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GROW Nashville

Supports community gardens by creating a network of people who work together to grow food in Nashville. Provides resources to develop new and existing community gardens around the city. Helps gardeners and neighbors to get outside, share their skills, and grow their own vegetables.

How to Get Involved
Come out to one of the gardens and volunteer for a day! You’ll gain some gardening experience, get some local vegetables, and meet some of your neighbors. Organize a work day for a youth group, your church, co-workers, or any other group you belong to. Next time you clean out your garage, donate some used gardening tools to one of the community gardens.

Additional Resources
Everything you need to know about community gardens: Activities for young gardeners:

GROW Nashville
brings people together to grow food in neighborhoods throughout Nashville and Davidson County.

Guide to urban gardening:



The Metro Board of Parks and Recreation does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, color, national origin, or disability in admission, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. For TTY (relay service), call 1-800-849-0299. For questions, concerns, or requests regarding the American Disabilities Act call 862-8400.

c/o Warner Park Nature Center 7311 Highway 100 Nashville, Tennessee 37221 phone: (615) 352-6299 fax: (615) 880-2282 e-mail: website:
GROW Nashville is a ACGA member

growing community gardens 615-352-6299 Metropolitan Nashville Board of Parks and Recreation

What is a Community Garden?
A community garden is a space where neighbors work outside together to grow healthy food. Gardens provide a place for neighbors to build relationships with each other, beautify their city, grow nutritious food, conserve resources, and create opportunities for recreation and education.

Farmer’s Market Community Garden 900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., 37208 (615) 880-2001 Flatrock Heritage Community Garden At Coleman Community Center 384 Thompson Ln., 37211 TC Weber: (615) 300-6280 McCoy Memorial Garden At East Nashville Cooperative Ministries 807 Main St., 37206 Justin Owings: Hope Community Garden 933 10th Ave. N., 37208 Ben Nelson: Jessie Hoeft: McFerrin Park Community Garden 225 Berry St., 37207 Sabrina Poon: (203)915-9539 Terrence Murray Edgehill Community Memorial Garden 13th Ave. S. & Wade Ave., 37212 Brenda Morrow: (615) 256-4617 Nashville Urban Harvest 1211 57th Ave. N., 37209 Sarah Bellos: (615) 306-3154

Old Hickory Village Community Garden 1105 Hadley Ave., 37138 Tina Waller: (615) 598-4453 ohvcommunitygarden/ Park Avenue School/Community Garden 3703 Park Ave., 37209 Carolyn James: (615) 330-4832 Richland Gardens 303 54th Ave. N., 37209 Sean Siple: (615) 585-1294

Community Gardens in Nashville
(For a garden near you, find your zip code) Bells Bend Neighborhood Farm 5188 Old Hickory Blvd., 37218 Eric Wooldridge: Carver Food Park 1001 Gale Ln., 37204 (615) 252-6953 CE McGruder Community Garden 2013 25th Ave. N., 37208 Leslie Speller-Henderson: (615) 254-7277 Chestnut Hill Community Garden 1st Ave. S. & Chestnut St., 37210 Nancy McCune: (615)738-7332 Jason Adkins: (615) 335-6556 East Children’s Community Garden 600 Russell St., 37206 ( 615) 862-8448

Shelby Park Discovery Garden 401 S. 20th St., 37206 Christie Wiser: (615) 862-8539 Watkins Park Community Garden 616 17th Ave. N., 37203 (615) 862-8468 Wedgewood Urban Gardens 613 Wedgewood Ave., 37203 Gigi Gaskins: (615) 491-9009 wedgewoodurbangardens/