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Bugaboo Creek Steak House

Bugaboo Creek Steak House (“Bugaboo” or the “Company”) is an unique 30 unit casual dining chain that delivers
customers a full-service dining experience. Founded in 1992, the restaurant was inspired by the culinary secrets
uncovered by mountain guide Conrad Kain’s exploration of the Bugaboo Mountains in British Columbia, Canada.
Bugaboo’s hunting lodge atmosphere is reminiscent of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and life-like animatronics with
talking animal heads provide side-show entertainment for the entire family. In FY 2009, the Company generated
approximately $74.4 million in sales and $9.0 million in four-wall EBITDA.

Summary Investment Highlights

Differentiated Brand in the Casual Dining Restaurant Segment
- The Bugaboo atmosphere and experience is unlike any other concept in casual dining. The entertainment
experience, the robust décor and the appealing menu offerings present an opportunity for a new buyer to capitalize
on the brand value and concept development that has occurred over the past 18 years since inception in 1992. The
cost to create a brand such as Bugaboo is significantly higher than an acquisition cost of the company today.

Menu has Broad Appeal for the Entire Family

- Bugaboo’s mission has always been to provide high quality food in a family-friendly and entertaining setting. The
menu has broad appeal for the entire family with a varety of steak cuts: prime cuts of sirloin, T-Bone, ribeye and
their signature spare ribs, as well as spit-roasted chicken, grilled salmon, pasta, a kids menu and gluten-free
options. In May 2010, the average check was $18.82.

Bugaboo is Poised to Benefit from the Economic Recovery

- With access to capital and investment in the brand, history has shown that the company has the potential to reach
higher than current financial performance levels as the economic recovery continues.

- The recession and the downturn in the real estate market present the opportunity to pursue new unit growth
identified but not pursued by the current ownership.

Compelling Future Growth Opportunities

- Viable growth prospects and sales and margin drivers include: (i) refreshing the brand to continue differentiation
with casual dining competitors with minimal capital investment, (ii) refining the menu with items that appeal to
customers and can be prepared consistently and efficiently in the kitchen, (iii) re-establishing at minimal cost the
“Bugaboo Creek Culture” within employee (cast) training processes to further enhance the guest experience, and
(iv) re-establishing a unique physical element that creates a compelling destination driver.

Information contained herein was provided by the Company and has not been independently verified by Raymond James

Map & Locations
Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire With 30 restaurants located throughout the
– Hartford – Braintree – Bedford
– Brockton – Nashua Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern
Delaware – Burlington – Newington
– Newark – Dedham United States, Bugaboo offers an
– Farmingham New York
– Duluth
– Methuen
– Milford
– Poughkeepsie
– Rochester
entertaining dining experience that caters to
– Fayettevillle
– Kennesaw
– Peabody
– Plymouth Pennsylvania
tastes of the entire family. The current
– Lithonia
– Newnan
– Seekonk
– Shrewsbury
– Philadelphia restaurant portfolio includes locations
– Watertown Rhode Island
– Warwick
ranging from 5,384 to 10,565 square feet in
– Gaithersburg
– Bangor
size with enough seating for 206 to 383
– Upper Marlboro – South Portland

Summary Financials
Summary Metrics
($'s in 000's) FYE Sept. '08 FYE Sept. '09 TTM May '10 Current annual AUVs of approximately $2.3
Revenue $ 88,039 $ 74,417 $ 68,800 million with monthly sales ranging from
Gross Profit 56,203 48,709 45,430 $82K to $310K.
Gross Profit Margin 63.8% 65.5% 66.0%
Four-Wall EBITDA $ 10,921 $ 8,961 $ 8,034
Average Check $ 17.29 $ 17.64 $ 18.19

Situation Overview & Contact Information

Bugaboo is a wholly owned subsidiary of CB Holding Corp., which is a multiunit operator of restaurants throughout
the U.S. CB Holding believes Bugaboo Creek Steak House requires additional financial resources beyond its ability
to provide at this time in order to fully realize Bugaboo Creek Steak House’s optimal potential as a regional and
potentially national and international brand. Raymond James & Associates (“Raymond James”) has been engaged to
serve as its financial advisor with respect to a sale of the assets of Bugaboo Creek Steak House.
Execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement is required in order to receive additional information which more fully
describes the Company. To coordinate delivery of a Non-Disclosure Agreement from Raymond James please contact
one of the following professionals:

Please Direct All Questions To:

New York Team

Raj Singh David Abell

Managing Director Senior Vice President
(212) 885-1800 (212) 885-1820

San Francisco Team

Laura Provenzale Alex Coppersmith

Managing Director Senior Vice President
(415) 616-8901 (415) 616-8902

Information contained herein was provided by the Company and has not been independently verified by Raymond James