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building parking lots. Unauthorized vehicles
will be towed at the owner’s expense.

• Cable or phone installation service is done

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Healthy Tips from Around the

World: Brazil
Make Friends with Rice and Beans Viviane Madison’s son Jayden enjoys a hand massage.
Americans tend to think of starchy foods as
the enemy, but according to a study published
in the journal Obesity Research, a diet focused Fussy Baby Sessions: Fun for
on rice and beans (in contrast with a typical
Western diet), such as the kind Brazilians
espouse, reduces people’s risk of becoming
Moms and Babies!
overweight by approximately 14 percent. On Wednesday, November 10, Oakwood Shores moms brought in their
Low in fat and high in fiber, it’s a winning babies and toddlers for their first Fussy Baby session.
combination that stabilizes blood sugar and Led by the Erikson Institute, staff showed parents different soothing
leaves people feeling satisfied. (
methods from massage, to singing, to play. This new initiative, called Fussy
Baby, meets every second Wednesday of the month from 10-11:30am.

Parents with children up to 18 months old are invited to join for an

inside opportunity to talk with child development specialists about how their baby
is learning and growing.
Fussy Baby provides parents an opportunity to share parenting

Community News 2 techniques and consult with specialists while their children play with other
babies and toddlers. Moms learned how to massage their babies to soothe
Resident Programming 4
their crying and received massage oil and a book on soothing techniques.
Community Calendar 6 See more photos from the first Fussy Baby session on page 5 of this
newsletter. For more information or to sign up, interested parents should
contact Rachel Faulkner at or call 773-967-9201.
Community News
Co-Ed Basketball Program
Volunteer Opportunities at
Now accepting registratants every
Saturday from 10am – 12noon at the
Abraham Lincoln Center located at the
Donoghue Charter School
Have students at Donoghue? Want to volunteer? Join Donoghue for events this winter!
corner of 39th & Cottage Grove Avenue.

*Stop by the Abraham Lincoln Center UIC Family Literacy Workshop

on Saturdays for more information. The next Family Literacy Workshop is December 14 from 5:30-6:30pm. The workshop topic is:
Parents and Homework. Childcare and dinner are provided.

Real Men Read Program
Calling all fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, brothers, and other positive male role models to
volunteer for Real Men Read. It’s a great opportunity for community service and for young people to
December is a busy month full
have more interaction with positive male role models. We’re asking you to take two hours out of your
of all kinds of events all over the busy schedules to read fun, lively books to Donoghue students. If you are interested please contact
world. Oakwood Shores wishes Angel Pringle at 773-285-5385 or
you the happiest of holidays!
December 1 - Hanukkah (Jewish)

December 6 - St. Nicholas Day

Holiday Shopping Tips
The shopping season is here, and the Federal Trade Commission wants to help you get ready. These
tips can help you shop smart and stay on budget. For more information about money management
December 7 - Al Hijra (Muslim New Year) and shopping wisely, visit
December 8 - Bodhi Day (Buddhist), Feast of Make a list and set a budget. List the people Consider layaway. When you use layaway, you
the Immaculate Conception you plan to buy gifts for, the type of gifts you typically make a deposit – usually a percentage
plan to buy, and how much you plan to spend. of the purchase price – and pay over time until
you have paid for the item in full.
December 12 - Celebration of Virgin of Shop around. A “sale” price isn’t always the
Guadalupe (Mexico) “best” price. Some merchants may offer a sale Keep an eye on your wallet. Don’t flash cash.
price on the item you want for a limited time; Keep an eye on your credit or debit card during
December 13 - Santa Lucia Day (Sweden) other merchants may offer items at a discount transactions. If your cards are lost or stolen,
everyday. report the loss or theft immediately to the card
December 16 - Ashura (Islamic, Muslim) issuers.
Look for price-matching policies. Some
December 16-25 - Las Posadas (Mexico) merchants will match, or even beat, a Use credit and debit cards with care. Save
competitor’s prices. your receipts. You need them for returns and
exchanges. Check credit and debit card sales
December 25 - Christmas Go online. Check out websites that compare and return receipts against your monthly bills
prices. If you decide to buy from an online and statements, and report any problems to the
December 26 - Boxing Day (Canada, United merchant, keep shipping costs and delivery credit card issuer promptly.
Kingdom) time in mind.
Ask about refund and return policies. Many
December 26 - January 1 Kwanzaa (African- Carefully consider bargain offers that are merchants may have different refund and return
American) based on purchases of additional merchandise. policies for sale items. For example, clearance
For example, “Buy One, Get One Free” or merchandise may be on final sale, meaning no
December 31 - New Year’s Eve “Free Gift with Purchase.” If you don’t really refunds or exchanges.
want or need the item, it’s not a deal.
Keep good records. It’s important to keep
Clip coupons. Coupons are useful when detailed information about transactions,
they save you money on what you’re already including your order number, shipping costs and
planning to buy. Check coupons for any dates, warranties, and refund and return policies.
Ship early. If you’re sending gifts to out-of-
Ask about sale adjustments. If you buy an towners, factor in extra time for shipping. If you
item at regular price and it goes on sale the wait until the last minute, you may pay a hefty
next week, can you get a credit or refund for price for express or overnight shipping.
the discounted amount?

2 The Oakwood Shores Newsletter

Community News
Auh’yanna Crusoe: Young Leader
Auh’yanna Crusoe is a freshman at Daniel Hale
Williams Preparatory School of Medicine.
An outstanding student, Auh’yanna is involved
in extracurricular activities like Mayor Daley’s
Book Club. She also ran for Freshman Class
President in November.
But Auh’yanna does not limit herself to
just the class presidency, she wants to be a heart
“Public service is important to my family”
she said. Auh’yanna first wanted to be a lawyer,
Don’t Miss Chicago’s Chirstkindlmarket!
and follow in her family’s footsteps, but her
Nestled in between Chicago’s
experiences and education have changed her mind.
downtown sky scrapers, Daley Plaza
Having seen an open heart surgery, Auh’yanna
is aglow with twinkling lights and
knows that she wants to be a doctor. After high
filled with red and white striped
school Auh’yanna would like to attend Harvard or
huts during the holiday season. The
Michigan State.
Christkindlmarket Chicago returns to
*At the time this article was written election results had not the heart of the Windy City for the 15th
Auh’yanna Crusoe is a freshman at William Preparatory
been released. If Auh’yanna wins the presidency, she will year starting on November 24 and is
hold office for all four years of high school.
School, where she ran for President of the class. open daily until December 24, 2010.

For further information please visit the

official Christkindlmarket website at or
call (312)494-2175. Admission is always

Dates and Times

The Christkindlmarket Chicago will be
open daily from November 24, 2010 -
December 24, 2010.

Opening Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Special Hours
Christmas Eve, December 24, 2010:
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Daley Plaza (50 W Washington Street,
Chicago, IL 60602)

Splash! 3
Resident Programming
Spoken Word Cold Weather Doesn’t Keep the
by Chance Mitchell
Swim Club out of the Water
Raining all the time
in the corners of my mind.
So much is expected of me.

All the work and responsibility,

the pressure is wearing down on me,
and my patience running thin.

Due dates, deadlines and projects

those are the key words.
Maybe its me being lazy,
who knows?

Fear engulfing me,

Shanika Owens, Deja Thomas, and Ja’Myah Blissit enjoy the Kayla Thomas practices with noodles.
getting into high school, water at Harrison pool.
getting there safely.

Maybe I’m a shell

of my former self,
Camp of Dreams is Back!
becoming self-conscious Camp of Dreams, a non-profit that serves children (2nd-7th grade) who would not normally get to go
about the things I do, to overnight camp, is returning to Oakwood Shores Community Center on December 2 at 6:30pm for
the clothes I wear. an information session.
Camp of Dreams participants meet every other Saturday throughout the school year for
I wish I can be the civil rights activist Community Days. Community Days are an opportunity for participants to meet other campers,
I hope to be, participate in fun learning events, and prepare for their three-week trip. Campers choose from
but thourgh school work and grades activities like advertising through production, dance, learning Spanish through song, jewelry making,
who can really see me? and drama. All programming is free.
Residents interested in getting their children involved with the Camp of Dreams program should
I can never truly be happy, attend the information session. Contact Rachel Faulkner at 773-967-9201 for more information.
that’s sad.

All of the destruction

and chaos in the world,
Oakwood Shores Lending Library
wearing down on my childhood.
Set to Open this Month
I wish I could do Oakwood Shores would like to invite you to participate in its first ever Lending Library. The grand
the things I want to, opening will be Wednesday, December 15 at 6pm. Please stop by to pick up a book, enjoy hot
to be a kid, chocolate and holiday cookies, or just mingle with your neighbors.
live carefree. The Lending Library will be an archive of books housed at the Community Center. Just like at
Chicago Public Library’s, residents can come, check out a book, and take it home to read.
I grew up too fast. The entire Oakwood Shores community will have access to the library. We are currently collecting
I suppose. books to build the library archive and offer a variety of titles to residents. If you would like to donate
books please drop them off with Emily Vaughan at the Community Center on the 2nd floor of 3711
S. Vincennes Avenue.
To RSVP to the Lending Library Grand Opening call Emily Vaughan at 773-967-9210.

4 The Oakwood Shores Newsletter

Resident Programming
Job Opportunity: Seasonal Snow Bulletin
Removal Work • GIRLS ONLY!
Get your girls (ages 10-12) involved in the
Peer-to-Peer Circle for Girls, a empowering
after-school program that helps girls build
self-confidence. Contact Pilar McKinney at
Oakwood Shores will be hiring temporary, on-call individuals to 773-967-9209 for more information.
remove snow this winter. To apply, complete an application at The
Network Center (3859 S. Vincennes). Qualified candidates will be • FUSSY BABY
contacted for interviews. Fussy Baby sessions are every Wednesday,
from 10-11:30 am. For more information
contact Rachel Faulkner at 773-967-9201.

• File for Life: In Case of Emergency

Contact Aaron Beswick at 773-967-9213 to
get your FREE File for Life. The File for Life
keeps all your medical information in one

Digital Connector Youth Report:


• Need Help Filing for Social Security?

Free Geek of Chicago by Ariel Manuel If you are aged 65 and better, blind, or
disabled contact Aaron Beswick at
773-967-9213 for help filing for Social
Free Geek of Chicago is a non-profit organization that allows people an Security.
opportunity to access technology. Donate your time (24 hours) and in turn • FREE Online GED Classes?
you can build a computer to take home and keep. Through GED-i and City Colleges of
My trip there was an very interesting trip, and also very informative. Chicago you can study for the GED on
I recieved community service hours and learned the main parts of the your own time from any computer with a
high speed internet connection. Contact
computer. I was also informed of how technology is most commonly Emily Vaughan at -773-967-9210 for more
Ariel Manuel is a Digital disposed. information.
Connector at Oakwood
Shores. She wrote about Most technology is taken to third-world countries and dumped into rivers
her Free Geek field trip
experience on her blog. and landfills. This is very disturbing information! Why are we lied to? We need
to step up and be careful about how we dispose of things.
A safety tip: be sure to destroy hard drives. Even if you delete all
information, it can be recovered though the hardrive. If your information gets
into the wrong hands it could create problems for you.
Help others learn about computers! Visit Free Geek!

Fussy Baby Moms Take a Little

Time to Play with their Babies

Wanda Finley and her daughter Leeana enjoy reading between Sherissa Cross’ son Nashaun enjoyed play- Virginia Baskerville and Tierra Lewis listen to Fussy Baby staff member,
massages at the Fussy Baby session. ing with the toys and meeting the other Sinane, as they practice the new soothing techniques they learned.

Splash! 5
Happy Holidays from Oakwood Shores!

Chicago, IL 60653
3711 S. Vincennes Avenue
Oakwood Shores

December 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
For information or to 1. 2. 3. 4.
add to the calendar FOC Seminar (Sr.) Cub Scouts Parent DuSable Museum
call Cristina Gomez
at 773-967-9211.
Security & Safety Mtg. 5:30-7:30pm FD
Committee Mtg. Camp of Dreams FM 9-2pm
Events are free. 6:30pm - 3859 S. Parent Mtg. 6:30pm GS 2:30pm
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
Yoga 6:30pm CAPS Mtg. FOC Seminar (Jr.) Cub Scouts Field Museum FD FM 9-2pm
6:30pm Fussy Baby 5:30-7:30pm
12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. CCC at 1pm 18.
Yoga 6:30pm Planetarium FD FOC Seminar ( Fr./ Cub Scouts Field Museum FD FM 9-2pm
Soph.) 5:30-7:30pm GS 2:30pm
Lending Library
Opening 6pm
19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Oakwood 25. Oakwood
History Museum Planetarium FD Shores is Closed Shores is Closed
FD Christmas Eve Christmas Day

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Oakwood

History Museum Shores is Closed
FD New Year’s Eve

FD= Free Day, GS= Girl Scouts, CCC= Community Center is Closed, FM= Farmer’s Market at 6100 S.
Blackstone Avenue, FOC=Focus on College 4:30-6:30pm

6 The Oakwood Shores Newsletter