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Gay story from India.

Hello guys! I am Stanis ( This is my first story and
probably the last. (**SOME MALAYALAM CONVERSATION AHEAD**) I am bi.
From young age to thirty-two (when I got married), I lived my life in a
boarding school or hostel. So, no surprise that I enjoy gay sex a great deal.
After marriage, I realized that gay sex is even better. So, I don't usually miss
an opportunity. A problem with me is that I am extremely shy and timid.
Today I am a lecturer in a Mumbai college, but I am not very adventurous. I
try something naughty only if I am very sure of a positive response. I also
don't like just any gay person, even very appealing ones; I don't like wild sex.

I enjoy a romantic sexual atmosphere. I am a voracious reader of this site. I
hate western porn which is wild and mechanical. I get turned on by young,
lean, nostalgic looking guys. More about me: I am 5.5; somewhat fair; is laid
back and shy by nature; lean, firm, healthy and look boyish though I'm forty
now; an average Mallu hunk. But the surprising thing is, many girls and boys
like me. In the school and college, I had many friends and a lot of romance –
always initiative is from the other side. I had an inter-caste(religious)
marriage with a supposedly liberated Nair girl from Mumbai after much
romance, kissing and petting, many adventures and bitter opposition.
We are now a great couple; the neighbor’s envy. But our sex life is all my
initiative (which I don't enjoy), usually eating her deep between her legs. I
give her an orgasm almost every night, but she turns away after that. I have
to fuck her between her legs often and play with her attractive boobs. Since I
have professed gender equality, there's no choice dear. Oh... she's great,
gorgeous, extremely loving (otherwise!), and that is my weakness. The
saying is right: sex is always outside marriage. Among the hell lot of gay sex
I have had, the one I like best and remember everyday is the following.
Once, about five years back, I was traveling from Vytilla to Kollam by a fast

and as if by fluke. he looked innocent. In the stupor of sleeping. “Must be a very religious chap. as usual. No reaction. The bus was coming from Thrissur and was nearly full. I thought.00 pm. pressed it on his left thigh.passenger of the KSRTC. Lean and on the fairer side. the sleeves are rolled up. I thought. Suddenly the bus ran into a bump and there was such a great jerk.. I placed my right elbow on his thigh. When I tried. Hm. that's good enough – I thought.. trying to strike a conversation about the elections. I squeezed myself further in and adjusted myself comfortably cozying up towards the boy. Shirt is tucked in and so the bulge is visible if you care to look.. I got in at around 7. There's a nice Titan watch on his wrist. he kept quiet. but slightly taller than me. are very circumspect. since he was sitting on the edge stretching his legs. slow. he's going to be sitting there some more time. I gave him a devil-may-care look and turned away from him toward my attraction. you ought to get in and get off from the front door. the young man next to me is sitting carefree and dozing off. There is a CHANDANA KURI with a tiny red spot on his forehead even in the night. Doesn't appear to be a talkative type. Any way. I surveyed my co-passengers. I went towards the rear seat and in the very last one. But my moves. there'd be some space to squeeze in. no resistance. an old man scolded me and told me to sit towards the corner where another young lad was sitting because the oldie wanted to stretch his legs. Doesn't look cheerful but innocently boyish and guarded. Longish face and beautifully prominent lips. he would've been awake and on the look out for his bus stop. without his knowing. may be eighteen or twenty. The old man is disturbing me. If I could touch the centre of my love even in sleep. With that . As the bus moved. and at every jolt or right turn.. Gently.. The old man relented. Wearing a white jeans and a brown full sleeve shirt. Since I had to travel long. I obeyed and sat where he ordered me to.. It was a new type Ganeshan bus with the back door closed. or else. many had already been standing.” I grumbled to myself.

I tell myself. I would say. he also got up and surveyed the environment. I opened my eyes partially and looked at him quietly. right? I pressed my elbow deeper and leaned more towards his chest as if in sleep. A sweet hunk. the poor guy next to him was asleep.. he looked at me and became very conscious of my hand in the wrong place.. So. But he is still the nice guy. and breath deep. politely making me sleep on his chest. may not receive another chance... Now. I was happy. boss.. tired. Seems to be well-mannered guy. He smells good... But no sign at all that there is something more than good manners in this drama... it moves on. Did I get the signal? Yes. But what to do. though my elbow is on him. to let me begin the game. I may be having a polished look. Hey... in the next jerk. whether to go for it or just leave the poor fellow free. He did nothing and held the front seat with both his hands. I sensed that it is probably semi- hard. a nice thing for him to do. my right forearm was thrown to the other side and fell directly on his bulge.. yes. we must take advantage of the well-mannered guys. Immediately I pretended to doze. But I noticed that he has spread his legs a bit more. But I learnt that he won't easily oppose me doing a thing or two in sleep. He did not resist. he likes me. He rested his head and hands on the front seat as if to cover the show. but may be that is just for my comfort. If he objects? I am still in pretentious sleep. So far.. I now have more space to doze and fall on his chest and dig deeper between his legs with my elbow. his dark brown shirt has a gentle manly aroma. I pressed on his bulge hard enough to avoid all doubts and kept it there to obtain the signal.! He adjusted himself for me. touching nearly his crotch. But with the jerk.I slipped my elbow between his thighs.. Till nothing is so much sure. His body arched upward a little – that was the sign I was waiting for. Kerala transport stops for none. With the next violent jolt of the Kerala transport.. his mouths became dry.... no real sign of pleasure or displeasure. . I thought. either YES or NO.. he couldn't take offense. More. for sure.... I could feel something growing under my arm. I am now in two minds. worn out and sleepy. my forearm is still on my own right thigh.

Doesn't seem to be a fat one but longer than mine. But I was not looking at all this so much. then I noticed that he had taken his shirt out may be at the Alappuzha bus stand. something of a mixture of a bit polished rusticity. what a great feeling. He didn't say a word... my goodness. When we reached medical college junction..He must be aware of my pretension.. So he seems to be ready for action. Every doubt cleared.. Now.. I gently put my hand in and held his cock inside. By sitting in a slanting position toward the window. I just moved my lips across his breast and rested my palm on his huge bulge. I saw his boyish but coy reaction. He moved a bit in moaning. because I cannot show anyone what I was doing. right? He now spread his legs and is allowing me to explore. Nice slippery fluid that the heavens send us. I felt its tip which is oozing fluid. I did just that. he is now in spirited conversation with a fat and dark middle-aged man standing opposite to him. it was so difficult to open... that's enough. I thought. I massaged its tip and put my finger slightly into its opening. also. In the dim light of the KSRTC bus. I was sure that he wouldn't talk a word. there is a rural innocence about him. I just held his bulge and gently massaged his inner thigh. I cursed the men's wear industry. It would all end when he gets down. Then I pulled it out from the unddie and look at . The bus is now full. He was wearing a white underwear. Moreover. but if he's not? Many teenagers may like it but may not allow you to do it actually. I opened my eyes and looked at him straight.. I made it impossible for the old man to see anything happening. he looked away towards the window as if to say “You do what you want. I caught his cock through the unddie and felt a little bit of wetness on it. A middle class rural dude. He lifted himself slightly and held back his tummy so that I can open the zip. I like it but I'm too reserved. I searched for the zip and when I found it.. I thought. he's pail but hungry for it. still pretending to sleep.” There was a deep brooding look in his eyes. I am gently massaging his thighs and crotch. We have reached Alappuzha. Though he's fair and well-groomed. He didn't object.

poor but my thirst for that sweet twink made me bold and carefree. and took a left turn. I lost my chance. this way and that.. Shiva walked further right on the NH-47 for five mts or so. I thanked fortune for the opportunity.. I think. My boy had the look of an actor in his youth.” But you need to know teenage psyche.. I looked at him pleading with him to stay.” I was relieved. But with this anticlimax. “Give yourself to me.. I opened its head gently. was reborn. I can't lick or suck it.. It is punnapra. the best thing on earth is an erect and beautiful dick. I now know that my boy love is Shiva and he wouldn't betray me. Pondered oh. got up to go. but said nothing. in fact longer than I thought. Didn't know his intention. I was now normal. I walked behind him. when I was courting my wife. There were two autos waiting. he looked at me sadly while slowly moving ahead through the crowd. One of the drivers asked: “SHIVA. ITHAARA NINTE KOODE?” “ORU FRIENDA. wet. They won't risk that much. He put his dick inside and pulled up his zip. and suck his cock. Now.. What a predicament. Not saying a word.. It is definitely longer than mine. Alas! all of a sudden he freed himself from me and anxiously looked outside. I was love sick. Yes. my dear. He looked back and seemed to panic. I thought I'll just kiss him on the lips there and then. He is now moving his body slightly at the height of pleasure. for some reason and against my usual self. He's not saying anything. I got scared. . I then surprised everybody. He is waiting at the door near the driver to get off. an Indian citizen can get in and get off an Indian bus at any place! I got down just behind him.. Beautiful with a slight downward bent at its head. I had a huge bulge and the front of my jeans is. I also got up decisively. Through the dim light it looked marvelous. My romantic self. That year I was hot-headed and firm like a rock. I went up and stood behind him.. take his juice and leave... if I had only done it differently. See. God. I cursed myself for being too slow... But. I cursed everybody including myself.. I don't know what the old man might have thought.. Only we were getting off there. It was narrow path with KONNA fence on both sides.

We were in lock-lipped french kiss for about ten mts. He was panting and breathing deep. though the moon was shining brightly. “ETHARAAYI. I thought. I eagerly waited for his answer. “ATHOKKE VERUTHEYA SHIVA. His breath had that sweet boyish smell even after a tiring journey.. I stopped him forcefully and kissed him in the mouth. While still walking I held his dick. He did not resist. AVIDE POKAAM. His firm and lean chest shined in the moon light. Not a soul anywhere there. “AMMA. We got down and I stood on a higher step. ACHAN. NEEYETHRA cute-AANENNU NINAKKARIYAMO?” I boosted him. “ILLA CHETTA. Suddenly his mobile range.” I saw a newly built medium size RCC house a bit far off. Time must be around 9. A deserted and haunted-looking place.. That is his attraction! Our tongues were exploring each other like two mating fish. He hurriedly took the phone saying “AMMA AYIRIKKUM”. He has bought enough time. He is an intelligent boy. His body had that iron rustic beauty which his boyish face did not reflect much. I had sex with so many and in my hostel days used to sleep with many. I pulled out his shirt and kissed him all over. I began to lick his chest . It has a few stone steps to get down. “SHIVA.” “APPOL NAMMAL EVIDE PODUM?” I asked again. I began to bite and chew at his nipples. “PRETHAMUNDENNA PARAYUNNE. Ah.Once we turned away from the high way. ALAPPUZHA AAKUNNU. The pond was very near-by... at the back and front.” We reached the pond. was simply out of the world. Now he says: “CHETTA.” Good. I walked fast and caught hold of his hand and kissed it.” I put him at ease. on the neck and the chin. what a catch. He did not smile or giggle but was moaning passionately. He smells so sweet and fresh. He stopped and walked ahead for two more mts. “AVIDE ARUNDU?” I asked. ANIYATHI.00 pm..” I swore. His attraction. it is quite dark.” Clever boy. Shiva was different.. CHTTANTE ATHRA MIDUKKANALLA NJAN. I gently opened his shirt.” He says. ATHANENTE VEEDU. It was a best boyish body for me. “BHAJANA MATTHATHINTE ADUTHU ORU KULAMUNDU. I followed him. NJAN THANNE VANNOLAM. “Shit.. I put my tongue inside and he reciprocated. may be only for me.

Then I told him to mouth-fuck me and give me his nectar.. Opened its head from the skin case. he thrust it into my mouth moaning and begging to take him.. His attention all focused. I spat the semen out and took his cock once again in my mouth. I kissed and licked his thighs... Occasionally. I held him there for two mts and he pulled out.... I realized that he likes it so much. trying to enjoy every bit of the experience... I started chewing it. he was in third heaven. But there is no time. I caught his ass tightly and made it comfortable for him. Finally crying somewhat loud “ah.. Now it is even better. I chewed and chewed it with love. But I was shy to . he became a wild beast and started mouth-fucking me like a bull.. He did not have much pubic hair...and tummy. I turned him around and kissed his firm ass. As if for one last time. Now I turned him once more and took his gorgeous cock into my mouth. but intense and passionate. I too am like that when in love. he would moan loud. He made it wide open.. That he liked so much that he arched himself toward me. But he was always conscious of not going overboard.” he was so considerate.” he poured out all his love into my mouth. Hm.. caught hold of my hair and forgot to be soft. “ENIKKU VENAM MONE. This stop and start method went on for about twenty mts.. I sat leaning on the wall of the steps and told him to fuck my mouth.. He put his dick once again in my mouth. His hands are exploring my hair lovingly.. I removed it fully from his legs. it tastes so nice. It is a good long one. Now I slowly opened his jeans. As I was eating and blowing his cock. Now I want to finish it. He did just that and was going into ecstasy. I would stop him and lick deep under his balls. “ATHU VENDA CHETTA. I licked and cleaned the sweat from his balls.. Tasted its heavenly nectar.. THAA please”. pinkish at the head and somewhat wheatish in the other parts. achieve the height and go quickly. it is becoming hard again.. Very serious about what he was doing. I told him to come towards the side of the pond. but I chewed whatever is there. He was not shy... I begged. I don't like anal sex and did not explore that area.

He picked up the cell phone and was so thrilled to hear me. There. We dressed ourselves quickly. there's no pleasure. He is a good singer and has won many prizes in LALITHA GAANAM. A teenage lover can be absolutely passionate. ENTHU NALLATHA CHETTA.” Shiva was a true lover.. In that bus stop. it seems. I didn't want anybody to call back. He knelt down on a lower step and opened my shirt. I couln't resist calling Shiva. He sucked and kissed my nipples and chest. We kissed and separated.. But he was hungry for my firm nipples like all my lovers. He then kept his dick in between my thighs while showering me with tongue-twisted kisses... the lover has to be pleasing. I think if you get somebody quickly.” I sat on the higher step. I gave my number with the last two digits exchanged. He was so eager to talk on that day and we went for about two hours. the more he comes alive with that night.. After reaching Mumbai. he smiled and kissed it. We exchanged our numbers.” I said.” He took it into his mouth and started sucking and blowing it. He plays football regularly. My wife was with her mother in Mumbai for delivery. in a nostalgic moment.. Quickly he opened my jeans and took out my dick. I told him not to worry. When I came in his mouth. “ITHU CHETTANTE ORMACKAAYI...ask him to suck me. of course. We became true lovers. and that I would call him regularly. destined for Chengannur. From then on. Shiva never faded from my memory. “HAI.. He was introduced to gay sex while on . The more I think of him.. Shiva would come to my thoughts. I stayed in that bus stop for about half an hour thinking of Shiva. One day. I began to call him and came to know all about him.. Shiva is such a fantastic lover. He told me to go ahead and he would go slowly behind. he took his kerchief and unloaded the fluid into it.. The catch has to be adventurous and. when I see young boys and girls in the college. Finally I got a bus to Harippad. For the first time. “CHETTANU ENTHA VENDE? CHAPPITHARANO?” I said “hm. fast passengers stop only if there are passengers to get down. He complained that the number I gave him was wrong. “SAMAYAMILLA SHIVA.

at least in the photograph he sent me. of course. The CCHOTTA villain that Shiva . Emails almost everyday. He even told me if he had a choice he would marry me. guys…! Shiva and I want to meet in Mumbai soon when he returns home for the first time. as one would expect. That is the romance of gay sex.sinats@gmail. During our encounter. Stanis with love to all hunks Write comments to me at: sinats. is extremely beautiful. he was eighteen. He's very jealous. he forced his gril to show him her nudity and his to her! That is the farthest he has gone with the opposite sex. He has a MURAPPENNU whom he loves and has kissed on a few occasions. His second experience was with me. he wants to know if I fell for any boy. He sends me a lot of gifts. Recently he completed his engineering course and is now in Gulf earning well. Each time we speak.BAALAKALOLSAVAM by a stranger of about twenty five years when he was thirteen. I'm a bit naughty. Thank you for reading. my girl love is my wife. He has no contact with his virgin lover. But. His MURAPPENNU. We never had an encounter after that but even today I speak to him at least twice a month. He talks passionately about it. taking coaching for engineering in Thrissur. but enjoys gay sex more. and boy love is himself. He doesn't seem to have many experiences due to his reserved character and care for reputation. For him.