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boxer: Antonio Margarito

Global ID 11677

sex male
birth date 1978-03-18 / age 32
manager/agent register
division light middleweight

7 / 1203
2 / 119
stance orthodox
height 5′ 11″ / 180cm
73″ / 185cm

US ID 014079
alias Tony / The Express Train
country Mexico
residence Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
birth place Torrance, California, United States
birth name Antonio Margarito Montiel
won 38 (KO 27) + lost 7 (KO 1) + drawn 0 = 46
rounds boxed 268 KO% 58.7

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Antonio Margarito
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Roberto Garcia (2010 .Antonio Margarito Name: Antonio Margarito Alias: Tony / The Express Train Birth Name: Antonio Margarito Montiel Born: 1978-03-18 (Age:32) Birthplace: Torrance.present)  Amateur record: 18-3 . USA Nationality: Mexican Hometown: Tijuana. Mexico Boxing Record: click Stance: Orthodox Height: 5′ 11″ / 180cm Reach: 73″ / 185cm Managers: Francisco Espinoza. Sergio Diaz Jr. Baja California. Trainer: Javier Capetillo (Margarito severed ties with Capetillo in 2009). California.

and will move quickly when a licensee's actions threaten the safety of others.Scandal and Suspension Margarito's Seized Wraps Prior to his January 24. "Today's action shows that both the Department of Consumer Affairs and the California State Athletic Commission take the issue of boxer safety very seriously. The revocations meant that neither Margarito nor Capetillo could participate in boxing in the United States for at least one year.he told the panel that he just held up his hands to be wrapped -. both could reapply for their licenses in California. "The conduct of both Mr. Capetillo was unacceptable and threatened the health and safety of another licensee. Both were placed in a sealed box that was given to Lohuis for further study. According to Judd Burstein. the director of the state's Department of Consumer Affairs. After a year. Nazim Richardson." Carrie Lopez. At Richardson's demands. the CSAC revoked their licenses. leading to accusations that Margarito may have been trying to cheat. Javier Capetillo. Mosley's trainer. were temporarily suspended by the California State Athletic Commission pending the outcome of an investigation. Mosley's doctor. where they would have to go through another hearing. California State Inspector Dean Lohuis called for Margarito's hands to be rewrapped. told The Associated Press. [1] On January 28. found what one doctor described as plaster hidden in the wrapped hands of Margarito. which licenses fighters. There would be no guarantee either would be relicensed. Robert Olvera. Burstein said he seized the pad removed from the wrapping and another pad found in Margarito's dressing room. the licenses of Margarito and his trainer.and Capetillo's insistence that he had simply made a mistake during a hearing that lasted more than five hours in Van Nuys. Margarito had wet pads in the wrapping. 2009 bout with Shane Mosley. Margarito and Mr. likened the material to the type of plaster used to make casts. . the attorney for Mosley." The panel rejected Margarito's plea of ignorance -. [2] On February 11.

said during questioning that he had seen the pads and that they were "moist and dirty looking with a white substance smeared across the pad. More than 100 Filipinos gathered at the Araliya Restaurant. Budo Center in Vienna to watch the victorious fight of the people’s champ. testified that he had never seen that sort of pad used before. Mike Bray. "The only things that are allowed in hand wraps are gauze and tape and those items aren't gauze and tape." [3] A Department of Justice senior criminalist who inspected the wrappings under stereomicroscope and X- ray flourescence spectrometer reported calcium and sulfur were discovered. 2010. ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau Posted at 11/16/2010 6:40 PM | Updated as of 11/16/2010 6:40 PM VIENNA. the state supervising deputy attorney general for licensing who urged the California commission to revoke the fighter and trainer's licenses. apparently missing it being slipped into the initial wrap before Richardson's objections. Austria – Filipinos in Austria witnessed how boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao beat Antonio Margarito with his dizzying array of punches during their fight on November 14." said Karen Chappelle. noting the elements make plaster of Paris with the addition of oxygen. the inspector responsible for supervising Margarito's hand wrapping.Che Guevara. ." [4] Titles Held  World Boxing Association Welterweight Title (2008-09)  International Boxing Federation Welterweight Title (2008)  WBO Intercontinental Welterweight Title (2007)  World Boxing Organization Welterweight Title (2002-07)  WBO NABO Welterweight Title (2000) Pinoys in Austria proud of Pacquiao’s victory over Margarito By Hector Pascua. "The commission's decision appears to be supported by that report. The report was dated March 19. like a cast plaster. Another inspector.

“This guy is one of the best fighters ever. "Manny is the best fighter in the world. Margarito's volume of punches was way down. "I have another job after this. could someday be President. Plus.” Jun Seles of the Philippine Tennis Club commented. he's a Filipino congressman and quite frankly. He planned to give a concert at Lake Tahoe on Tuesday and then return to his political duties in the Philippines. An Austrian present during the live public viewing commented. and turned his face into a bloody mess. “I think Margarito just can't catch Pacquiao because of his speed.” . “I am very glad that the Filipino group is here tonight.” Pacquiao earned a guaranteed $15 million. Edsel Angeles. one of the organizerS of the public viewing said. “Not even close.” Zuhair said. Napatulala pa ako ng paulanan niya si Margarito ng suntok. His punches cut Margarito's cheek. one of the organizers of the gathering told ABS-CBN News. he's a bruiser and normally initiates the attack. punches were straight and dead on! Great Fight for Pacman!” Bambi Neri said." said Neil Valenzona. He was really outclassed by Pacquiao. closed his right eye.” “Margarito didn't fight his fight." Pacquiao said.” Mohideen Zuhair. "He is really very fast. is very glad that Filipinos in Vienna gathered in his restaurant to watch the fight.Pacquiao won round after round. The beating was so thorough that the congressman from the Philippines turned to referee Laurence Cole several times in the 11th round. though he is likely to make millions more on television revenues. Kudos to Manny for not knocking him out on the last 2 rounds. the owner of the Araliya Restaurant. imploring him to stop the fight. We really have done our best to provide you a live viewing of the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. "I'm going back to the Philippines to do my other job and be a public servant.

Margarito tried but did not seem to be successful enough as Pacquiao ended this round with flying colors. Margarito tried to use his weight advantage but did not seem to work. Round 1: Antonio Margarito started out with a decent jab. Round 9: Margarito‘s face showed a swollen right eye and was slower. Pacquiao released some rapid punches but Margarito fights back with head shot which brought him to the ropes. Round 7: Margarito seem to be getting slower. as Pacquiao seem to win this round again. Round 8: This round was a bit better for Margarito as he presses Pacquiao to the ropes. Round 3: Pacquiao started out some good combination. Margarito made a slight advantage to the scoring board. in which he may have overpowered Margarito. Margarito seemed to have control this round. This should be another round for Pacquiao. Round 4: Pacquiao batters Margarito. His energy is very obvious and ended this round with a win. This round was ruled out by the series of combination coming from . while Pacquiao dances around him and the two boxers exchanged blows all over. Texas. Margarito gets Pacquiao on the ropes and hit him on the body. 119-109. Pacquiao also seem that way but still stronger and faster than him. On the other hand. Pacquiao seems to win this round. while Pacquiao attracted a scream from the crowd as he dares Margarito to come in. The three judges gave their scores at 120-108. all of them went toManny Pacquiao. On the other hand. as the referee separated them when they clinched on each other. Round 2: Both boxers became a bit more aggressive. Pacquiao was looking for his chance to release his punch but somehow finding hard to get inside. but Pacquiao gets back to the middle and threw some hard combination. Pacquiao seemed to focus on the right eye of Margarito that made it bleed again. and landed a right hook to Pacquiao.Pacquiao Won Over Margarito The world has just finished watching Pacquiao vs Margarito fight where Pacquiao wins over Margarito through unanimous decision after 12 rounds of boxing at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. somehow dominated while Margarito returned some punches. Below is the result of the round per round blow of the Pacquiao vs Margaritofight. In the end. as watched by the author earlier. and wounded him under the right eye after a big left came from outside. while Pacquiao speeds up as he threw more punches. Pacquiao ends with left-right to head. but not by far. In the end. But it seemed that Margarito threw more jabs in the air. Round 6: The right eye of Margarito starts to swell. Round 5: Margarito seem to be hurt as he slowed down a bit. 118-110. he showed some speed and hit Margarito in the head and body effectively. Round 10: The referee checked the swollen right eye of Margarito but the left one seem to be closed too. It is safe to say that this round goes again to Pacquiao.

Round 11: Right from the start. The two boxers clinched on each other. Round 12: While Pacquiao can relax on this last round. Referee Cole checked Margarito's eyes again and decided to continue. Pacquiao dominated again. but Pacquiao's power is uncontrollable. He wins round-results/5845/ . Pacquiao is dominating and the crowd seems to be shouting to stop the fight.Pacquiao. he decided not to do so. Instead. The fight is over and Manny Pacquiao wins again. the Pinoy boxer showed a lot of power until the end. And while the audience seems to know that final announcement will be for Manny. and Margarito's face seemed to look like a mask of blood. he threw more combination and continues to hurt Margarito. Source: Angel Cuala of http://www.batangastoday.