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Digital Experience Digital Marketing Digital Media Digital Revolution

XR AR VR CX Cloud Natural User Interface Digital Media UX User Centered Design UI Web Interactive Multi-Media Digital Video / Animation Prepress Print

Co Founder / Consultant (2 years) Extreme Digital Ventures, Extreme Digital Media

Spatial Computing, XR, Venture Capital, Visospace, SpaceTime XR
Ric Holland - 40 years
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Tech Evangelist Manager (12 years) Wacom Technology Creative Innovation
Offis Multi-Cloud Services, Ninefold / Macquarie Telecom, Gruden Group

Senior Lecturer / Digital Media (1 year) UNSW, UTS, Billy Blue, SAE, AFTRS
“Ric Holland has always been so far in Co Founder International Design Education Association IDEA (10 Years)
front of the industry that by the time we’ve
all caught on to what he had been talking Creative Director / Corporate Enterprise (5 years)
about, he had already moved on.” User Centered Design UX - IBM, Different, Studios 301 (Interactive)

Michael Stoddart Creative Director / CEO (20 years) - Digital Media Innovation and Tech Evangelism
Extreme Digital clients - Apple, HP, Dell, Sony, Adobe, Macromedia, MetaCreations
Director, Digital Media Enterprise at Adobe