Numerology in Astrology

By Ajitkumaar, Germany
Copy Editor: Andree Leclerc, Canada

Mr. Benadi was born in a Jain business
family in Chinchali, Belgaum district, Karnataka in the year 1939. In 1970, Mr. Benadi went to Germany, where he settled down as a structural consultant and retired in July 2004. In 1991, he consulted 3 astrologers to find out whether the muhurtha chosen by him for building a house was good. All of them said OK. In spite of that, he had quite a few difficulties while building his house. From then onwards he studied Astrology much more seriously and found out that there were flaws in the muhurtha chosen. In course of his study, he met several senior astrologers like Dr. BV Raman, Dr. Vasan, Prof. RG Rao, Dr. Krishna Kumar, late R Santhanam, late C S Patel, Dr Desika, late S K Kelkar, late Dr CG Thakkur and enjoyed astrological interaction with them.

hile I have been studying Astrology for a number of years, I was wondering if there is a connection between Astrology and Numerology. I found out in a number of horoscopes that numerology is reflected in the astrological D-1 and D-9 charts plus the Nakshatras and the birth dates. This is illustrated in this article using the charts of well known people. The following assumptions have been made for the illustration: 1 represents Sun 2 represents Moon 3 represents Jupiter 4 represents Rahu/ negative aspect of Sun (1and 4 exchangeable) 5 represents Mercury 6 represents Venus 7 represents Ketu/ negative aspect of Moon(2 and 7 exchangeable) 8 Represents Saturn 9 Represents Mars Application: With the help of numerology, a check on the correctness of the birth-data can be made. Either the birth number, or the destiny number are connected with

1. Natal Ascendant or D-9 Ascendant 2. Ascendant lord or and Moon sign lord 3. Lords of Nakshatras occupied by Moon or Ascendant lord. Example 1. Pt, J L Nehru. DOB 14-11-1889, Lat. 25N 27 Long . 81E51, at 23.05hrs.

Birth number 5 represents Mercury.11. Rajiv Gandhi DOB 20-08-1944 in Mumbai at 8. Moon representing 2 is also in D-1 Ascendant. Destiny number 1+4+1+1+1+8+8+9=33 3+3=6 Both Ascendant and Moon are in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha whose lord is Mercury.AM Lat. Long.27AM Lat. Example 2. Destiny number 1+4+1+2+1+9+4+6=28 2+8=10 which means 1 5 represented by Mercury 1 represented by Sun . Venus is with the Ascendant lord Moon in D-9 Chart.72E49 Birth number 2 Destiny number 20+8+1+9+4+4=46 4+6= 10 which means 1 Sun represents Number 1 Moon represents Number 2 D-1 Ascendant and D-9 Ascendant is Leo whose lord is Sun.Birth number 1+4=5. representing 1. Sanjay Gandhi DOB 14-12-1946 . Example 3. Delhi. Destiny number 6 represents Venus. Birth number (14) 1+4=5 . at 9.18N58.

Example 5. 23°20N. ruled by Sun representing 1: D-1Ascendant is in the star of Uttaraashadha. 86°22E Birth number 1+8= 9 Mars Destiny number 1+8+2+1+8+3+6=29 means 2 Moon D-1 Ascendant is in Dhanisha star. representing 5.1912 at 19:42: 44hrs. Lord Mars Mars himself in the star of Shravana. Long. 77°34’59’’E Birth number 8 Saturn Destiny number 8+8+1+9+1+2=29 which means 2. Mars is in the sign of Moon. is in the Nakshatra Anuradha. lord Moon which means 2. D-9 Ascendant is Scorpio. represented by 1 Mercury. Lat. Dr B V Raman DOB 8-8.1836 06: 28 Purulia. Example 4. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa DOB 18-2. lord Saturn and Saturn is the lord of D-9 Lagna. lord Sun. Moon . Long. 12°58’59”N. lord Mars. In D-9. Lat.Moon is Leo in D-1.

12 AM. Moon also aspects Aquarius in D-9. 21N38.D-1Ascendant Aquarius. lord Saturn and Mars ( 5th aspect). Lat. M K Gandhi DOB 2-10-1869 in Porbandar at 7. Saturn is in star Rohini. Example 7. lord Saturn. Long 69E36 Birth number 2 Moon Destiny number 2+1+0+1+8+6+9=27 2+7=9 Mars . D-9 Ascendant Capricorn lord Saturn. lord Saturn representing 8. lord Moon representing 2. Ketu also aspects Aquarius in D-9 ( 9th aspect). Long. Example 6. 79°26’00”E Birth number 1+8=9 Mars Destiny Number 1+8+7+1+9+3+5=7 Ketu Mars aspects D-1 Ascendant (4th aspect) and Ketu aspects Moon (9th aspect) in D-1 chart. Swami Jayandra Saraswati DOB 18-7-1935 at 7:00 AM Lat 10°42’00”N.

23. lord Mars’ Nakshatra. 77E13 Birth number 1+3=4 Destiny number 1+3+1+2+1+9+5+6=28 2+8=10 means 1 D-1Ascendant is Leo. 81E08 Birth number (12) 1+2=3. K N Rao DOB 12-10-1931 at 7.55. Arun K Bansal. Moon is in own house. Long. lord Mars again representing 9. Destiny number 1+2+1+0+1+9+3+1= 18: 1+8=9 3 represents Jupiter 9 represents Mars . CEO Futurepoint and astrologer. 16N11. Example 9. DOB 13-12 –1956 Delhi. representing 1 D-9 Ascendant is also Leo with Rahu representing 4. whose lord is Sun. Lat 28N40.D-1 Ascendant has Mars representing 9.22 AM Lat. Ascendant itself in Chitra.10hrs. Long. Example 8. representing 2 D-9 Ascendant is Scorpio.

which is Magha Nakshatra. lord Mars. lord Ketu. John Lennon. Beatle DOB 9-10-1940. represented by 9 Jupiter himself exalted in Cancer. represented by 9 D-9 ascendant is Aries. Long. is in 10°11 Leo. represented by 3 Moon is in Nakshatra Chitra. 18. Example 10. Lat 53N 25. 003W00 Birth number 9 represented by Mars Destiny number 9+1+0+1+9+4+0=24 means 6 represented by Venus D-9 Ascendant has Mars represented by 9 Venus. lord Jupiter. representing 6.30 hrs in Liverpool. Ketu is in D-1 Ascendant. lord Moon. . lord Mars.Ascendant is in Nakshatra Vishakha.

Barak Obama. Lat. Honolulu. own Nakshatra. 19. representing 2 Rahu is in the sign of Sun. Jupiter(3) is in the D-9 Ascendant. Destiny number 4+8+1+9+6+1=29 2+9= 11→2 represented by Moon.24hrs. 157W51’30 Birth number 4 represented by Rahu or negative aspect of Sun. representing 1. 118W02’11 Birth number 3 represented by Jupiter. Sun aspects Ascendant in D-1. current president of USA DOB: 4-8-1961.33N49’01. Example 12. Long. Lat. Long. Sun is also lord of D-9 Ascendant . lord Sun.Example 11. 21N18’25. CA. star Golf player DOB 30-12-1975 at 22:50hrs in Cypress. Moon is in Rohini. Ascendant in D-1 is in the star of Uttaraphalguni. Tiger Woods. Destiny number 3+0+1+2+1+9+7+5=28→1 represented by Sun.

a check on the correctness of the birth-data can be made. Either birth number.Application: I repeat that with the help of numerology. Natal Ascendant or D-9 Ascendant 2. or the destiny number are connected with: 1. . Lords of Nakshatras occupied by Moon or Ascendant lord. Ascendant lord or and Moon sign lord 3.

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