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Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha

Child Health Improvement Programme {CHIP}

Our children are our heritage; the Andhra Pradesh state has special interest to ensure
that every child gets quality education, health services and nutrition. This programme
adds on a new but an important dimension and ensure every child remains healthy
through a programme that looks at promoting health, preventing illness and early
detection and prompt treatment of illness as and when they occur.

This school health program endeavors to ensure that every child remains healthy by
ensuring that every school becomes a “Health Promoting School”.

Health promoting schools

 Promotes health and Prevents illness in schools
 Promotes learning and prevents drop outs
 Engages health and health officials, teachers, students, parents, health
providers and community for leaders in efforts to make school a healthy
 Respects every child by providing life skills, healthy lifestyle

• Constitution of the Child cabinet which will play crucial role. • Vaccination Programme – Provision of vaccines to children • Training of a Nodal student who acts a link between teachers and students and will promote concept of healthy behaviuor and overall health aspects. . • Biannual health checkup of children in all schools by Medical officers. SCHOOL The objectives of this programme will entail provision of both curative and preventive services. The preventive services will include • Distribution of health cards to all children • Awareness among all students and teachers on various health issues • Anemia control program – Distribution of IFA tablets to anemic children for 52 weeks ( bi weekly) through teachers who are trained.

• Arrange monthly review meeting at the cluster level to monitor and coordinate with other departments. • Enable students to make healthy decisions • Ensuring provision of safe and healthy environment at schools • Provision of referral services • Provision of specialist services .fever and stomach ache • Dewormimg • Eye checkup and provision of lenses and treatment for eye ailments. • Treatment of common ailments like cough. • Early identification of CDs/NCDs Content of Health Education in Schools: This will include components like • Personal hygiene • Hand washing technique • Hand washing at critical times( after defaecation and before eating) at primary level • Menstrual hygiene at elementary levels • Reproductive health including HIV at secondary level Role of Health department • Coordinate with Education department and Women and child welfare department • Build capacity of ANM and health officials in addressing the health needs of the children in the schools • Provision of Medical checkup to all children. • Enable students to take care of themselves and others.The curative services will include • Availability of first aid kit in all schools. • Provision of drugs for minor ailments • Provision of vaccines and human resource for administration • Provision of health cards • Build capacity of teachers in health promotion use of first aid kit. cold.

Reporting.  Monthly reporting and monitoring .  Distribution of health cards to all children  Provision of Health screening services to all children  Provision of treatment to minor illnesses  Deworming  Provision of vaccines  Provision of Opthalmic services and lenses to children with vision defects.  Provision of health education to promote healthy life styles and prevent health damaging bahaviours. Learning disabilities. The operational structure at the district level will include key officials DC/DEO/DMHO/PD ICDS . Recording and Logistics.and at Cluster level and PHC level with convergence cascading down to all levels including frontline service providers. Modus of Operation:  Sensitization of all key stakeholders and Officials  Capacity building of frontline workers on issues like technical aspects (preventive and curative aspects). Malnutrition.  Identification of children with chronic diseases. Psychological problems and refer to higher institutions.Convergence • Health • WCWD • Education • Social and Tribal welfare  The nodal officers from the key departments will coordinate among themselves in delivery of holistic package of health services to school children. Hearing and Vision defects..