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Shakespeare¶s Richard III, among many themes, shows revenge as an important
driving force behind the actions of Richard and Margaret

Although there is no specific events happened in the play to explain all the evil
behaviors of Richard, his claims at the beginning of the play could be analyzed as his
reasons for revenge.


As a brave follower and loyal supporter of his brother fighting against the Lancaster Family during the War of the Roses. 4. the rest of his revenge is on Elizabeth and her family. as in a map. and Prince York are imprisoned in the Tower of London to be murdered. 6) Based on the understanding of Richard¶s hatred for her and her family. . bemoaning ³I see. 56) It suggests the death of her entire family. Richard is ruthless. he is ³discontent´ to see Edward¶s kingly status downgraded to the extent that now µhe capers nimbly in a lady¶s chamber.´ (2. 51) Elizabeth hasto flee to the church with her little son. her two sons Prince of Wales.¶ (1. it also precipitates Edward¶s death. The word ³discontent´ may show his feeling of alienation in the royal court. what would betide of me?¶ (1. the end of all. not because his deformities. Elizabeth knows that King Edward¶s death is not the end. which not only puts himself in a strong position to facilitate his subsequent scheme.1. Seeing ³the ruin of my house´ (2.12) To carry out his revenge towards his brother and Elizabeth. µIf he [King Edward] were dead. 3. No sooner or later her family members Rivers and Dorset are put to death by Richard. 4. He eliminates his own brother Clarence for his title of Lord Protection.  The word ³discontent´ could imply his resentment towards his brother King Edward and Queen Elizabeth. Thereafter. but because his brother¶s marriage with Lady Grey which has gained her family prominence.

Margaret is another character in the play whose actions are allrevengeful. she criticizes and curses the members of the York that caused her decline of power. The reason for her revenge is relatively obvious to the audience .  . wishing that her hope for revenge would become true. Scene III. when she is first introduced to the audience.the victory of the York family. leaving Margaret completely wrecked with only her life remaining.Margaret's revenge consists mainly of cursing all the other characters in In Act I.

He is captured and eliminated with Rivers and Dorset due to Richard¶s scheme of becoming the king.For example. who is a close relative of Elizabeth. Realizing himself as a part of the curse.     Margaret makes curses on Richard.       The reason for Margaret being viewed as an avenger is established by the fact that she curses each of the membersof the House of York that caused the downfall of her family and contributed to her misfortune. who she condemns for his part in her husband¶s death. serves as a testimony to Margaret's revenge curse. cursing Elizabeth that she should suffer the same fate as she did . She chastises Elizabeth for marrying the enemy.he speaks the line 3        . Gray. All the members being cursed either die or live horribly on to testify to the truth of the curses placed on them.

.indicating the success of Margaret's revenge.         ! This also testifies the truth of the curses placed on them. Margaret is seen as the nemesis (X ) that ³punishes´ each one of the characters of the play. Overall. She displays hate as she places revengeful curses on the other characters in the play.  There is also another quote from Buckingham before himbeing slaughtered.

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