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Creative Report # 3 | August 18, 2010 | investigating regeneration through art

No Longer and Not Yet* p. 2 Our investiga- Leo Singer p. 15 Initial conjectures about labour
tion so far by Monika Vykoukal. relations, rubbish and economic regeneration.
urban Research Collective p. 16 looking into legacy
Activities Overview p. 4 What’s in ideas and practice.
happened in July and August,
including people met, informa-
tion gathered, places seen. “In View of the Size
and Significance...”
p. 16 the answer we’d
No easy answers p. 5 all been waiting for
Looking for answers, Freedom of Informa-
collecting more tion-wise.
questions. Featuring
the ‘A41 Junction
Improvements’. Illustrations: p.
18 If it was a sink-
hole ... Céline Siani
New at the Re- Djiakoua, Legacy.
Urban Research Col-
search Centre p.6 lective, Ray Truby
More books, films and
old photos.

Investigations and find-
ings so far: p. 8 John Dummett
p. 8 reflections on publicness, space and
Anna Francis p. 10 diary of the independent shop
auditor and the first installment of her interviews
with stall holders.
Manu Luksch p.15 blue-sky blueprint.

Editor: Monika Vykoukal Graphic Design: Jens Strandberg and Pål Bylund.
Contributors to this issue: Céline Siani Djiakoua, photos: Courtesy the contributors, Sandwell Met-
John Dummett, Anna Francis, Manu Luksch, ropolitan Borough Council, Queens Square Shop-
Leo Singer, Urban Research Collective, Ray Truby. ping Centre, P Rogers Schoolwear.
Contact: Monika Vykoukal, t 07967230880, film still: Courtesy The London Particular.

someone came round and handed me a letter. I wonder about the future of this market. and Heather Ring have been to West Bromwich for research visits. the third newsletter of this project is an investigation into ‘regeneration’ and focused on the centre of West Bromwich. where ‘there was only here and now. We’ve all been interested in the timing of developments. Jonathan Atkinson & Pete Abel of the Urban Research Collective. and think of a postcard of mountains in the desert? Should we? In seeing those ruins of the recent past as somewhat picturesque. This report is here to make our activities public and to invite further contributions. boarded up buildings. It sounds like there will be changes in how much it costs to pay for a stall and how it is worked out. I would like to find out more about what this will mean. the ruins of houses. glorious future town. Some of their findings. about the parking situation. Anna’s interviews with some of the stall holders in the Market Hall have also given us more ideas. faded. 2 . in how it be- comes overgrown. But who finds this beautiful and why? How? Is it nostalgia? Is looking at the vestiges of New Street like looking at the Acropolis at Sunset? Can we look at the rust-coloured rubble heap on the Lyng. in the market. I’ve also been in touch with some other markets and hope to get to talk to more people there. following swiftly on the second report guest-authored by David Berridge. I am working with a lose group of artists and researchers to try and find ways to explore the processes that come together in regeneration.’. Many of the artists can find a beauty in the cleared land. I want to find out a bit more about those. in the image of a clean. now. such as Ray Truby who shares some of his photos here too. clear. I’ve also made more contact with people around here. and what is not yet. Anna Francis. Since the last newsletter. how they work and what they are useful for. do we glorify what many others. is working with me on a guide to the market. are not given attention to. John Dummett. in the present between what remains. or a sign of abandonment? Yet. mapping the stalls and their offers with and for the stall-holders. the crumbling. but they are what is here. Meanwhile.. They also have a friends of the market scheme. plans and results can be found in the following pages. find depressing. those are the spaces that. some markets I know do that. NO LONGER AND NOT YET* Our investigation so far by Monika Vykoukal This is. Leo Singer. pending their liking our results. or is no longer. as they go about their daily lives. and of course shoppers. As curator. about a ‘review of rating assessments’ in the market. Céline Siani Djiakoua. Cody Lee Barbour.. dirty. Brixton Market in London managed to get better parking nearby through a petition. like everyone else. Last week. a graphic designer from Birmingham. no-longer-useful signage.

more analytical and questioning research and wanting to do something that some people might find ‘useful’ in a more practical way. professionally and personally. or we really think it’s the right thing to do.There is a certain tension between the open. I have begun to interview a range of people on their views and roles. Michelle Letowska will be down from Glasgow next week to spend time in the Planning Department to learn how their daily jobs. ed. because it’s “our job” from what we do because we want to. With that in mind. but the title is also the title of an essay in: Jerome Kohn. make sense of them. A Survey of Birmingham and the Black Country. In ‘Being and Nothing- ness’ (2). As I am writing this I keep being interrupted by the persistent kids of some of the traders. and I’ve become more interested in how different people involved in the life of the town or in regeneration in the area see the realities we share. as described later in this newsletter.). (3) Jean-Paul Sartre. While working with the artists and researchers and meeting and talking to and getting further ideas from people who speak to me in the market. It’s school holiday season and quite a few children have found their way here. within that. Robert Denoon Cumming (ed. One of the things I wonder about is how we all define our position in relation to our work. Methuen. just as a soldier at attention makes himself a soldier thing with a look straight in front of him. Opposite page:Conurbation. and started to build houses out of cardboard. 152. 1930-1954. London. to do some more town-building with kids as part of our work. and in how far we separate what we do. which does not see at all…” (3) -Monika Vykoukal (1) This has nothing much to do with the text. Essays in Understanding. 1968. 241 This page: View of the future Tesco Site towards the Expressway. and the personal level of the physical regeneration processes are. as if by coincidence. p. I’ve not read that book. May 2010. In September. Manu Luksch will be up from London. By the West Midlands Group. Jean-Paul Sartre says: “a grocer who dreams is offensive to the buyer. Hannah Arendt. The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. London 1948. We’re also planning to show the work all the people involved are doing at the stall in the next months. p. 3 . because such a grocer is not wholly a grocer. The Archi- tectural Press. New York 2005. Etiquette requires that he limit himself to his function as a grocer. I hope to continue with more of those interviews and to share them soon in the newsletter and on the blog. (2) Duncan said that when we talked on the phone the other day. Schocken Books. and view their own role.

and what pedestrians routes and traf- fic routes. 4 . Someone who works at a supermar- 20 July Urban Research Collective visit ket in a nearby town said that currently people from Interview with Neil Gadsby. Part. streets split into two parts by the new road. especially those who Holy Trinity Church come from the other side of the motor-way into town to shop. Overtime. or even go into town but only drive to the Tesco. Market- 21 June Meeting with Chloe Brown. artist 23 June Black Country Society Walk: The 6 August Interview with Ram local resident. Portland Works. with many 10 July Be Proud of Sandwell Event. ThePublic Robin Pearson 7 August Visit to Blackheath Market 25 June Meeting with Councillor Steve Me. was also concerned about how ton long the Tesco development was taking and how it 27-29 July Heather Ring research visit (with would link to the motorway and be surrounded by car- support from her friend Adam) park. for residents. He looked at the plans for the Lyng for a long time and said that there needed Sheffield. Mar- 28 July Meetings. 22 July Cody Lee Barbour research visit it seemed to this local. in particular peo- nership Officer. for 9 July Urban Research Collective. well as some others. He. Queens Square Shopping 23-25 June Shoes conference. Centre 21-25 June John Dummett research visit Manager. People Public wanted to know about access during the roadworks 13 July Meeting with Linda Saunders. University of Wolverhamp. There was a worry that once the Tesco was built people would not shop in. including buses are planned for the new Public road-layout.ACTIVITIES OVERVIEW Interview with Gerry Ritchie. of the time before the Expressway and the ef- Siani Djiakoua research visits fects it had on the street-scape of the town. research. University of Wolverhampton story 5 August Meeting with Mel Glasby. ing. The Public Notes from conversations at the stall: 6 July Meeting with Andy Hewitt 7-9 July Leo Singer research visit The new building works on the Expressway have been West Bromwich Forum Meeting at brought up by many people. and he guesses the new Tesco will ‘kill’ that Asda. Multi. ThePublic Centre. it seems. discussions ket and Town Centre Manager 2 August Meeting with Qucie Green. Drop in consultation business away from Morrisons in Wednesbury. Sandwell struction on estates they were building outside Bir- 26 July Visit Julia Udall.ThePublic 30 June Lessons to Take-Away conference. Dew to be more small shops near people’s homes. 17 August Interview with Graham search visits Peet. about the many. The. Sandwell Housing ple who work for factories in that area do their shop- Partnership ping before returning to West Bromwich. Stately Homes of West Bromwich. mingham on former farmland. John Dummett re. and afterwards. as Harrison. West Bromwich tend to shop there. first stage consultation 23 July Meeting with Angela Swan. Meeting with Dr. I also spoke with some more people about their per- sonal histories. Civic Pride Association and Suzan Spence 28 June-2 July Anna Francis. Arts in Another local told me how he used to work in con- Empty Spaces. Meeting with Céline Siani Djiakoua lia. Céline some. many changes and the demolitions and loss of industry. Asda in Great Bridge took Vantage Point. again. 13-15 July Leo Singer Research visit 16 July Meeting with Andy Hewitt Another issue that came up was the potential effect 19 July Cody Lee Barbour research visit the future Tesco might have on other shopping in the area once it opens. The. It also brought up memories. Visit by Jo Muir.

B70 to questions raised in the course of our investigation. we have attempted to find answers Environment House / Lombard Street. where. and 8RU collected many more questions. So far I have found out that current management of the manent locations to allow for alterations to the bus stops. refrigerated in summer. and possibly try and look at old plans. a multi-storey car park for 840 cars and a bus proper bus shelters where the temporary stops are (e. I think this might be around the B4166. I have put the nent stops locations that originally had a shelter. The air is heated in winter. to be sure we’d need a road number and (or) name to look at old maps. is a £ 3 million en- ist’s impressions. Alternative temporary pedestrian routes closed shpooing [sic] precinct. then only two lanes. centre do not know about this and that the council archives Shelters will be put back in due course at all of the perma. jointly developed by the between All Saints Way and the town centre are signed as Mineworker’s Pension Scheme and the West Bromwich shown on the attached drawing. No shelters will be provided at tempo- rary stop locations. it looks like then the build- TION IMPROVEMENTS: ing works stopped. works is now closed. What was the original road layout and right of way on Bustle- holme Lane? Who built and lived in 190 Beeches Road? Over the course of recent weeks. County Borough Council. We can’t A road. West Bromwich. The final scheme includes a new foot. posed to go to to Blackheath but it only goes to Whiteheath: here are four lanes from Oldbury. West Bromwich. 5 May 1971 A: Temporary bus stops are established in All Saints Way to facilitate the major highway modifications associated with What happened to the coal on display in a case in the the development of the former Churchfields High School Queen’s Square Shopping Centre? site for new homes. -Mall 2. e A41Team@scottwilson. a lot of them from chats with people at the market. looking towards Queens Square. but we’ll try. please get in touch (see colophon on the first page for contact details). but SOME INFORMATION ON THE A41 JUNC. All under one roof are three retail stores. Since the first report. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council Highways & Environment Services have now kindly provided me with a few more 60 shops and a 
Q: There have also been many comments about the lack of public house. will there be across the expressway once the work is finished?Will there be/are there any temporary pedestrian crossings during the development apart from Reform Street and Carters Green? A: As you know the existing pedestrian subway through the SANDWELL CENTRE. If you can answer any or would SOME MORE QUESTIONS: like to ad yet further questions.g. See attached leaflet for art.. All station.. above image up at the stall. do not appear to have the information either. I think I will write to Minework- er’s Pension Scheme. porary pedestrian crossings established during the works. built around 40 years ago. who co-financed the building. looks like it was sup- guarantee we will answer them all. the traffic island had been built. A41 Im- provement Scheme Sandwell Council / Highways Direct. Q: What pedestrian crossings. I have been getting more questions from passers-bye. What happened? So far. next. WEST BROMWICH. I contacted Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council on: t 0845 163 5868. The bus shelters are removed at the per. bridge across the roundabout/underpass to link All Saints Way with the town centre. Saints Way).. 5 . The Sandwell Centre. © National Coal Board.NO EASY ANSWERS. There will be no other tem..

that changes so fast as to and desires. Som- erset. violent death. as well as some glimpses into its history. a of the Friends of Dartmouth Park. urban and rural poverty. and getting tion on regeneration in the area. Urban Speculation. Overview and budget of regenera- tion developments in the coming year. West Bromwich IIL. society. this absorbing tale has all the ingredients of a 21st century best seller: infi- Elizabeth’s thesis about her engagement with and analysis of delity. The microhouse is a flexible creation of architect. which can be moved in and around each other providing shelter and dividing living space in a Our Research Centre.blackcountrybugle. What you can Friends of Dartmouth Park Newsletter Issue No. some thanks to the contributions and uses the designs as a means of addressing life as whole. Architectural The latest news on the redevelopment of the park by the Conjecture. and on aspects of planning.” Conurbation. Since July I have been from you. End of Year Star Chamber Review. The book is type written and Bromwich. to download at http://www. The book gives you step-by-step instructions King’s Square Shopping Centre on West Bromwich High with plans for many different versions of Isaac’s original Street. in Sheffield. drunkenness. Issues 7 & 8. The modular design is based on CENTRE stacked tetrahedrons. 13. Giovanni Borasi. Har- From this wild story: http://www.SOME MORE ANSWERS: have all but disappeared. past development in West rid of our personal possessions. June do with the city. abandoned spaces through art. still used by tradi- NEW BOOKS. How to build your own living structures.elizabethskadden. A Survey of Birmingham and the Black Coun- Masterplan 2010. Bournes Outfitters. eds. News/Heroic-Smethwick-pilot-whose-plane-crashed-just. The Land. blogspot. and Isaacs eration and on art projects and grassroots initiatives relating writes in a genial manner as if he were sitting across the table to redevelopment and urban planning. spiral round in a nice Do-It-Yourself aesthetic. As spaces empty and expand Who crashed in the field in Smethwick where a memorial based on where it is deemed money can be made. with Membership Information. posters from the Campaign to safe this historic workshops building. The Francis Brett Young simple place to raise a family and house extended family that Society and to P Rogers Schoolwear (Stall 46). He muses on the philosophical meanings of surplus able to get more material. NEW AT THE RESEARCH and a microhouse. Available try. the people stone is placed now? Two RAF pilots. Stall 42 of the Indoor Market in the creative way. explicit coverage of human frailties ing up in a town. tional crafts people as well as artists. London 1948. and Dartmouth Park Montreal/Amsterdam 2008. storage Available to download at http://www. but by real estate Geoff Manaugh. who live in them have a harder time relating to the space Allan Charlie Cox. Summer 2009 and Winter 2009/2010. letsremake. on culture and to be replaced with an entirely new place: “much of the city has not been destroyed by bombing Was the 31 July 1944 a school holiday? Yes. Texas. Mirko Zardini. 13th May 2010. one from Smethwick. leaflets on the Worcestershire author many of whose novels were based in the Black Coun- Elizabeth Skadden. Canadian Centre for Architecture/SUN.htm “This book is a beautiful guide about how to make a variety of flexible experimental indoor interiors. See also http://bldgblog. and the experience of grow. The Portland Works Campaign. For up to PAST AND PRESENT AVAILABLE FOR date information see BROWSING: mony Books 1974. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. See also San Francisco See also http://cca-actions. has a low impact on the surrounding natural environment. Men’s Wear Shop in the old mar- ket.friendsofdartmouth- park. is open most days from 9am to 4pm. with informa. DOCUMENTS AND PLANS. The BLDGBLOG Book.portlandworks. Ken Francis Brett Young Society. it was.” 6 . icle php?/cv-and-biography/ “The Black Diamond: First published in designs interspersed with ideas about simplicity. football corruption. fbysociety. By the West Midlands Group. 1946. Actions. Still in the same family today as P Rogers Schoolwear. Austin. See also http://www. Collapsing New Buildings.html#howt yards-from-his-home-2. pp. Ken Isaacs. 23-48 and pp. the other Gordon Preston from Pinner in they live in” Middlesex. 355-358. and information on how to join. http://www. The Architectural Press. Landscape An occasional magazine about land rights.

But while building works permanently interrupt the present. Without beginning or end. London 2004 Part 1 of a full-length film about the strange. Time must on no account be allowed to stop. Its function is to put off the day of judgement and the revolutionary cesura it implies. The London Particular. London 2001 A short film about the social cleansing and recolonisation of London’s East End. The London Particular Part 2: [5:17] But eternity is no holiday. heritage. [6:12] The Story of Sprawl. jobs for all and an eternity of business and shopping. The London Particular. this ongoing state of emergency decrees the infinite deferral of gratification. USA 2009 A series of historic films from 1939 to 1965 tracks the de- velopment of suburban living and the ideas behind it in the US. The London Particular. neoliberal ‘ren- aissance’ of East London. Planetizen.FILMS: The Occupation. This is not a respite from the temporal- ity of regeneration but its extension into the past. the discarded refuse of previous eras is put back to work in a narrative of progress that starts with Cesar and ends with Starbucks. The London Particular 7 . regeneration can- not be judged to have failed. motorized way of life. regeneration’s myth of progress promises happiness in the future. the country that arguably exemplifies and pioneered this new. With the booty of previous generations as its guarantor. Born again as cultural treasures.

sometimes because of premature euthanasia (Logan’s Run. 1961 “With the help of the audience as well as passers-by revolutionary moments are re-enacted in an attempt to write ourselves into history. all that they needed. The urban skyline has become an indicator of success. The street itself is still physically present. it was something that had been shut out of their minds. Yet the protagonists always seek escape. brightly coloured kindergartens” Attile Kotanyi. Henri Lefebvre and Serge Renaudie. are gone. What was beyond the walls of the city was no concern of theirs. beside Snow Hill station is a stalled development. the number of cranes visible in the distance is taken as a barometer of the well being of the city. the school is still hauntingly present and on a hoarding nearby there are brightly coloured children’s drawings of what the new school will look like. “ Gob Squad: Revolution Now! 24-26 Jun 2010 ICA. In the summer of 2010 it is waiting to be transformed into a car park for the new Tesco store. July 1986. Hardware Street has undergone an anxious dissipation. preliminary results and further plans for our research into ‘regeneration’ in West Bromwich and beyond. a narrow street dead-ended in the 1970s by the Expressway. With automatic writing and a carnival of re-enactments the séance will exorcise the ghosts of the old public realm. which the street served. “Bleak. or as a rotting sign informs you. Hardware Street. are only inhospitable and barren landscapes littered with the ruins of earlier civilizations. Reconstituted as an infantile realm of managed desire. the new public realm will be the cradle of a socially engaged séance. although weeds and litter blown off the expressway are slowly creeping over the tarmac. the benefit of property and economic development to the public. or Henri Lefebvre in 8 . that linger “lost in a deserted space where neither the public nor the intimate find their place” (2). grass and nettles. West Bromwich. 1971). 1976) or an unwillingness to take proscribed medication (THX 1138. Caught between these two images of itself. and it is before this horizon of rising shining glass towers that the public realm is reborn. (1) Pierre Guilbaud. A bleak supervised kindergarten where correct civic behaviour is institutionalized as participatory live artworks. Arthur C. but they did not know it. They were as perfectly fitted to their environment as it was to them-for both had been designed together. a place to which the main character could escape. “International Competition for the New Belgrade Urban Structure Improvement”. Clarke (1956). Hardware Street becomes uncertain. In this playpen future we will pick our favourite safe toys and costumes to perform as the public in the role-play of the new civic realm. there has to be a place beyond the edge of the dystopia. Stuck in the guts of regeneration. INVESTIGATIONS AND FINDINGS: Some of the reflections. Autogestion. shunted to the side of the site from where it stares over the blue hoardings that pen it in. there is only a sunless realm haunted by malevolent and incomprehensible monsters. reprinted in: Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber. the closed society appears to offer everything that is desired. while beyond it lies only desolation. though. Standing lifeless behind the obligatory hoardings are the concrete and iron relics of a property speculation grounded by the current recession. Five Notes. here is Cronehills Nature Garden an environmental initiative by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council with financial assistance from the Governments Urban Program and Hilti Industries (GB) Ltd. But in most dystopias what exists beyond their walls. Diasapar was all that existed. “They had forgotten much. For the narrative of this dystopia from the mid 20th century to work. London In the public realm a dystopia is creeping out across the “cold stage set of air currents. empty spaces and boxes” (1). in the lexicon of urban planners. John Dummett Between what was here and what will be here. In tandem to this the meaning of ‘the public good’ has changed. This future emerges first in the distance with the transformation of the urban skyline into a facsimile of the Big City. or in the case of The Night Land (1912) by William Hope Hodgson. On Google street view. On Colmore Row in Birmingham city centre. The primary school has been broken down into a pile of shattered bricks and con- crete dust. “Transforming the urban skylines” is neatly displayed as a now forlorn epitaph below its monumental as- pirations. it now refers to.” The City and the Stars. Raoul Vaneigem. although what was here and what will be here can be discovered. Basic Program of the Bureau of Unitary Urbanism. the buildings. Opposite the demolished school sits a tangle of trees. all that they could imagine. This scenario is a common one in many literary and cin- ematic dystopias.

Jutting up from a thin weedy line of nettles. tables and chairs. Event Horizon. which over time laid the foundations for the even- tual “gentrification” of “run down” neighbourhoods. there is. is a boundary in space-time. “In general relativity. Inside the Public is a new place. is rarely. ‘theatre’ is written above them. uncertainty and unpredictability of uncoordinated regeneration. to stop squatting and also to prevent fly-tipping.New Belgrade”. Fillip/Sternberg Press 2009. The space features a level walking surface. an event horizon. included as a development option. 6 (2). background music. Staffed by helpful people in matching uniforms it offers the same apparent comfort and security that a shopping mall does. Hid- den behind awkward and strange buildings that belch smoke and flame. Place making. Place making. particularly from the perspective of the owners of the properties.. Ibid. p. inside the public is a new place. At the far end of the space are two black doors. a repeated element in the regeneration of urban public space. most often an area surrounding a black-hole. In the right hand panel of his triptych “The garden of earthly delights”. This tactic is ostensibly in our own interest. it must be assumed that the boarded up window is there to hold back the incomprehensibility. community renewal. is a contributor to social cohesion and communal well-being. a bar for ordering drinks and food. nowhere to escape to. Squatting and the appropriation of buildings for non- sanctioned purposes has been a mainstay of grass roots and self-directed cultural activity over the past 40 years. Taken at face value it appears a sensible precaution. rather than then. The laws of trespass enforced through ‘site security’ effectively criminalise non-sanctioned civic and cultural experimentation. In an “age of austerity”. Yet this alternative and demonstratively successful approach to regeneration. an as- sortment of playful architectural features and a display entitled “in living memory”. if ever. p. Hieronymus Bosch obscures the horizon. they mark the boundary between here and another place.1504. But this cordoning off serves also as a prophylactic against the possibility of any alternatives to the dominant mode of regeneration from emerging. the absent horizon gives this image an acute claustrophobia. 9 . The idea is that a place can operate as a locus for identity and become somewhere that a specific demographic or social group can feel at home and have civic pride in. complemented by a “reception desk”. for the dammed and condemned in this place. re-iterates known and normative public behaviour and is often a constituent of that cousin of redevelopment. Berlin/New York. whose black and white images of yesterday remind us how fortunate we are to be living now. surely a low cost D. Through windows on one side of this new place. a very large projection screen. beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer” (Wikipedia). grey discoloured hoardings are visible. in theory. to prevent people coming to harm in derelict and unsafe buildings.I. Boarded up properties and hoardings are a common feature in regeneration projects. 4 “The garden of earthly delights” c.Y approach would be an extremely viable tactic? In light of the absence of the adoption of this methodology. Many artists’ spaces in Europe and North America began as squats.

given the lack of information available as to the future of the market within the regeneration plans. I was able 10 . with traders coming and going quicker than more fixed shop spaces. and got the pencils for free.Map of the Market Anna Francis 28 June I arrived in West Brom at around 1. I started my project before I even got to the stall . I got: # 1: 50 X envelopes 1 X red pencil 1 X green pencil 1 X lead pencil 1 X pencil sharpener 1 X sign writer’s kit* =£8. and got talking with the traders. or event the spaces they take up. I should set myself a challenge to only shop and eat in inde- pendent places while I am here. who wanted to know who I was and what I was doing. I made my way to the stall and decided to try to locate myself in the market by drawing a map. what they I thought I might need some paper/pencils so noticed that the Cosmetics R Us shop was also advertising stationary (sic). All of the maps of the Kings Square building show the New Market Hall as a grey area. as Karl from Multistory pointed out. Which is.90 down to 7. I have decided that since my main interest this week is to look at Independent Shops. Perhaps due to the perceived semi-permanent nature of the shops. and went straight to the hotel to drop off my bags.65 *)I haggled the sign writer kit from 11. they have not mapped the stalls. I went through the market hall drawing my map. quite odd.

I first checked the coordinates of the stall. as she runs a specialist shop. I ordered this: # 3: 2 X pints of Magners 1 X Veg Balti 1 X naan bread =£9.80 29 June Another productive day today. The Vine is an independently run pub and restaurant selling cur- ries. I asked Tina from the fishing shop about the business and whether the developments worried her. which turned into a chat and ended up with us going outside the market so that he could show me some of the problems he identifies with the town.some of whom come daily. arrived.only using independents and recording what I buy. I had planned to go along to the Caribbean takeaway on the way down the road from the hotel.583. I had a very long interview with him. I ended up going to another newsagent with a bag of crisps and a pear and a banana. who stayed for a half and then left me to have my tea. # 6: 1 X bottle of water 1 X pear 11 .014 W001°59.10 Full total spent today: £20. Sonia has only been located in the market for 2 days. who I interviewed for the project.45 At the Stall I made a list of things I hope to achieve this week: 1. Once I had the coordinates for the stall I finished off the map I started yesterday. but this may not be possible due to difficulty of getting far back enough from the shop to take the photo. John Dummett.65 I stopped off at the local newsagents on the way home for some vino and water. which is a traditional English Greasy Spoon. For lunch today I went to the Great Western Café. 2. Night time economy measure .60 The market closes early on a Tuesday and I photographed some of the closed stalls. but says that she loves it already. I went to The Vine with Monika. and a big bottle of water. This led to a conversation with Sonia. and that everyone is really friendly and really helpful. I also interviewed the lady from the fishing shop and the lady from Shree Shai Nail studio. I ended up going to a nearby newsagents and had: # 2: 1 X bag of cheese and onion 1 X 7up 1 X Express and Star (for research purposes) =£1. while others come once a week. 4. one of the other artists involved. Interviews and photos of market stall holders. Independent shop challenge . they are are N 52°31. but they did not have any veggie food except for a pattie which needed to be cooked. 3. and has very regular and loyal customers .as demonstrated by how many shops are lit up/not boarded up at night. So I popped set up two interviews for tomorrow which is great. Shop window audit: What shops are there? I could do a long photo of the high street. Mr. Kumar. # 5: 1 X Jacket potato with beans and cheese 1 X lilt 1 X water =£3. # 4: 1 X 2l bottle of water 1 X bottle of Merlot =£6. I then went round to see one of the traders that I met yesterday. and she said unless Tesco has a fishing tackle section she will not be worried.

I have been told by the man from the babywear shop that all there is on the High Street is pound shops. and if the perception is correct. Phone Shops. which should be interesting. mobile phone shops and empty shops. This is in response to the rather odd images of ‘Shops from Elsewhere’ which adorn empty businesses in the High Street – it doesn’t seem to make sense really. I am drawing the entire left hand side of the pedestrianised area of the High Street (The Queens Square side) and I will also be annotating the entire right hand side. 2 July Popped in at the stall to say goodbye. I see that this just is not going to be possible. Going along to start the drawings of each building on the High Street. as most shops seem to be shuttered at night. I am making flyers which advertise their stalls. why not use the space to advertise the existing businesses? I finished the drawings of the left hand side of the High Street. I have realised that I am not going to achieve any beautiful shop window at night photos. that all there is (and this is what I have been told) are pound shops. Before coming to West Bromwich I had planned to do this photographically.1 X banana 1 X bag of crisps =£1. and it is not a place which you wish to hang around in.html 12 . due to the physical layout of the High Street and with the market stalls buffered right up to Shops. Now that I am here. photographing the nightlife and night-time economy of West Bromwich. conditioner and soap. managed to find an independent £1 shop and got a selec- tion of products that I would never usually choose: 1 X shampoo a X conditioner 1 X pack of soap =£3.43 I also needed to buy some shampoo. as there are too many interruptions. there is not a leisurely feel to the street. 1 July Aware that I am going home tomorrow I try to think about tying things up. This will then be stitched together and will become the Shop Win- dow Audit. showing photos of them. it means physically you cannot get a good view of the shops. Banks.blogspot. so it will be really interesting to measure how true that is. I intend to colour code and see what is really there. in the knowledge that tonight will mean traipsing around the High Street. I decide to go to the market and capture a sound piece . This should be useful when we look at the overview and see what exactly is on the High Street. I want to capture as much as possible of the market and the High Street so I can work on the material later.97 Total spent today: £9 What will tomorrow bring? 30 June Got up fairly late today. Charity Shops and Empty Shops. but still it will be interesting to see what the town has to offer. After that I went along to notate every shop building on the right hand side of the pedestrianised High Street - the Kings Square side. I think this layout is partly to blame for the decline which is being reported by people I speak bcca-residency-day-one. For the full diary. Then I collate a couple of the interviews with the traders to show goes from one end of the food hall to the other. After this was done I packed up my stuff and left West Bromwich. check out Anna’s website: http://annafrancis.

David: It’s O. West Bromwich. David: It’s prices really. Sandwell Council are not one next door for 10 years before that. but they ers. really it all needs How much power do companies like Tesco have over money spending on it. but branded stuff. you’ve got generations of families We could do with new signage as well. The last 2 years in particular there Anna: What’s it like running a business in West Bro. it is difficult. here since the war. the Town? The council won’t listen to me. One positive about England is that we have Anna: Do you have any ideas about how to improve fantastic markets. there’s a lot of rumours. not just because it’s here. infor- Anna: Hallo David. bring in photos of their pets. New Anna: What do you think about the developments Market Hall. some have been coming here for 15 years.013 W001˚59. One positive David: Get the stuff as cheap as you can. and sell it is that people can choose to have just a couple of dog as cheap as you can. chews for example. How long have you been open? mation would be good. there’s not the vol. but it would have to be in a David: I’ve been trading for 17 years altogether. 13 . that are happening here? Stall Location: N52˚31. when you run a business you can’t been at stall 38 for 7 years. That. We have very regular custom. to lead people running a business here. but I was at the smaller always go for a meeting.s the secret in West Bro. Stall 38 (Dave’s For Pets).K. I can compete on certain Anna: What is your top tip for running a business? things. ume of people there used to be. and don’t have to have a whole mwich! pack. has been a real fast turnover of stalls here. People will listen to the big companies. in terms of the it’s better quality. it needs updating and modernising. The thing is. and there’s no consultation – a lot of people are David: Pet food and accessories. I have flyer or something. communicating well with us – rent goes up year on Anna: What do you sell? year. You have some people have been way it looks here. a real history. but because David: It all needs cleaning up really.Interview with David.583 David: There isn’t much information coming through to us. When ment? my dog died one of my customers actually cried. It is a worry. here. you feel like you know Anna: Are you worried about the Tesco Develop- their pets even though you’ve not met them. really struggling. People’s mwich? shopping habits have changed over the last few years. I buy all my veg from the veg guy things here? over there. It can be hard.

Anna: What is your top tip for running a business? 14 . about that? The customers are kind. need to have competitive prices. mwich? Anna: Oh dear. some people steal things from Greggs. One Stop Beauty. 9 years. and selling stuff. you have to practise. West Bromwich. Anna: Any other comments about West Bromwich Anna: What do you sell? town? Rahul: Make-up. You Hall. and it can be here by the next week. and invest. Stall Location: N52˚30. it’s big. perfumes and creams. and a good service. It’s a family the next day sometimes! business which I will take over one day. New Market Rahul: Well. and have you any ideas on what to do Rahul: It’s good getting the money. people are friendly. Rahul: It’s good.Interview with Rahul. we can order things in that the customer Anna: Hallo Rahul. coming back because we provide what they want.997W001˚59. but Anna: What’s it like running a business in West Bro. How long have you been open? wants. ask them not to.583 Anna: And how do you do that? Rahul: Well. we have regulars who keep Rahul: Yes. or even Rahul: (confers with Mum) Erm.

open to improvised use and dynamic processes as learning environments. Sandwell Council are very ambitious in their recycling and waste management targets. Sandwell is aiming to reach 50% recycling and composting rate by 2015 and to reduce the amount sent to landfill by 2020 to no more than 10% of the total amount of waste collected (1). and phobia (and. is implementing the national Single Status policy.the ‘West Bromwich Central Neighbhurhood Forum Meeting’ . Children are invited into this project as researchers and designers. The contemporary trend in planning is towards the creation of sterile. curious exploration. Dates: 10. Soon after my arrival I went with Monika to a regular community con- sultation meeting .. They are aiming formore sustainable development. with unique expertise in the creation of play. it seems to me. I was immediately interested and threw loads of questions at Monika. rubbish and economic regeneration It was a busy week in the Borough of Sandwell. only a small part of the larger ongoing process of economic regeneration in Sandwell. These models will then be incorporated into a standard 3D CAD modelling of the neighbourhood. consumption. 17. However. managed by private interest).. Public space plays a major role in their development as territory for meeting. encourages plural uses. and generates initiative. and imagination beyond regulation (‘blue-sky thinking’). Even more surprising was that I couldn’t find any information about this on other TV channels. Why?. Later that night. Strike?! As my specific research focus in this project is on the relationship between the urban regeneration and the organi- sation of work. increasingly. A major step towards an open society lies in rethinking public spaces as spaces in flow. as environments of controlled risk. This change in labour relations and the above mentioned industrial dispute are. The major project is building a new high-tech Waste Transfer Station near Wednesbury. i. New Market Hall. like councils all over the country. local children. regardless of age? GET INVOLVED: Free Children’s Workshop (5-15 yrs). The playground constitutes only a small part of a growing child’s range. That’s why they started the work-to-rule tactics. I watched some local news on telly in my hotel room.held at the Holy Trinity Church. said a councillor. this short film results from an unusual collaboration between architectural modellers and the (primary) researchers and designers. don’t blame us’. as loci of collective memory. exchange. defensible space that is designed around work. 15 . e. drop in anytime between 9am-4pm at Stall 42. which has led to the piling up of rubbish in some areas Sandwell. Why? ‘The bin men are on strike. So I began finding more interesting information..Manu Luksch blue-sky blueprint A radical re-visioning of public spaces as learning environments. The provision of the facility and the whole waste management are going to be outsourced to a private company. re- sponses. 18 September. and fantasies as they reconstruct spaces they know as architectural models made of paper. I was sur- prised to see images of employees from Sandwell College walking down the high street in a protest against cuts and redundancies. most probably Serco. that could be developed to create environments of informal learning for all. The most adaptive users of public space are children.. for young and old. The core question: will their narratives reveal existing qualities of (or present visions of) public space. working entirely to job regulations. after the community consultation. 11. They will share their perceptions.. West Bromwich. the trade unions Unite and GMB claim that the policy measures would seriously decrease the wages of the refuse workers. It turned out that Sandwell Council. One of the issues on the table was the waste amassing in some streets of West Bromwich. and fantasy. This would equalise differences in pay amongst the council’s employees. Kings Square. This is the exact opposite of a space that accomodates unpredicted encounters. Leo Singer ‘Summer of rage’ in West Bromwich? Initial conjectures about labour relations.

‘the legacy of the 1960s we are living with now’ Your Ref: ENQ-1-105611244 Please ask for: Angela Goddard Telephone No: 0121 569 3194 e-Mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@ xxxxxxxx. ‘Legacy’ is an attempt to better understand both the past and the regeneration and social and political issues active in West “IN VIEW OF THE SIZE AND SIGNIFICANCE. “It’s an empty desolate area fast returning to nature. GET INVOLVED: Urban Research Collective welcome submissions from other artists. They are afraid of a serious loss of future funding.. So bye for now. to be published in October. Short pieces will be accompanied by photo essays.sandwell.. researchers and activists on the theme of legacy.” says Jonathan. They protested against the plans to tranform the local hospital into a social “Taking a look around the prospective Tesco site was quite an experience. It’s term often bandied around regeneration projects but something we wanted to explore further.laws. the legacy of past reforms.” Monika Vykoukal My ref xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. At the time great things were promised but we live with their legacy today. Urban Research Collective also hope the material will be directly relevant to other towns. But legacy also makes reference to the past. Your request asked for: 16 . initiatives and gation/environment/rubbish--waste-and-recycling/waste/waste-improvement-plan/ [accessed 18 August 2010] Urban Research Collective Legacy Pete and Jonathan of Urban Research Collective have decided to create a publication entitled ‘Legacy’ as part of their contribution.But that was not the end of the hot and tense week in Sandwell! On my last day I got the news that local hospital workers went on a walkout in West Bromwich. that you may well spend a whole week in the town centre. the value of ‘undevelopment’ (wild space) and the legacy of past decisions that have led to increased levels of inequality. the added benefits associated with the changes they are instigating. How strange it is. (1) Waste Improvement Plan. I left West Bromwich slightly puzzled. but the daily atmosphere of busy-ness and constant buzzing of the shopping crowds make sure that you won’t notice any of the ‘big things’ going on.. It got us thinking about the idea of ‘legacy’. Get in touch via urbanresearchcollective@gmail. West Bromwich.” “The word Legacy is commonly used in regeneration circles. that the change would mean a disguised way of privatisation. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council http://www.” Subjects covered will include a look at the broken economic model of gentrification. Politicians and developers like to refer to the legacy they are creating. the spectacle of regenera- tion. suburbs and cities around the Date: 25th June 2010 Dear Miss Vykoukal Freedom of Information Request – Hoardings Costs Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

and information on contributions to those costs by partner organisations. I can confirm the following in response to your request: The Council and its various partners are in the process of bringing forward a number of major regeneration projects within and immediately around West Bromwich town centre. a number of decorative panels have already been applied to the security hoardings along the principal frontages. Oldbury. or when building is under way.291. I can also confirm the following in regards to libraries: Two hoardings for the New build Blackheath library.00 towards the cost of designing and manufacturing these panels. at Moor Street / Oak Road. It is essential that we keep people informed about the process.00 +VAT The Bleakhouse Library extension and refurbishment signs invoice dated 20-10-2009 were £300.I would be grateful if you could please send me information regarding the cost of hoardings and advertising panels on those hoardings to the Council. whilst in others the Coun- cil has contributed towards the cost of the additional artwork.555. timescale and intended outcomes of all this redevelopment activity. on a site-by-site basis. at the building sites of Tesco. The Council has made a contribution of £4. these schemes represent a massive invest- ment that will transform our principal town centre and improve the quality of life for every one of Sandwell’s citizens. Sandwell. both were 4x2 meters and total cost including fitting was £590. wherever possible decorative information boards or ‘wraps’ have been applied to the contractors’ hoardings around sites once they have been cleared. the site of the planned police station (Moor Street/Bowater Street in the Lyng area).00 The Great Bridge Children’s Centre sign invoiced on 18-11-2009 was £545. In some cases the cost of these decorative panels has been met in full by the developer. Details follow. comprising land between Cronehills Linkway / Northern Ringway / Reform Street / The Expressway is partly demolished at present.00 +VAT Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications. and any other major regeneration sites in the West Bromwich area (as indicated in the article ‘Keeping residents up to date. pending redevelopment. For this reason. the site’s developer and. West Midlands B69 3DE 17 . The Council has contributed a total of £8.99 towards the cost of the panels around the new Sandwell Col- lege site. at Spon Lane / Southern Ringway. They were supplied by Mills Signs. Together. and of Sandwell College. but in view of the size and significance of the proposed retail exten- sion that is to occupy this land. on page 7 of the Spring 2010 edition of The Sandwell Herald). have been paid for entirely by Tesco. The main Tesco site. for reasons of commercial sensitivity. the Council has not been made aware of the cost of these panels. Yours sincerely Angela Goddard Data Protection/Freedom of Information Assistant Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council Governance Services Sandwell Council House. The wraps at the police station site.

..ILLUSTRATIONS: If it was a sinkhole . Céline Siani Djiakoua Note: “Starting point”: where I started the performance on the 9th July : tracing the outline of the Tesco site with a red string and imagining the site being a sinkhole 18 .

19 .

legacy Urban Research Collective 20 .

com/photos/ 55377900@N00/sets/72157624459228208/detail/ 21 .Ray Truby Note: See his set on:

With a straight Fess Point roundel. Blazon. content to enfold around. Sandwell crest “sanctus fons” embodies the holy well. ter with. sym- bol izing wa. Charge to central. . Absent shield and tincture gules/transparent. ized position. in a well re- move gold- en sand. alternated in black wavy lines.

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