Sabeer Bhatia edit Sabeer Bhatia, started his carreer with a small stint at Apple, and then Firepower

Systems Inc which he left to co-found HoTMaiL (HotMail, written such as upper-case letters form HTML ) with Jack Smith. The idea of free email is due to Jack Smith. Hotmail¶s first employee was Richard Burright. Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for over $400 million. After Hotmail, he founded which failed in Dotcom burst. Sabeer also founded, and A little more than a year after he sold his company Hotmail to Bill Gates' Microsoft Corporation, 30-year old Sabeer Bhatia has said goodbye to Gates to start yet another company. A little more than a year after he sold his company Hotmail to Bill Gates' Microsoft Corporation, 30-year old Sabeer Bhatia has said goodbye to Gates to start yet another company. There's no firm idea for a company yet, Bhatia says. He will only reveal this much: Along with a few friends from Stanford University, where he earned a masters degree in electrical engineering, he is working on a plan for an e-commerce company. "There's a lot of potential and excitement in the e-commerce space," he says. "I've got a slew of raw ideas." The raw idea he had for a free email company led to the foundation of Hotmail over four years ago. But soon he would stun the industry by selling his start-up company, one of the most visible success stories in America, to Bill Gates. After overseeing the merger of his company with Microsoft's online network about a year ago, Bhatia became the new general manager of strategic business development for

and about his satisfaction and frustration at Microsoft? Microsoft is not a "two-person company". I still have a burning desire and passion to challenge the way things are done and innovate in areas where I find opportunity. Bhatia says he felt the insatiable urge to do something uniquely his own." says Tom Pilla. "I am hoping that our new products are ready for primetime by the end of this year. He left Microsoft partly because he thought it was not fair to think of the new project on Microsoft's time. his holdings are worth substantially more today. though he does not want to divulge many details. "People go elsewhere and we hate to see that. At the end of 1997. claiming the parting was amicable. And since then Microsoft stock more than doubled." he continues.Right now he has just a "small office in Fremont (in California) and a scratch pad. he sold his company for about $390 million in Microsoft stock and kept more than $75 million of that." he says. "But I am not the kind of person to sit back and rest on my laurels. He is excited to talk about his new venture. Was it a difficult decision to leave Microsoft? . clearly there are not enough challenges at Microsoft. For Bhatia. "Also I did not want to be embarrassed by the Silicon Valley cliché 'What have you done for me lately?' Hotmail is still my greatest achievement to date. There are a number of technological. a Microsoft spokesman. Bhatia adds. but we try very hard to keep people challenged and keep them here. marketing and branding challenges that will have to be overcome for this new venture to become successful. Though he is proud of the performance of Hotmail under Bill Gates' regime." He has a definite timetable. It is this passion to innovate coupled with the rush and excitement that I get from creating new companies from scratch that have caused me to take yet another plunge into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Microsoft has sought to minimise the impact of Bhatia's departure." Not that Bhatia is phoning up his friends or family for investment.

Jack Smith." he often tells his friends. his founding partner at Hotmail. was his colleague and buddy at the two firms. It is because Microsoft is not a two-person company and so probably does not have the edge of being a high-energy. He says he was making "obscene money" working for others but he wanted to make much more than that by working for himself. . He was 27 when he decided he was not going to work for others. Bhatia explains. fast paced dynamic environment that Microsoft was unable to provide me." "There were really no disappointments at Microsoft. and then a start-up company." The risk-taker Sabeer Bhatia likes to joke about his gambling instincts. JavaSoft. It has crossed the 40 million subscriber mark and continues to grow at over 200. However. Bhatia and Smith were looking for another idea when they hit upon a Web based email server rather than a database server. "The best piece of advice someone gave to me was that the biggest risk in life is not to take a risk at all. Bhatia worked for Apple Computer. The idea for a free email company did not come out of the blue. realising that the response was lukewarm. fast paced start-up. FirePower Systems." What was his biggest satisfaction and disappointment at Microsoft? "The biggest satisfaction is that Hotmail is now well integrated into the core of the Microsoft Network. Before Hotmail was launched. The only drawback for me was that I am a start-up kind of guy who enjoys a high-energy."I did not really agonise on the decision to start a new venture as the e-commerce space is really exploding with creative ideas and tremendous opportunities.000 new subscribers daily under the auspices of Microsoft. For over a year Smith and Bhatia toyed with the idea of a Web based database server and tried to interest venture capitalists in their first venture.

One didn't need to download software and install it in the computer to access the email. bought Hotmail. I am a Hindu but I don't believe blindly in destiny. "I was raised a Hindu and in a way. "How much of faith does one have in oneself. Hotmail remained at the top because it was markedly different from competitors. It was so revolutionary that in less than two years of founding it. Back home he had graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology in Pilani. with Jack Smith. yes." ." Bhatia says he is not particularly a religious person. So. Hotmail grabbed over 11 million subscribers in just two years. Together. They could do it as easily in India as here in California or any other country in the world.He feared that had he continued working for others." Selling his company to Microsoft was yet another gamble for Bhatia. I try to make my own destiny. And getting out of Microsoft and planning yet another venture is another daring step. yes." he had said in an earlier interview.000 for their venture. I am a Hindu but I don't believe blindly in destiny. he might not have had the guts to start something of his own. it boils down to a simple fact. I try to make my own destiny. there was global access for Hotmail accountholders. While soon other free email services jumped in. Chandigarh born Bhatia came to America as a student to study at Caltech and Stanford. "We did not restrict people to access their email from just the computer on which the software was installed. "Our strength was that we solved the problem that other companies created. "I was raised a Hindu and in a way. "In the long run." Bhatia says he is not particularly a religious person. whose Microsoft had its own email service." "And because we were not restrictive. the two men raised about $300. he decided to chase what many people in the Silicon Valley thought was a crazy idea. While it took America Online over six years to build up its customer base. a free email service. Bill Gates." he says.

One that just has the potential to steal the software giant's thunder. Arzoo. Earlier. He was on a visit to India to sign a contract with the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) for Live Documents." reasons Bhatia on his initial failure in Arzoo. "Yes. many of these companies imploded in the dot-com bust. Then. The Live Documents service offered by the Bhatia-promoted InstaColl is already a big success in India [ Images ].. the man best known as one of the pioneers of online emailing after he cofounded Hotmail. while he may be known for his aggressive thinking now. We took it to the browser so that all your data is stored online. he converted Arzoo into a travel (and subsequently sold it to Microsoft [ Images ]). The company has also signed up with the Karnataka [ Images ] government.. I can create my documents wherever I am through a browser. I can send them. email resided on your computer. you could send or receive email. demonstrating the Live Documents' capabilities to Business Standard.www. It is now the third-largest travel portal in the country. but you needed specific software on your computer to send and receive messages and email. I can edit them. it was little early for its time. It was not just us. In 2005. Bhatia was not always a success.htm Sabeer Bhatia. which was supposed to be a real-time marketplace for technology-related solutions and support.trcb. He was perhaps one of the early birds to understand the concept of cloud computing when he launched his second venture dot-com bust. which will implement the use of Live Documents in all 300. a little before the . Every other Internet company spent a lot of money initially and without proper revenue personal computers in government offices across 30 districts. especially among the education fraternity./why-did-sabeer -bhatia -hotmail-founder-walk-away-from-bill-gates7388. Of course. A rough ride.. Live Documents does the same thing for all your documents from any browser in the world." says a very confident Bhatia. is on another mega project. "This one is really way back in 1998. "Live Documents does to 'Office' what Hotmail did to email." says Bhatia.

to help Microsoft sell its products. which has come out is set to bring an end with a cloud-based software product. Cloud Telephony or Cloud PBX to the era of physical PBX. The Live Documents is integrated with Web 2. Reasoning why it makes sense for organisations to have Live Documents. instead of a caller calling to a landline number that hits the PBX and later routes the call to the designated extension number. with an addressable market of $25 billion a year. all extensions are managed through a web browser. At the core of InstaColl's Live Documents is Adobe's Flash technology. This prompted InstaColl to work on its own application. In this particular service. It's a question of operational expenses versus capex. The product was developed with the help of just 30 people. effectively competing with Google. Interestingly. Bhatia says: "Microsoft Office costs about $250 (about Rs 10. which was not too easy. of course.Arzoo did not succeed like Hotmail. which will determine what number the call should be forwarded to. InstaColl's Live Documents is not just a great product because of its user interface and finish cloud and. collaborative technologies due to the use of but it is also a great Indian product. However. but it laid the framework for his next two ventures that centre around cloud. InstaColl's office productivity suite runs on both . the company's initial focus was to build a collaborative layer around MS Office in real time." . according to Bhatia. A desi suite Now. whereas someone using Live Documents needs to pay just Rs 200 a month with access to the latest version of the Internet browser (cloud) as well as on the desktop. "This is a remarkable achievement because Microsoft employs 12.000 engineers in their Office division. Cisco and Microsoft (the last one's Office suite is considered the most successful software application with revenues of over $100 billion). And we have done the same thing (Office substitute) with only 30 people all Indians. Bhatia's fourth venture Sabse Technologies.000 in India). and all based out of Bangalore. the reason why it is perhaps the only company in Asia to get nominated for the Adobe Max Awards. who considers Apple co- founder Steve Jobs his hero. expected to be announced sometime this year. In fact.0 with 100 per cent feature compatibility with Office." says Bhatia. the company faced a hard time in the initial years in selling the product as it was just an addition to the core Office product.

Bhatia does not want to stop here. Sabse already has a free video conferencing platform in the called SabseBolo. http://business. Besides. He is also working with a couple of "cool" product ideas for Sabse Technologies. which enables one to make free calls internationally from any mobile phone.htm . the company's consumer application 'jaxtr'. is expected to be in direct competition with the likes of Googles and Skypes.

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