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DB2 Insight report creation

Version 0.1
Issue date: 01/11/2010

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 AVIVA plc 2005.

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Reviewers Name Area Comments Approvers Name Area Comments Distribution Name Area Comments Document Control Version Date Comments V0.1 01November 2010 Initial draft for review (Peyush Jain) Referenced Documents The following documents should be read in conjunction with this document: Name Version Location Author: jainp7jainp7 Page 2 of 6 30/11/2010jainp7 Page 2 30/11/2010jainp7jainp7 2 of 6 NU INTERNAL 47065748.doc .

i on ISPF primary option menu Step2: Press Enter and you will be directed to insight main menu Author: jainp7jainp7 Page 3 of 6 30/11/2010jainp7 Page 3 30/11/2010jainp7jainp7 3 of 6 NU INTERNAL 47065748. How to create DB2 count report using Insight Step1: Enter s.doc .db2.

e) Change the Begin Date and End Date as the date of the test.doc . d) Change the Begin Time and End Time as the start and end time of the test. f) Give the plan name as CIUXA5B for policy and CIUXA5C for claims.Step3: Select option 6 a) One command menu type the following command pick DGS1 b) Press enter c) DGS1 is the corresponding insight region for IBM3/TSO3. For example for a policy test happened during time period: Start date and time : 22/09/2010 22:06:40 End date and time : 22/09/2010 23:52:24 g) Press F6 and you will be directed to following screen Author: jainp7jainp7 Page 4 of 6 30/11/2010jainp7 Page 4 30/11/2010jainp7jainp7 4 of 6 NU INTERNAL 47065748.

doc . Click enter and you will be redirected to the following screen. Click enter and you will be redirected to the following screen Author: jainp7jainp7 Page 5 of 6 30/11/2010jainp7 Page 5 30/11/2010jainp7jainp7 5 of 6 NU INTERNAL 47065748.h) Select option 5 as shown in the above screen shot. i) Select option 5 again as shown in above screen shot.

Definitions: Count – It is the number of times that particular package is executed Total Elapsed DB2 – Total time taken by process as a whole (includes time taken by CICS commands and time taken in executing COBOL code) Total TCB DB2.J) Copy paste the module name and DB2 count information from the screen. Each page shows 30 modules. Author: jainp7jainp7 Page 6 of 6 30/11/2010jainp7 Page 6 30/11/2010jainp7jainp7 6 of 6 NU INTERNAL 47065748. Scroll down for next 30 modules.doc .It is the total CPU time taken by DB2 activity. Row 1-30/487 487 is the total number of modules. Copy all the information in a text file and load it to a excel sheet and sort it on descending order of Tot TCB DB2.