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January 17, 2020

Billy Earley, Healthcare Advocate

Congressional Candidate 44th District
2144 Wembley Lane, Corona CA 92881
Direct Telephone Line: (714) 615-4956

The Economic Policy Institute

Thea M. Lee, President
Josh Bivens, Director of Research
1225 Eye Street. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
Telephone Line: 202-775-8810


Attention Public Records Division:

Good morning and happy New Years to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) Team. My name is Billy Earley
and I am requesting research information regarding an article published by the EPI titled, “African
Americans (Blacks) will have zero wealth in the year 2053.” I originally spoke with one of your staff
members last week and was informed that “Valerie” was the lead researcher.

I have many people asking me what can I do to stop this Research Publication for coming true and affecting
American Black civilians in my district. As such, I am requesting Research and Donor information to take a
better look at this published article that is allegedly targeting American Blacks and Mexican Americans with
zero wealth in 2053. Please provide the following information request:

1. The name and address of all research articles/books/URL links and authorities used to
publish/create the Research Article.
2. A copy of all EPI Board Meetings and Minutes where the agenda and discussion relating to the
Public Research Article creation and or dissemination occurred.
3. The name and titles of all people/employees/third parties (Including Congressional Members) that
worked on the EPI research team to create the Research Article of zero wealth in 2053.
4. The name of each donor (business/corporation/private/government) and the amount of the
donation that was given to conduct the Research Article of zero wealth in 2053, and
5. A list of all documents or board meetings revealing conflict of interests or Research misconduct.

Please send the requested information to my address or email listed above. Thank you for your service and
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Tracking# 7018 1130 0002 3035 8891

Warm regard,