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Being a fresher, I am open to task which stretches my abilities to Max. Greed to learn more,
wants to do things fast and aims to be solution provider.

Year Degree Institution/University Percentage
Jan-10 Final Year(BE)-Sem-I VPCOE, University of Pune 66.2%
May-09 Third Year (TE) VPCOE, University of Pune 65.0%
May-08 Second Year (SE) VPCOE, University of Pune 61.3%
May-07 First Year (FE) VPCOE, University of Pune 63.9%
Feb-06 H.S.C (Class XII) K.T.H.M Junior College, Nasik. 74.8%
March-04 S.S.C (Class X) Shri Guru Gobind Singh high School, Nasik. 76.0%
Aggregate of the 7 Semesters is 63.81%
Note: In Pune University 66 percentile and above is considered as first class with distinction.

 Operating Systems : Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 and Windows vista, Linux
Ubuntu 9.04.
 Languages :
C and C++.
 RDBMS : Oracle, MS Access.
 Web Technologies : Asp and HTML
 Tools : Eclipse3.4, Photoshop 6.0(Currently working on CS4),
Macromedia Dreamviewer 8

The Following are the projects I executed during course of Engineering
↵ Billing System :
Frontend: Visual Basic
Backend: Oracle
Team Of: 3
↵ Online Examination :
Frontend: HTML and ASP
Scripting Language: VB script
Backend: MS Access
Team Of: 3

↵ Live Audio Streaming To Android Phone [Final Year Project]
Team Size: 5
Environment: C programming on Linux, Java for Android
Music On Demand (MOD) is dedicated to make it easier for people to access and enjoy
their digital music whenever and wherever they want. This software connects people
directly with their content, without the hassles of synching or uploading all their files.
Music On Demand's users can also share their personal media with family and friends in a
private, secure group.

If you have loads of music on your computers' hard drive, the phones storage can be
limiting, unless you don't mind constantly rotating music on and off your Android phone.
This incredibly useful app lets you stream your songs from your Linux-based Rhythmbox
to your Android phone. You can also stream from friends' libraries or share your music,
and along with music, this app also displays artist and album information.

the future scope of both and can RFID replace Barcode) ↵ Written a research paper on “A Novel approach for streaming music to Android Phone through Global IP” following IEEE standards. or song. just leave your system running and hit the road. audio and video) ↵ Given independent presentation in college arranged by RELIANCE Communication on subject RFID VS BARCODE.  Recognized as the best student of the year award in school for year 2003-04. MOD leverages the implementation of Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP). PERSONAL DETAILS Sex : Male Date of Birth : Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Single Languages Known : English. RhythmBox shares the music library on LAN and we tunnel the DAAP packets over Internet to the server's shared library. using image. 2008-09  Worked as RECEPTION HEAD in national level technical symposium FEATS  Rewarded first prize in Web Designing competition held at Rebel’10 A State Level Technical Event  Rewarded the first prize in Short Film making competition held at nimiriti-10 A National Level Technical Event. When you run the application. complete with album art and it single- handedly justifies the use of the application. Tap what you want and presto: the music plays.  Got A+ grade in Swami Vivekanand School Scholarship Pratishthan in subject English higher. Android being the next generation phone MOD is a promising way to stream music on it without actually utilizing the disk space. ↵ Given independent presentation in college on the following subject STEGANOGRAPHY (The information hiding technique. Once the application is installed and configured. you'll be able to browse your entire desktop music library by album. genre. artist. AREA OF INTEREST  Web designing  Computer networking  Software Testing  Android Application Development POSITION OF RESPONSIBILITY‘S  Executive member (Secretary) VERISMO‘08– A national level Technical symposium  Worked as head of ‘SANKALP’ – a student contribution for orphans  Organizer of PERSONA-A personality contest in Annual Cultural Meet.(About the technique. Music from shared libraries is streamed on demand in real time. Marathi & Hindi Address : .