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School Name: Kelley Lake Elementary Principal: Dr.

Howard Harvey Plan Year: 2010-2011

Library-Media Action Plan

Annual Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting and exceeding expectations in Reading / ELA from 78%
to 80%.
Intervention Estimated Timeline and Means of Evaluation
(Performance Actions should be selected Cost/Funding Positions
and cited from the Georgia School Keys Sources Responsible Artifacts Evidence
Implementation Resource
Planning and Organization Standard Title I Funds Principal, API, Meeting logs, CRCT
3.2/Performance Action 2 $6,000.00 and Media purchase
Collaborative planning involving the district Specialist orders, actual
and the school is present in all aspects of resources ,
fiscal management and resource student
distribution. This process reinforces the produced
ability of the school to achieve its artifacts
articulated continuous improvement goals,
including ensuring the academic success of
all learners. The principal actively
seeks on-going support and
guidance from the system and
other external assistance providers
regarding technology and other
material resources.
This plan includes working along with the
media specialist in choosing resources such
• Books
• Software
• Training
• Materials for classroom projects
• Hardware

School Name: Kelley Lake Elementary Principal: Dr. Howard Harvey Plan Year: 2010-2011

None Principal , API Lexia CRCT

Instruction Standard 1.2/Performance , and Media ,Reading
Action 4 Specialist Counts and,
Teachers plan together using a Destiny
consensus-driven framework in reports
designing, monitoring, and revising
instruction to ensure that students
are progressing toward meeting
the standards.
The media specialist collaborates
with the instructional staff to
determine media center support
needed to increase resources to
enhance school-wide content. A
process is in place to communicate
the reading levels of students to
the media specialists. The media
specialist serves on the leadership
team and provides services and
resources that support school units
and lesson implementation.
Utilizing data from:
Reading Counts

Technology Integration Title I Funds Principal, API, Assessments, CRCT

Instruction Standard 2.7 Performance $ 6,000 Media technology
Action 1 Specialist, and usage logs,
Media Specialist works collaboratively with Teachers media center
teachers and students to use technology to signup
reinforce achievement, and support ledgers, and
conceptual understanding and application in receipts of
core subject areas. This will be hardware and
accomplished through: software
School Name: Kelley Lake Elementary Principal: Dr. Howard Harvey Plan Year: 2010-2011

• onsite training purchases.

• workshops
• professional conventions
• technology integration