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Shakyamuni Buddha Here

dharma etiquette
When coming in contact with the Buddhadharma, it is useful to know the traditional ways to show
respect for the teachings, which are considered precious. Conforming to these modes of behavior does
not mean you are Buddhist or agree completely with the values or the validity of the Dharma, but merely
expresses respect for it. Thus they are intelligent ways to make your encounter with the Dharma enjoy-
able and beneficial.
Dharma books: Buddhist books, notebooks, and other reading material should be kept in a clean place.
They should not be sat upon, stepped over or on, or placed directly on the floor. A cloth covering can
be wrapped around these books when carrying or storing them and can be spread on the ground when
these books are placed down. It will be helpful to place your books as compactly as possible near your
seat to allow others to walk by easily. In addition, paper with Dharma notes on it should not be taken
into the bathroom or discarded in unclean places. For disposal, they can be burned or put in special
receptacles available for that purpose.
Listening to Dharma teachings: It is fine to shift your sitting position during the teachings, etc., but be
mindful not to point the soles of your feet—symbolically the lowest and often least clean part of your
body—directly toward the teacher or altar or over your Dharma books. To do this is considered careless
and disrespectful. While listening to Dharma teachings, one tries to show respect for the teacher and
teachings by not wearing hats or shoes and not sitting higher than the teacher. One should also avoid
lying down or leaning lazily against the wall. (This will also help prevent you from falling asleep!)
Prostrations: Although many students perform three prostrations before sitting down, this is not strictly
necessary. Prostrations can be effective in decreasing false pride and making the mind more receptive,
but it is not necessary that you adopt this practice. You can also make prostrations by putting your
hands together at the heart in prostration mudra, or you can do so mentally, by visualizing yourself
Please feel free to ask questions about what we do at Kurukulla Center. Initially you may not know
much of the meaning of the teachings and ritual, but it doesn’t take long to get an understanding of the
basics. Everyone has a story of the first time they went to a Buddhist center!

the fpmt
Kurukulla Center is a member of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition
(FPMT), a worldwide community of Buddhist centers dedicated to preserving the pure teachings of the
Buddha as found in Tibetan Buddhism. Founded by Lama Yeshe in 1975 and currently under the spir-
itual direction of his main disciple, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the FPMT provides teachings, retreats, litera-
ture, hospice care, and social services in over thirty countries. Kurukulla Center was founded by Lama
Zopa Rinpoche in 1989 and is named for a wrathful emanation of Red Tara who manifests the buddhas’
compassionate activity in the world.
Our kind and compassionate resident teacher, Geshe Tsulga, has been teaching at Kurukulla Center
since 1993, when Lama Zopa Rinpoche requested him to come to the United States.
This prayer book supplements the FPMT prayer books, which contain many more prayers and prac-
tices within this tradition. Copies of the FPMT prayer books may be found in the bookstore or online at

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and its causes. “ö” is like the German ö in bitte schön. May all sentient beings never be parted from sorrowless bliss. k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 1 . and hatred. “ü” is like the German ü in München. sem chen tam che de wa dang de we gyu dang den par gyur chig sem chen tam che dug ngel dang dug ngel gyi gyu dang drel war gyur chig sem chen tam che dug ngel me pe de wa dang mi drel war gyur chig sem chen tam che nye ring chag dang nyi dang drel we tang nyom la ne par gyur chig *Note on pronunciation of vowels in the Tibetan prayers: “a” is like a in shanti. Until enlightened I seek refuge. “e” is like the e in deva. To aid all may I become Buddha. attachment. “o” is like the o in bodhi. and Sangha. “i” is like i in bodhi. “u” is like the u in sutra. Kurukulla Center Prayers * Refuge and Bodhichitta In the Buddhas. free from bias. Dharma. Through merit from giving and the rest. (3 times) sang gye chö dang tsog kyi chog nam la jang chub bar du dag ni kyab su chi dag gi jin sog gyi pe sö nam gyi dro la pen chir sang gye drub par shog The Four Immeasurables May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes. May all sentient beings abide in equanimity.

the sublime community intending virtue. face like spotless moon. to you. The virtue that frees one from the lower realms. the foe destroyer. Those who are liberated and who also show the path to liberation. fully awakened being. (3 times) When. With the supreme signs. the glorious conqueror. Fame that blazes in the three worlds. I prostrate. the one gone beyond. Color like gold—to you I prostrate. The holy field qualified with realizations Who are devoted to the moral precepts— To you. O supreme among humans. I prostrate. the completely and fully awak- ened one. “I am supreme in this world. Sugata. you were born on this earth. make offerings. knower of the world. and go for refuge. form supremely pure. Dust-free like you.Praise to Shakyamuni Buddha To the founder. teacher of gods and human beings. supreme guide of human beings to be tamed. to you I prostrate. Winner of the best—Lord. the one gone to thusness. the sublime pure reality— To the Dharma that pacifies. perfect in knowledge and in good conduct. the completely perfected. the endowed transcendent destroyer. who were wise then.” To you. the endowed transcendent destroyer. 2 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . The one path. like a golden mountain. The purity that frees one from attachment. The founder having all understanding. I prostrate. I prostrate. I prostrate. The savior having great compassion. You paced out seven strides Then said. the three worlds are not. Incomparably wise one—to you. Wisdom ocean. the subduer of the Shakya clan. I prostrate. The field of merit with qualities like a vast ocean— To you. With pure bodies.

Homage to the supreme Buddha! Homage to the Dharma refuge! Homage to the great Sangha! To all three. a flash of lightning. sickness. An illusion. and death. or a bubble. the flame of a lamp. subdue the foe of faults. Do not commit any nonvirtuous actions. A dream. Subdue your mind thoroughly— This is the teaching of the Buddha. a mirage. Bowing with bodies as many as All realms’ atoms. ever-devout homage! To all worthy of respect. a drop of dew. k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 3 . With supreme faith I pay homage. in all aspects. Perform only perfect virtuous actions. A star. a cloud— See conditioned things as such! Through these merits may sentient beings Attain the rank of all seeing. And be delivered from samsara’s ocean. Perturbed by the waves of aging.

supreme field of merit. perfume. We rejoice in your powerful great deeds. Oceans of offerings. from depths of our hearts. Venerable gurus. Your eloquent speech adorns fortunate ears. Offered up to you. Pray stay hundreds of eons to spread doctrine As supreme merit field for my mind of faith. Venerable gurus. Fragrant incense. Pray loose a rain of vast profound Dharma On fields of disciples just as needed. and moon. famed glory outstanding. O protector. and so on. Especially what has contradicted three vows. smile brightly with delight. speech. Pleasant offerings of water. lotus. various flowers.Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa From Tushita’s hundreds of gods’ protector’s heart To tip of this fresh. Shunned eight mundane concerns. Each I confess from my heart with strong regret. and see. Your wisdom mind sees full range of knowables. 4 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . light. Pray come to this place with your disciples. Which I have heaped up since beginningless time. made life essenceful. set out and envisioned. hear. And may it make Venerable Losang Dragpa’s Essential teachings specially shine forever. O Losang Dragpa. May whatever virtue that I’ve here gathered Bring benefit to all beings and doctrine. Homage to you worthwhile to think of. and mind. Dharma’s omniscient king. Your beauteous body. In time of strife you strove to learn and practice. In space ahead on lion throne. Nonvirtue committed with body. from love and wisdom Clouds densely massed in your dharmakaya sky. pure-white. heaped curd-like cloud.

k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 5 . great treasure of unconceiving compassion. I make requests at your feet. and mind. gang chen ke pe tsu gyen tsong kha pa Tsongkhapa. Bestow attainments of body. O glorious and precious root guru. lo sang drag pe zhab la söl wa deb Losang Dragpa.mig me tse we ter chen chen re sig Avalokiteshvara. O glorious and precious root guru. Pray take seat of lotus on my crown. Caring for me with your great kindness. Caring for me with your great kindness. Until supreme awakening remain steadfast. dri me khyen pe wang po jam pel yang Manjushri. common and supreme. dü pung ma lü jom dze sang we dag Vajrapani. conqueror of all demon hordes without exception. Pray take seat of lotus at my heart. lord of stainless knowledge. speech. Caring for me with your great kindness. Bestow attainments. Pray take seat of lotus at my heart. crown jewel of the of the land of snow’s sages. O glorious and precious root guru.

no visible form. no sound. compositional factors. the great being. up to no element of mental consciousness. they are not produced and do not cease. There is no eye. and conscious- ness are empty. the great being. “Form is empty. Shariputra. “How should a child of the lineage train who wishes to engage in the practice of the profound perfection of wisdom?” Thus he spoke. no taste. All the buddhas who reside in the three times. no tongue. perfect. “Therefore. The Blessed One was dwelling in Rajagriha on Vulture Mountain together with a great assembly of monks and a great assembly of bodhisattvas. replied to the Venerable Shariputra as follows: “Shariputra. no cessation. At that time. without characteristics. no nose. the bodhisattva. and because their minds have no obstructions. whatever son or daughter of the lineage wishes to engage in the practice of the profound perfection of wisdom should look perfectly like this: subsequently looking per- fectly and correctly at the emptiness of inherent existence of the five aggregates also. like this all phenomena are empty.The Heart Sutra The Sutra on the Heart of the Transcendent and Victorious Wisdom Homage to the exalted Three Jewels! Thus have I heard at one time. the Blessed One was absorbed in the concentration of the countless aspects of phenomena called “profound illumination. they have no fear. Shariputra. no consciousness. 6 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . become manifest and complete buddhas in the state of unsurpassed. and no path. no exalted wisdom. bodhisattvas rely on and abide in the perfection of wisdom. the Venerable Shariputra said to the Superior Avalo- kiteshvara. perfectly looking at the emptiness of inherent existence of the five aggregates also. no discrimination. and the Superior Avalokiteshvara. because there is no attainment. that is. no object of touch. and also no non- attainment. the bodhisattva. they have no defilement and no separation from defilement. Shariputra. the bodhisattva. they have no decrease and no increase. no mental phe- nomenon. Emptiness is not other than form. through the power of Buddha. no body. Then. Form is not other than emptiness. “Therefore. the great being. no ear. there is no suffering. discrimination.” At that very time the Superior Avalokiteshvara. no origin. There is no ignorance and no cessation of ignorance and so forth up to no aging and death and no cessation of aging and death. by relying upon the perfection of wisdom. There is no eye element and so forth up to no mind element. in emptiness there is no form. no attainment. In the same way feeling. Likewise. was look- ing perfectly at the practice of the profound perfection of wisdom. no mind. no smell. and complete enlightenment. no com- positional factors. Passing utterly beyond error they attain the final state beyond sorrow. no feeling. emptiness is form.

the great being. and others—were filled with admiration and highly praised what had been spoken by the Blessed One. The mantra of the perfection of wisdom is proclaimed: tayata gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi soha! “Shariputra. O child of the lineage. should train in the profound perfection of wisdom. Possessed of clairvoyance and miraculous power. the bodhisattva. the mantra of great knowledge. Averting Hindrances In the holy supreme abode of the dakinis. Unwaveringly caring for practitioners as your children. Bring happiness and well-being here. obstructors. harmful conditions. and the entire assembly as well as worldly beings— gods. should be known as the truth. demigods.” Then the Blessed One arose from that concentration and said to the Superior Avalokitesh- vara. the mantra of the perfection of wisdom. So ends the noble discourse on the essence of the wisdom gone beyond. a great being. May all be conducive and perfect auspiciousness. the mantra that thoroughly pacifies all suffering. gandharvas. The profound perfection of wisdom should be practiced exactly as you have taught. Freed from adverse. and hindrances be fully pacified and endowed with loving minds!) The 80.” When the Blessed One had said this.“Therefore. this is how a bodhisattva. obstructors. the Superior Avalokitesh- vara. right now! k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 7 . the Venerable Shariputra. since it is not false. well said. the great being: “Well said. the equal-to-the-unequaled mantra. So it is. and hindrances shanti kuruye soha! (May all enemies. the bodhisattva. humans. the unsurpassed mantra. Homage to the hosts of the three places’ dakinis! a ka sa ma ra tsa sha da ra sa ma ra ya phat (7 times) tayata om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi soha! Through the power of truth of the exalted Three Jewels’ speech.000 types of obstructors pacified. May all on the side of negativity such as the four maras be stopped! (clap) May they become nonexistent! (clap) May they be pacified! (clap) All enemies. and the tathagatas will rejoice.

may the gurus who show the noble path de tar lam sang tön pe she nyen dang And the spiritual friends who practice it have long lives. dro we mün sel tag tu ne gyur chig Requesting for the Lamas and Practitioners to Live Long Like that. perfume anointed. dag gi chö nyen gyi pe sö nam gyi To aid all may I become Buddha. chö küi kha la khyen tsei chu dzin trig Pray loose a rain of vast profound Dharma ji tar tsam pe dül je dzin ma la On fields of disciples just as needed. nam kar trin le chog chur gye pa dang May the torch of the teachings of Losang always remain. sab gye chö kyi char pa bab tu söl idam guru ratna mandalakam niryatayami (I send forth this jeweled mandala to you. dro kün nam dag shing la chö par shog Request to Turn the Wheel of Dharma Venerable gurus. flowers strewn. je tsün la me ku tse rab ten ching His white divine actions spread in the ten directions. tsül shin drub pe drog nam shab ten chir Please bless me to pacify completely chi dang nang gi bar du chö pe tsog All outer and inner hindrances. from love and wisdom je tsün la ma dam pa khye nam kyi Clouds densely massed in your dharmakaya sky. nye war shi war jin gyi lob tug söl 8 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . sun and moon adorned. (3 times) dro la pen chir sang gye drub par shog Request for the Lama to Remain Long May my venerable lama’s life be firm.Short Mandala Offering Ground. sang gye chö dang tsog kyi chog nam la Until enlightened I seek refuge. precious gurus) Refuge and Bodhichitta before Teachings In the Buddhas. Dharma. lo sang ten pe drön me sa sum gyi Dispelling the darkness of all beings in the three realms. Thus sang gye shing du mig te ül war gyi May all sentient beings enjoy pure lands. ri rab ling shi nyi de gyen pa di Seen as buddha-field and offered. sa shi pö kyi jug shing me tog tram Meru. and Sangha. jang chub bar du dag ni kyab su chi Through merit from listening to teachings. four lands.

May I become the chief leading buddha for all those Whose mind’s wisdom eye is blinded by ignorance. or once spread have declined. With my heart gong out with great compassion In whatever direction the most precious teachings Have not yet spread. May I clear the darkness from the minds of all beings With the points of the path as I have discerned them. And may I please all the buddhas by practicing. May I uphold Buddha’s teachings for a very long time. k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 9 . Manjushri. May all human and nonhuman beings who eliminate adversity And make things conducive for practicing the excellent paths Never be parted in any of their lives From the purest path praised by the buddhas. May I find the best of complete graded paths of the teachings. Even if I do not reach this state.Final Lamrim Prayer From my two collections. Using skillful means drawn by the strong force of compassion. vast as space. May the minds of those who wish for liberation be granted bounteous peace And the buddhas’ deeds be nourished for a long time By even this graded course to enlightenment completed Due to the wondrous virtuous conduct of the buddhas and their children. may I be held In your loving compassion for all my lives. And may oceans of prosperity spread everywhere. May they always be assisted by the mighty ones. Whenever someone makes an effort to act In accordance with the tenfold Mahayana virtuous practices. May I reveal this treasure of happiness and aid. that I have amassed From working with effort at this practice for a great length of time.

crown jewel of the of the land of snow’s sages. May Lord Tenzin Gyatso Chenresig Remain in life ’til samsara’s end. Source of every benefit and joy. May it. lord of stainless knowledge. great treasure of unconceiving compassion. where born.Dedication Verses Through this virtue may I swiftly. Having gained Guru Buddha’s state. Losang Dragpa. arise And. jang chub sem chog rin po che ma kye pa nam kye gyur chig kye pa nyam pa me pa yang gong ne gong du pel war shog In that snow-mountain encircled land. where unborn. ge we di yi nyur du dag la ma sang gye drub gyur ne dro wa chig kyang ma lü pa de yi sa la gö par shog Precious supreme bodhi-mind. never decline But increase forever more. I make requests at your feet. Place each and every sentient being Without exception in that state. Manjushri. 10 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . gang ri ra we khor we shing kam dir pen dang de wa ma lü jung we ne chen re sig wang ten zin gya tso yi shab pe si te bar du ten gyur chig mig me tse we ter chen chen re sig dri me khyen pe wang po jam pel yang gang chen ke pe tsu gyen tsong kha pa lo sang drag pe shab la söl wa deb Avalokiteshvara. Tsongkhapa.

The guru is the creator of all (happiness). the precious Dharma. the precious Sangha.Food Offering Prayers Offering Food and Drink to the Three Jewels Om Ah Hum (3 times) To the supreme teacher. Continuously make offerings to the Three Jewels. To the supreme refuge. Tön pa la me sang gye rin po che Kyob pa la me dam chö rin po che Dren pa la me gen dün rin po che Kyab ne kön chog sum la chö pa bül May we and those around us. the precious Buddha. Never be separated from the Three Jewels. To all gurus. To the supreme guides. La ma sang gye la ma chö De shin la ma gen dün dang Kün gyi je po la ma te La ma nam la chö par bül k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 11 . the objects of refuge. I make this offering. in all future lives. And receive the inspiration of the Three Jewels. I make offering. the guru is Dharma. Dag sog khor che tse rab tam che du Kön chog sum dang nam yen mi drel shing Kön chog sum po gyün du chö pa la Kön chog sum gyi jin lab jug par shog Offering Food and Drink to the Guru Om Ah Hum (3 times) The guru is Buddha. To the Triple Gem. The guru is Sangha also.

to me and all Tug tse wa chen pöi go ne wandering mother sentient beings as far as the limits of space. Wang chen ser gyi sa shi Om vajra perimeter Am Hum! Outside it is encircled by the Om vajra rekhe Ah Hum! circumferential wall (The Chakravada mountain range). and their entourage. Chi chag ri khor yug gi khor we ü su in the center of which are Sumeru. with nothing missing.] Chog le nam par gyel we gyel tsen Lady of Grace. great Vajradhara. Tsün mo rin po che / Lön po rin po che [On the first level of Mount Sumeru:] Lang po rin po che / Ta chog rin po che [E:] the Precious Wheel [S:] the Precious Jewel Mak pön rin po che / Ter chen pöi bum pa [W:] the Precious Queen [N:] the Precious Minister Geg ma / Treng wa ma / Lu ma / Gar ma [SE:] the Precious Elephant [SW:] the Precious Horse Me tog ma / Dug pö ma / Nang sel ma [NW:] the Precious General [NE:] the Pot of Great Treasure. Lady of Incense. Ri gyel po ri rab The eastern continent. Lady of Garlands.The Long Mandala Offering of the Thirty-Seven Heaps First. please grant your inspiration! 12 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . Lü dang lü pag The northern. Godaniya (Cattle-gift Land). Dri chab ma / Nyi ma / Da wa / Rin po che dug [On the second level: the eight goddesses. Shing kham ül war gyi o and in particular to the deity host of Lama Tsongkhapa. Jin gyi lab tu söl out of your great compassion. Ma tsang wa me pa Lady of Lamps. Khye par du yang la ma lob sang tub wang In the center. Rin po che ri wo [And the northern] Kuru and Kaurava. Shar lü pag po / Lho dzam bü ling The southern. Videha (Tall-body Land). Pag sam gyi shing / Dö jöi ba [In the four continents are:] Ma mö pa yi lo tog E: the precious mountain / S: the wish-granting tree Khor lo rin po che / Nor bu rin po che W: the wish-fulfilling cow / N: the unplowed harvest. Che pe pel den la ma dam pa nam dang [N:] the banner of victory in all quarters. Nub bha lang chö / Jang dra mi nyen The western. Jambudvipa (Rose-apple Land). I shall offer these Zhe ne dag sog dro wa mar gyur nam khe as a buddha-field. holy. Yo den dang lam chog dro [The southern] Chamara and Aparachamara. Lady of Song. Having accepted them. pure and delightful. the most perfect riches of gods and human Dor je chang chen poi lha tsog beings. and most kind root and lineage gurus. Please accept them with compassion for the Ta dang nyam pe sem chen tam che la sake of wandering beings. [S:] the precious parasol. [W:] the Moon. Kuru. the umze makes this request: Shing kam bül war shu! Please offer a buddha-field! Om vajra bhumi Ah Hum! Om vajra ground Ah Hum! Mighty golden ground. Lady of Flowers. king of Tug je dro we dön du she su söl sages. Ü su lha dang mi yi pel jor pün sum tsog pa Lady of Dance. Dra mi nyen dang dra mi nyen gyi da [The western] Sata and Uttaramantrin. Lady of Perfume. Nga yab dang nga yab shen [The eastern minor continents] Deha and Videha. Tsang shing yi du ong wa [On the third level:] Di dag drin chen tsa wa dang gyü par [E:] the Sun. Khor dang che pe nam la To my glorious. king of mountains.

dü sum sheg pe gyel wa tam che kyi ngo wa gang la chog tu ngag pa de dag gi ge we tsa wa di kün kyang sang po chö chir rab tu ngo war gyi k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 13 . dag gi ji nye sag pe ge wa di ten dang dro wa kün la gang pen dang khye par je tsün lob sang drag pa yi ten pe nying po ring du sel je shog Just as the brave Manjushri and Samantabhadra. I. jam pel pa wö ji tar khyen pa dang kün tu sang po de yang de shin te de dag kün gyi je su dag lob chir ge wa di dag tam che rab tu ngo I dedicate all these roots of virtue With the dedication praised as the best By the victorious ones thus gone of the three times So I might perform good works. too. for the essential teachings Of Venerable Losang Dragpa to shine forever. pel den la me ku tse ten pa dang ka nyam yong la de kyi jung wa dang dag shen ma lü tsog sag drib jang ne nyur du sang gye tob par jin gyi lob I dedicate whatever virtues I have ever collected For the benefit of the teachings and of all sentient beings. Realized things as they are. And may we be blessed to quickly attain buddhahood. May I and others without exception accumulate merit and purify negativities. And in particular. too. dedicate all these merits in the best way That I may follow their perfect example.Additional Prayers of Dedication May the glorious gurus’ lives be long and stable. And may all beings equaling the extent of space have happiness.

Holding every secret of your body. May be effortlessly and spontaneously fulfilled. with the positive intention to bring about great benefit.Verses of Dedication Today I have made offerings and prostrations To the objects of refuge. You are the root of the Three Jewels. 1997. Being cared for by holy and qualified lamas. In particular. Your nature is that of Vajradhara. speech. O protector. including Buddha Shakyamuni. Through this virtue May all sentient beings attain happiness. To be cared for by you. bodhichitta. O protector. my lamas. compassion. from birth Unremittingly throughout all my lives. May we perfect the practices of faith and compassion. I seek your blessings. Homage to you. The great guide to peace and happiness whose nature is compassion. please grant that all be auspicious For me to be foremost among your very first circle of disciples Wherever you manifest buddhahood So that all my temporal and ultimate wishes. Prayer to Always Meet with Perfect Teachers Your form embodies all buddhas. Colophon: These verses were written by Geshe Tsultrim Chöpel on May 3. 14 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . And having encountered lamas who teach the faultless path. And thus to become your chief disciple. The supreme Tenzin Gyatso of incomparable kindness— May he have long life. Bring to perfection love. And the meditation on emptiness that is free from error. may the faithful people of the West. without exception. and may he obtain the victory Of freedom for Tibet in accord with his intentions. O gurus! In short. May I and all limitless motherly beings In all our lives attain bodies with the freedoms and endowments. And the Three Jewels. and mind.

in life after life may I. May I enjoy the magnificent Dharma. Pleasing him by every means possible.In all my lives. even for an instant. May I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara. In every life. and the pure view. in every life. In his care. gave the kind advice that his students should recite these verses as part of their daily practice. May my spiritual master impart to me Every instruction and every teaching in its entirety. Realm of Bliss (translated by Gavin Kilty). belief in cause and effect. fall under the sway Of malevolent teachers and misleading friends. to disappoint. even for a moment. Be forever fostered by an accomplished Mahayana spiritual master. the bodhi mind. k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 15 . and the final six verses from Lama Tsongkhapa’s Prayer for Birth in Sukhavati. Having understood them faultlessly. The source of every virtue of this world and beyond. By completing the qualities of the stages and paths. never separated from perfect gurus. Colophon: In July 2004 Sera Je Geshe Tsultrim Chöpel. may every virtuous act Gathered by way of body. resident teacher at Kurukulla Center. May I practice them and be able to bring them to perfection. and mind Be causes solely for the welfare of others And for the purest and highest enlightenment. may I acquire in him a firm unshakable faith. Renunciation. the fourth verse from Lama Tsongkhapa’s Foundation of All Good Qualities. pleasing him in return. Boston. May I never. speech. Furthermore. the second and third verses from the lamrim prayer in the Lama Chöpa. Doing nothing. Having developed. May I embark upon them continually with effortless experience. The first verse is from the tantras.

Precious Thubten Zopa Rinpoche. By the power of profound dependent arising and the unvarying emptiness of all that appears. Of he. Of he. Your dialectics an invincible. Skilled in sprinkling the waters of healing. paradigmatic doctrine of the victors. Hear our prayer. remain immutably among us—a radiant Dharma sun. etc. remain immutably among us—a moon guiding our way. Rainmaker adept who brings forth life’s rain. The moon of your Mahayana mind ringed ’round By the fever-cooling camphor of unsullied. Colophon: Having been requested with many bases (faith. remain immutably among us—one supremely worthy of veneration. Your teachings are vast spreading rivers of celestial nectar. Unbounded seas of the happiness of now and the bliss of always: Lama. grant your greatest of gifts: Victorious goddess. with effortless ease.] 16 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . mandalas. Your writings thousand-petaled lotuses unfolding their glory: Lama. material offerings. a guide to sublime liberation.) by the entire assembly of Sera Je Drati House to compose a supplication for the long life of Lawudo Supreme Incarnation. cutting vajra weapon. Here. deities. Golden laser light of bright. and constancy. O lama whom we revere. fulfilling needs. the sphere of peace. and doctrine protectors.Bestowing Supreme Immortality A Supplication for the Long Life of Lawudo Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche Om Svasti! Vijaya—all-conquering goddess. Clarifying without confusion the two truths among the multiplicity of things: Lama. now. composed this prayer praying that its aims may be fulfilled. unerring wisdom. A laughing smile revealing pearls of skill. whose lunar-like face changes with our changing fates. having the title of Tutor (to His Holiness the Dalai Lama). [English translation by Gelong Jampa Gendün and Getsül Tenzin Chödrak. a lone adornment of the earth. humility. grant life without end. By the might of seas of spiritual masters. A deep milky sea of the liquid moon of morality: Lama. Trijang Rinpoche. Precious treasure of precise and subtle reasoning. benefiting all. unsurpassed resolve Brilliantly swirls to the bounds of space. I. The faintest cooling ray of whose mantra name allays the fiery pain of our life’s final end. You who bear the name Of he who peerlessly holds the living essence of the pure. be spontaneously fulfilled. May all the hopes of our prayers. remain immutably among us—a guardian of highest knowledge.

May the festival of benefit and happiness remain for a hundred eons. by Kangyur Lama (Losang Thubten).A Short Long-Life Prayer for Lama Zopa Rinpoche You who uphold the Subduer’s (thub) moral way. May the purpose of this prayer be easily and swiftly accomplished. purity. k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 17 . Through spreading waves of deeds of learning. By sounding the great drum of profound and extensive Dharma. Without being oppressed by even a sign of obstacle or hindrance. Sustaining. Three supreme life-giving deities: Forever grant the glorious excellence of immortality. Continually awaken all beings from the deep sleep of ignorance. Who serve as the bountiful bearer (zö)-of-all. this long-life prayer. At the feet of the venerable guru. Spreading the Buddha’s teachings through noble deeds and generating the mind of enlightenment. Savior of myself and others. Beautified by the jewel ornament of the three trainings’ morality. Through the lion’s roar of scriptural support and logical reasoning. please live long! Thub tsül chang shing jam gön gyel we ten Dzin kyö pel we kün zö dog por dze Chog sum kur we leg mön tu drub pa Dag sog dül je gön du shab ten shog Melodious Sound of the Immortal Vajra A Supplication for the Long Life of Geshe Tsulga Om Svasti! Essence of the nectar of the three secrets of all conquerors Ripened in a youthful form adorned by the ornaments of the marks and signs. It was translated by Thubten Damchoe and edited by Sara McClintock and Nicholas Ribush. I make requests.” was written on May 8. with strong supplication to Three Jewels. By the blessings of the truth of the nondeceptive Three Jewels And the power of the hopes of our single-pointed prayers. former abbot of Trehor. and goodness With the enlightened activity of the union of teaching and practice. and spreading Manjunath’s victorious doctrine (ten). your disciples: please. [tsültrim] Treasure house of Dharma increase [chöpel ] enriched by the gem of eloquence. Who masterfully accomplishes (drub pa) magnificent prayers honoring the Three Jewels. entitled “Melodious Sound of the Immortal Vajra. preserving. 2004. May the evil speech of fox-like thought be subdued. Colophon: At the request of the faithful and devoted disciples of Geshe Tsultrim Chöpel of Trehor Khamtsen. With the smile of the pure life-story of the Tsongkhapa tradition.

Unpolluted by foul waters of misconception. in each and every life. Never displeasing for even an instant! May I always be shown transcendent wisdom’s meaning Just as it was taught to Sadaprarudita. Just as I’ve promised before the eyes Of my abbot and master as long as I live! Relying on ethical purity may I Practice every vast and profound Mahayana teaching through many austerities For the sake of my mothers for countless eons! May I always be cared for by a holy master Whose mind’s filled with scriptural knowledge and insight. Middle. may I never by stained By faults of natural or proscribed negativity. and all possessions. Never take birth in any abodes Falling back to realms of bad migrations But attain human form with all the freedoms and endowments! From very birth may I never cling To samsaric pleasure but. who’s compassionate And tirelessly courageous serving others’ welfare! Like Sadaprarudita’s devotion to Dharmodgata. Profound and peaceful. life. to gain liberation. subdued. Strive with unrelenting enthusiasm To pursue pure lifestyle with renunciation! May no relation or possessions whatever Obstruct my taking ordination But all conducive circumstances Come together just as wished! Once ordained. May these all come true through might of the powerful Sages and infallible Three Jewels of refuge! May I. with body. and End Homage to all buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions! I make infinite prayers with pure higher intention To liberate infinite beings from samsara. May I well delight in my holy master Undeceitfully. Whose faculties are peaceful.Prayer for Virtue in the Beginning. devoid of elaboration! 18 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s .

through hearing. in return. may I. be free of consequent pride! At the side of a self-reliant great master Who reveals the meanings of all the texts Just as they are through the force of pure logic. contemplation. May I always uphold the victory banner of liberation. May I free embodied beings from samsara’s ocean! No matter how learned and especially generous. may I Dispel all doubts concerning those points thus considered Through the discriminating awareness arisen from contemplation! When I gain definite certainty in the very profound teachings Through the awareness arisen from contemplation. With joyous effort cutting clinging attachment to this life. Never giving up even the slightest precept That I have received. May I properly practice in isolation! When thus. May I listen insatiably to the infinite scriptures! Day and night fully analyzing the meaning of what I’ve heard Through well applying the four types of reasoning. then. even for the sake of my life! When seeing. or thinking of beings Who beat. Secure in the ship of study. may I first gather Beings into my circle with material generosity Then bring them satisfaction by teaching the Dharma! Through renunciation up until enlightenment’s attainment.May I never be influenced by negative friends Or nonvirtuous spiritual guides who teach Nihilistic or eternalistic views External to what the Buddha intended! Hoisting the great sail of pure intention to free beings. To equal extent. Realizations the Conqueror intended are born in my mind. thus superior. thought. Blown by the winds of unslacking joyous effort. Free from anger may I. or humiliate me. hearing. May desire for lives clinging to samsaric states Or for personal liberation never arise in my mind! Having overcome miserliness through a mind of detachment Toward all possessed wealth. accuse. and meditation. and meditation. Express their qualities and cultivate patience! k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 19 . Pure of morality and discriminating in wisdom My mind should become.

debate. though looking like monks. devoid of the insight That subdues samsara or dry of the compassion That prevents passive peace. May I uphold the victory banner of the undeclined teachings! Wherever I’m born may I drink the ambrosia Of Buddha’s speech and. on the whole. may I. Influenced by negative friends or nonvirtuous guides. May I realize all things’ primordial emptiness! Those with broken precepts. may they. Be undiscouraged in accomplishing all The bodhisattvas’ great and powerful prayers! 20 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . And.By having completely abandoned the three types Of laziness that prevent both attainment of virtues Not yet attained and further development. Holding as supreme some made-up partial emptiness Out of fear of the ultimate nature of existence. or possessions and also To those who speak unpleasantly to me. power. life. free from illness. and composition. Have good family. Which takes up the burden of freeing all beings. May I strive with joyous perseverance! Having abandoned quiescent states that. before too long. Fearless of actions despised by the holy. Grant them the unexcelled state of enlightenment! Whoever sees or hears these prayers Or thinks of them. Cause cyclic rebirth. wealth. May I yoke to faultless ethical discipline! Whoever has left the excellent way To engage in mistaken distorted paths. Having developed bodhichitta cherishing others more than self. wisdom. May I easily set on paths praised by the conquerors! Having robbed fox-like mistaken teachers of their boldness With my lion’s roar of teaching. as well. May I especially be as loving as a mother! And then. at that time. long and happy life! To those who always bear harmful intention Toward my body. Then caring for them by whatever means will subdue them. form. may I integrate the two! Having fully abandoned misconceived views. who have lost pure morality through inconsideration.

and great caution arise. and End was composed at the glorious Drikung Til monastery in Shoto by the wanderer Losang Dragpa. This life is as impermanent as a water bubble. Seeking samsaric pleasures is the door to all suffering: They are uncertain and cannot be relied upon. just like a shadow follows the body. Remember how quickly it decays and death comes. And bear the responsibility of freeing migratory beings. So have all mother migratory beings. k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s 21 . Please bless me to see this. By clearly seeing this and applying great effort. Just as I have fallen into the sea of samsara. Mindfulness. Led by this pure thought. who has heard many teachings. May I fulfill hopes of all embodied beings! Colophon: This Prayer for Virtue in the Beginning. Middle. Recognizing these shortcomings. takes its essence. The results of black and white karma follow. [Translation from the Tibetan by David Molk. After death. Finding firm and definite conviction in this. alertness. Please bless me to accomplish this essential practice. Correct devotion to him is the root of the path.] The Foundation of All Good Qualities The foundation of all good qualities is the kind and venerable guru. Day and night. Please bless me to generate the mind that unceasingly. Please bless me always be careful To abandon even the slightest negativities And accomplish all virtuous deeds. and is difficult to find again. July 1993. The root of the teachings is keeping the pratimoksha vows. train in supreme bodhichitta. Fully completing the perfection of prayer. Understanding that the precious freedom of this rebirth is found only once. Please bless me to generate the strong wish for the bliss of liberation. Please bless me to rely upon him with great respect.Through force of offering this vast prayer made With the power of a pure extraordinary wish. Is greatly meaningful.

As I have become firmly convinced of this. By practicing with great energy. Once I have pacified distractions to wrong objects And correctly analyzed the meaning of reality. With my clear recognition of this. Please bless me to protect these vows and pledges like my life. never giving up the four sessions. At that time. may the gurus who show the noble path And the spiritual friends who practice it have long lives. I will not achieve enlightenment. Colophon: Translated by Jampel Lhundrub and edited by Ailsa Cameron for the Jorchö booklet published by Wisdom Publications. Lightly edited by Ven. May I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara. Having become a pure vessel by training in the general path. the basis of accomplishing the two attainments Is keeping pure vows and samaya. Then. Please bless me to generate quickly within my mindstream The unified path of calm abiding and special insight.Even if I develop bodhichitta yet don’t practice the three types of morality. Like that. Please bless me to enter The holy gateway of the fortunate ones. having realized the importance of the two stages. Constance Miller and Nick Ribush. 1988. 1999. Please bless me to practice the bodhisattva vows with great energy. The supreme vajra vehicle. The essence of the Vajrayana. In all my lives. 22 k u r u k u l l a c e n t e r p r ay e r s . Please bless me to realize the teachings of the holy guru. Please bless me to pacify completely All outer and inner hindrances. May I enjoy the magnificent Dharma. By completing the qualities of the stages and paths. April. never separated from perfect gurus.