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The 30 Day Cyclone Challenge

Meal Plan
Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6 Meal 7 Nutritional Values
Oats (80g), semi-skimmed 1 apple Bread (4 slices), 1 skinless Peanuts (54g), 1 banana, Post workout: Cyclone Baked potato (400g), cheddar 2557 calories
milk (200ml) chicken breast (130g pre- low-fat yoghurt (eg Müller (mixed with water), 1 orange cheese, reduced fat (50g),

162g protein
cooked weight), sliced Light strawberry) (200g) baby avocado, sliced and
avocado (60g), sliced melted (60g) 316g carbohydrates
tomatoes 82g fat

Bread (toasted) (2 slices), Peanuts (54g), 1 apple, low- Bread (4 slices), tuna steak in 1 apple 1 banana Beef stir-fry sirloin steak Greek natural yoghurt 2700 calories
butter (10g) fat yoghurt (eg Müller Light brine, (1 tin 150g), mayonnaise, (200g) (pre cooked weight),

Cyclone (mixed with water) 209g protein
Cyclone (mixed with water) strawberry) (200g) 1 pear frozen stir-fry vegetables
(250g), new potatoes (200g) 290g carbohydrates
91g fat

Bran flakes (60g), Mixed nuts (28g), 1 apple Bread (2 slices), roast beef, 1 orange, mixed nuts (28g) Post-workout: Cyclone Lightly grilled salmon fillet Cyclone, semi skimmed milk 2357 calories

semi-skimmed milk (200ml) horseradish mayonnaise, (mixed with water) (130g pre-cooked weight), (200ml) 152g protein
1 pear rice (56g pre-cooked weight),
fruit salad (185g) 276g carbohydrates
78g fat

Bread (toasted) (2 slices) 1 apple, almonds 1 skinless chicken breast 1 orange, low-fat yoghurt Spaghetti bolognese, Cyclone, semi-skimmed milk 2798 calories

(130g pre-cooked weight), (eg Müller Light strawberry) fruit salad (200ml) 181g protein
green leaf salad, sliced (200g)
avocado (60g), sliced red 280g carbohydrates
onion, sliced tomatoes, sliced Cyclone (mixed with water)
117g fat
red pepper, toasted pine
nuts, 1 pear

Oats (80g), walnut pieces Peanuts (28g), 1 banana Bread (4 slices), tuna steak in 1 orange Post-workout: Cyclone Beef stir-fry sirloin steak Greek natural yoghurt (200g) 2533 calories
(15g), semi-skimmed milk brine, 1 tin (150g), mayonnaise (mixed with water) (200g pre-cooked weight) 203g protein

(200ml), Cyclone frozen stir-fry vegetables
(250g) new potatoes (200g) 265g carbohydrates
83g fat

3 large scrambled eggs, Almonds (28g), 1 apple Bread (4 slices), 1 skinless 1 orange Cottage pie Cyclone, semi-skimmed milk 2416 calories

butter (10g), bread (2 slices) chicken breast (130g pre- Cyclone (mixed with water) (200ml) 181g protein
cooked weight), sliced
avocado (60g), sliced red 228g carbohydrates
onion, sliced red tomatoes, 97g fat
1 banana

Oats (80g), semi-skimmed 1 apple, mixed nuts (28g) Baked potato (400g), cheddar 1 banana Lightly grilled salmon fillet Cyclone, semi-skimmed milk 2405 calories
milk (200ml), Cyclone cheese, reduced fat (50g), (130g pre-cooked weight), (200ml)

145g protein
baby avocado, sliced and rice (56g pre-cooked weight),
melted (60g) fruit salad (185g) 309g carbohydrates
74g fat

INCREASE STRENGTH & MUSCLE SIZE Your calorie needs will vary based on your activity levels, body composition, and exercise programme. This sample 7 day meal plan gives you one example of how to integrate Cyclone with
your diet and is designed to be used in conjunction with the 3 day training routine on For best results, you should eat a varied and balanced diet.