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12 Angry Men Creative Writing

This assignment has 2 parts:

A. If the boy didn’t kill his father, who did? Construct a profile of the murderer.

B. Give your account of the real murder of the old man beginning with the boy’s
fight with his father and ending with the boy returning home after the movies to
find his father dead from the stab wound. Be dramatic! Tell how the murderer
entered the apartment, made his way to the old man and killed him. Also, tell
what the murderer did after the killing (check the play so you can be accurate
about all the details of how the murder scene was left) and how he/she got out of
the apartment. 350 – 500 words.

C. Present your account to the class.

Assignment components to be submitted for evaluation:

1. A detailed character profile.
2. A detailed, point form outline of the murder.
3. Rough draft(s) of the murder account.
4. Final draft(s) of the murder account.

Evaluation: Rubrics to follow.

Due dates:

Tuesday November 16th – hard copy (either typed or handwritten) of Part A, Profile of
the Murderer is due at the start of class.

Wednesday November 24th – hard copy (either typed or handwritten) of Part B, the
murder account.

Final draft and oral presentation: T.B.A.

must be stated clearly and explained accurately so there is no confusion or ambiguity. slowly. No relationship. Slowly. This is not science fiction writing. and although he outwardly acted the same. because he was the legion. and the disproportionate amount of minorities that lived there. because such was the paradox of deifying the mediocre. This man was Legion. Write this in sentences. even as someone who slacked through his entire life. body and soul. This man was Duncan Hudson. because through the mirage of a human. the legion engulfed his life. iv) Important personality traits: Insane.Part A Profile of the Murderer Describe the murderer. and he would begin to kill all those near him. even if this meant hating the legion. before he would finally act. would be cast aside into the dregs of society. the son would only aid in hammering the nail into the coffin with the knife he had bought. all that he was inside was an embodiment of mediocrity. yet hated himself. all those that lived near him. yet the man could not even frame this ex-convict. He worshipped the legion. no siblings or children. mediocre. he slowly built up more and more resentment that HE of all people. those for which it would be simple to frame others. because to blame himself was to blame the legion. Length: 150 – 250 words): The man who killed the boy’s father was normal by any quick look. logical and plausible as per the details known from the play. His growing resentment would build over many months. this criminal. no hobbies or interests iii) Details of family life: Parents recently deceased. and this inadequacy. white man of average height and weight. Everything in your profile must be relevant. He’d never blame himself however. The first to die would be those directly related to convicts. average. angry v) Motive – Create the story behind the murder.36 years old ii) Employment. of worshipping the means. . The purging of humanity would begin. he quickly began to think badly of the slums. He was a average- looking. He was just one of the legions of people that looked exactly like him. this sense of mediocrity would lead him to discriminate against all those nearest to him. i) Name and age: Duncan Hudson. When the time came. hobbies and interests: Factory Worker. and as he lived in the slums. one of the members of the legion.

the boy was leaving. they lift me. This would be clean. so that I could lead the Legion. before sprinting out the door. average. All of my brothers. “You’re not the boss of me. The boy would leave for a few hours. I saw more of the Legion. The man had been watching his television when I walked in. Finally. I descended from the roof of the building opposite them. The game was over. Hurrying would not do anything. and everybody would be the same. and didn’t hear my entrance. to go get a present for his friend.” the man continued to scream at his boy. They of course didn’t know that they were part of the Legion. As I left. and so I wiped the handle of the knife off. Finally. . and there would be no perfect assassination. so we could reach the ultimate goal. and then both doorknobs as I left the apartment. and smiled. and I knew that I didn’t have much time. and all would know that we are different. a beginning to our reign. his father would die. and I proceeded to buy the same kind of knife. perfect. and the Legion would be proud. The boy started to run. but it did not matter. they hate me. all those like me would be vindicated. The first step in a line of many. My whole life has been inconsequential. average build. surprised. “Get back here!” screamed the father. I followed the boy. white men of average height. until the only people who remained would be those of the Legion. my previous life leaving. I can do whatever I want!” The boy started to turn. and I would prove to everybody that we are unique. I brushed against the boy. I turned and noticed an el train going by. I reached the elevator and began the ascent to my vindication. the boy would be framed. the event that would separate me from the Legion. and I won’t let you leave tonight. the time had come. but I ran away and understood that people would still remember this. Everything had been planned. “I’ll kill you!” he cried. they keep me alive. The Legion is me. a demonstration of our power. they killed me. I love them. and he ran over to the boy and started to hit him. and when he came back. average intelligence. with another half an hour until the boy would be back. I came closer and closer. that they had abandoned me to poverty. the beginning of the Legion. In a word. and watched. and watched as he purchased a delicate knife from a member of the Legion. During that time. My name is Duncan Hudson. but nothing would stop me now. they love me.“What the hell do you think you’re doing with your life? You’re wasting your life. This time would not be perfect. but finally. and to go see a movie. I walked back to the tenement and waited for another hour and a half. He cried out. but I kept walking. because I had plenty of time. knowing that he would be condemned. stole his knife. and that the first step had been completed. they abandoned me. I’d been watching their dirty family for a month now. and used the knife I had brought to penetrate the soft skin of the man. Crossing the street. the world would learn that we are different. to live with the dregs. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” he inquired. and he turned around. He tried to tackle me.