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A joint publication of the Filipino American Community Council of Michigan (FILAMCCO)

Summer-Fall and the Philippine American Community Center of Michigan (PACCM) August 2008

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Miss Philippines of Michigan 2008 Pageant
Message… 2-3
Honorary Consul 4
Hula Recital 4
Class of 2008 5
APACC Gala 5
Today’s Economy 6
Consulate on Wheel 10
Reflection-Again 10
APA Summit 11
Manny Pacquiao 11 Angco Keroles Dueweke Estrada Pangilinan Wawrzyniak
Special What worth is beauty if it is not seen or heard?
Announcement by Edina Estupigan Klein
PILIPINAS Newsletter FILAMCCO is once again proud to activate a long standing tradition – a celebration not
will soon be available only of beauty, but of the Filipino culture through the power of youth, beauty and entertain-
on the, ment.
websites and via Email. The Miss Philippines of Michigan 2008 beauty pageant showcases five brave Filipino-American
ladies ages 17 through 21 at the American-Polish Center in Troy, MI on August 16th. Competing in
Email us at:
various categories including interview, talent, gown, photogenic, philanthropic and of course beauty, poise and personality, the ideal winner should embody a positive attitude; a genuine role model, who
Or call: (248) 443-7037 can speak to and empathize with issues facing our youth today. She should be relevant by defining the
to receive the
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newsletter via email

PACCM Anniversary Celebrating 26 Years of Philippine Team - Junior League World Series
Meritorious Service To The Community in Taylor, Michigan
By Phil Mangahas ( By Rene Banzon
Greetings from Manila!
I am happy to report that the Philippines Junior Boys won
again in the recently concluded 2008 Little League Asia Pacific
Baseball tournament in Saipan and earned the right to repre-
sent Asia Pacific in the Little League World Series to be held
in Taylor, Michigan from August 10-16, 2008. The Asia Pa-
cific dominated the 2008 ASPAC Regionals held in Saipan,
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For over a quarter of a the PACCM Building, our very (NABA) MEETS ON AUGUST 30
century, the PACCM has con- own community center. The Dr. Ron Damasco, PBAM‑NBA Commissioner proudly
sistently served the Filipino- building not only becomes the announces that the Philippine Basketball Association of Michi-
American community as a home of the Paaralang Pilipino gan (PBAM) has the honor and privilege of hosting this year’s
socio-civic organization but also the site of many inter- NABA tournament, to be held in Rochester Hills, Michigan on
charged of finding a building related community activities Aug. 30‑31, 2008, Labor Day weekend. Founded in 1986,
and maintaining a home for and events. NABA is a non profit organization which coordinates an an-
the community. Come Sep- nual basketball tournament for athletes of Filipino ancestry.
To observe this historic
tember 20-21, 2008, the
moment, the community is in- The games will be held in three different venues because
PACCM will celebrate the
vited to congregate at the
26th anniversary of its incep- of the huge participation of member cities. There will be four-
tion and the 7th anniversary of (Continued on page 7) (Continued on page 6)
Page 2 Summer-Fall

PACCM Chairperson message…... Community Updates...

The time will come when I have to relin- Tony Kho
quish my position as chairperson of the FILAMCCO President
PACCM. This will not change my pas-
sion for and commitment to the PACCM. Although summer is about half-
way over, FILAMCCO continues to
For the past 2-1/2 years as chairperson of be busy gearing up for several com-
the PACCM I was able to provide the munity wide events and activities. On
leadership expected of me not because of June 21, 2008, the annual Kalayaan
my leadership skills but because I have
Celebration ushered in hundreds of
been surrounded by a very supportive and dedicated group of
families, organizations and youngsters
people – the Executive Officers and the Board of Directors. As a
community you are very blessed – these people (volunteers) are
in a day long program of activities consisting of food, music,
always reaching out in the best interests of the PACCM. games, dancing, parade and an entertainment show at the
Halmich Park.
The PACCM has grown; not enough though. We need you,
the community to support the PACCM. Your membership dues In a few days, the Miss Philippines Pageant will take
will help the PACCM to fulfill its mission, vision and goals. center stage at the American Polish Cultural Center on Au-
gust 16. 2008. It showcases a bevy of beautiful, talented and
Charity must begin at home. The U.S. is our adopted intelligent young Filipinas vying for the title of Miss Philip-
home. Charity + Home = PACCM.
pines of Michigan 2008.
We only pass through this life once. While we are here let
Following the pageantry is the community effort geared
us make a difference, especially to our children. Give them a
strong sense of self in knowing who they are and what their to welcome and rally behind the Philippine Junior League
heritage is – the Paaralan can help accomplish this. On a per- Baseball Team who garnered the Asia Pacific Championship
sonal note, my commitment and passion for the PACCM is even earning them the right to return to the Junior League World
stronger now that my grandson has arrived. Series in Taylor for a back to back opportunity to win the
World Series. Games are slated from August 10-16.
I once heard that goodness is not only about giving, but
also about embracing what we have created. We created the Then in September two more events are lined up to
PACCM – let us embrace the PACCM. We must keep the wrap up the summer activities; the Asian Leadership Summit
PACCM alive – that much we owe our children. in Lansing on September 13, 2008 of which FILAMCCO is a
sponsoring organization and the annual Troy Daze Festival
As always, we thank you for all your support. To the
PMAM and APMAM – two of our greatest supporters – we owe from September13-14 where FILAMCCO will once again
our heartfelt thanks and hope that you continue to support us. participate in the Ethnicity Booth with a cultural exhibit and
a dance performance for the cultural entertainment.
This year and the last year, the PACCM has been bustling
with activities: interior renovations, fun-filled Sundays with the We come to realize that FILAMCCO as the umbrella
dynamic Paaralan and the Filipino youth initiative and of course, organization, had been the forum for coordinating various
our adult line dancers and ballroom dancers – they keep us busy. functions and projects in our community and as such I invite
everyone to get actively involved in the undertakings of this
May was a busy month. We had our recognition day for
organization. We kicked the idea off initially with the
the students at the Paaralan. They showcased what they have
Kalayaan when all affiliated Kiwanis Club members took the
learned. Then we had the Health Expo and the Kiwanis prayer
lead in getting the Kalayaan event up and running.

In June, we had our recognition dinner for the Class of The upcoming plan is to do the same with the Rizal Day
2008 graduates with guest speaker Dr. Frances Geologo. It was Celebration in December. Ang Visaya of Michigan had been
an honor to be in the company of these young, bright minds. Our chosen to take charge of this huge end of the year event. Ad-
golf outing was a success thanks to everyone who worked hard ditionally, plans are in the offing to create a website for
to make it so. FILAMCCO where all members can have an easy access in
promoting, announcing and imparting relevant information,
This September we will have our building anniversary and
projects and events they wish to share with the community.
the Consul-On-Wheels services will be provided again.
I continue to look forward to all FILAMCCO organiza-
Remember – we need your support to continue to provide
our community with all of the educational and social opportuni- tions working together in all community endeavors and I
ties that enrich our lives and bring us closer together. encourage you all to attend Council meetings every second
Saturday of each month to have a strong voice in matters you
Maraming salamat po, feel need to be addressed.
Ernestina Mac, M.D.
Chairperson, PACCM God Bless and Mabuhay!!!
Summer-Fall Page 3

The Bayanihan Spirit The Complacency Trap

by Jeff Jenks, PACCM PRO By Van Ong, FILAMCCO P.R.O.
and this issues Editor
Webster’s dictionary defines compla-
As I write this many clubs and PACCM are all cency as a feeling of self-satisfaction espe-
trying to meet on the same day, and at the cially when accompanied by unawareness
same time. Geography, medical missions, of actual or oncoming dancers.
religious groups, even web sites - all seem to
trump community. Why not get a better balance going so that Most people I know work hard and
we re-create, in America, the Bayanihan spirit? strive relentlessly to conquer their weakness and difficulties.
Their success was slow to come but the contentment that fol-
The root word of Bayanihan is “Bayani” or leader. We lowed was enduring. Because it was hard earned, they neither
rarely thank our Bayani. We have many strong roots in got spoiled nor tempted to drift to complacency. Instead, they
PACCM and FILAMCCO: Dr. Ernie Mac, our Chairperson, got ready for what’s next by boldly exploring innovative ideas,
who along with her family have been major financial backers of acquiring new skills and courageously trying them.
the community center and the Paaralang for years; Tony Kho
who for nearly 30 years has done program layouts for everyone, The world around us expects continuous individual im-
including this issue - night after night and year after year; Fred provement. The better we adapt to the changing times, the wiser
Porte has who has run the PACCM for 7 years as its Executive and more valuable we become to our fellowmen.
Director, spending countless donated hours each week at the As Thomas Huxley the English Biologist put it: The rung
Center and representing the community; Becky Tungol quietly of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a
(but with a big laugh) taking on roles of responsibility for years man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat
across the community and especially with her focus through higher.
NANAY on seniors, and now chairing the school; Arcie Gemino
with her commitment for many years to education at PACCM, Some are drawn to complacency by a self-imposed reluc-
and for her effective leadership chairing FILAMCCO for four tance to spread their God-given talent out of the comfort zones.
years; and now BFF - with their willingness to take on commu- Others are timid and say the often-repeated alibi, “There is just
nity leadership roles and handle a respectful and well earned too much out there to learn and I don’t have the time.” Ah, but
transfer of power. we are now in the Information Age, and with the wonders of
technology within our reach, it is no longer hard to catch up with
Perhaps you’ve never seen the Bayanihan spirit (the com- the rest of the modern world. “Complacency in the presence of
munity working together) - a nipa hut moved on the shoulders of miracles,” Rod Steiger, the famous actor once said, “is like
the community or trees, dropped by a logger, hand cut by the opening the door to your own tomb.”
community to build a school. I have.
How then are we to avoid the complacency trap before
As we continue moving forward, please, give full support everything begins to fall apart?
to the PACCM, don’t take it for granted. If you’re reading this
and you or friends have kids, from 1st grade through college The most effective answer to this age-old problem I be-
please connect them with the Paaralang program. PLEASE, also lieve is: Motivation. In my view, life’s biggest motivation fac-
make a substantial annual individual contribution to the Center. tor is the unlimited reward in the free market of ideas and skills
All memberships are now on a calendar year. Join in September that is available to anyone with an ambition towards continuous
and we’ll throw in all of 2009. And, if each of the 56 clubs in success.
the community made $1,000 grants, or higher, the funding for Let us discover our physical and mental capabilities and
our Center would be stronger. For years PACCM revenues begin to utilize them fully. Be hopeful and just move on beyond
haven’t met expenses. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE IT the horizon.
HAPPEN! And you, you can make that difference. Don’t wait
for someone else to do it.

Executive Director’s Report at the center. I am amazed at how gener-

by Fred Porte ous our community is with their precious
time and precious money Dr. Elisa Cancino-Samson
OPPORTUNITY FOR ME TO LOOK There are many in our community April 11, 2008
BACK AT THE LAST FIVE YEARS that deserve to be mentioned. However, St. Owen Catholic Church
at the risk of being criticized for being
From the time I was given the re-
selective, I must really mention Dr.
Ruben San Pedro
sponsibility of managing PACCM, I was May 25, 2008
Ernie Mac, Andy and Daisy Nogoy,
never denied the assistance I requested SS. Peter & Paul Church
Tony Kho, Becky Tungol, the BFF
from the community.
group, and especially Mrs Fe Rowland Dr. Bernard J. Danan, Jr.
I would like to thank everyone in the for all the assistance she tendered to me
June 11, 2008
community for their patience and finan- in managing our Filipino school.
cial support during the recent renovation White Chapel Cemetery
Summer-Fall Page 4

PRESS RELEASE - May 7, 2008 national and local. Dr. Evangelista, together with his wife,
Dr. Stella Evangelista, have the distinction of being the first
Evangelista appointed Honorary Filipino and first couple to be inducted to the International
Consul General Heritage Hall of Fame of Metro Detroit in its 83 year history.
He is the recipient of various awards among them are the
Dr. Jose Evangelista of
“Banaag Award”, presented to him by the Philippine President
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan was
Fidel Ramos in recognition of his active participation in pur-
recently appointed Honorary Con-
suing the Philippine government’s development and relief
sul General of the Republic of the
programs. He was the recipient of the Archbishop’s Medal-
Philippines in Detroit, Michigan
lion Award as one of the Outstanding Professionals and Phi-
by the Philippine Secretary of
lanthropists in his province of Pampanga. He was named
Foreign Affairs, the Honorable
Most Outstanding Alumnus by the Univ. of Santo Tomas
Alberto Romulo, for term of 3
Medical Alumni Association in America, Physician of the
years until April 2011. As a con-
Year by the Association of Philippine Physicians in America.
sular officer, he will represent the
In 1993, he was appointed by President Clinton to the Na-
rights and interests of the Republic
tional Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accredi-
of the Philippines as well as the Filipino citizens in his jurisdiction
tation. He has been president of various associations such as
of Michigan.
the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan, the Associa-
Dr. Evangelista is a graduate of the University of Santo tion of Philippine Physicians in America and the UST Medical
Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. He took his Internal Alumni Association in America and its Foundation.
Medicine residency at the University of Illinois Medical Center
Dr. Evangelista is married to Dr. Stella Salgado Evan-
and fellowship in Cardiology at the Sinai Hospital in Detroit and
gelista and they have 6 children – four of them physicians,
St. Joseph Hospital in Ann Arbor. He has been in private practice
one attorney and one real estate broker /developer. He is also
in Internal Medicine / Cardiology in Livonia for the past 34 years.
involved in construction and development as CEO of JS De-
He is a diplomate in the American Board of Internal Medicine,
velopment Company and Royal Management Company.
board certified in Cardiovascular diseases and diplomate in Nu-
clear Cardiology. He is affiliated with St. Mary Hospital in OFFICE ADDRESS:
Livonia and served as its Chief of Staff in 1999. 10475 Farmington Rd., Livonia, MI 48150
Phone: (734) 427-9440.
He is very active in his professional, community and civic
affairs. He has been President of various Fil-Am associations both


conventions she attended By: Arcie Gemino
for the past 15 years now.
The dances and choreogra- Nieves is currently the President of
phy learned from the Clinton Township Cultural Exchange
gifted/talented/top notch Program receives Diversity Champion
Kumu Hula (Hula teachers Award from the Race Relations Diversity
in Hawaii) are taught to the Task Force in Birmingham. She is also a
PACCM Hula Dance member of NAFFAA and an active vol-
Class. To name a few Ku- unteer in various Filipino community
mus are Chinky Mahoe, activities for many years.
Keith Awaii, Reichel She was recognized for her program
“A Hula Celebration” is the theme Keali’i, Sonny Ching and Mark Ho’omalu that promotes cultural immersion between
of our PACCM. It is the 1st Hula Dance two countries with a school in Japan and
Recital here at PACCM Center this com- the Chippewa Valley School District in
from the famous cartoon movie“Lilo and
ing August 3rd (Sunday) @ 3:00 p.m. A Clinton Twp., Michigan.
Stitch”) Aunty Kaui (Disneyworld-
donation of $15.00 includes a light meal
Florida). Through her work, the diversity of
and a delightful afternoon sharing the
“Aloha Spirit” through Hula dancing. The PACCM Hula Dance classes are each culture has brought a better under-
Please come and have fun with us in Ha- held every Saturday morning from 9:00 standing and appreciation among Ameri-
waiian Style. This event is hosted by am til 12:00 Noon. Our next Hula Dance can and Japanese students involved in the
NANAY-Mi. Chapter and the proceeds class is schedule this Sept. 2008.To regis- program.
will help support their project. Ms. Becky ter please call Mr. Fred Porte @ 248-443-
Tungol is the President. 7037 or Ms. Flora @ 586-506-7352 or
Flor Penner is the PACCM hula
visit our website: No PACCM Banquet Hall
Dance Experience is Needed to register.
dance class coordinator and has been
Come and Join Us .You’ll be dancing
& Conference Rooms
sharing the knowledge she had learned
from all the Hula workshops/seminars and
Hula at your next “luau Party”….Aloha! available for RENT
Summer-Fall Page 5

A Night of Celebration at APACC’s Dinner Gala Knowlton public relation firm regarding the recent US
By Arcie Gemino economic situation and its global implications. The
other highlight was when the guest were greeted at the
entrance of the hotel with our very own PACCM volun-
teers dressed in traditional Barong Tagalog and
Filipiniana clothing.
The welcoming committee headed by PACCM’s
chairman Dr. Ernestina Mac who also happens to be one
of APACC’s board of directors, received tremendous
compliments from the guest on how they were wel-
comed by the PACCM volunteers. “ They definitely
started the evening on a perfect note” said one guest,
“and it absolutely showed us a glimpse of the Philip-
After the dinner and the speeches came the after-
glow where the guest were treated not only to delicious
The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (APACC) deserts but could not resist dancing to the music of the
hosted their 7th annual dinner celebration at the prestigious Royal Park local Filipino group named Far East Band that played
Hotel in downtown Rochester Hills last May 8, 2008. Nearly 500 cor- ballroom, 60’s & 70’s hits. Denise Yee, APACC’s ex-
porate executives, Asian entrepreneurs, guests and members attended ecutive director said “this was definitely one of the best
the event. Some of the participating companies that took part in this year to date, - from the welcoming committee, food,
event were General Motors Corporation, Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor keynote speaker and entertainment, everything was
Company, Toyota Motors North America, Saturn Electronics & Engi- great”.
neering Company, Toyoda Industries and Roy Smith Company. One can only imagine how proud Dr. Mac felt that
One of the highlights of the evening was the witty and thought night hearing all these compliments from guests from
provoking speech of the Keynote Speaker Norman Mineta former Secre- different nationalities just from a little dose of the Fili-
tary of Transportation and Commerce and Vice President of Hill and pino community.


By: Arcie Gemino
A piano selection from one of the graduates, John
Ko, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Avondale
High School was rendered as part of the entertainment.
The highlight of the ceremony is the speech given by
the keynote speaker, Dr. Francis Geologo PH. D., an
Associate Professor of the Department of History of
Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. Profes-
sor Geologo had just concluded his six month Fulbright
Grant at the University of Michigan.
The Class of 2008 from High School were Mi-
chelle Aniciete, Victoria Apigo, Chelsea Bada, Joshua
Gener, John ko, Stephanie Penner, Katherine Reyes,
Sherry Ann Reyes, Clarissa Sumanting, Joseph Vinuya,
Rachel Viola, Kyle Wawrzyniak, and James Wilson..
Unable to come but were on the roster were April
Twenty five High School and College graduates were honored at a Clarin, Melizza Malabanan, Tristan Trespeces and
Recognition Dinner event sponsored by PACCM held at the Community Krystle Diaz. The college graduates were Geoffrey Ko,
Center on June 6, 2008. The occasion drew a crowd of over135 guests Kristen Leodones, Melissa Sia, Patricia Sitchon, Alvin
.The graduates, their families, the PACCM board members and invited Vargas, Aisa Villarosa and Justin Vilches.
guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner.
The Recognition Dinner for Graduates is a yearly
The graduates were awarded individually, a unique long stole spe- project of the Paaralan Pilipino. It was the brainchild of
cially made and ordered in the Philippines patterned into the Philippine past PACCM chairperson Dr. Efren Platon and has
flag which was draped around their shoulders. PACCM Chairperson Dr. since then been an annual activity of Paaralan Pilipino.
Ernie Mac and Executive Director Fred Porte handed the awards with In the past few years, it has been carried on under the
the parents of the graduates assisting in draping them on their children supervision of Paaralan Pilipino Director, Fe Rowland.
which made the presentation even more personal.
Summer-Fall Page 6

NABA Meets... Filipinos of Michigan attend the games means that you just paid more for that
(Continued from page 1) and functions in solidarity, to support us item.
teen (14) US and (12) Canadian cities in any way, and to cheer for our PBAM
Nenita Cedro is the President of The
registered to compete in ten (10) divi- team as they represent the city of Detroit
Catalyst Financial Group, LLC which
sions in this prestigious sports event. and the whole Filipino community in
specializes in Term Life Insurance and
The PBAM will compete in all 10 divi- Michigan in this field of sports endeavor.
Investments (Retirement, College, and
sions during these two days of basketball
It is gratifying to note that NABA Emergency Funds). She can be reached
marathon. We have an opportunity to
like PBAM has grown tremendously since at 248-320-0190 for further questions.
extend our sincere and warm Michigan
its inception more than two decades ago
hospitality to the expected 5‑6 thousand
and I am proud to be a part of its success.
Filipino visitors. The NABA tourna-
I would like to thank you all for your con- The Next DFAA Medical
ment promises to be an action packed,
tinued faith in me as I embark on my 21st Mission
exhilarating event with 2,500 or more
year as your NABA Commissioner. With
participants converging in our wonderful By Ron Casquejo
your support and all the help you have
given me, I cannot afford to fail. Thank Plans are underway to once again
NABA is the largest conglomera- you and God bless! visit the impoverished town of Cordova in
tion of Filipino athletes in North Amer- Mactan Island, this time reaching 3000
Ron Damasco, MD
ica. One NABA official put it “It is the underprivileged men, women and children
Olympics of Filipino Basketball in North in the remotest part of the municipality
America.” NABA has been designated who have not seen doctors, nurses or den-
the official pool for (PBL) Phil. Basket- tists in their lives.
ball League, (PBA) Philippine Basket- How to Survive In Today’s
Economy Having a hands-on experience of the
ball Association and the (SBP) Samahan
By Nenita D. Cedro first mission, makes for a better insight in
Basketball ng Pilipinas that guarantees
preparing the second time around. The
players with excellent basketball talent
The cost of fuel is increasing every- medical mission is scheduled to start on
to be drafted by a professional basketball
day, food costs more, and companies are Sunday, Jan 11, the day of orientation.
organization in the Philippines.
downsizing. It’s no wonder that people Medical consultation and treatment will
NABA has produced numerous are asking how they will make it in this start on Monday and will end Thursday,
talented athletes that catapulted them economy. Well, let’s start with the basic Jan 15.
into the professional level. In the PBAM necessities: Food, clothing, and shelter.
Anything more is a luxury. So let’s take a As before, post mission time is
alone, we have Jasper Ocampo, Rudy
look at what you can cut off, i.e, cable planned for rest and recreation in nearby
Hatfield, Troy Daniels, Dan Mosley and
television (getting rid of movie channels), resort area and once again, a chance to see
currently Kelly Williams. Other NABA
switching your internet/cable tv provider Cebu’s most celebrated Mardi Gras-like
cities like Toronto, Staten Island and
to lower cost (AT&T and Comcast are festival, the “Sinulog” that following
New York have their share of fine ath-
battling for customers right now, so a weekend.
letes that playing professionals in the
Philippine. price war is going on), cutting out the DFAA, a 501c3 organization, fi-
daily Tim Horton lattes, or brown bagging nances medical missions through special
Behind the fame, glory and honor your lunch instead of going out, getting a fund raising activities. Join us on a fund
of selected athletes in the PBAM and quote for your life insurance to see if you raising event scheduled on Aug 23, 2008
NABA are the Coaches, who carefully can get a lower rate ( term insurance rates at the PACCM bldg - a mid-summer in-
plan and nurture successful players. We have gone down significantly within the formal dinner with lots of dancing to DJ
are proud to recognize the best coaches past few years), then do the same for your and some live music.
in the PBAM: Lito Apigo, Rey Sollestre, home and car insurance.
Wilson Rodriguez, Manny Canto, Jove- We hope to get a crowd of about
lyn Navarra and Jonas Pozon. They are Now, what do you do with the 200 party lovers to let the good times roll
the unsung, unselfish, forgotten heroes, money you’re saving? SAVE IT!!! Set and for a good cause. Advance ticket sale
who dedicate their time and efforts for up an EMERGENCY FUND and have the at $30 is available by calling Ron at 734-
the greatest good of the greatest number. money that you are saving from above 4794871 or DFAA Pres Ruben Catris at
directly deposited into this account. You 313-2957037. A special drawing to raf-
The NABA tournament in Roches- can open a money market account for as fle tickets to the Journey concert featuring
ter Michigan will be held in three differ- little as $25 a month, so if you have an Arnel Pineda on Sep 9 will be one of the
ent venues because of the enormous size emergency, you have cash to spend in- main attractions. Don’t miss this event!
of delegations and number of teams par- stead of using a credit card. How do you
ticipating. All games will be played in know if you have enough money in the Finally, if you are interested to join
the Rochester school district. For the emergency fund? The minimum target is the mission or seek more information, we
times, exact locations and how to get 3-6 months of your MONTHLY EX- will be happy to hear from you.
there visit the NABA website PENSES. One more thing, use cash as much as possible. Using a credit card and PACCM Banquet Hall & Confer-
It is our deepest desire to see the not paying the full balance every month ence Rooms available for RENT
Summer-Fall Page 7

PACCM Anniversary World Series Big League Girls Tony Kho at (248) 755-6122 or Email to
(Continued from page 1)
Softball Championships are in
PACCM Building and join in the merri- Kalamazoo, Aug 11 - 16
ment of the anniversary celebration. On
Saturday, September 20th, the personnel The City of Manila girls 14 to 18, FANA of Great Lakes
from the Philippine Consulate in Chi- who won the Asia Pacific title for the “Luau Garden Party”
cago will provide consular services from second year in a row, will be back playing
for the World Series championships in Dr. Ernie & Angie Bedia is hosting
10am to 4pm. On Sunday, September
a fundraising “Luau Garden Party” at
21st, an open house that includes lunch, Kalamazoo. They stay with host families,
so if you know of someone who can host their residence in 809 Pine Thistle Lane,
program and cultural presentations will
or help please contact .... Bloomfield Hills, MI for the FANA’s
run from 11am to 4pm.
Medical Missions and Charitable Projects
The PACCM has found us a home Games will be played at Vanerberg on Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 5pm to
and we should be supportive and proud Park. The team is scheduled to play Au- 10pm.
of this home. Truly, the PACCM Build- gust 11th at 10:30 a.m. against Canada and
at 1 p.m. against the Southwest U.S.; on Donation of $20.00 per person will
August 12th at 6 p.m. against the East include Food, Drink and Entertainment”.
September 20-21, 2008, please COME,
U.S.; and on August 13th at 3:30 p.m. Come and enjoy the fun and camaraderie.
ENJOY and LEARN more about the
community and the PACCM. against the Central U.S.. The 14th, 15th
and 16th will be a function of the prior Oscar Ong Wins Kiwanis Grill
For information about this event, wins. The 1 p.m. Saturday championship
please contact Nona Apigo, event chair game will be broadcast on ESPN2. The Oscar S. Ong, CRNA of Novi
at 248-512-4192 or Lisa Sollestre, event FILAMCCO Foundation has allocated won the Kiwanis Cosmopolitan raf-
co-chair at 248-722-2428. You may also $500 towards their food expenses but
contact Dr. Ernie Mac, PACCM Chair at
fle of the “Deluxe Barbecue Grill”.
more is needed. The drawing was done at the
248-641-8993 or Mr. Fred Porte,
PACCM Executive Director at 248-443- More information can be obtained at PACCM Board meeting on July 27,
7037. or contact 2008.

Let’s Learn and Have Fun ers, administrators and Board Members dents, and even lots of adult programming.
at Paaralan!!!! of PACCM. You can pay your member- And games are also including in each days
ship in September and it will carry you programming. We try and make the
To All PACCM Members, through the end of 2009. Classes begin classes fun.
PAARALANG PILIPINO Teachers and on September 28th. You can also register
Students and prospective members: During the past year our teaching
and enroll on that date.
staff has spent an extensive amount of time
You are invited to an Open House If you’ve always wanted to learn upgrading skills and methods, with coop-
and Barbecue on September 14, 2008 Philippine History or Pilipino and you’re eration and training provided by leading
starting at noon to 4 pm. We will be an adult, we have classes for you. Want educators from the Philippines.
accepting enrollment forms for school to learn Arnis, to dance, Hula, crafts,
year 2008 -2009 and will be providing a Come and join the fun, check us out,
singing, values and culture – there are
tour of our PACCM Building. An ori- invite your friends with kids to come with
programs for young kids, as well as the
entation will also be provided for the you. Please Call 248-443-7037 or the new
Filipino Youth Initiative (FYI) program
enrollees and parents. You will have a school Director, Becky Tungol @248-755-
– for high school and above aged kids,
chance to get acquainted with the teach- 6119.
taught by University of Michigan stu-
Paaralang Pilipino
Paaralang Pilipino Teachers
Level 1 Students

FYI Youth
Summer-Fall Page 8
everything is taken care of. What a friend!
Ruben San Pedro “Farewell” As a volunteer, he was always will-
I could not have done a lot without him.
By Arcie Gemino ing and able to be in any activity or pro-
He took a silent posture but did a great
ject assuring everyone he’ll reach out to
18 years is the job as my sidekick.
as many he could to get them to attend,
length of time I’ve participate and donate. When he promises Let’s all be thankful for the years he
worked with to help you can be assured he’ll deliver. was with us and hold
Ruben in our com- in our memories for-
munity. In all As a leader he was personable to
ever the good and
those years, he others and open to suggestions. He took
love he shared with all
always carried a pride in taking the lead and made sure the
of us. He will be
vibrant energy and project, activity or event would be a suc-
missed but his legacy
zest for life, a cess by utilizing everybody’s talents and
of love and friendship
burning desire to be of service, be it resources. He had been assigned to chair
will always be re-
small or big. He always had that unyield- Rizal Day twice and Kalayaan 3 times, a
ing enthusiasm for every task he faced as record to my recollection has not been
if it carried little or no burden regardless accorded to anyone else. His famous ac-
of the magnitude of the responsibility. counting for Kalayaan was the no. of peo-
Seldom did he complain. He just did ple he had sought to donate lechon so that Archdiocese of Detroit
what he was supposed to. we can enjoy the trademark of a Filipino Open Arms to New Priests
picnic. Phil Mangahas (
Ruben made a gigantic mark
among us, as a friend, as a volunteer and I had the good opportunity to work
with him in a close and harmonious rela- On Saturday, May 10, 2008, in a
as a leader. As a friend, he was indeed to solemn ceremony officiated by Cardinal
a countless people always managing to tionship for 4 years when we served of-
fices as Pres. and Vice-Pres of FILAM- Adam Maida at the Cathedral of the Most
greet them with his distinct characteris- Blessed Sacrament, Fr. Lee Eric Acervo,
tic: a big smile, a big hug. The guys took CCO. As a Vice- Pres, he was truly a
dedicated and committed partner. He was 34, the son of Rudy and Marlene Acervo
delight in his friendship because of his of Sterling Heights, was ordained a
humorous gestures and antics, where he always there to help out and back me up
in every endeavor I took. We were always priest. Fr. Lee is now an associate pastor
made each conversation fun and a pleas- of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in
urable exchange. He evoked laughter the first to arrive and the last to leave
whenever we had an activity. making sure Plymouth, Michigan.
whichever group he interacted with.

Miss Philippines 2008 of Westland. A Junior at University of Foundation (the charitable arm of
(Continued from page 1) Michigan, she’s majoring in Political Sci- FILAMCCO) channel funds to support
role of a single Asian-American in her ence/Pre-law. calamity victims in the Philippines as well
community. Most of all, she will serve Kimberly Wawrzyniak is the 19 year as aid the local community in times of
as an inspiration to other young Filipino- old daughter of Jacqueline Wawrzyniak need.
American women while promoting cul- of Roseville and granddaughter of Edith The Miss Philippines of MI pageant
tural awareness and encourages partici- and Prospero Rodriguez. She is a 2nd is the biggest fundraising event benefiting
pation. year student at University Detroit, Mercy, the foundation. It happens only every two
The fav five… studying to be a Physician’s assistant. or three years.
Jacquelyn Angco Keroles is the 17 year Beauty, Beats, Eats and a Cause – FILAMCCO and leading ladies
old daughter of Mary June and Blair As if this was not entertaining enough for Chelaine, Gladys, Jacquelyn, Janelle and
McGowan and granddaughter of Tony one night, Filipino-lead punk rock band Kimberly, have dedicated their summer
and Marina Angco. She is a senior at “The Oxymorons” will perform their and resources to helping make this event a
Stevenson High School in Sterling Hts. original songs. success. While they benefit from the ex-
Chelaine Beth Dueweke is the 21 year What other meaningful reason one perience of making a difference in the
old daughter of Virginia (Vicky Clari- would want to go out on a Saturday night community, they reach out to the commu-
dad) and William Dueweke of Warren. for? Perhaps the most important reason to nity in support of this deserving cause.
She is currently attending Macomb gather and show support is that the Miss Email the FILAMCCO Pageant
Community College endeavoring to Philippines of MI pageant is a fund Contacts for tickets and more info:
break into the fashion industry. raiser.
Chair – Edina Estupigan Klein
Gladys Estrada is the 19 year old At $40 or $25 DINNER tickets, pro-
daughter of Jun and Guada Estrada of ceeds are earmarked for the Philippine Co-chair – Becky Tungol
Clinton Township. She is a 2nd year American Foundation for future disburse-
nursing student at Wayne State Univer- ments should calamity in the Philippines
President FILAMCCO – Tony Kho
sity. such as the Bicol tragedy arise again.
Janelle Pangilinan is the 20 year old The Philippines is the World's 4th Advisor – Arcie Gemino
daughter of Juanito and Amy Pangilinan Most Accident-Prone Country. The
Summer-Fall Page 9

Mental Mirror performing artists in tradtional cos-

------------------- tumes from the Asian-Pacific region,
Mirror, mirror on the wall... Africa, Latin America and the Middle
Who is to judge the fairest of them all?
You don't quite see what you think you saw... East and India.
Walking down this mirrored hall.
You see what you expect to see...
World Medical Relief has been
An expectation that is not me. particularly active in the Philippines.
Let the ideals of others not lash at your pride... The non-profit agency collects un-
Keep moving forward with a determined stride. wanted or surplus medical supplies,
This place is not what you thought you knew...
In this hall of mirrors, it is all about you.
medicines and medical equipment,
Others' might call you by some wicked name... refurbishes them and sends them to
I myself will never put you to such shame. needy people in 130 countries. Tens
Choices you make of your own free will... of thousands of Filipinos have bene-
Keep your head up and your anger steady and still. William Frank Dowding
fitted from World Medical Relief's
Mistakes you will make that much I know...
Copyright ©2008 William Frank Dowding shipments. .
But from such there will be seeds of wisdom you sow.
Gaze upon the glass with an open mind... Please visit for my other winning poem
Here within me, yourself you will find. Son of Connie & David Dowding "This is a chance for Filipinos
Beneath your mask the truth lay hidden... Royal Oak MI to show how much they appreciate
In this image you know what is unwritten. the help World Medical Relief has
There are two sides to every token... given our homeland -- our friends
Heed the words that lay unspoken. Filipinos help celebrate World
Life you were granted from the date of birth...
and families," says Rebecca Tungol,
So live your life with plenty of mirth. Medical Relief Anniversary who is a World Medical Relief board
And do not let others bring you down... By Alan Fisk member and is active with the Philip-
Live each breath with friends all around. pines cultural center in Southfield.
Experiencing emotions sets you free... The Detroit-area Filipino com-
Don't simply wallow in only self misery. munity is joining together to help The event is black-tie optional
If you should find yourself sad so terribly... and tickets cost $125. Call World
Revisit this poem or commit it to memory.
World Medical Relief celebrate its 55th
To you this truth I must confide... anniversary with an "International Cele- Medical Relief at (313) 866-5333 for
Happiness is a pursuit that starts inside. bration of Life" on Nov. 15. ticket information.
In your laugh all is as it should be...
I am you, and you are me. The event will be held at the Max
So look into the mirror and find self-redemption... M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit. It PACCM Banquet Hall & Confer-
P.S. I love you, Signed... Your Reflection. will feature ethnic food, music and ence Rooms available for RENT

Junior League World Series us last year and help us spread the word among the Fili-
(Continued from page 1) pino community in the Michigan area about our participa-
tion in this prestigious event.
The Junior League team is composed of 13-14 year
old boys who are members of the ILLAM Charter
Of the 14, Catangui, Habana, Banzon and San Juan
are returning players from last year’s team that saw action
in the Junior League World Series.
The Junior League World Series boys baseball games
will all be held in Taylor Michigan at Heritage Park, Au-
gust 11 - 16. For directions on how to get there and more
information go to
Team Philippines will be playing Monday, August 11th at 2
p.m., Tuesday August 12th at 5 p.m, Wednesday, August
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Island (CNMI). 13th at 2 p.m., Thursday, August 14th at 5 p.m Friday and
Our boys are in great spirits and look forward to the warm Saturday games will be determined by the prior wins.
reception and support you accorded us last year. Only four of the 13 Daily games will be streamed on the internet site (above).
players that played last year will be competiting again in Taylor this The championship game will be broadcast Saturday live on
year- my son Leandro Banzon, Charles Catangui, Miko Habana and ESPN at 5 p.m. Last year about 600 Filipinos and friends
SJ San Juan. The rest are new but equally driven and talented. showed up daily. These are 13 and 14 year olds so bring
your kids - they were the ones most excited. LET’S DO
The team will be managed by Abet Catangui and Team Mom, IT AGAIN.
Diane Ramos. The team is also working very hard to equal if not sur-
pass last years performance and with your support and loud cheers, If you can help with providing food, water, or in
we might just win the World Series this time. As in the past, we will other ways (money to buy the stuff) please contact Tony
be billeted at the Ramada Hotel from August 8-17, 2008. We would Kho at (248) 755-6122.
therefore appreciate if you can extend the same support you accorded
Summer-Fall Page 10

Reflections – Again college. How ironic; graduating as vale- story. I was young and that sense of ideal-
By Dr. Ernie Mac dictorian was my only chance at receiving ism made me want to train in the U.S. and
a scholarship for college, yet I was being return to the Philippines to share my ex-
Growing up poor, it seemed like I denied that top honor because I could not pertise. That never happened. I stayed in
was dealt a bad hand of cards in life, and afford college. Nevertheless, since my the U.S. for a variety of personal reasons:
that life was so unfair. I felt like I lived parents felt it was time that someone in I fell in love, married and raised a family.
on the other side of the tracks, so to the family went to college (my mom At first I felt guilty. I felt that I had be-
speak. The summers were particularly never went to college and my dad gradu- trayed my home country. I don’t feel that
painful when the collegians and atenistas ated from trade school), this high school way anymore though. The opportunities
came home and seemed like they had all slight was the last straw. I was going to that my beloved adopted country has
the fun. My mom, bless her soul, tried to medical school no matter what they given me afforded me the opportunity to
get me into these social circles. How I needed to do to send me. give back. In a sense, my long distance
hated it. Now I know she was the one patriotism is in motion. Doing medical
who instilled in me the spirit of finding The rest is history. Through hard
missionary work in the Philippines, pro-
your place in the sun. My dad, bless his work and sacrifice, my parents did man-
viding scholarships to deserving students,
soul, was always laid-back and would age to send me on to medical school.
helping the poor, educating young minds
always murmur, “Just do as she tells Once there, I worked hard and did what-
– to me, these efforts fulfill my sense of
you, you will not be sorry.” ever was necessary to achieve my goals: I
patriotism to the Philippines.
lived in the slums of San Andres Bukid
Still my heart, my soul yearned for and took the Nagtahan bus so that I could Many years ago I read from one of
some source of fairness. I had never save money in fares while walking the the leaders of the ?? and if I remember
been involved in any form of student stretch of Morayta to UST. Where I am correctly, the measure of the success of a
activism in the Philippines, but my soul now is not a matter of luck – I got here nation is in the way they treat their chil-
and my heart yearned for it. In my senior through the hard work and determination dren. From what I see and have experi-
year of high school, I even fantasized of of my parents and through my own com- enced, our home country of the Philip-
living in the mountains and joining mitment to my goals. These are virtues pines has failed many of our children. So
forces with the HUKS – the leftist guer- my parents instilled in my brothers and many lives and brains are wasted.
illas. But I was young and my dad used me: passion, compassion, kindness, hard
to tell me, “You are the only one that can One child at a time – keeping one
work and good will. That is what got me
change the course of your life.” When I child healthy and educated – in the end,
to where I am today.
graduated high school as salutatorian this may grow to be a community and
instead of valedictorian – not getting the Of course, I also have faith in the village of children who will lead the
top honor was another blow – the school fact that none of this would have been country.
told me that it was because my family possible without the help of “Someone”
Let us continue to help our children
was poor and essentially my parents greater than any of us. I am blessed.
in the Philippines as well as support and
would not be able to afford to send me to Why I left the Philippines is another enrich our children here at home.

Philippine Consulate visits PACCM on ABM will host RIZAL DAY 2008
Saturday, September 20th Rizal Day is an annual event hon-
The Philippine Consulate staff from Chicago will be here on Satur- oring The Philippine National hero, Dr.
day, September 20th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The New machine readable Jose P. Rizal. This year’s event to be
Philippine passport process requires you be seen by a Consular official. held at the Rock Financial Showplace
Dual citizenship applications require a personal visit to be sworn in. in Novi on Saturday, Decemcer 27,
2008, will be hosted by the Ang
Why not visit the PACCM to handle these personal contact require- Bisaya of Michigan.
ments, avoiding the trip to Chicago. Last year over 100 former Philip-
pine citizens were sworn in at the PACCM and obtained dual citizenship.. “The youth is the hope of our future,” one of
Dr. Rizal’s famous quotations, is our theme for this
There is paperwork involved which will need to be submitted to year.ABM would like to encourage all the Filipino
Chicago well in advance of the September visit here. For information on youth to join us on this year’s Rizal Day celebration.
d u a l c it i z e n s h i p d o c u m e n t a t i on a n d f o r ms g o t o So if you know of anybody who can dance, sing or or call (312) 332-6458 x 11 or 22. For play any musical instrument, please share your talents
information on new passport documentation and forms go to with your community. Or if you would like to take or call (312) 332-6458. If you have a part in this year’s Rizal Day event, please call:
currently valid Philippine passport you can continue to use that passport.
New passports are sent to Manila and will take approximately 6 weeks to Joe Atillo @ 734-397-0518 or
process. Plan ahead email
For general questions not answered above go to Van Ong at or call (312) 332-6458. For updated information Dr. Pedro Caing at
visit the PACCM or FILAMCCO websites.
Summer-Fall Page 11

By: Arcie Gemino Need Help with Prescription Drug?
The annual Leadership Summit, each individual 40 minute sessions inte- This May be the answer:
now in its 6’th year continues to build grated with open forums. Some of the
NANAY, Inc.—Michigan Chapter
bridges within the Asian Pacific Ameri- topics to be addressed are how to encour- formed an alliance with World Medical
can Communities to attain its goal of age establishments of APA –owned small Relief’s Affordable Prescription Pro-
achieving positive social change. Several businesses in the areas of light manufac- gram.
organizations in the Asian Community, turing, medical instruments, technology,
including FILAMCCO are committed to alternative energy, banking, real estate Safe: State-Licensed Pharmacy
Affordable: $8.30 per RX and
supporting the Summit’s objectives in development and retail, how to address
Convenient: Mailed directly to your
fostering active connection with APA in health issues affecting the APA commu-
an effort to understand issues that affect nity, and how to inform Asians in the
Asian Americans as well as working on legal system process and encourage them Qualification:
solutions to address these issues. to vote in the upcoming elections, to Age: 18 years of age or older
FILAMCCO’s Immediate Past President name a few. Income: $19,000 or less per year for indi-
Arcie Gemino serves in the Steering vidual, $31,000 or less for couple (Add
Committee composed of 14 members The Summit is in need of several $300 for each additional dependent.
from the various regions in the APA volunteers to help with the various seg-
community to help with the 9 month ments of the event. We need plenty to No prescription drug coverage even
long preparation period for the Summit. help with registration, traffic for tracks, though you may have health insurance.
ushering, lunch and special programs. Not currently enrolled in Medicaid
The event will be held at the Han- Members of the Filipino Community and
nah Community Center in East Lansing FILAMCCO affiliated organizations are May still qualify if you have discount
prescription card or is a senior on Medi-
on September 13, 2008. It will be a day encouraged to partake in this event.
care Part D.
long session commencing with keynote Please share this with your memberships.
speaker State Senator Mee Moua from Please contact Becky Tungol at (248) 755-
Minnesota along with panel discussions Contact Arcie Gemino, arciegemi- 6119 for information and application or
on topics that will be featured in 3 tracks or 586-954-9711 to email to
; namely: Economic Growth, Social En- let her know if you can help volunteer Flu Shots will be available at the PACCM
vironment and Justice Issues and Elec- and/ or participate in the event. Building in October for minimal fee.
toral Process. Within the tracks are 3 Call Becky Tungol at (248) 755-6119 or
workshops with a resource speaker for PACCM at (248) 443-7037.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao Events Center in a very impressive fash- second round but was quickly repelled by
ion by dominating David Diaz from their the quicker Pacquiao, who unleashed a
Makes Boxing History 12-round championship bout. Pacquiao flurry of shots to the head and body. Diaz
Phil Mangahas (
won his fourth world title in his fourth survived, but it was evident he was out-
weight class as he scored a TKO in the classed. Taking a huge amount of punish-
ninth round to capture the WBC light- ment and displaying courage by somehow
weight championship. A well-celebrated remaining on his feet Diaz reached his
Philippine sports hero, Manny Pacquiao limit late in the ninth when Pacquiao deliv-
(47-3-2, 35 knockouts) becomes the first ered a powerful right-left combination after
fighter from Asia to accomplish the feat, landing four bombs seconds before. Pac-
having won world titles at 112, 122, 130 quiao, who truly is a very nice and friendly
and 135 pounds. Indeed, a remarkable man, was very concerned for Diaz. "I was
feat from a remarkable man praying he was all right. It's hard to fight a
southpaw, but I jabbed and jabbed to set
The final punchstats showed Pac-
him up for the knockout,” Manny stated.
quiao's dominance. He had a 788-463
edge in total punches thrown and a 230- Pacquiao said he has no plans to seek
90 advantage in punches landed and had a fifth title in a fifth weight class. "I feel
490 power punches and 298 jabs thrown much stronger and powerful at 135
to Diaz's 319 power punches and 144 pounds," he said. "That's where I intend to
jabs. Pacquiao closed as a 4-1 betting stay."
favorite and was the overwhelming choice
(And why is this item in our newslet-
of the announced crowd of 8,362.
ter? Because it is very unlike the many
Pacquiao administered a savage news that we read about Filipinos and the
Manny Pacquiao made history the beating in lifting the belt from Diaz (34-2- Philippines. And as Filipinos, we should be
night of June 28, 2008 at Mandalay Bay 1). Diaz tried to mount an offensive in the proud of Manny Pacquiao.)
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Aug 21 PAMET Induction of Officers 6:30 pm Somerset Inn-Troy Call
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Aug 29 North American Basketball Association Tournament
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MI%2FChurches-Catholic%3Fsearch_terms%3DChurch Sep 20 PACCM Anniversary Celebration, Philippine Consulate visit at
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Aug 9 Univ. of the Phil. (UPAAM) Annual Picnic at the 3830 Finch Drive, Contact: Lisa Sollestre (248) 722-2428
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Sep 28 Paaralang Pilipino 1st day of school (see page 7)
“ Installation of Fr. Albert Sescon into his new Parish of Our Lady
Queen of Angels Catholic Church 4200 Martin St., Detroit, MI November
48210 at 5:00 pm. Click here for maps: Nov 22 Circulo Pampangueno Western Night at PACCM 6:30 pm Contact Becky (248) 755-6119—Donation $25.00
83.037565&sspn=0.114291,0.211487&ie=UTF8&ll=42.334375,- Nov 29 25th Anniversary of Ang Bisaya sa Michigan – American Polish
83.134317&spn=0.014403,0.026436&z=15 Cultural Center
Aug 10 FAPAM’s General Election, 1:00 pm at the PACCM Center Con-
tact Amy Risvold at (586) 268-5726 Dec 6 Pangasinan Club of Michigan Christmas Party
Aug 10 World Series Little League Boys Baseball Championships Dec 13 USTNAM Christmas Party & Induction of Officers – Macedonian
-16 at Heritage Park in Taylor. Manila Little League returning champs Cultural Center
are representing Asia (See Page 9)
Dec 14 PACCM / FILAMCCO / Paaralan Christmas Party 12:00 PM
Aug 11 World Series Big League Girls Softball Championships in
-16 Kalamazoo. Manila girls team of girls 14 - 18 are representing Asia. Dec 27 Rizal Day Celebration – Rock Financial Show Place, Novi - Con-
See or contact Tony Kho—See Page 7 tact Jojo Atillo @ 734-397-0518 or
email to
Aug 16 Miss Philippines Pageant – Polish American Cultural Center 6:30 pm Lisa Sollestre (248) 722-2428
Email Eden Klein @ Nona Apigo (248) 512-4192