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A Technical Paper On

Karthik R Rao, Harshitha, Deepthi D’Souza and Anudeep S
Computer Science and Engineering
Nitte Mahalinga Adyanthaya Memorial Institute of Technology
Udupi District

Abstract— Agro system is a system designed and developed for around the field. The systems that you can
monitoring ones piece of field from a remote place with a
personal computer . This system is made up of many subsystems. control include: Lighting, Appliances, and
It includes small systems like weather monitoring system, power
power , switching ON/OFF of pump or water level
control system and camera control system. These subsystems are
integrated and interfaced with a personal computer as the server. in well/field can be detected and appropriate actions
The server connected with these system forms the agro system.
can be performed accordingly. Security and
monitoring systems etc.
The problem we have solved. The need for remote
monitoring of ones beloved agriculture field. This method This central controller can be accessed and controlled
keeps tracks of the activities or changes taking place in the through interfaces like keypad, wired or wireless touch-
field and helps user to take suitable action. screens (with/without video), universal remotes, mobile
devices. Field automation provides a more convenient &
Field Automation is the process of automatically elegant atmosphere for the family to control and manage
performing everyday functions around the agriculture the field. Every one in the family experiences the comfort
field to save you time, energy, money and at the same of automation with added convenience through
time offering improved security. integrated control of scheduled common lifestyle
activities performed everyday. It creates reliable and
coordinated controls to operate field devices
automatically for simplifying operations.
The automation is performed by a central controller.
This can be either a standalone unit or a piece of
software on a PC. The controller can carry out a number Field automation provides you pro-active field security
of functions: so that you can look in on your field remotely from
anywhere in the world, or that your server will phone you
if it finds anything suspicious, or that a fire will alert your
server to wake you, In other words it integrates your
1.2 Functions
alarm system with other field systems for a response to
intrusion that meets your needs of enhanced Safety.
Send signals to switch lights and appliances on or off.
Open and close contacts to operate high and low
voltage devices. Schedule and initiate events, such as
watering the field Issue and accept information with
other systems, i.e. sensors etc.
• Field automation is anything that gives you
remote or automatic control of things in &

You have the advantage of infra red detectors from the alarm Introduction system being available to perform/trigger automation tasks. This greatly simplified the design of circuitry. as power supply design does not need to be automatically dialing the fire brigade with a pre recorded made more complicated just for driving the RS-232 in message. it does not controllers in use today. message to the recipient.g. and a typical Field Automation hysteresis of 0. this case. -10V and +10V) internally.Security who plans to develop products that will take advantage of micro controllers. Logic Signal Voltage . Thus. This can give numerous benefits. because it just Field Appliances needs one voltage (+5V) and generates the necessary RS-232 voltage levels (approx. The MAX232 movement is detected in the field for a given period.3V. -12V. This makes it particularly high standard. CTS and RTS signals. +5V range. the ability with the right timing and decoding serial data has to be to program an AT8051 is an important skill for anyone done by additional circuitry. It became popular. You can also benefit from the alarm system knowing whether you’re at field or not (i.g. to adapt the RS-232 signal voltage levels to TTL logic.e. to standard 5V TTL levels. and 6.5V) from a single +5V supply via on-chip our automation system. These receivers have a typical threshold of 1. You should be able to connect smoke otherwise do not need any voltages outside the 0V to detectors in to the system and when triggered. +5V. Server The later MAX232A is backwards compatible with the original MAX232 but may operate at higher baud rates and can use smaller external capacitors – 0.1 Microcontroller AT8051 +12V). able to expand to suit all useful for implementing RS-232 in devices that requirements.0μF capacitors used with the original device. then it rings a mobile telephone and conveys a TX. with the help of a simple 78x05 voltage converter.1μF in place of the 1. 16 hours. single chip micro controller which was developed by Intel for use in It should be noted that the MAX232(A) is just a embedded systems. The receivers reduce RS-232 inputs (which may be as high as ±25V). Generating serial data on--and compatible with--the AT8051. then it needs to be of a charge pumps and external capacitors. ±7.5V. The AT80c51 is one of the most popular micro it does not decode the RS-232 signal. but could just provide one +5V power supply. It does not generate the necessary RS- 232 sequence of marks and spaces with the right timing. e. driver/receiver. if the alarm system forms the basis of (approx. There are real benefits to having your automation Level Converter MAX 232 controller and security system combined in one unit. All it does is to controllers have since been developed that are based convert signal voltage levels. The drivers provide RS-232 voltage level outputs Needless to say. for signals from an RS-232 serial port to signals suitable for example we could set the system so that if no use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits. Circuitry designers no longer need to design and build a power supply with three voltages (e. The Intel AT8051 is a Harvard architecture. say is a dual driver/receiver and typically converts the RX. whether the The MAX232 is an integrated circuit that converts alarm is set or not). Many derivative micro provide a serial/parallel conversion. Central Controller MAX232 integrated circuit Remote PC Internet Medium The MAX232 from Maxim was the first IC which in one package contains the necessary drivers (two) and receivers (also two). .

thermometer. web camera and a motor as a power control system. the maximum RS-232 signal levels are far too high for today's computer logic electronics.3V or agriculture fields in this paper. ..AJAX.. +15V <-> 0V .Serial RS-232 (V.. I. classic TTL computer logic operates make their way in replacing man power and thus making life between 0V . a particular power supply and a couple of transistors or the once popular 1488 (transmitter) and 1489 (receiver) ICs.. e.. +15V to transmit a binary '0') which effective in some ways that others are not because in this are not compatible with today's computer logic voltages. too. All these hardware components are connected to RS-232 TTL Logic microcontroller which inturn connected to serial port or ----------------------------------------------. world of automation. even lower.g... +5V <-> 1 the circuit diagram is as shown below: +3V . Therefore. So. Even in the field of agriculture automation places a low for binary '0'... +3. and the negative II.PHP and javascript languages..24) communication works with SOLUTION voltages (between -15V . In the other direction (sending • Software section data from some logic over RS-232) the low logic voltage has to be "bumped up". IMPLEMENTATION RS-232 voltage can't be grokked at all by the computer The implementation part can be roughly divided in to two logic.8V <-> 0 All this can be done with conventional analog electronics.. At the client side a very interactive user interface is designed using the HTML.8V referred to as easy. RS232 port of the personal computer through a MAX232.. +5V (roughly 0V . Modern major role. The program is invoked by the client side machine and the user defined actions is performed by the server side machine... +0. +0. and a negative voltage has to be The hardware section consists of circuits with web generated. in some or the other forms of system On the other hand.. In the software section a program controlling the serial port is designed in C/C++. +2V . Through this program respective signals are handled and sent to the microcontroller through RS232 serial port. Hence an attempt to automate and monitor low-power logic operates in the range of 0V .. to receive serial data from an RS-232 parts: interface the voltage has to be reduced. -3V <-> +2V . -15V . +5V for high binary '1' ). and the 0 and 1 • Hardware section voltage levels inverted.. -3V are used to transmit a Why our solution is worth considering and why it is binary '1' and +3V ....

nith. across different parts of the world. III. CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORKS There are future plans like controlling through mobile The system is focussed mainly on landlords or estate phones so that the small farmers are also benefited by this owners who owns vast area of lands and fields spread .ac. This system may be less helpful and not so worthy for IV. REFERENCES small farmers as initial investments may be high. www.