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Scotchcast™ 2130
Electrical Insulating Resin
Data Sheet

Product Description Data - Physical Properties
Scotchcast™ 2130 Electrical Insulating Resin is a special Physical Properties
flame retardant, two-part, polyurethane resin that is Colour Black
designed to replace the cable jacket when jointing or Hardness
repairing flexible cables. ASTM D-2240 80 Shore A
Its unique formulation makes it particularly suited to Density 1.32 g/cm3
withstand the rugged conditions under which mine and Tensile Strength 845 psi
portable cables must operate. ASTM D-412 (59.4Kg/cm2)
Scotchcast™ 2130 is also used as the insulating material Elongation
for cable joints operating at 1000 volts or less and is rated ASTM D-412 175%
for continuous use at 90°C (194°F) with an overload Glass Transition Temperature -112°F
rating of 130°C (266°F). Scotchcast™ 2130 conforms to (by DTA) 3M Test Method (-80°C)
MSHA CFR 30 Part 18.64 Maximum Exotherm (100g) 144°F
Scotchcast™ 2130 is packaged in the convenient 3M two 3M Test Method (62°C)
part Unipak bag in the following sizes: Gel Time @ 73°F (23°C) 15 min.
Size B 216gms Moisture Absorption 2.6%
Size C 616gms (wt. Gain, 168 hrs @ 100°C)
Resin Features 3M Test Method
™ Flame Retardant Adhesion to portable cable jacket materials:
™ Bonds to all modern cable jackets Neoprene 45 psi (3.2 Kg/cm2)
™ Bonds to itself Hypalon 45 psi (3.2 Kg/cm2)
™ Tough yet flexible Nitrile/PVC 40 psi (2.8 Kg/cm2)
™ Unipak container for mixing and pouring PVC 40 psi (2.8 Kg/cm2)
™ Excellent multi-purpose moisture sealing resin EPDM 10 psi (0.7 Kg/cm2)
Urethane (itself) 45 psi (3.2 Kg/cm2)
Applications Adhesion to metals:
™ To replace or repair the jacket on both single and Steel 35 psi (2.5 Kg/cm2)
multi-core power cables, particularly where flexibility Aluminum 35 psi (2.5 Kg/cm2)
is required. Copper 35 psi (2.5 Kg/cm2)
™ To insulate between the conductors of multi-core 3M Test Method
joints operating at 1000 volts or less.
™ To seal the crotch or sheath when terminating multi- Data - Electrical Properties
core cables. Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength
ASTM D-150 177 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant (60 Hz)
ASTM D-150
73°F (23°C) 4.6
140°F (60°C) 4.9
194°F (90°C) 5.4
Dissipation Factor (60Hz)
ASTM D-150
73°F (23°C) 3.8%
140°F (60°C) 4.9%
194°F (90°C) 7.5%
This data is not to be used for specifications. Values
listed are for typical properties and should not be
considered minimum or maximum.

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3M and Scotchcast are trademakrs of the 3M Company. Installation ™ Use only in well ventilated areas with sufficient air CAUTION: movement to maintain airborne concentration levels IF THERE IS ANY EVIDENCE OF MOISTURE IT at recognised health and safety levels. Co Dublin. Except as set our above. BEFORE APPLYING THE RESIN. to which the material is desired to bond. bag with a barrier separating a prepolymer and a polyol. Technical information provided by 3M is based on experience and/or tests believed ™ Alternately squeeze each end of the bag forcing the to be reliable. If any goods supplied or ™ Clip off corner of the Unipak bag and immediately processed by or on behalf of 3M prove on inspection to be defective in material or pour into mould fill spout maintaining ½ inch head. but their accuracy is not guaranteed and the results may not be relevant to every user’s application. PRECAUTIONS: ™ Avoid direct eye and skin contact. Engineering/Architectural Caution: May be irritating to eyes and skin on direct The material must be Scotchcast™ 2130 polyurethane contact. Berkshire RG12 1JU Dun Laoghaire. Adelphi Centre PO Box 393 Bracknell. ™ Premix the black side of the resin by squeezing to a smooth consistency before breaking the barrier. ™ Remove the Unipak container from the envelope. ™ Avoid breathing the vapours. mixing the two parts without opening the bag. 36 hrs. All minute. of synthetic cable jackets the resin must be poured immediately after the surface is prepared or a bond Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional may not result. whether express or implied. Firmly grasp each side of the bag near the centre barrier and at the same time pull sides of the barrier apart and roll sides of thumbs through the barrier. drinking or smoking. polyethylene bag. Important Notice Break the barrier all the way across to the side seals. hours at 23°C (73°F). wash thoroughly before eating. The resin must be mixed within the Unipak container simply by separating the barrier between Contains diphenylmethane diisocyanate. In the case Inhalation: remove to fresh air. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3M UK PLC 3M Ireland 3M UK PLC Electrical Products Sales Office Sales Office 3M House. MUST BE REMOVED AND THE SUBSTRATE DRIED ™ Do not take internally. 24-30 hrs. 2001. Ireland Bedford MK41 0YE Telephone: 01344 858616 Telephone: 353 1 280 3555 Telephone: 01234 229462 Fax: 01344 858758 Fax: 353 1 280 3509 Fax: 01234 229433 Elpd/sk/vab/ . statutory or otherwise are excluded to the compound is no longer tacky or after one and a half fullest extent permissible at law. ™ Thoroughly clean and dry the surface of the substrate Skin Contact: wash with soap and water.0 hrs. Page 2 of 2 Scotchcast™ 2130 Electrical Insulating Resin Data Sheet ___________________________________________________________________________________ Specifications Typical Minimum Times Product Temp. Nothing in this statement will be deemed to exclude or uniform (thirty to forty squeezes). Mix until the colour is completely information provided and the user should determine the suitability of the products for their intended use. © 3M United Kingdom PLC. Do not exceed one restrict 3M’s liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence. It must be packaged in the 3M Unipak two-part susceptible individuals. PO Box 1 3M House. the two parts of the bag and working the contents back and forth within the bag. POLYURETHANES SUCH AS 2130 RESIN REACT WITH MOISTURE TO PRODUCE A FOAMED Suggested First Aid: STRUCTURE. 3M will (at its option) replace the same or refund to the Buyer the When a mould is used it may be removed when the price paid for the goods or services.5 hrs. For this reason 3M does not accept resin back and forth. The barrier must be capable of being broken to permit 0°C (32°F) 6-8 hrs. all warranties and conditions. after mixing and handling. 10°C (50°F) 4. Eye Contact: immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. 16-24 hrs. workmanship. Vapours may cause respiratory sensitisation in resin. precautionary information. Demold Cure The material must be supplied in a two-part polyethylene 21°C (70°F) 1. direct or consequential. Printed in the UK. questions of liability relating to 3M products are governed by the seller’s terms of sale subject where applicable to the prevailing law. Strip the resin from the corners responsibility or liability. call a Doctor. arising from reliance upon any of the bag.