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shaping the world of work good to know you We believe that creating the best solutions in HR services means always doing more, going further. This starts with strengthening our understanding of the environment and the market place where we operate in – every day. good to know you is not just a statement, but an invitation to know more, and a promise based on our core values, our work ethics and our knowledge of the labour market. good to know you is a promise we keep, in everything we do. who we are globally Randstad specializes in the field of flexible work and human resources services. Our services range from regular temporary staffing and permanent placement to inhouse, professionals, search & selection, and HR Solutions. Since acquiring Vedior in 2008, the Randstad Group is the second largest HR services provider in the world with top three positions in Argentina, Belgium & Luxembourg, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece & Cyprus, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, as well as major positions in Australia and the United States. Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands, Randstad Holding NV is listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. We are about 25,500 employees working from over 4,100 branches and inhouse locations in 44 countries around the world. who we are locally Ma Foi Randstad is a part of Randstad, world's second largest HR services company. Started in 1992, we have grown into a full spectrum HR services provider for clients worldwide. We have helped generate career opportunities for more than 300,000 individuals, provided a variety of HR services to thousands of organizations including more than 250 organizations in Fortune-500 list. We at Ma Foi Randstad, offer the broadest HR services portfolio ranging from Executive Search, Temporary Staffing, Recruitment, Specialists on contract, Consulting, Outsourcing, Training and HR Automation. We have a vast network of offices across the country to be in close proximity of candidates, flexi employees and our customers. We continue to focus on developing customized and innovative HR services, leveraging on our unique strengths of geographical presence, providing full spectrum of HR services and our experience of working with the largest number of customers, candidates and flexi-employees. Our credentials • Certified with ISO 9001: 2000 by TUV Management Service GmbH. • Certified by TUV Management Service GmbH for ISO 27001:2005 (Previously BS7799-2: 2002) for Information Security Management System in Payroll Processing. • Won the 'Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Trophy 2007' in the services sector which is based on Malcom Balridge National Quality Award in the USA sponsored by NIST. • Awarded Certificate for – Strong Commitment to Excel – by CII EXIM business excellence Award. • Services over 250 Fortune – 500 companies. • Won the 'International Asia Pacific Quality Award' in the large services category. This award is administered by the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO). our services search assessment The Search business of Ma Foi Randstad specialises in Ma Foi Randstad’s assessment business offers well recruiting senior management roles across industry researched, highly standardised and renowned tests segments. Our strength lies in rigorous deployment of that help to assess strengths of an individual, predict Executive Search process – identifying, attracting, assessing behavioural patterns while working in a role and a and on-boarding the best talent that the industry has to team. They also help in determining development plans offer. The in-depth knowledge of our consultants and the for a person, plan various HR interventions for a team enduring relationship that we share with senior level and an organization. Our customers use these tests for candidates help us deliver sustainable value to you. recruitment and employee development. We have Executive Search apart, we offer you Interim Management strategic alliances with Institute for Personality and – finding suitable senior professionals for a specific period Ability testing (IPAT), USA, Psychometric Services Ltd. of a project or to fill an unexpected gap in senior (PSL), UK, Skill check, Atlanta, USA, e-bilities Pty. Ltd., management. We deploy Executive Search methodology to Australia. find the right person. We recruit the person on our payroll and depute to your organization until the interim consulting assignment is over. The Consulting business of Ma Foi Randstad offers HR selection Systems Design and Development, Productivity solutions and Diagnostics that help organization in acquiring, Ma Foi Randstad brings the expertise as the largest team engaging and developing their human capital. We help in of recruitment specialists in the country that helps development and implementation of HR interventions such identifying the best talent for roles across various levels in as organization structuring, competency profiling of roles your organization. Our teams are organized along industry and role-holders, policy handbooks, compensation sectors so that they relate well with you, speak your benchmarking and design, organizational climate study language and understand your needs deeper. They and employee engagement study. understand candidates better and deliver best-fit candidates with short turn-around time. They take specific Corporate sector apart, we work with various Government care to strengthen your employer-brand. agencies in the area of Training, Research, Analysis and Re-organization work. We have worked with various We offer a solution that is just appropriate for your Hospitals, Universities, Electricity Boards, Public Works scenario from a suite of possibilities - Database selection, Departments, State Transport Corporations & Advertised selection and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Municipalities. Typically, we have worked on programs Be it a project of hiring a team of people across levels and related to Health & Family Welfare, Education, Sanitation & skills or recruiting for a few niche positions or managing a E-governance. hiring project for a long term, we have a solution. outsourcing staffing The Outsourcing business of Ma Foi Randstad provides fully Staffing business of Ma Foi Randstad provides temporary integrated Payroll Processing, Statutory Compliance staff across a range of skill-sets for a variety of industry Management and Recruitment Back Office solutions. Our sectors anywhere in India. We manage the entire HR fully customised payroll engine helps to process multiple process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, clients with varied complexity. The engine is fully payrolling, compliance, training till providing you detailed integrated with an Employee Self Service (ESS) window management reports. that facilitates employee interaction and Client Self Service (CSS) window that shares payroll related MIS with client Our dedicated team of consultants operating from over 65 through a secured web network. offices is supported by robust technology, strong risk management processes and the rich experience of having With well equipped, trained manpower, we assist pioneered this concept in India. organisations by providing an effective suite of back office solutions that help in recruitment. These are tailor-made to We offer Inhouse Services when our team operates out of suit your needs and focused on improving efficiencies. the customers' office, works closely with them to raise Small and medium organizations get access to the same efficiency in staffing and productivity. Ma Foi Randstad economies of scale, expertise and efficiency that large offers Specialist Staffing to its customers when they need companies enjoy. people with specialist skills for specific projects or to carry out job that is highly niche. We have the expertise of recruiting the best from the market and on-board them with Ma Foi Randstad due to its image of a professional employer. Our consultants provide the right HR support to these specialists and help our customers retain them for the contract period. The industries we cater to: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance ? Consumer, Retail & Services ? Energy & Infrastructure ? Information & Communication Technology ? IT Enabled Services ? Manufacturing ? Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Sciences ? Media, Entertainment & Hospitality ? training HR automation The Training business of Ma Foi Randstad enables Minvesta Infotech, our group company specialises in organizations to improve their people performance and developing IT products and services exclusively for HR thus, business productivity. Our programs are globally managers seeking to simplify HR processes and improve benchmarked and delivered highly competent and process efficiencies. Our HRMS product, Minerva HR Suite professional trainers. We provide training services to the has suitable solutions for various sizes of organizations and best-in-class organizations in FMCG, BFSI, Healthcare, their complexities. It helps manage information and HR Retail, ITES, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom and IT. processes related to an employee from recruitment till exit. Our payroll software, PayGenie is modular and offers huge Corporates apart, we have training programs for college flexibility to our customers depending upon their context. students, fresh graduates and young professionals to We have large number of successful and live applications enhance their employability. We help them discover their of Minerva and PayGenie running in various parts of the strengths and possible areas of work that match their world. strengths. We have partnered with India’s best educational institutes in the area of engineering, business management We have a suite of applications for international staffing and other generic subjects. companies operating in various governance systems that automates all processes that a staffing company deals with to run its business. These products are successfully deployed in Australia and Europe. Ma Foi Randstad supports the Ma Foi Foundation, which is our work actively engaged in defined community services. The Ma Foi Foundation has touched the lives of over 40,000 families comprising of adults and children, empowering them through education and employability, giving them better health care and providing them a platform to learn, grow and lead better lives. with the Disha is the child empowerment initiative of the Foundation, which focuses on the holistic development of children enabling them to enjoy their right to education, healthcare and providing them the necessary support to realize their dreams. society Ekam is a Paediatric Community project to ensure that children from the disadvantaged community have immediate access to quality health care. Over 100 paediatricians and many hospitals have come together in this project to provide high quality, comprehensive and continuous healthcare to children who cannot afford to pay for specialist healthcare services. The Sornammal Education Trust (SET) was set up to work with women and youth. The Foundation initiated Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the year 2004 to improve the livelihoods of women and give them financial independence. SET has been recognized by the Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation. Ma Foi Randstand believes in making the disadvantaged communities independent so that they stand on their own. We are proud to have made a difference so far; we are determined to keep reaching out and changing lives permanently. our expertise in green-field projects As a company setting up a base in India, you would Since you only want the best people working in your want only the best people working in your organization. organization, every potential candidate undergoes an We at Ma Foi Randstad look at things in the same way in-depth interview process in order to determine their and hence help you confront challenges in personality, motivation and long term goals. Skills, understanding the availability of talent pool, attracting experience and references are thoroughly checked. the right talent, understanding compensation levels and While looking for the ‘ideal candidates’ we typically cast creating a platform for growth. the net wide open by an advertisement to assist candidate search process and build your employer- We help you in: brand. Secondly, we design an assessment centre comprising of various selection tools. This helps you to • Identifying the talent pool where availability is high. zero down on the ‘ideal candidate’. • Doing a feasibility check on the location for establishing an office. For critical hires in such scenario, we tend to expand • Compensation survey, recommending the right salary scope of the matching process – we look at matching range. amongst the potential boss, potential employee and • Framing a HR policy manual. overall culture of the organization. We call this ‘Job Fit, • Staffing the complete organization across levels and Boss Fit and Company Fit’. This helps us putting the best functions on a turnkey model. candidates forward and raises process efficiencies. our presence Ma Foi means ‘my word’ in French. We believe in providing the best, a responsibility we take very seriously. Our investment in geographic expansion is one such step to be close to customers, candidates and flexi-employees. This is to deliver value to you leveraging on our knowledge of employment market and domain of HR. reach our sales desk at +91 44 66228134 +91 92823 21313 Corporate Office: Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd. 49, Cathedral Road Chennai 600 086. India