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Human Resource Management
HRM is the management of people working in an organization, it is a subject related t
o human. For simplicity, we can say that it is the management of humans or people.
HRM is a managerial function that tries to match an organization’s needs to the skills
and abilities of its employees. Human Resource Management is responsible for how
people are managed in the organizations. It is responsible for bringing people in orga
nization helping them perform their work, compensating them for their work and solvi
ng problems that arise.
“All Managers Are HR Managers”
HRM plays important role in creating organizations and helping them survive. Our wo
rld is an organizational world. We are surrounded by organizations and we participat
e in them as members, employees, customers, and clients. Most of our life is spent i
n organization, and they supply the goods and services on which we depend to live.
Organizations on the other hand depend on people, and without people, they would
The concepts and techniques of HR management is important to all managers. Ever
y manager has to deal with people and therefore knowing how to deal and handle th
em is a great factor.
HR management guides mangers to utilize organization resources in such a way that
helps to avoid common personnel mistakes like the following:
• Hiring the wrong person for the job
• Experiencing high turnover
• Finding employees not doing their best
• Having your company taken to court because of your discriminatory actions
• Having your company cited under federal occupational safety laws for unsafe
• Allowing a lack of training to undermine your department’s effectiveness
• Committing any unfair labor practices
Another important issues/concern for managers is to keep the workforce motivated s
o that they should keep on delivering effectively. Motivation means to influence perfo
rmance of others and to redirect the efforts in desirable direction by using different m
otivational tools that can help in fulfilling the mission of organization. And HR manag
ement is concerned about this human motivational factor.
The HR management helps mangers with different managerial techniques to direct t
he performance of employees in desirable direction in order to achieve the organizati
onal objectives. Through the efforts of others working in an organization, managers g
et things done and ensure to get the right results. Getting results is the bottom line of
managing and managers have to get those results through people. For example- A
manager can do everything else right like laying brilliant plans, organizing and setting

An organization's fail ure to comply with laws regulating these areas can result in extremely cos tly back-pay awards. and penalties. Executives need assistance from the human resource department in matt ers of recruitment. appraising. Factors Contributing to the Growing Importance of HRM a. When managers make compensation decisions witho ut consulting the human resource department the salary structure tends t o become very uneven and unfair promotion decisions also may be handle d unfairly when the HR department does not coordinate the decision of ind . and labor relations. compensation. using highly sophisticated accounting controls. Therefore. performance evaluation. child-care and elder-care assistance. skill. parental lea ve. The record keeping and r eporting requirements of the laws are so extensive that to comply with th em.docx-to-doc-converter. This knowledge base is the foundation of an organization' core competencies (integrated knowledge sets within an organization that disti nguish it from its competitors and deliver value to customers). and job sharing. Consistency Human resource policies help to maintain consistency and equity within a n organization. etc but wo uld fail by hiring the wrong person and not motivating subordinates. Increased complexity of the Manager’s job Management has become an increasingly complex and demanding job for many reasons. Growing Importance of HRM The success of organizations increasingly depends on people-embodied kn ow-how. expanding scientific information. up modern assembly lines. class action suits. and developing them. and rapid change. Four areas that have been influenced most by legislation include equal em ployment. The human reso urce department plays a central role in establishing and implementing poli cies designed to reduce the friction between organizational demands and family responsibilities. many human resource departments must work countless hours and of ten must hire additional staff. Legislation and litigation The enactment of state laws has contributed enormously to the proliferati on and importance of human resource functions. new technology. d. safety. c. Compensation.the knowledge. and discipline. including foreign competition. . organizations frequent ly ask human resource managers for assistance in making strategic busin ess decisions and in matching the distinctive competencies of the firm's h uman resources to the mission of the organization. Accommodation to workers' needs Workers are demanding that organizations accommodate their personal n eeds by instituting such programs as flexible work schedules. Managers can o nly be successful if they have the knack for hiring the right people for the right jobs a nd motivating. b. and abilities imbedded in an organization's members. Consistency is particularly important in compensation and promotion decisions.

many organizations have developed compensation systems wit h elaborate benefits packages to replace simple hourly pay or piece rate i ncentive systems f. Similarly. statistical formulas that comb ine interviews. The largest single expense in most or ganizations is labor cost. and application-blank information have replace d the subjective interviews traditionally used in making selection decisions. Cost of Human Resource Human resource activities have become increasingly important because o f the high cost of personal problem. For example. researchers have developed complex procedur es for making employee-selection decisions. .com ividual manger. Expertise Now a days there exist sophisticated personnel activities that require spec ial expertise. test scores. which is often considerably higher than the nece ssary because of such problems as absenteeism tardiness and discriminati on.http://www. . e.docx-to-doc-converter.