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- Ratan Kaurinta1

What is the right type of education that is needed for our society at this crucial
juncture when a lot of changes are noticeable and perceptible around us particularly
due to the emergence of globalization? A question comes to mind as to what type of
education is required now? Is it the same old traditional type be carried forward or
education with specific direction. Probably, the later draws the attention of many of us.
I am also induced as a teacher to see that my students after obtaining proper education
do not remain unemployed and frustrated or disconcerted. I, therefore advocate for the
just and relevant type of education for our society today.

Education is one vital needs of every being in any society. Today, education has
become the largest single activity in the world in terms of the number of people
engaged in it. Education is a process of human enlightenment and empowerment for
the achievement of a better and higher quality of life. A sound and effective system of
education will definitely result in the unfolding of the learner’s potentialities,
enlargement of their competencies and transformation of their interests, attitude and
values. Therefore, the objective of education in the present context is not only to
promote equality and social justice but also to provide the right type of work ethos and
culture, professional expertise and leadership in all walks of life. It is an endeavour to
foster among teachers and students the integral development of values inherent in
physical, emotional, national, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual education and transmit
through them in the society. We also know that in the area of education, it is quality
which is increasingly becoming more important than quantity.

Our present education system has become somewhat outdated, as it was
designed, basically to cater to the requirements of the white collared jobs. But today
not only the numbers of govt. jobs have reached saturation point, the nature and
requirements of white collared jobs themselves are also undergoing drastic changes.
As a result, our educational institutions are turning graduates, who are ill equipped to
meet the demands and challenges of society. In other words, they are not competent or
skillful enough to bag white collar jobs under the Government and private sectors,
which are becoming tough and competitive in a globalize job market. At the same
time, education has also weakened their limbs, making them mentally unprepared for
jobs involving manual labour. Some have even become alienated from society, so
much so that, they may turn into anti-social elements.

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Nagaland University, Kohima.

enthuse hard work. That is not to undermine that scoring high marks is less important for eligibility and security in job market but career orientation is of more significance. As such. and leader. teacher’s training programmes. For this purpose. guide. Here. Students in the present days are looking forward to confidence building measures from their teacher. We need education that will equip our students with the skill they need to face reality. mind. The teaching community is the backbone of a society’s progress and development. the teacher will do well to take the leadership to mobilize and motivate students to work towards career and job oriented enterprises and undertakings. seminars. Teaching skills and techniques are absolutely necessary to impart qualitative education. and for timely guidance. For that matter. as “we can not give what we do not have”. the major focus should be on those factors which contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning. While moulding the minds of the young people. students apparently hold and expect that they be given good. One indication of the major deficiencies in our present education system is the fact that. and definitely not liabilities as rendered. we as teachers are also partly to be blamed. Mahatma Gandhi once visualizes education as “an all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body. and to compete in the global job market. Therefore. Education in the present Naga society has made a lot of differences to status in general and the students in particular. We need education that will turn our youth into real assets for the society. debates etc. inspire. teachers in one capacity or the other should do well to remember that the nation’s destiny is literally shaped in the classroom. are to be organised periodically to help teachers to update themselves with latest developments and to equip with qualification to teach and acquire wider range of knowledge all to the benefit of the students. determination. while there is no serious unemployment amongst those who are not educated. high quality and viable knowledge and not merely a mark-sheet oriented education. It is a well accredited fact to reiterate that the destiny of the country is decided in classroom. lessons and core curriculum should be deliberately proactive and future oriented combined with successful team interaction and effective leadership. It is a gradual process of development of manpower for the battle of life. Quest and thirst for excellence. which begins at cradle and finishes at the grave. there is a serious unemployment amongst the educated. to motivate. workshops. Education is a lifelong process of learning. and hard work have not made much headway in the present generation of Naga society except for a dedicated few. discussions. motivation. reorientation of our education system is the need of the hour. That is. Having acquired knowledge is not enough to be qualified as a teacher. and spirit”. Hence. I think. It therefore becomes imperative that students should be shaped well to stand the stress 2 .

fashion designing. along with the formal subjects for the benefit of students and more so towards creating the much needed entrepreneurs in the State. for funds which is not a welcome feature  In such a situation. Teachers are well educated. there have always been shortages of trained personnel in various functional areas of management. Most of the institutions have not kept pace with changes. learn and gain from new ways of doing things. It is felt that through entrepreneurship education the important tasks of developing enterprising youth can be accomplished. tourism as an industry. international trade. The need is to welcome and synthesis or blend creativity and professionalism. jobs when other ways are open to build an entrepreneurial career. insurance etc. the challenges to entrepreneurship education are tremendous. Here. Entrepreneurship education becomes indispensable particularly in Nagaland. My thinking on the right type of education has been drawn to teaching career oriented and vocational subjects such as IT. revenue generation from within the State becomes imperative  Adequate manpower requires to be developed to undertake commercial and other economic ventures in the absence of Government jobs  The pass out students with their acquired level of education need not wait for govt. In this region i. entrepreneurs enhance the flexibility and adaptability of economies because individuals can move much faster than large bureaucratic corporations. Unfortunately. Thus a large number of employment opportunities are being lost. the major chunk of the educated youth of the State have not realize and have also not been given exposure about managing their own projects and careers. in particular the NER of the Indian sub- continent.e. In fact. Business Administration. This is not to say that teachers cannot develop. and if asked and honestly listened to.and strain of life with confidence and honesty. mention may be made of the need for such type of education.  Nagaland as we all know is an economically backward State  There has been an increasing dependence on Central Govt. banking. On one hand. I have no doubt that any teacher could exactly describe how they teach and their reasons for doing so. On the other hand. 3 . there are large numbers of educated unemployed who are mostly looking at Government to give them jobs. The challenge is to work on it with the philosophy of working to commitment where students do not learn just their curriculum but problem-solving skills as well. they are not adequately trained so much so that they can not exploit their own potential. Education will be of little or no use if it does not shape a student’s character well suited to a life of virtue with high caliber. In a situation of resource imbalance. amongst the most articulate people in society. although the existing system of education can not accommodate such type of education unless some changes are made. thoughtful. Of the various resources. the human resource is considered most crucial and important.

Attempts should be made towards vocationalisation of our existing education system at all levels. Ideally. use of content development software. animation and demonstration can benefit teaching tremendously. the present requirement is to move education away from the polarity of learning that is either subject or skills-based and to breakdown the compartmentalizing of knowledge. e-commerce and software engineering. for e. In view of these requirements. our society is becoming an entrepreneurial society where individuals faces tremendous challenge. government. the use of various creativity strategies. With such new input. Be it web-based services. This would eventually lead to the empowerment of the students’ community 4 . it would create congenial atmosphere for higher education by removing greater inequalities and by creating virtual educational facilities. research centre etc. rather it adds value for the better. like brainstorming in problem identification or creative and critical thinking in computer problems.  The high potential of IT to generate wealth and employment has already caught the imagination of every body  Computer is being used almost every where. It is therefore absolutely necessary for students to learn at least to operate a computer if not becoming an expert. technology and system. with changes like globalization. disinvestment. the need of the hour is to develop skills in computer and internet usage. etc they all have emerged as the new wheels of the Indian economy. Yet. Use of e-content and e-based courseware and support material like graphics. welfare organisation.  The IT revolution has become the new mantra in our economic landscape.g. “The ability to generate original ideas and solve problems appropriate to the contexts” is what I feel the right type of education. another important area which should become a part of formal education is information technology. However. which to some extent are skill-oriented—for example. education. The educational system requires radically new thinking and approaches. All our educational institutions must make it a point to start IT as one compulsory course. ‘education’ was compartmentalized and subject-based giving little scope for academically weaker students. Again. a challenge they need to exploit as an opportunity. Consequently.  Today knowledge of IT has become essential for everyone. it would both create new learning and help teachers to innovate on course content and teaching methods. As a matter of fact. business. open competition and technological changes taking place. working with software wizard. resorting to the new technology does not in any way reduce the role of a teacher. A beginning has already been made in this direction under the aegis of SCERT. family. create globally competitive courseware etc. Such as change in attitude. deregulation. IT is being used for all purposes. the need for continuous learning and relearning. Prior to the current education streamlining.

law. nothing less than a wholehearted endeavour to put modern technology at the service of education. “Future lies in the hands of those who dare to pave a road rather than tread on it. Therefore. unfortunate to note that in Nagaland we do not have any institution offering many of these courses. The full benefits can be achieved only by maximizing the reach of IT and its tools among the general public. MBA. Every institution with a potential for excellence will be grappled with many of these issues in the near future as it seeks to build up on its position as a modernizing and efficient institution of academic excellence as the seminar theme rightly propagates. It is urgently required that atleast some new institutions should come up or our University (NU) should offer. Our vision. one may say that. demand not only a new mindset on the teaching community. more dynamism and competitiveness are required on our part. 5 . We can safely say that acquisition of knowledge is a two way process- i. the present curriculum does not prepare the students wholly for facing the competitive exams as well. but also acquiring of new skills and techniques. IT acts as an agent of social transformation and harbinger of knowledge-based society in the present century. Some professional courses like the MCA. If a teacher can be equipped to take on these challenges on a positive note. Also. ICWA. It is however. With the onset of 21st century and the incorporation of education in the service sector. the most important challenge that today’s teachers as well as academic administrators have to meet is that of combining excellence in teaching and research with social responsibility. it had to be inculcated and perpetuated by means of a continuous improvement of the professional competence and communication skills of the teachers. if not all few of these courses without any delay. collectively we must advance the frontiers of knowledge. So far as I understand. but then. who decides to give the world what it hasn’t seen and who have the ability to turn ideas into solutions”. as I envisage should be to make the job of a teacher both exact and demanding. medicine and engineering etc.e. The National Policy on Education (1986) GOI strongly documented the critically important role of teachers’ general. Indeed. As we are all aware and as pointed out by our earlier learned speakers very tactfully. such impetus are not automatic. CS. it is between the teacher and the taught and therefore. CA. all possibility should be explored to create courses in tune with market trends and needs and IT can be one such courses. are still demanding. These in turn. the country is facing completely new and complex challenges particularly in higher education. The target is not to create experts rather the objective is to break the fear of unknown and create smart users of IT tools.

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