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Sports News—Wembley gears for the NFL


“He was Innocent ”

35 year old man, shot
last week in Harrow
town centre has now
been confirmed as
Ad. dead. The victim died
from gunshot wounds in a North
London hospital late in the eve- Picture, with caption under it.
ning of the 27th of October.
The victim named as Lee John
Hook was gunnednddown around
1am Friday the 22 as he was wait-
ing for a friend. The incident took
place as he sat in his VW Golf GTI,
in Kymberley Road, near St.Anns
opposite The Royal Oak pub but In the aftermath of the event a few charged. While they are not cer-
Ad. owners say the pub was closed. local people who had passed by the tain of the cause of the incident
scene of the shooting were inter- they believe it may have been
An unnamed eye witness, who was viewed. One man said “It’s some- gang related. All the people
in complete shock, explained how thing that you just wouldn’t expect charged are men aged between
they saw the driver slumped for- to happen in Harrow, when I heard 25 and 28, with one man from
ward in his seat heavily bleeding. about what had happened it be- Harrow, while the others perma-
They said: “I'm not sure how it came as a total surprise to me. My nent address is yet to be con-
started, I think there was an ex- thoughts just got to his family”. An- firmed. The other four, a man
change of words in the pub and he other by-passer said “You would of and three women were bailed to
had been shown the gun and told: never had thought that something return in December pending fur-
'Carry on running your mouth and I you hear about on the news more ther enquires.
ain't afraid to use this.' Then the and more nowadays would happen
next thing everyone knew two gun- in the town you live in. It just proves If anyone has any additional in-
For the latest shots had gone off as i walking in nowhere is perfect and we are just formation that could be relevant
going to have to look out for where
news, sport & that direction. Everyone started
we go now.”
to this process is asked to call
the Incident room on 020-8358-
screaming, some people ran off
debate visit— while, others called emergency ser- 0400 or Crimestoppers anony-
vices. People were trying to help Detectives from the Hendon- mously on 0800-555-111.
Www.Harrow- the guy, there were a few people by based Homicide and Serious Crime
his side.” Directorate are investigating the shooting and have made seven ar-
rests and three men have been

Inside Inside New Over-ground Trains Hit Harrow


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