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Urban Agriculture and the Urban

• Urban Greening and Urban Agriculture?
• Placing members of the community as “farmers” in these
areas is an opportunity
• Access to the land would need to be strictly controlled via
either an allotment system or other municipal land usage
agreements, similar to those currently in use in Stellenbosch
through the Stellenbosch Small Farmers Holdings Trust
• Alternative economic models are also required. Eg:
establishment of cooperatives
• The connection between UA and alternative localised
economies, such as seed saving groups and seed banks
provide opportunities that are often not considered as
benefits associated with UA - social capital
Seed Saving Workshop
– November 2008

30 people booked
– 245 attendees
Allotments - Ely
Urban Agriculture & Development
• Urban Agriculture will become a core area of development
focus in the future
• Strategies and plans to implement this in a manner that
enhances social justice, ensures ecological sustainability and
responds to the needs of all within the urban context will be
• Methodological process which include:
– Creation of an enabling institutional policy framework
– Diagnosis and prioritisation
– Elaboration of Action Plans
– Implementation and monitoring
– Institutionalisation / upscaling
CoCT UA Going Forward
• The formal recognition of urban agriculture as an industry
and a social development process that supports the
sustainability objectives of the City
• Requires a management team that would be able to respond
to options and support interventions in a proactive manner.
• There is a need for interventions that go beyond urban
greening, second economy economic interventions and food
• It is essential that urban agriculture becomes a core thrust
within the planning and development of the City
Urban Agriculture -Linked to all
other Urban Strategies
• For urban agriculture to effectively address the
developmental needs of a city it needs to incorporate the
integration in urban land use planning and it needs to include
urban agriculture in overall food security policies
• Urban agriculture needs to be a core component of urban
environmental policies as well as urban health policies
• The integrated nature of urban agriculture makes it an ideal
development opportunity and one that needs to come to the
forefront of urban planning and management.
• Food and nutritional security is not only about agriculture, but
is a truly cross-cutting issue that involves all in the dynamic
context of the population-energy-environment nexus.
UA City of Cape Town

Tarak Kate

Vanessa Heyman