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WebTek Labs Private Limited was incorporated on the 23rd day of February, 2001 a

t New Delhi with the object to provide specialized software services; Software T
esting, Software Testing Training, Product Marketing, and Recruitment of IT Prof
essionals as independently or, as integrated services, and place them in compani
es of repute. WebTek Labs Private Limited, a leader in specialized software serv
ices, provides integrated performance management solutions and Verification, Val
idation and Testing Services that enable IT businesses to test their software ap
plications. The company s services help e-businesses and organizations using softw
are applications to enhance the user experience by improving the performance, av
ailability, reliability, adaptability and scalability of their applications.
Our services and expertise enable business houses to outsource the testing proce
ss of the software applications from Business Modeling till the Deployment phase
to us, which we accomplish with rich proficiency by using sophisticated tools a
nd processes to focus on the intensive job of testing and adhering to software q
uality assurance.
Having been in the area of application testing, with a proven track record in te
sting services, has enabled us to earn a valuable business partnership with Rati
onal Software in December 2002. Rational has chosen WebTek Labs as a partner to
leverage on its strengths of domain knowledge and expertise in the area of Softw
are Development Lifecycle Automation. We are also Business Associates of HP Merc
ury, marketing automation testing tools throughout India.
We state our mission as creating Excellence in Software Quality through our Prod
ucts / Services, which would enable our clients to run and deliver applications
with a greater level of confidence

Testing Services:
At WebTek Labs, we realize that it takes much more than simply creating a softwa
re application for doing business. It requires performance, which is the key ele
ment for optimization of resources & time and customer satisfaction. We offer Ve
rification, Validation & Testing Services that enable businesses to build their
software applications, better.
WebTek Labs offers its services within a framework of following engagement model
Testing Automation
Resource Augmentation
Project Outsourcing
Software Development Lifecycle Automation Solutions:
1. Products Marketing
WebTek Labs Private Limited is engaged in the business of Product Marketing of v
arious Software Products. We are working as Rational Partner of IBM and marketin
g IBM Software Products to various IT companies and educational institutions. Ra
tional provides End-to-End Solutions. We are also the Business Associate of Merc
We, today, stand as IBM Rational s Value Added Service Providers. Rational has sol
utions covering Software Development Lifecycle right from the stage of Requireme
nts Management, Design & Analysis and Construction, Application Testing and Vers
ion and Configuration Management. IBM Rational Software helps organizations deve

and. and Chandigarh. corporate. R. R. He has 45 years of rich exper ience to his credit. deploying and supporting a comprehensive software development pl atform. Kolkata. integrated solution simplifies the proces s of acquiring. . We believe that these training services in the said area add a lot of value to software-application-development business and delivers "Excell ence in Software Quality. the WebTek School of Software Testing was launched in 2006. After being in the training domain for over 5 years. WDC. Tra ining for the college students and corporate are often customized as required. and Sapient. to the general public. and BAJORIAS in senior positions. HP. Ltd. Demo projects are also included. 3. There is an emphasis on basic fundamental processes. thus improving the quality and productivity of the organization. Hemant Chawla. Having centres in Chandigarh. USA . New Delhi. Mastek.lop and deploy software through a combination of software engineering best pract ices. and has 10 years of experience in the industry. Our prestigio us list of clients includes Microsoft. and training on Automation Tools. w ith branches at Pune. GO ENKAS. The Rational software development solution helps organ izations overcome "the software paradox" by accelerating time-to-market while im proving software quality. and Hyder abad enables WebTek Labs to source candidates locally from all corners of India. The training is imparted to colleges. and Managing Director. HSBC. The course material is divide d into Manual Testing training. Mr. including Sapient. tools and services. We offer our service s to Microsoft for Sr. The company is having its Registered Office and Corporate Office at New Delhi. He has received his Masters Degree in Management from Texas A&M University. Software Testing Training We deliver instructor led trainings for software quality professionals on Princip als of Software Testing . Hyderabad. Pune. including CEO. reducing total cost of ownership. Our staffing services provide support to our clients by enhancing t he quality of human resource. Mr. 2." Many of our students have been placed with some of th e biggest business houses in India. Kolkata. Technical Recruitments. CEO & Managing Director of the Company. Bhansali is the Chairman of the Company. This unique. an d Induslogic. WebTek Labs has been aw arded the best recruiting partner for 2004-05 and 2005-06 by Microsoft India (R& D) Pvt. heads the WebTek team . The company is promoted and managed by a group of professionals with extensive e xperience in Software Development and Management. W ebTek Labs can also arrange for certified trainers for specialized trainings on Software Testing. Hewitt. Recruitment Services We offer our services for IT Recruitment to a number of companies. working with large industrial houses such as the BIRLAS. We deliver the process base for complete Software Development / Testing Lifecycle based on Rational Unified Process and deliver fu ndamentals of testing in a process driven fashion. We have been recognized as one of the prestigious recruiting organizations for Microsoft.

" Our delivery model is based on following verticals: Time. Quality. Our Clients includes. Cost and Completeness.We deliver more than what our customer s expectations are.. Home || .....