sign-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Airy Sign-Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Watery Sign-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Watery Signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are specially Very important for
Traveling Abroad. For going to foreign countries we need to cross seas. So watery
signs are so much important.Cancer is both Movable and Watery sign. More over it is
the natural 4th house of the zodiac. So it has special importance for foreign travel in

Planets Like Rahu, Moon, Saturn, venus in watery Sign are good indication of Foreign

Check if your chart has promise of Foreign Travel and Foreign Settlement
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Planets That are important for Foreign settlement in Astrology

There are four main planets which helps a person to travel abroad or going out of own
country-Rahu/Ketu, Moon, Saturn, Venus. We have to see these 4 planets and their
dignities and connection with proper houses in Horoscope for going abroad.

Rahu is the Most important planet for travel abroad. If Rahu is well placed, it can give
Foreign Travel in its Dasha. It can give foreign things but it can not guarantee
satisfaction. When Rahu is conjunct with 7th lord, 8th lord, 9th lord or 12th lord, it
can indicate foreign travel in astrology. Rahu in Lagna or 7th can also give travel

Moon being the natural 4th Lord, Moon is also equally important when judging
Foreign settlement in astrology. According to classics when Moon is placed in
Kendra(1,4,7,10) the person can travel a lot within country as well as outside of
country. Moon in Watery sign specially when conjunct with Rahu can give foreign
travel in astrology. Moon in 8th, 9th or 12th, specially exalted Moon in 12th can
indicate foreign settlement in astrology.
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Sun also plays interesting Role. Sun represents royalty. It bring native in contact with
dignities. When Sun is placed in the 5th house from Ascendant, it is a helpful
disposition for Diplomats and traveling abroad.

If Mercury is placed in 4th, the individual changes his residence frequently and travel
lot of places. The result will be more prominent if Mercury is placed in Movable

We have to see Few Nakshatras also like Ashwini Nakshatra, Bharani Nakshatra,
Ardra nakshatra, Swati Nakshatra, Pussya Nakshatra, Hasta Nakshatra etc while
judging the foreign travel in astrology. Moon or Rahu in these Nakshatra will increase
the chance of going abroad.

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The Houses in Horoscope which are most important for Foreign

Travel in astrology

In earlier days, It was seen as a Curse to Leave own country and to go to a foreign
country. But with time this curse has turned into Blessing. The Main house for
Foreign journey is 12, 9 and Ascendant or Lagna.

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12th house is the Foreign land. So This is the Most important House for Foreign
settlement in astrology. If Moon is placed in 12th house along with Venus, this is a
indication of Foreign Travel in astrology. If Rahu also Joins this conjunction, it
becomes a very strong indication of foreign journey. if there is planet like Saturn in
12th house, the individual will have a strong inclination towards foreign country. 9th
House Signify fortune, Luck, Long Journeys or long distance travel etc. So this is
another important house for foreign travel in astrology. When 9th Lord is placed in
12th house or Vice versa,it indicates that your Fortune is in Foreign land. A group of
Planet like 4 or 5 planet in 9th house of 12th house is a strong indication towards
foreign travel in astrology.

The Next important house is Lagna or Ascendant. Lagna is the self. Without the
approval of Lagna nothing can happen in a Horoscope. So if Lagna lord makes a
relation with 12th lord or Lagna Lord sits in the 12th house, it is a strong indication of
foreign travel in astrology. If this relations happen in Watery sign Like cancer, Pisces
etc or Movable signs like Libra or Capricorn the chances is very high.

In a nutshell we have to see Conjunction, aspect, Exchange between Lagna Lord, 9th
Lord and 12th Lord. If these relations involves watery signs or Movable signs, the
indications are strong. The more and strong the relation will be, the more will be the
chances of foreign settlement in astrology.

But there is another important house which we have to Look and without the
indication from this house traveling abroad is not possible. 4th House is the Home
Land or own country. So any Affliction to 4th House or 4th Lord can give Foreign
settlement. If the 4th house is Placed in 6th, 8th or 12th and 4th Lord is equally
afflicted and there is relation between 9th and 12th house or their Lords, we can
predict that there is high chance of foreign settlement in astrology. If there is planets
Like Rahu/Ketu, sun or saturn in 4th house, the chance of Going abroad in astrology
when the 4th house or the Lord is not afflicted or weak, the person can not leave his
Own country. If there is relation between 9th or 12th but 4th house is very strong,
chances for foreign journey will come but the native will not be able to go due some
reason. If the 4th house is strong and connected with 5th and 10th house, the person
will get good opportunity in own country and do not feel the need to go to abroad.

The are two more houses which also needs some attention. The 7th house and the 3rd
house. 7th House also Deals with Foreign Travel. When 7th house is involved with
12th or Planets like Rahu/Ketu there can be Foreign journey due to Business purpose
or Business Trip.

3rd House shows short Journeys or short travels. It is not directly connected with
foreign travel always but it gives a tendency or inclination towards travel. If there is
Planets Like Moon or Ketu is in 3rd house, the likes to travel a lot. If the 3rd Lord
makes a relation with 12th lord and 9th lord by aspect, conjunction or Exchange it is
strong Yoga for foreign Travel.

One thing we must remember that there is a difference between Foreign travel and
Foreign Settlement. For Foreign Travel relation between 3rd, 7th, Lagna, and 9th in a
watery or Movable sign is sufficient but foreign settlement in astrology can not
happen without the involvement of 12th house or 12th lord.

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But we must remember Jupiter should not aspect these combination. Jupiter aspect
will block the chance of going abroad.
Methods to predict Foreign Travel from Horoscope

Now Lets see which Planetary combinations Promise Foreign Travel & Foreign
settlement in Astrology. The Below is a effective way of how to see the Yogas for
Foreign Travel in a Horoscope.

 The fourth house or the fourth lord has to be afflicted from

 Rahu/Ketu should be connected via conjunction or
Nakshatra exchange with 4th lord or 4th house.
 Whenever 4th House is afflicted and 4th Lord is placed in
Dusthana Like 6, 8 or 12th house, the native leaves his or
her homeland to settle abroad.
 We need to see all these factors from Lagna as well as
Moon and also in Navamsa and chaturthamsa or D4.
 If the 9th or the 12th house of a Horoscope falls in
Moveable or Watery signs or the 9th & 12th lord is placed
in Movable or watery signs Foreign Travel is indicated.
For example If the 4th Lord is placed in the 9th house with
12th lord and the sign is also Movable or watery signs, it is
a indication of Foreign Travel for higher education.
 When 4th lord is placed in 12th house then native will find
more auspicious living in abroad rather than at his native
 Association of 5th, 9th, and 12th lords in the Dasamsha
indicate traveling abroad for professional reasons. These
persons are usually employed as skilled professional like
(scientists, professors, etc.)in abroad.
 Please note if Rahu is in 12th house with 9th lord specially
in a watery sign will surely give foreign Travel in its
Dasha-Antardasha. Planets Like Rahu or saturn in 12th
house can give foreign settlement.
 If the lord of the house of marriage or the 7th house is
associated with 8th, 9th or 12th house or its Lords, it
indicates foreign travel after marriage.
 If the Lagna and Lagna lord both are in moveable signs or
dual signs then it would indicate foreign travel. Lagna
indicates self. So when the sign which indicates self and
the lord of that sign are in moveable or dual signs which
indicates movement it can create Yogas of foreign travel in
astrology for the person.

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Timing of Travel abroad in astrology

When there are sufficient chances in the natal chart for going abroad, the native may
go for foreign travels during any of the periods mentioned below

 Dasha-Antardasha of the 9th lord or the 12th lord, or the

planets that are connected with the 12th lord or 12th house.
 Dasha of Venus, Rahu/Ketu, Moon , saturn if these planets
are connected with 12th house
 During Transit when Planets like Rahu or saturn comes in
8th house or in Moon Nakshatra, that is also a good time
for Abroad travel.
 Dasha of Rahu is very special for foreign travel in
astrology as Rahu is the Significator of foreign. Saturn
period is also equally important.
 Those who go for foreign countries for vacation once in a
year or like that, they generally do not have any major
combination of foreign travel in their Kundli or Horoscope
but in transit, their 4th house gets afflicted due to some or
other reason.

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Great Luck In Foreign Countries

The Grass is always green in other side of the Road. But it is not always true. Lets see
which planetary combination or yogas give beneficial result in foreign country.

The 11th house is the financial gain, and so if a person has the 11th house lord placed
in the 6th house, the person has great luck to go abroad and work in foreign countries.
We should not forget about 11th House from Arudha Lagna also. Arudha Lagna is our
Maya or how other people see us. So quite often if you go to abroad people think you
as a wealthy and rich person. So your 11th house from AL should be very strong for
getting good fortune in Foreign countries.

If you have the 11th house lord in the 12th house you will have friends abroad.

If your Lagna lord or Ascendant lord is in the 7th house you will constantly travel
abroad for your business purpose or for work.
In case you have few of the above mentioned Yogas, you can be lucky during foreign
travel in astrology.

But if Malefic Planets like Rahu, saturn, Mars occupy the 12th house in Horoscope,
though you will be able to go abroad but you will not enjoy the stay there. If Rahu is
placed in 12th house, it is a strongest indication of working abroad, but it will be full
of stress.

If Some one is having 4th lord conjunct with 5th lord and with Lagna lord and 4th
house has lot of benefic aspect, such person will not be interested in going abroad. He
will get lot of opportunity in his home land.

There are specific periods of time (ranging from months to years) in which a person
has a peak time in foreign countries. After the ruling periods (dasha) of such planets
end, your stay abroad will end and you will come back to your home country and will
have to start all over again in your homeland. But by doing remedies you can prevent
such things to a great extent.

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Purpose of Foreign Travel in Astrology

Now Lets understand the answer Why a person will go to abroad ? Will the native go
for education or Job or something else ? Lets find out the answer.

If there is a strong connection between houses and Lords of 5th, 10th, 7th, 9th and
12th house, the person may go to foreign Land for higher education. 5th is the house
of intelligence and education and 9th is also the house of long distance travel as well
as higher education. The related planets should be in Movable sign or in watery
sign.The individual should run correct Dasha also. Connection between 4-5-7-8-9-10-
12 needs to be checked with Rahu, Saturn and Moon for checking Foreign travel for
education purpose. What i have seen in practical cases that Jupiter involvement or
presence of Saraswati Yoga is very beneficial in this regard.

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Now Lets understand in what Planetary combination a person goes to abroad for
diplomatic service. For this we have to see the connection between Lagna-5-7-8-9-10-
12 house and their Lord along with Rahu, Moon and Sun. Various Raj Yoga and
Dhana Yoga should also be present in the Horoscope. Dasha of the connected planets
can take them to foreign land.

When 7th house and its lord is connected with 9th house and 12th house as well as
with their Lord there is chance of going to abroad after marriage. 4th house should be
afflicted. Rahu and Significator of marriage Venus also plays an important role in this
case of foreign travel in astrology after marriage. 8th house also to be considered and
if it is a Love marriage, we have to include 5th house also. Venus is connected with
12th house or 8th house and Rahu in Rashi chart and Navamsa Chart (D9) this is a
strong Indication of Foreign settlement after marriage astrology.

Some Specific Rule exclusively for foreign Settlement in astrology

As we told earlier that there is a difference between Foreign travel and foreign
settlement. For Foreign settlement in astrology the role of 12th house and 4th house is
most vital. In a most simple words i would like to say that a strong 12th house and a
weak 4th house is needed for foreign settlement in astrology.

As it involves transfer of residence, the 4th lord must have affliction from two or more
malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu or Saturn or sun etc. We have to check the
chartuthamsa or D4 chart also and should see the condition of 4th house and 12th
house and their lord. Generally Rahu Dasha is most effective for foreign travel in
astrology as rahu is the Mlechha Karaka or Foregn planet. Generally if we see a
connection between the house or Lords of 12-9-8-6 in a movable or watery sign, we
can predict that there is high chance of foreign settlement in astrology.

You may be interested to see the Feed backs that i have received from my clientsafter my
astrological consultation.

The question now is do you have the luck to settle abroad? Only your horoscope will

You can take my consultation to see if your chart has promise of Foreign Travel in astrology.

I have tried to throw some light regarding Foreign travel in astrology. If you think i
have missed something please add them with comment. Join our
Website Astrologylover for interacting with other like minded person.

If you Like it, please do share it.

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