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Before You Begin 2 Configure the Voice Gateway

Make sure you have the following: D Connect one end of an A Launch the web browser on E Proceed to the appropriate
Ethernet network cable the PC. instructions for your Internet
• An active Internet connection (included) to the ETHERNET Connection Type: DHCP,
• An active Internet phone service account and its settings port of the Voice Gateway. B Enter Static IP, or PPPoE.
• cable/DSL modem Connect the other end to advanced in the Address
• One computer for configuration of the Voice Gateway the Ethernet port of your PC. field ( is the DHCP
• Analog telephone or fax machine with an RJ-11 phone cable D default local IP address of
E Connect one end of a the Voice Gateway). Then 1 Select DHCP for the
different Ethernet network press the Enter key. Connection Type.
cable to the INTERNET port
of the Voice Gateway. If your Internet Telephony 2 If you use a cable modem,
you may need to configure
Connect the Voice Gateway Connect the other end to
your cable/DSL modem.
Service Provider (ITSP) did
not supply a password, you the MAC Clone Settings.
E will not see a login screen. (Contact your ISP for more E
F Power on the broadband Proceed to step D. information.)
A Power off your network modem.
Enable MAC Clone Service.
devices, including your
If your ITSP supplied a C
modem and PC. Connect the included password, you will see a If your service uses a
specific PC MAC address,
MAC Clone Settings
power adapter to the Voice login screen. In the User
B Connect the RJ-11 phone Gateway’s power port, and
then plug the power
Name field, enter user, the then select yes from the
Enable MAC Clone Service
cable (included) to the default user name for user
adapter into an electrical access (this cannot be setting. Then enter the PC’s
Voice Gateway’s LINE port MAC address in the Cloned
Package Contents and your telephone wall outlet. The power LED on the
front panel will light up as
G changed). Then enter the
password supplied by your MAC Address field.
• Voice Gateway with Router soon as the Voice Gateway ITSP.
• Ethernet Cable
C Connect one end of a B powers on.
3 Click Submit All Changes.
• RJ-11 Phone Cable
different RJ-11 phone cable D The Router - Status screen
• Power Adapter
to the Voice Gateway’s H Power on your PC. will appear. Click the WAN
Static IP

Static IP
• User Guide on CD NOTE: Make sure your PC’s
• Quick Installation PHONE port. Connect the Setup tab. 1 Select Static IP for the
Ethernet adapter is set to obtain an IP
other end to your analog address automatically. For more Connection Type.
telephone or fax machine. information, refer to Windows Help.

IMPORTANT: Do not connect the
C 2 In the Static IP Settings
section, enter the IP
Voice Gateway with Router PHONE port to a telephone wall jack.
Make sure you only connect a D
address in the Static IP field,
the subnet mask in the
telephone or fax machine to the NetMask field, and the
PHONE port. Otherwise, the Voice default gateway IP address
Quick Installation Gateway or the telephone wiring in in the Gateway field.
your home or office may be
No. No.SPA3102

Press 0. Use the Interactive Voice Response Menu 3 In the Optional Settings This section explains how to use the Interactive Voice Response Menu to The settings you have saved will take effect after you have hung up the Interactive Voice Response Menu Interactive Voice Response Menu section. for your network. press 2. Use the * (star) key when entering a • D. otherwise. “Invalid Option. or c — press 2. Gateway. D Refer to the following table that lists actions.1. use • W. Check Primary DNS 160 Hear the IP address of the primary DNS If your network already has a router. (You can only access the Interactive Voice Response Menu press any other keys until you hear. A Enter Interactive Voice **** Use this command to enter the when entering a decimal point. If the menu is inactive for more than one minute. h. • M. Wait until you hear “Linksys configuration menu. hang up the telephone. g. Please enter the Connection Type Voice Gateway. such as an IP address.” Check Internet IP 110 Hear the IP address assigned to the Address static IP address. • All Other Characters — press 0. B Press **** (in other words. Inc. u. User Factory Reset 877778 Confirm - Press Response Menu. otherwise. do not need to change any of the While entering a value. press 1. V. Then press the # Linksys Website If you want to configure network finished entering the IP address. To cancel your entry Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of time out. Press 0. a. indicate you have finished your selection.Press If necessary. the Voice Gateway will PPPoE . you may exit without entering Check MAC Address 140 Hear the MAC address of the Voice decimal point. t. e.” network or subnet mask. enter the DNS configure the Voice Gateway’s network settings. Voice Gateway will request confirmation.” if you try to set the reset to their factory default settings. Using the Interactive Voice Response Menu Check Gateway IP 130 Hear the IP address of the Voice Gateway • A.” hang (pound) key to indicate that you http://www. Press the # (pound) key to indicate that you have Address Gateway. “Invalid Option.S. Contact refer to the User Guide. Press the * (star) key twice within half a second. the bridge/switch mode. “Invalid Option. Use the * (star) key * (star). press * (star). Access to the Press 1. static IP address. press these Web-based Utility Disable . phone. b. r. or z — press 9. j. which is Server Port server used for the Web-based Utility. Please Subnet) Mask static IP address. Inc. Server IP Address static IP address. and certain other countries.” Hang up the phone. SPA3102-QI-60613A DF . S. x. Select the type of Internet connection up the phone.” if you try to set the Connection Type. R. or s — press 7. Check Local IP 210 Hear the local IP address of the Voice keys: 191*168*1*105. “Option successful. refer to the next Connection Type Static IP . y. IP address of the primary DNS server. Cisco Systems. “Option successful. The Voice Gateway will http://www.” Hang up the PPPoE Login Name field. Set Network (or 121 First. enter the password*. press the # (pound) key to Mode . I. L. configured by your ITSP. • P.) “Linksys configuration menu. Check Internet Web 170 Hear the port number of the Internet Web Enable/Disable WAN 7932 Enable . information. or v — press 8. (pound) key or hang up to exit. which is for your Internet phone service. then you Address (usually the network router). you will and all user-configurable settings will be hear. You will Check Internet 100 Hear the Internet connection type of the 2 Enter the user name in the C Cancel . o. O. help. Refer to the any changes. 1 Select PPPoE for the enter the option followed by the # hear. set the Internet Connection Type to * (star).com or settings using the Interactive Voice the * (star) key to cancel your entry and return to the main menu. Gateway in hexadecimal string format. Y. enter 1 to confirm.) keypad. or i — press 4. such as an IP address. Use this setting to enable or disable WAN available on the Linksys website. d. Set Gateway IP 131 First. press the # * Follow these instructions to enter Check Network Mask 120 Hear the network or subnet mask 3 Click Submit All Changes. “Option Use a telephone connected to the PHONE port of the Voice Response Menu Interactive Voice Response Menu.” if you try to set the Cancel . The 4 Click Submit All Changes. press 3. Do not PPPoE (most DSL users) Gateway. N. set the Internet Connection Type to the password. The Voice Gateway will reboot. Bridge/Switch mode.Press 1.Press hear. E. C.168. You will hear.Press 0. refer to the User Guide. After you select an option. set the Internet Connection Type to successful. Use the * (star) key when entering a decimal point. password available only from your ITSP. gateway IP address. you are using. F. you will settings will be reset to their defaults. Use the * (star) key when entering a decimal point. (This For example. B.105 by keypad. the PPPoE Login Password Address Voice Gateway’s Internet (external) field. documentation supplied by your Internet section. password. (or Subnet Mask) assigned to the Voice Gateway. Copyright © 2006 Cisco Systems. K. Set Internet 101 DHCP . choices.Press 2. Interactive Voice Response Menu Set Static IP Address 111 First. • T. not any of the Internet phones. H. server address(es) in the keypad to enter your commands and select choices. have finished entering the Press 1. k. Check Firmware 150 Hear the version number of the firmware Mode . The Voice Gateway will request confirmation. This feature may be protected by a Secondary DNS fields. Utility lets you configure the Voice password phone@321 by further support. you will Press 1. commands. Service Provider (ISP). default voice settings. To save the new setting. Otherwise. You will need to re-enter the menu by pressing ****. To exit the menu. • G. Set Primary DNS 161 First. and return to the main menu. press these keys: 746630321. w. (pound) key. “Invalid Option. m. The Voice Gateway may reboot at this time. To Server IP Address (Domain Name Service) server. You will use the telephone’s telephone. access to the Web-based Utility. or l — press 5. Q. to enter the IP address 191. cancel your entry and return to the main menu. Refer to the automatically reboot. static IP address. For example. n. press * (star). The Voice Gateway will reboot and enter the password in option followed by the # (pound) key or hang up to exit.” if you try to set the If the Voice Gateway is pre. and all PPPoE through an analog telephone. Z. All rights reserved. and descriptions. otherwise. X. To access the Interactive Voice Response Menu: Action Command Choices Description hear. use the router/NAT service provider for more Version running on the Voice Gateway. U. menu interface. After entering a value. Set the Mode 201 Router/NAT If the Voice Gateway acts as the router documentation supplied by your the * will be treated as a decimal point or dot. Then press 1 to save the IP address or press Manual Reboot 732668 After you hear. • J. and/or its affiliates in the U. otherwise. to enter the your Internet Telephony Service Provider for available on the Linksys website. you will hear. enter 1 to confirm. press the star key four times). For additional information or troubleshooting If you want to change the settings To review the new setting. or o — press 6. or f — press 3. q. To re-enter the new setting. and the Voice Action Command Choices Description Action Command Choices Description Primary DNS and optional Gateway will use voice responses. set the Internet Connection Type to Factory Reset 73738 Confirm .