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9 Cool Things About logo near driver’s door, star on rear fruit on the kitchen table in Woods’

panel) are the same ones you’ll find on house.)
Nuketown in Black Ops the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty:
Black Ops Edition in real life.
6. Time to Go
by Dan on November 13, 2010
3. Intersection of Oblivion

According to the street signs, the battle Nuketown’s clock tower is a little
tales place at Latchkey and unusual — it’s a doomsday clock, and it
Nuketown has become my favorite
Trinity. Trinity was the name of the very accurately counts down how much time
multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black
first atomic bomb test, while Operation is left in the match. Of course, when it
Ops, partly because of my appreciation
Latchkey was a series of nuclear tests in hits zero, Nuketown earns its name.
for 50s nuclear nostalgia, and partly
because I like tight, small maps. But the late 60s. It’s a little funnier if you
when I started talking about it with other consider that you’re not even playing at 7. RC-XD on the DL
folks and asking internally, I learned a an intersection of two roads — it’s a
lot more than I expected. With the help firefight on a dead-end street.
of the community and some info straight
from Activision’s Black Ops Project 4. Permanent Residents
Lead, Erik Melen, I came up with nine
clever details worth noting in Nuketown.

1. Double Rainbow, All The Way!

There’s a bit of broken fence in each
back yard — one hole next to Mason’s
fallout shelter and the other near Woods’
shed. The openings are just large
enough for an RC-XD to fit through —
try it. You can take your remote-
And who lives in Nuketown? Check the controlled car for a little offroad joyride,
mailboxes — it’s your old pals Mason complete with ramp jump — a part of
(in the teal house) and Woods (in the the map where humans cannot tread.
yellow house). If I were you, I’d knock Great for sneak attacks or just yelling
first. “WHEEEE!” (Also, keep your eyes
peeled: Nuketown is not the only map
5. A Sparkling Census of Humor that features RC-XD shortcuts.)
Let’s get the obvious one out of the way
— if you haven’t seen the original 8. Moving Mannequins
YouTube video (or the brilliant
Autotune remix) of the guy who gets
emotional after seeing one (well, two) of
nature’s little miracles…well, this is a
tribute to that. So intense!

2. And Now A Car From Our

The population counter on the Welcome
to Nuketown sign changes based on how
many people are currently on the map —
check the top of this article and you’ll
see the small screen at the top shows 12,
while this one shows 09. What’s more,
This one’s just creepy. The mannequins
the sign sparkles, as do a few other
And let’s get the promotional one out of that populate Nuketown change every
objects in this level (check the plates of
the way: The Jeep’s markings (SOG time the level begins. For instance, over
at the swingset behind Woods’ house,

but I’m still Once free from the interrogation wondering whose photo is on Mason’s upstairs desk. the genders and placement of the in the menu screens as well. Some people said the secret was that zombie map. succession: LEFT. LEFT. play as secret soldier Alex Mason sometimes you get just one or the other. took my time when I shot all of them off will earn you the Achievement / in Combat Training (even the ones hiding in the school bus) and nothing We knew that Eminem had been a big Trophy "Just ask me nicely" happened. maybe Treyarch truly slipped this It is a shame that Treyarch picked ‘Wont easter egg in under the radar. even down at your imprisoned arms and legs. Apparently Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar stated in RIGHT. All I know is that I BONUS: Finding this Easter egg the airwaves. The Mannequin “Surprise”: A Still questioned by that mysterious Suburban Legend No More! shadow. do you agree? certainly knows more than I do — but terminal until someone produces evidence of this “surprise. strapped to the interrogation chair. some say YouTube. I figure there are now teams working around the clock trying to get the first YouTube video up Escape your chair in the main — and I’ll gladly link to it when it appears. we have a video of the surprise: If you get everybody working together. as it has been confirmed that an Eminem song has been hidden inside left and right triggers on your I heard about this one four days before Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies as part controller. Still mannequins vary every time you play. an interview that if you shot all the heads We were tipped off with the news a few RIGHT. 9. Thanks to Teh Dolla for the link: Have you spotted anything I’ve missed? The Treyarch school bus seemed so obvious that I left it out. chair. aware of there being anything special but to actually have one of his tracks about the mannequin heads. LEFT. You don't just behind a female seated on the swing. When playing the second break free of his restraints and stand 30. You can look around all you want. the only thing) you'll want to do in this menu room is walk over to the small . you would witness a hours ago. in quick and alternate the game came out — and I still can’t of one of many easter eggs included in the game. RIGHT. ‘Till I collapse’ it’s true.sometimes you’ve got a male standing What a cool concept. I asked Erik and he wasn’t part of the game’s official soundtrack. determine if it’s true or not. and now we know its real “surprise. COD Black Ops Zombies: Eminem It’s the same everywhere else in the during the game… you play as him Easter Egg Revealed level. the first thing (really. free to explore the room. If Von says Back Down’ though. Still surrounded by flickering monitors and dirty torture equipment. RIGHT. but you can never escape. menu UPDATE: Thanks to NextGenTactics. others activate the three red telephones and up. LEFT. Eminem’s ‘Wont Back Down’ song over which then attack. ‘Five’. LEFT. We have some exciting news to bring Or can you? You can! Simply pull the you now. I guess I have to believe it would of been more appropriate for the Access a secret computer despite my initial skepticism — he level.” I am clueless as to what that surprise would actually be. have said the mannequins spontaneously you’ll hear a complete version of generate firearms or turn into zombies. Do it fast off the mannequins. The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” plays from unseen loudspeakers. simply find and the nuke immediately went off. RIGHT. but then hidden inside zombie mode is awesome. again.” Some people say you have to with a recent video that has appeared on enough and Mason will suddenly shoot them off in 60 seconds.

cutting-edge. Hidden art and music Yes. you're bound to discover something new. you've 1980 text adventure in which you played Pentagon "Five" Zombies solve puzzles. Nixon and defeat trolls by typing at them. The former down. top. . We'll walk you through BONUS: Finding this Easter egg the documents and programs we've will earn you the Achievement / found so far. buried within one of this year's most high-budget. what commands are possible in this retro terminal. at once will earn you the and Dead Ops Arcade programs. Trophy "Eaten by a Grue" soundtrack music from the game. currently blacked out legendary milestone in the history of in the Zombie menu? What unlocks gaming and. Castro. if you own a BONUS x2: Using the Speed Boost power-up in Dead Ops We're not done with the computer USB keyboard. but if you experiment Trophy "Insert Coin" enough.snd files that prompt. navigate mazes and with JFK. which add dimension to his personality and background. After you've entered operating system! the "DOA" code and played that first time. we recommend Arcade to kill 20 or more enemies yet. while the latter play Wars… only with armies of zombies. then type "CAT" followed mode by a space and the filename you want. In addition to playing the Zork plugging it in now. Also. Most interesting to us were the Play Zork tragic series of letters from Alex Mason's father and sister. it is fully playable when Simple. it Letters from your family – a really old. action-packed explosion-thons is a after beating the campaign. Zork I: McNamara. You've played Nazi Zombies terminal tucked away in remote control helicopters and an the back corner. dual-stick shooter similar to BONUS: Finding this Easter egg display concept art of missions and Robotron. It's fun. At the computer command you type "ZORK" into the computer There are also . it's instruct you to hit a button. can be accessed through the "DIR" Ops Arcade. Dead Ops Arcade will always Type out "HELP" for a basic idea of be available from the main menu. But what about that third The Great Underground Empire is a missing option. and voila surprisingly lengthy and best of all. Achievement / Trophy "Easy you can access a whole list of Rhino" documents hidden in the machine. an old-school. The game will evil space gorilla. should you grow bored that? of all the guns (or all the graphics) in Black Ops. really clunky '60s-era supports co-op. Enter "DIR" to see a list of what's Unlock the Dead Ops Arcade available. enter "DOA" to launch Dead terminal's command prompt. and "CAT" commands. Smash TV or Geometry will earn you the Achievement / characters.pic and .

and they're the only other ones Coincidence? Or intentional around. what does this Easter egg mean? Well. the game transfers some of that The most famous line of dialogue in Population: You madness to the you. Now if only Hungrybear9562 were available as an avatar skin. probably just that Treyarch's developers saw the same No Russian? Well. callback? We're going with the latter. then decided to throw the internet meme into their game. seriously. Mason. see what's printed on the side protagonist Alex Mason has gone a of the school bus? bit coo-coo. Vladimir Makarov. the character across from Notice the population number? It him turns and says. he's hallucinating… and in a clever breakthrough of the fourth wall." Cut to the beginning of Black Ops' fourth mission. maybe a little YouTube sensation that everyone else saw back in July." mannequins don't count as citizens. As an of the numbers that have driven elevator door slowly opens. "I hope your time changes to match the number of in Vorkuta helped your Russian. No. As Nuketown. Also. his mask. SPOILER ALERT! By the final two missions of Black Ops' campaign. no Double Rainbow! Russian. any Call of Duty – ever – is spoken Pause during either the Revelations by Modern Warfare 2's terrorist or Redemption missions and you villain. at the start won't see a real objective – just more of the game's fourth mission. So vivid Oh my God. also be sure to check out he straps on his boots and pulls on the "Welcome to Nuketown" sign. the player. "Remember. full on rainbows all the way across the sky of Call of Duty: Black Ops? Right in the front yard of multiplayer map Nuketown? Oh wow! Oh wow! WOO HOO HOO! YEAH! . He's paranoid. he reminds the player. and an Mason out of his mind. Above: So bright. what does this mean? Mannequin surprise Mysterious objectives Two intense. players in your match – after all. in which another undercover protagonist is about to While admiring the double rainbow in infiltrate a Soviet launch facility. airport full of soon-to-be-slaughtered travelers is horrifyingly revealed. he's violent.

[It] takes developers possibly resist an a well-coordinated team of people. opportunity to pay homage? Watch You're gonna need a full team of the game version above. how could the something special for you. but as of this article's description of Francis Ford posting – four days after the game's Coppola's epochal film. Movie reference: The Deer Hunter The Russian Roulette scene in 1978’s The Deer Hunter is one of the most famous – and famously intense Here's a challenge. including the bridge at the last American outpost. this Call of Duty wiki page lists at least 35 . According to – pieces of human drama ever developer Treyarch. a burning Huey on the riverbank. If you succeed. Get No) Satisfaction” from the boat’s radio. with Robert interview with GameSpot editor (and DeNiro and Christopher Walken former GamesRadar intern) Shaun turning in amazing performances as McInnis: American POWs during the Vietnam War. Apocalypse release – a video with proof has yet Now. The soundtrack has a parallel. "If you pop the heads off all the [Nuketown] mannequins… and I So when you and your buddy get mean all of them… and I mean in captured by the enemy in Black Ops' record-breaking time… there's a little version of Vietnam. let us know so Both! In this level. During the game. too.” while a scene from the film Easter egg in this series since the features the crew blaring “(I Can’t very beginning – hell. during an committed to film. you blast away at enemy defenses while listening to “Sympathy for the Teddy bears have been an ongoing Devil. So what's the reward? No one knows yet. in the form of The Rolling Stones. The most popular rumor in forum Above: NSFW Piloting a boat upriver into the threads is that a new zombie mode madness at the heart of war – a is unlocked." original movie clip below. and a herd of water Movie reference: Apocalypse Now buffalo. Which mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops? means you could still be the first to do so. the game treats we can post a story on your glorious players to a ton of imagery that triumph! directly evokes the movie. and the professionals to make this happen. or a description of the tenth Return of the teddy bear to be uploaded anywhere.

they were gone! Appearances EditCall of Duty: Finest Hour Edit Did Treyarch patch them out? And if so." as a part of your training. and Call of Above is a bloody. while Edited by A Wikia contributor Modern Warfare 2 featured an Edited by Bovell exaggerated exploding variety. count next time you play Edited by A Wikia contributor through the campaign – there are far Added by Kyno1407Teddy bears are too many to be accidental. Then go to the area straight Another mainstay in the Call of Duty Warfare 2. Call of definitely know they've returned. 4: Modern Warfare1. If and when you locate more. let us know in the comments Okay. what is Treyarch trying to hide? The Teddy bear is an Easter egg in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.1 Call of Duty: Finest Hour1. Seriously. When we tried locating them again this week. it has a lot of them.5. ravaged teddy Duty: Black Ops.2 during the Black Ops review event Multiplayer two weeks before the game's release. we're not even sure if it really exists. While Call of Duty 2 Edit Call of Duty: Black Ops only has Edited by Omnicube1 regular watermelons. Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Call of the Black Ops missions – yet – we Duty 2. as far as we can tell. the player is instructed to use his rifle to shoot two teddy bears. Modern through. He can be found right at the outset. however. In the level "Surrender At Aachen" (the third Teddy Bear Edit mission in the American campaign). Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty: World at War from the door that the player came universe is the watermelon. Call of Duty: World at War. go through the door and kill the four Read more: Call of Duty: Modern Germans.5.appearances by the toy. Edited by Sactage The teddy bears training targets. throughout the multiplayer and campaigns of at least five different Added by CreepydudeThe appearance of games. View full history used for target practice in the training level of Call of Duty 2 by the Soviets. They definitely weren't 3 Trivia enemies we had killed.4 Call of Duty: While playing the Numbers mission World at War1. on a balcony in Contents [show] the first area. and they were tucked away in a forgotten 4 Video corner of the level. scattered A Teddy Bear in Call of Duty 4: Modern Sexy man pile! (Actually dead) Warfare. this final Easter egg is odd. as 1 Appearances 1. There will be an MP-40 and a teddy bear here. In the beginning of the level.1 Campaign1. bear from the Kino Der Toten zombies mode. we found this random stack 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops Return of the watermelon of corpses. They can be found While we haven't spotted any during in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Pick up the teddy bear Warfare required you to knife one of Edited 2 days agoby WHISKEY35 and the player will receive health and a these refreshing and delicious fruits message stating "The Bear is adorable.2 Call of Duty 21.5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 1.3 Call of Duty section. If he chooses not to do so by shooting the plates and bottles behind . Teddy Bears is a recurring Easter Egg found throughout multiple games in the Call of Duty series.

The teddy bear is also roof. for when the child says "The Hornet's Nest" will reveal a teddy to relocate the mystery box and frustrate "Wow. map Terminal near the boarding gate Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Edit the player will see a shadow of a teddy onto the plane. let's unwelcome appearance in "Shi No play. This is the first major spawn point saying. There is one in Afghan on the and the overvoice of the game says 'Bye among the luggage on the floor. there is an alley in the few teddy bears can also be seen in the starting area where if not in splitscreen. writings such as "teddy is a There is also a store filled with teddy liar" appear in blood near the kitchen It may be possible that Samantha had a bears in "No Russian" along with a dark and other places. it is possible that Dr. "Look up to see the use of teddy bears in the game. The child's voice Destroying a specific TV in the level Numa". a young child's laugh is Nikolai. In mattresses below the cliff."Ultimatum". of light. "Crossfire". and the box float to the ceiling before Maxis haunts them and is the one who There is a teddy on the floor in the vanishing to another location in a flash players hear say "Fetch me their souls!" airport by a dead man in "No Russian".. you found another one. "Chinatown". On the walls. GAME OVER!". in semi- hidden locations. it's also says many things. in the level Favela presumably abandoned by children when there is a teddy bear propped up on a the city was evacuated in 1986 after the mattress in the red building that looks Chernobyl disaster.. teddy bear when she was murdered by brown bear with the same kind of design Edward and now she uses her teddy as a but in smaller scale. A mystery box. such as "Bloc". in the levels player after the Fly Trap is activated. In "Heat" it can be found in a with the charlie flag for Domination in heard (as well as a more demonic one) drainage ditch. Maxis ran an experiment on Zombies appearance in the map Samantha's dog Fluffy. but when this happens the to the dogs. which is light" then pointing to a drawn hut's nonetheless small. "Ambush". holding a bottle of Juggernog and the "Heat". knife on a rooftop looking down at the of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. and a Porter . sometimes he'll call the writing above the first mystery box says. the zombies start to laugh "Ultimatum" it is in the bottom floor of in Carnival under the castle moat. Likewise. conduit between her world and ours. player's points are returned to him/her. Hide and Seek!". "Aftermath". There is one bye'. "War along with another teddy bear in a cage Pig". In addition to the Modern Warfare 2. as a beam of light shines with a child drawing on it. and Teddy bears can be seen in many Pack-a-Punch Machine. when the player starts it. Maxis' daughter (see Radio messages/Der Riese). Maxis are trapped with a Hellhound The teddy bear makes its first Nazi after Dr. "The Silo" and "Crossing the Rhine". In "Mile High Club" it is it. There is on the right and looks at a particular also a teddy bear holding the Bowie Several teddy bears are also seen in Call shelf. "One Shot. "Overgrown". a young child's laugh will be heard of this. Rarely. "The Bog". seen in many other missions. if one walks into the shop bear standing around the corner. released in 2009. "Mile High Club". there will be a little child's voice The teddy bear makes it's second that says "I want to play a game. A possible mystery box pronounces the word "Another" with a going down a hidden alleyway blocked location is marked by a few boxes with a German accent and says "Anozzer". The locations are marked by a pile of rubble with a teddy bear on top of it. the building the player rescues Griggs is one in Scrapyard under a manhole from. multiplayer maps. player a traitor. The teddy also appears in several cover easily open-able by grenades. "you win. It is very possible that the laugh heard when the player gets the teddy bear out of the mystery box belongs to Samantha. Dr. M1911 Pistol after going through the "Safehouse". It is possible that "Verrückt". "All Ghillied Up"." She bear hidden inside. In one radio Call of Duty: World at War Edit message it is revealed that Samantha and Dr. Like in "Verrückt" its purpose is is German.. the player will get killed above the hut it is located in. a piece of paper mystery box. along with a entering this mission. One Kill". In "Blackout" the out over the alleyway across from the ice player will see the teddy bear in an cream shop and on Highrise when the When the teddy bear appears in the abandoned room just before finding player climbs to the top of the building mystery box.them. There because of the player's loss. In Pripyat they were multiplayer levels. will lead the much easier to find the relocated demonic voice in the end when the player to a Teddy Bear. They are seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Edit "Downtown Assault". If a player happens to come Samantha is haunting the Campaign Edit across a teddy bear from the mystery zombie/Hellhound incidents as a result box. Hence the player finishes the game of hers and she eventually. "Blackout". In the Fly Trap sequence. Also in this level. However. The teddy bear can also be seen briefly The teddy bear has unique cameos in the in the first teaser trailer for Call of Duty: "Der Riese" map. She by plants on the far right of the first area teddy bear on top of it. the players.

VIP. the one on the player has to jump for the helicopter and right has the bear). The first 7 (Shepherd's betrayal). and blends in with bear in the Arcadia fountain. there is an unusually large likely that the VIP began to play chess teddy bear behind the bars of the drain in with it. an indicator of the more difficult places to reach. one is found with the dead yellow writing 1945. Several sets of stairs can only remove the top part of the drain lead down to an indent in the rocks with with a grenade. There is a third teddy bear it (there are 3 cabinets lined up in a row from the top of the ladder to the black on a back alley behind a building next to a computer desk with childish platform in front of the player. and in red writing Mar with R written Teddy bears in multiplayer are backwards. the player can get to a spot on teddy bear found with a knife in its head. the top of the map which hosts the seven it could also be a symbol of Price and teddy bears. secured by James Ramirez. and War's Nazi Zombies. watch the videos below. towards the end of the level where the drawings on the wall. In Call of Duty 4: Added by Knightofgrenoble Modern Warfare. along with a teddy bear in between a cabinet and a dresser in the kitchen (room above In the mission "Loose Ends" a teddy basement). This is on the desert map. leaning against a wall. found at Mystery Box spawn locations. If the player are not sure a locked door. ■It also seems that Teddy bears are omens of bad luck.Justice poster. It also can be into a wall. Kino der Toten and can appear in the DSM) with a knife in its head. It is also rocks. The eighth teddy bear is in the rest of the remaining members of TF In "Derail" there is a teddy bear in a the red building in the back. it moves the in a house next to the helicopter there is mystery box. amount of teddy bears depicted could be such as the roof of Highrise. In the map "Scrapyard". the player can see it if he close to where the knife in Endgame hit shoots or knifes the cabinet that contains . seen in the 'panic room' of the VIP "Afghan". In Call of Duty: World at Teddy Bear on Highrise roof. teddy bears shoulder on that map. Also. which had a nuclear meltdown. On the poster it says in Warfare 2. in black ribbon 9. The lift acts like a ladder. on a chair with a chess set in front of it. In Call of Duty: Modern Added by Infected32Multiplayer Edit a red poster. such as the spots to show that those areas are star badge. 141 taking fate into their own hands and filing cabinet inside one of the climb the ladder in the back and jump going after Shepherd. miss. has many ironies behind it. The knife in its are found by jumping from the building head could be a symbol of the many "Underpass" has one teddy bear on a onto the fallen lift near one of the deaths caused by Makarov or the many catwalk inside one of the warehouses. behind the door there is a Call of Duty: Black Ops EditIt is seen in house where the player protects the teddy bear nailed to the wall. Also the knife is warehouses. it could be a sign of bad luck multiplayer map "Highrise". the castle moat which can be seen from There is a teddy bear in the basement in under the bridge a tight space on "Estate". there is a teddy bear in a red drain near a white moving There is also one hidden behind an van. To reach it. It looks like a star on the teddy bears on the roof of Highrise. and not glitches. It is sitting above ammo crates. It being the first tilted lift. This building is the one across from the one with garden The teddy bear in The Hornet's Nest on the roof. Its close to the fence but the player explosive barrel. and deaths and MIAs of the Task Force 141 after crossing a few ledges as well as a soldiers in the level. spawns. a teddy bear can be found in one of the central The Teddy Bear in Loose Ends buildings in the main floor (the lower Trivia Edit■The teddy bear could be a floor is only a staircase leading to the reference to how war is said to ruin Added by Knightofgrenoble house) on top of a mattress that is children's lives. Another is located how to do it. In the multiplayer map "Favela". On a poster hanging considered signals of special areas that ■Teddy bears are believed to be in some overhead a man with glasses with a red are supposedly hard to get to. As mentioned Eight teddy bears are found on the above. ■The teddy bear in Loose Ends. The purposely accessible. making it In "Carnival". On the level "Exodus" there is a teddy underneath the cliff. upstairs in the bear can be found in a bathroom (in the bathroom. they are found in Chernobyl. It is also seen on Samantha's bed in her bedroom. sticking Mystery Box and moves it. In "Wasteland" in the tunnel system. It also appears in "Five".

■In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex all teddy bears are absent except for one in Bloc. but this has been disproven. . ■It could also be a tribute to a baby who died during the making of Call of Duty: Finest Hour. ■Another theory is that the teddy bears are a tribute to the 6 year old daughter of an Infinity Ward employee who died of cancer. ■It has been said that where teddy bears are. ■The Teddy Bear has a bigger role in World at War because of its appearance in Nazi Zombies.Shepherd. ■Teddy Bears are absent from the campaign and multiplayer in World at War. which is put next to a crib. the teddy bear marks a good camping spot for protecting the intel. However this is uncertain. it could possibly be a joke. which was already attributed in the Ghostly Room. they are supposedly hidden areas. ■The roof on Highrise has an unusual amount of teddy bears on it. Coincidentally.

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